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Mark Ruffalo’s Inspirational Message to Humanity


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TYT Politics Producer Emma Vigeland ( ) spoke with Mark Ruffalo, Academy Award nominated actor and climate activist, who has been at the forefront of the #NoDAPL fight. Watch more TYT Politics here:

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  1. Posted by Cemal Bayrak, at Reply

    There is no Humanity…if anyone would be broke and would need something to
    eat…1 out of 10 would maybe help

  2. Posted by A Youtube Hero, at Reply

    The worst Hulk ever.

    • Posted by Redstone Technician, at Reply

      Just censor the video please.

    • Posted by Jenson Philip, at Reply

      nope……he was better than Edward Nortan or Eric Bana

  3. Posted by ziljin, at Reply

    Mark Ruffalo awesome!

  4. Posted by josey wales, at Reply

    if you dont get this your the problem.

    • Posted by Charles Wellington lll, at Reply

      josey wales you’re*

    • Posted by Mary James, at Reply

      josey wales you’re*

  5. Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

    The internet is more of a distorted mirror. Trolls saying things they don’t
    truly feel for attention. Fake media outlets like TYT saying things that
    aren’t really true for youtube views and ad revenue.

    • Posted by Michael Goolsby, at Reply

      Those very trolls and fake media outlets are, indeed, a PART of who we
      collectively are.

    • Posted by tizodd6, at Reply

      Sorry El Jefe but the things trolls spew, are their real thoughts and
      feelings. They’re able to say it freely thanks to internet anonymity. The
      internet is a true mirror.

    • Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

      Nah I’ve trolled lots of times out of boredom just to get a reaction. Half
      the trolls out there are teenagers who just want to get a response. I
      never take the internet serious as in real life. Most of communication is
      bigger than can be conveyed in text.

  6. Posted by Frank Ryser, at Reply

    It’s called empathy, Mark. Might be our strongest asset above everything
    else. Unfortunately some people in this world seem to grow up without it.

    • Posted by tizodd6, at Reply

      Unfortunately, we live in a world where apathy is praised and empathy is
      seen as weakness. I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

    • Posted by tizodd6, at Reply

      +Frank Ryser You’re right. I’m just frustrated with humans is all…so much
      potential wasted on racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. I’m genuinely happy
      that their are strong-willed people like you who are willing and able to
      make sacrifices to help others. I just don’t have that in me any
      more…they’ve worn me down. At this point I’m basically just waiting for
      it all to be over lol.

    • Posted by Frank Ryser, at Reply

      tizodd6 I know how you feel…I’ve been depressed for a while now for the
      exact reasons you’re mentioning now. It’s almost paralysing. It took a lot
      of help for me to even muster the initiativ to plan my participation in the
      refugee effort. Please don’t give up. There are so many ways to just make a
      small difference. And people apreciate it so much that you will also
      inadvertidly help your own sanity as well. It’s exactly people like you
      that I believe in and that motivate me to stay activ.

  7. Posted by MANUELZAO MIGUILIM, at Reply

    His parents cant even spell buffalo.

  8. Posted by nethoser, at Reply

    “ doesn’t lie…”

    Says the Incredible Hulk lmao

  9. Posted by Queen Cheng Of Mars, at Reply

    Humans are scum, we don’t need the internet to know that.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Queen Cheng Of Mars What are you, some kind of Martian Supremacist?!

  10. Posted by Reality4Peace, at Reply

    I see Ruffalo has also taken mushrooms lol. Kidding aside, I hope he is
    right. Millennials will be the generation that watches as humanity either
    destroys itself or rises to new heights.

    • Posted by Mr. Smiley, at Reply

      As a Millennial my money would be on destroy. Hopefully I’m wrong, but
      change sometimes comes too slowly.

  11. Posted by Harambe The Almighty, at Reply


  12. Posted by sam hassan, at Reply

    humanity is the worst kind for this planet every year we taking 10 step
    backward animal kill for food we kill for pleasure and money

    • Posted by Ashley Small, at Reply

      Ever seen a fox get into a chicken pen? It’ll kill the whole lot, even if
      it’s already eaten.

  13. Posted by L Rodger, at Reply

    Amen ….

  14. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    I think it’s time to admit that the dislike counter is nothing more than a
    troll magnet, or butthurt stress relief exercise symbol.

  15. Posted by Lawrence Kassab, at Reply

    Who ever said Hulk wasn’t deep!

  16. Posted by mortalhellion, at Reply

    After the video is done, Mark Ruffalo turns green and tears apart the
    Republican Party with Hulk rage.

    • Posted by RayValdezPhotography, at Reply

      But the Hulk is Republican

  17. Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

    Green skin prejudice beliefs on freedom of speech constitution

  18. Posted by Haifa x', at Reply

    I love him