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‘Manspreading’ Banned On Busses


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Be alerted, male spreaders: Madrid is coming for you. Elegance Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you exactly how Madrid is combatting 'guy spreading.' Tell us exactly what you think in the comment section below.

" Madrid's transportation authorities are taking a stand against seated male narcissism with a campaign to tackle the social scourge that is manspreading.

Tired with males whose upper legs fail to value the borders of bus seats, the Spanish funding's Metropolitan Transportation Business (EMT) is to put up indications discouraging the technique.

The EMT– which explains that "el manspreading" is "an English term that describes the posture of guys that open their legs too vast and also take up adjoining seats"– claimed the new indications are planned to remind people of the should respect the room of all bus travelers.

Would-be manspreaders will hopefully be discouraged by little images of a senseless, faceless red male getting into the seat to his right.

" This brand-new details indication is similar to those that currently exist in various other transportation systems worldwide to quit people adopting a position that makes others awkward," the firm claimed."

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Hosts: Grace Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher

Cast: Poise Baldridge, John Iadarola, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by christopher mendez, at Reply

    I’ve seen women put bags on the other seats, why dont they make a general rule against taking up space?

    • Posted by StreakyBaconMan, at Reply

      +Marijuana Saves Lives
      Yes each passenger should get a reclining armchair to sit on for the journey, that wouldn’t make the trains miles long or anything!

    • Posted by D Rutt 1969, at Reply

      Why not purchase a car, and also not live in a urban cesspool.Life is better when you are in the county, and not in a concrete jungle.

    • Posted by Phoenix Fire, at Reply

      D Rutt 1969 There can be no doubt, you’re just an idiot.

    • Posted by KingTekins, at Reply

      I think they’re is already rules against that?

  2. Posted by marlon alston, at Reply

    Most men sit with their legs open because we have an outside hanging penis and testicles jammed into a pair of jeans and underwear. Granted some of us have a bigger package then others, but my point is still stands. Watch any male primate from gorillas to capuchin monkeys when they sit up, guess what they have to “Manspread” too.

    • Posted by David Tripp, at Reply

      well then maybe we’d be happier if you just got rid of them.

    • Posted by marlon alston, at Reply

      +David Tripp are you a male or a female, and if you’re a male how could you even fix your mouth to argue with me on this subject?

  3. Posted by Darkmonte, at Reply

    How about the obvious that men just spread legs to have a comfortable space for our genitalia?

    • Posted by TheFounderUtopia, at Reply

      It’s not even just that. It’s a consequence of our skeletal design. Our legs naturally want to open when we sit down (probably because evolution conditioned our skeletons that way TO protect the balls). It’s the way we’re physically built.

    • Posted by Carlos Bailey, at Reply

      +TheFounderUtopia And the guy in the thumbnail is an extreme example as well. That looks uncomfortable.

  4. Posted by Naruto Uzumaki, at Reply

    spreading your legs doesn’t take up 2 places. what about these fatties that take up 2 sometimes 3 seats ? like just sit down, listen to your music, read a book and carry on stop enforcing how people sit. so stupid. Manspreading is a made up word it’s a stupid one too.

    • Posted by James Lopez, at Reply

      Naruto Uzumaki sounds like an American problem

    • Posted by Thomas White, at Reply

      Naruto Uzumaki hey quit it you’re fat shaming

    • Posted by Naruto Uzumaki, at Reply

      that is true James. what of it ?

    • Posted by ollehkacb, at Reply

      James Lopez its a crazy feminist problem.

  5. Posted by Kyle Mylo, at Reply

    This is feminists doing. Feminism is a hate movement

    • Posted by Kyle Mylo, at Reply

      Men get a 60% longer prison sentence for the,exact same crime women do, men are discriminated in child custody where women are given the kid 90% of times, men pay 95% of all alimony, men have no parenthood rights while women have numerous options from abortion to state child care to making the father pay for it, men are discriminated in domestic violence where the law by default considers them at fault and women the victim even if men make up 46% of domestic violence victims – its called the Duluth Model a law made by feminists which states that in domestic violence the man is always to blame and can never be the victim, men make up the vast majority of workplace deaths, homeless, combat deaths, genital mutilation, suicides. And men’s rights activists who try to bring these issues up in societu are being ignored and even shut down by feminists – look at Milo at Berkeley, Christina Hoff Sumners at most her attempts to speak in universities, or any other MRA, look at The Red Pill movie – a movie about men’s issues and how feminist trying to ban it ever since it came out.
      Women have numerous laws, acts, programs, safe spaces that cater to their needs that men don’t for the same exact issues.

    • Posted by Garian, at Reply

      Y2K What feminists said in that article just shows what zero arguments feminists have for their cause. And you fell for it .
      There is an earnings gap, there is no wage gap, women are paid the same if you take in account the same exact job and same exact hours put in. Asking the state to let you kill babies is not a right, its murder, women are already allowed to abort but only until the fetus reaches 23 weeks when it has a beating heart, a conscience, and its considered a human being, feminists trying to make the law let women kill babies should horrify you, not make you join them.
      As for “stopping violence against women” what exactly does that mean? You want to stop criminals from committing crimes? And why is the focus on women implying women are the bigger victims of violence when men make up the majority of both abuse and murder victims?

    • Posted by Kyle Mylo, at Reply

      Y2K wtf. What do any of the issues men face in society that I listed have to do “the right to control a woman”? You say you’re not a feminist yet you act just like one, you confuse men’s issues like suicide and court discrimination with misogyny, and you blur out buzz words like “sex/gender equality” but have no facts .
      I am not here to educate you, you can check everything I listed for yourself, go to an actual court and see that men are discriminated by gender, go read about the Duluth model and see that its biased against men etc. But if you need a single source that lists a few male issues google “realsexism” and click on the first website.
      The fact that your “source” are articles , and feminist articles too, shows your ignorance .
      Educate yourself on the wage gap and you will see it doesn’t exist.
      Or better yet name me a single job where for the same exact work and same exact hours spent women are paid less?

    • Posted by Harry Butte, at Reply

      It’s amazing how feminist convinced stay at home moms to work instead of enjoying their life free of working…

  6. Posted by R.J. Dean, at Reply

    Lol at the downvotes. The opinions expressed were completely reasonable and accurate. Watch the video first you sensitive fucks.

    • Posted by Dean Bean, at Reply

      using the word manspreading in the title is worth a down vote

    • Posted by R.J. Dean, at Reply

      Dean Bean What word or phrase could be used instead? They say in the video that the term “manspreading” needs to be changed to include everyone. The phrase is dumb, but rude people do exist that have no consideration for others, men or women.

    • Posted by Dean Bean, at Reply

      R.J. Dean well for one they need to use a word that isn’t sexist. It baffles me that TYT consistently avoids sexist terms but uses one here. The fact that they used the term at all is the problem.

    • Posted by R.J. Dean, at Reply

      Dean Bean I completely agree. We need some clever person to turn a new phrase.

    • Posted by Small d Democrat, at Reply

      music guy You’re now a tribal hack. Congratulations. You’re as bad as the sjws.

  7. Posted by TheDeadlyBlueWolf, at Reply

    1k Dislikes. Why? The points expressed in the video are aimed at being against man-spreading. Guess those Anti-SJW and Anti-Feminist were waiting for a video like this to be posted. Like wat? Are you fucks that damn triggered you can’t watch the entire video? LOL

    • Posted by TheDeadlyBlueWolf, at Reply

      +Ser Frazier
      Please link me to the video. I’m not taking your word for it.

    • Posted by snuffeldjuret, at Reply

      Dursly If it were only men talking in the video it could very well have been, but not with 2 women and one man.

    • Posted by Dursly, at Reply

      what? you mean the tyt audience has biases towards women and wouldn’t dare censor 2 women’s opinions by clicking a dislike button? i’m sure they’d just call them uncle toms or somethign

    • Posted by snuffeldjuret, at Reply

      Dursly not really bias towards women, but bias towards men. I bet that if they see three men complain about the sexist nature of the term manspreading, many would get upset.

  8. Posted by Fatnorth759, at Reply

    I’ve been bussing for years and i find its mostly women who do that. + I’ve done that before when I get stuck in a seat with no leg room as I don’t fit otherwise.

    • Posted by jimmy wendler, at Reply

      AJ sounds like a short guy. Try public transportation at over 6 feet tall. We don’t fit anywhere without doing yoga.

    • Posted by Fatnorth759, at Reply

      jimmy wendler I’m about 6″2 myself

    • Posted by AJ Beamish, at Reply

      +jimmy wendler
      Boo-freaking-hoo. Like the social advantages of being 6’+ don’t outweigh you having to squeeze your legs shut for half an hour. #CryMeaRiver

    • Posted by JO MANGEEE, at Reply


    • Posted by Fatnorth759, at Reply

      AJ Beamish it’s when u physically can’t in the space provide and I’m always trying not to but there is only so much u can do. it’s like telling a fat person that they have to somehow only take up one seat it ain’t going to change anything. + there is a difference between being tall and goof looking and tall and okward, and not so attractive like me.

  9. Posted by C H, at Reply

    I’m being punished because my penis is too large?!

    • Posted by mcAnthony1000, at Reply

      C H how large?

    • Posted by C H, at Reply

      mcAnthony1000 enough to do the job

    • Posted by mcAnthony1000, at Reply

      C H is it above average?

    • Posted by C H, at Reply

      mcAnthony1000 it’s about as long as Cenk and as hard as it is to change his mind.

  10. Posted by Vincenzo Ignazio, at Reply

    Why not calling it just Legspreading?

    • Posted by Chrissi, at Reply

      Obviously b/c it specifically describes male territorial behavior. No one but men or butch lesbians (who copy male behavior) do it..

    • Posted by Adeon55, at Reply

      +Chrissi Get your purse off the seat, womanspreader.

  11. Posted by irisn roses, at Reply

    wtf really men have nuts hell i sit like that

    • Posted by Dirpy Turtle, at Reply

      irisn roses it’s not what you think man spreading is when you spread your legs to the point of almost doing the splits

  12. Posted by Leif Sikorski, at Reply

    For tall people it’s often the only way fit in a seat. At least here in Germany the legroom in a bus is often so small that I can’t fit there without spreading the legs. And I’m “just” 6’4″.

    • Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply


    • Posted by Leif Sikorski, at Reply

      It might still be taller than the average, but I see everyday people that are even taller and for them it must be really tough to find a seat in a bus. For some reason they don’t seem to adjust the legroom in busses while they did it during the last years in subways and trains.

  13. Posted by Bob Nub, at Reply

    Maybe you should just ask for them to move over.

    • Posted by Jose A Rivera Arambula, at Reply

      That’s far too smart for the Young Turks

  14. Posted by a kazzuo, at Reply

    I agree with John, what about when people put there bag in the next seat, did she pay for 2 seats.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      They should just have a no-douchebags-sign.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      bru numzy
      If sitting with your legs closed gives you any discomfort whatsoever, go see a doctor. Your package is damaged.