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MANHUNT For Teacher Who Abducted 15-Year-Old Student


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Tennessee Cops continue to search for a Senior high school freshman that lately vanished with an educator. Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich (Pop Trigger) as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

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" It's been a week, and still, there is no sign of the 15-year-old girl or the Culleoka, Tennessee, high school educator charged with abducting her weeks after another pupil reported seeing both kissing.

A legal representative for Elizabeth Thomas' dad stated the teenager's supposed kidnapper is equipped, harmful and "undoubtedly a man that is not in control of his faculties."

On Saturday, the Tennessee Bureau of Examination upgraded its Amber Alert clarifying just how little has shown up considering that investigatory efforts positioned Elizabeth as well as educator Tad Cummins in Decatur, Alabama, concerning 70 miles southern of Culleoka. State private investigators have actually gotten 250 tips, from 24 states, including California, however none has helped them situate the girl."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Condoriaano, at Reply

    This is why my parents warned me about pedo teachers in high school and look for signs if they are a pedo and how to avoid them. There’s always that one pedo teacher in schools.

    • Posted by Condoriaano, at Reply

      Gus Hersey oh and I have no idea why he fled to the middle east. It was probably because no one knew him and his family there? And so he can be a pedophile principal there too.

    • Posted by Condoriaano, at Reply

      OnceUponAPiano i looked up that video and that was definitely embarrassing and super awkward to watch that i regret watching it lol…well your school really had some interesting issues and personalities…pedo teachers and twerking bored students…

    • Posted by Dreikoo, at Reply

      In some middle eastern countries you can marry kids as young as 12 or so, so it makes sense he’d go there actually.

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Looks like another trump supporter pedo. Probably goes to church every sunday.

    • Posted by Sun Boy, at Reply

      +Keith Demons if you weren’t a lazy racist, you would reference your claim or provide a link. You are a liar and a racist; your mother must be proud of you for being a scumbag.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      white women are the biggest beasts around, not czech women tho

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      You said i had a tell, what is it, because your ad hominem attacks isn’t helping you look any less of an idiot.

    • Posted by Sun Boy, at Reply

      +blistified sex tourists go to Czech republic for cheap sex.

    • Posted by James Curry, at Reply

      +blistified No way in hell, thats true.

  3. Posted by JReece3000, at Reply

    “Tad, this is not you”

    Ma’am, your husband is a pedophile. Period.

    • Posted by DannyBoyDDD, at Reply

      But, but, gods grace!

    • Posted by Timorio, at Reply

      Did I misread the girl’s age? I thought she was fifteen, not five.

      Oh, right, no one knows what a pedophile is.

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      JReece, just because you’re a pedophile doesn’t mean everyone is.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      Ephebophilia, she isn’t under 11(or 15). Gotta get that terminology right.

    • Posted by Ringo, at Reply

      Keith Semantics.

  4. Posted by L.P Moonstone, at Reply

    This would have never happened had his wife Blown him once in a while.

    • Posted by L.P Moonstone, at Reply

      +Adrian Galaviz lol 😉

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Not easy to blow a white micropenis.

    • Posted by L.P Moonstone, at Reply

      +rencrow haha

    • Posted by Adrian Galaviz, at Reply

      L.P Moonstone do u blow often lmao

  5. Posted by officialpartychannel, at Reply

    Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.

    • Posted by Fila Kri, at Reply

      officialpartychannel Oh boy, smh!

    • Posted by Peppy Peng, at Reply

      We don’t need no education!

    • Posted by Jason Blackstone, at Reply

      officialpartychannel that’s funny

    • Posted by Jason Blackstone, at Reply

      Peppy Peng lol

  6. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    She’s WHITE, so you can bet the media and law enforcement will be all over it.

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      And the kidnapper is white too, which is why it’ll just be brushed off as mental illness. instead of a disturbing trend of white pedophiles.

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      dcaseng im sure billo will scream “where are the white fathers” nonstop over at faux news

  7. Posted by Wil Ragan, at Reply

    that’s a quick drive away from where I live. I got an amber alert. somebody saw them kiss in the school.

    • Posted by Laverne Blaszczyk, at Reply

      Wil Ragan not being funny but aren’t there any better looking teachers at that schoo?!

    • Posted by Ian Hardin, at Reply

      You’re… You’re not trying to be funny? So, you’re SERIOUSLY wondering why she wasn’t manipulated into running away with a crazy, sick adult man who was BETTER LOOKING?

  8. Posted by Jay Smith, at Reply

    he has manipulated an emotionally unstable child. if you defend him in any way you need to check yourself

    • Posted by hb, at Reply

      jadonplox For a 50 year old, yes a 15 year old high-school kids is a child. You’re not legally considered an adult until 18.I don’t see why you think this is an exaggeration.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      hb Actually in a lot of places its perfectly fine for 16 year olds to have relstionships with 50 year olds.
      I mean if shes three months away from turning 16, I would say the hysteria is a but much.
      All the evidence does point out to the fact that she was not being forced to do anything.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      Muhammad married a 6 year old, molested her till 9, then raped her. If it’s ok for the perfect human, leader of billions, its gotta be ok for Tad fellow.

    • Posted by G. L., at Reply

      We LITERALLY have a 70 yr old POTUS, who brazenly proves that the terrible 2s…don’t always end with toddlerhood.
      ‘I understand your point, but’…assuming/implying that with age, comes mental stability, is an exaggeration that literally points out your own ignorance.

  9. Posted by Matthew, at Reply

    white people…

    • Posted by Laverne Blaszczyk, at Reply

      those crazy kids😄

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      White males

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +ProjectSoul Not necessarily. Matthew is a biblical name and that silly religion has garnered more use and respect across the world than it deserves. You can also put whatever name you want on here.

      But if they’re lamenting that this is a white person thing.. then they’re being racist, doesn’t matter what color they actually are. I don’t stand for any kind of racism. It’s ludicrous, you’re better off disliking people for their cultures. Cultures are something you can more objectively judge.

      To judge a person by race just shows that individual is not a critical thinker.

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +ProjectSoul What opinion? That names directly correlate to skin color? I’d call that an assumption over an opinion. And you know what they say about assumptions making asses out of people. :/

  10. Posted by Magic B, at Reply

    Send that dirty Mexican rapist back to where….oh wait

    • Posted by Kayci Morgan, at Reply

      Race tax is a figment of your imagination. I run in some pretty far left circles and I’ve never heard of a tax on whiteness before this conversation. How do you even prove someone is white for the purpose of taxation?

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      Genetic testing? I probably don’t have enough native blood but i sure as hell would check native if “The Equality Tax” became a thing.

      This left enough for you?

    • Posted by Kayci Morgan, at Reply

      Please tell me you’re not serious. First off, race isn’t genetic. It’s a construct. Jesse Williams is half black, half white. He’s spoken at the BET Awards and is often referred to as a “black man”, Obama is also called “the first black president”. If race was scientific, both of these people would be as much white as black.

      But it’s not, blackness is defined as having one drop of negro blood which is what let slave masters sell their own offspring as property. Since life originated in Africa everyone has one drop of negro blood, so really race is mostly what people think you are when they look at you.

      Secondly, that entire site is a spoof site making fun of the left. I hope you realize that and are messing with me and don’t really think we hold these views. That would be like me taking The Onion seriously.

    • Posted by your mother is good in bed, at Reply

      Magic B send that rag wearing rapist back to where… oh wait 😂 loved this comment 👍

    • Posted by your mother is good in bed, at Reply

      Keith Demons bye and if possible leave the planet.

  11. Posted by Muzi Tshabalala, at Reply

    How is the life of the girl only worth $1000? why even put out a reward? It’s a child missing.

    • Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply

      Muzi Tshabalala great point

    • Posted by Ian Hardin, at Reply

      Maybe they don’t have MORE money? I’m sure they saved up as much as they could in their “In case Daughter gets Kidnapped” fund.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      I know right, i thought all white people had thousands of dollars laying around.

    • Posted by Muzi Tshabalala, at Reply

      Keith Demons just don’t put out a reward.

    • Posted by dramabeatz33, at Reply

      +Muzi Tshabalala do you think anyone is going to go out their way to look for a child without some sort of reward? especially if it could be deadly to do it…be honest with yourself

  12. Posted by Joachim Rimer, at Reply

    Just had a look at his twitter profile… Jesus freak, Trump Voter, Second Amendment pusher, Fan of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity..
    I feel sick…

    • Posted by Joachim Rimer, at Reply

      It’s just an expression of my personal opinion.
      Do you have a problem with that?

    • Posted by Ian Hardin, at Reply

      Just that Sean Hannity fans are more likely to abduct 15-year old girls. It’s a fact. What’s the problem?

    • Posted by Cadillac Kadafi N Kayla, at Reply

      Joachim Rimer Typical inbred pedophile southern republican hick

    • Posted by Mathead, at Reply

      “Singer-songwriter, warrior-poet” …uhm, yeah…

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Nobody is surprised.

  13. Posted by Rick Simmons, at Reply

    *Only a creep could be named Tad Cummings.*

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      At least he’s Tad, not Max Cummings.

  14. Posted by Max Zomboni, at Reply

    Both the teacher and the girl clearly have some mental issues. As usual, we are going to spend a million dollars to track this guy down, then another million dollars for a trial, then another million dollars to lock him up for the rest of his life. All of those millions of dollars could provide a lot of mental health services to people who need it, and might just prevent an incident like this from happening again. By getting people some help, before their problems get this out of control. But we don;t believe in health services in the US.

    • Posted by Crotchet, at Reply

      She’s 15, he’s abused the trust that teachers are given as part of their job. The responsibility stops with him. Not saying he should be locked up for the rest of his life but you’re right saying he needs help. I would’ve thought teachers would be taught about transference

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Gtfo, socialist crackhead

  15. Posted by WiseKing, at Reply

    I think when the wife says “this is not you”, she is more so trying to reason with him than defend him.

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      WiseKing obviously. no one is defending him

    • Posted by Fate Kyougo, at Reply

      WiseKing wouldn’t be surprised if the police said ‘read this and try to bait him back home’.

  16. Posted by PinheadzBlackson, at Reply

    if this was a female teacher who abducted a boy nobody would care

    • Posted by BigBadaBoom, at Reply

      PinheadzBlackson his mother would care

    • Posted by karom fattimo, at Reply

      PinheadzBlackson maybe

    • Posted by What Would Ray Rice do?, at Reply

      Tell that to the boy’s mother. They always scream the most. The dad stays silent cause he knows he son would be having the time of his life.

      Hot sex with a smart woman who KNOW all the dirty tricks=HEAVEN!

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      He would be busting nuts in that milf 24/7

  17. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    One detail in this story stands out. “The father found text messages on his daughter’s cell phone between the teacher and his daughter”. So the daughter left her cell phone behind before leaving home that day. Typical 15 year old teenage girls NEVER separate themselves from their cell, not even for 5 minutes. This IMO suggests that she went willingly, leaving her phone behind on purpose so she couldn’t be located by her phone’s GPS.

    • Posted by Bryna L., at Reply

      The Deep North no one separates themselves from their phones.