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Market Up: Heil Trump! Market Down: Thanks Obama!


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Sean Hannity is a Trump-level bullsh * t musician. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" Head of state Barack Obama left workplace greater than a year earlier, yet that really did not stop Fox Information host Sean Hannity from criticizing him for the securities market slide.

On his Fox News radio show on Monday, Hannity said the marketplace decline– which at its worst saw the Dow industrials plunge by almost 1,600 points and also closing down 1,175 points for the day– wasn't the mistake of Head of state Donald Trump.

It's his predecessor that's to blame.

" Since the Obama economic situation was so weak every one of these years, we had simply unnaturally low-cost money," Hannity stated, referring to a Fox Think piece he had seen on the cord network.
He clarified that "economical cash" is from borrowing at "ridiculously low prices," which he included need to now finish.
" The government has synthetically, the Fed has artificially, kept the price of loan down and also the cost of borrowing down, and also now that's mosting likely to pertain to an end."
After that, he declared that the plunge– which saw supplies erase all their 2018 gains– is really great." *.

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  1. Posted by The Progressive Voice, at Reply

    Hannity is just a Trump rationalizer.

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      shrenk, why did you change your name from freedom base to shrenk? stupid man Hindu boy.

    • Posted by jungle305, at Reply

      no, shrenk is honorary white. he is Hindu and so dark but he believes or wishes to believe he is white.

    • Posted by Tony Vincelli, at Reply

      d1nonlyd are: Don’t forget Fox and Friends and Judge Jeannie!

    • Posted by urduib, at Reply

      Hannity is right that QE propped up this bubble. But did Trump not take credit for it all last year 🙂 Trump took credit, now he will be responsible for the crash. If Trump had a brain he would have said in jan 2017, The market is a big bubble and if it crash it is Obama´s fault. But Trump continued the system, filled up the swamp and took credit for the smell 🙂 He is that stupid. hahahaha

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply

      Ana is much hotter since she used plastic surgery to culturally appropriate an Anglo-Saxon nose.

  2. Posted by BloodMoneyLLC, at Reply

    Goldman Sachs is more dangerous than ISIS

    • Posted by James Remus, at Reply

      Truthy Fruity when we get a strong leader, we will unite behind them. But right now America is leaderless. And we let it get here!

    • Posted by Truthy Fruity, at Reply

      America is not leaderless. Americans failure to identify helpers. Because too easily poisoned and manipulated into family feuds. Egos are too big and blinding especially among smart liberals, to give credit where it is due, to forgive what is forgive-able, to pick the right battles.

    • Posted by James Remus, at Reply

      Truthy Fruity of what helpers do you speak exactly? I’m Curious about your perspective. I really am intrigued. There are many egos involved but let’s face it. They blame the current problems on someone who is gone. And credit current gains to someone who has not earned it.

    • Posted by kourii, at Reply

      So much truth in this thread

  3. Posted by tylertyler82, at Reply

    Now that’s a cuck.

  4. Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

    Hannity doesnt even sound like he believes his own bullshit

    • Posted by HeartBlade89, at Reply

      Im sure the millions he makes helps him sleep at night. He isnt responsible for informing the viewer in his mind.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      +Osman Cardona
      What bullshit exactly?
      Cenk reported fake news, then strawmanned Hannity’s position.

    • Posted by theworldismad88, at Reply

      ^^^Sad troll is sad. 🙂

  5. Posted by Sting Sniperscope, at Reply

    I’m getting some pretty terribly whiplash from all these flip-flops. My spine is seriously bugging me.

    • Posted by Ex Animus, at Reply

      +d1nonlyd ars
      so your answer is no, they didn’t vote for trump…listen up kid, no one held a gun to anyone’s head telling them who to vote for, trump is on the people who VOTED for trump and the consequences of his action are on their heads as well. quit trying to make excuse and deflect coward they are ALL responsible for their own actions. instead, you want to try and make it about FEELS as if they didn’t have a CHOICE…they did and chose badly.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      Ex Animus who Trump runs against matters you idiot… there are people who said they didn’t like Trump but voted for him coz they just couldn’t vote for Hillary… you put your BEST candidate up to run to have the BEST chance at winning… otherwise it’s YOUR FAULT YOU LOST, GET IT!

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply

      The first non-Jew in nearly 40 years takes over as the head of the Federal Reserve; The Dow Jones drops by 666 points the following day. Oy Vey, shut it down!

    • Posted by Richard warren, at Reply

      Yeah Obama covered up for Deep State we see now, that’s messed up man!

  6. Posted by Sting Sniperscope, at Reply

    Ah the days when one could blame Barack HUSSEIN Obama for just about anything. Indeed, thanks Obama.

    • Posted by Jeff M, at Reply

      Amazing how these dingbats didn’t realize you were poking fun at the Right wing in capitalizing his middle name like that.

    • Posted by American Insurgent, at Reply

      Sting Sniperscope lol they didnt get it… Funny stuff though. HUSSEIN

    • Posted by The5armdamput33, at Reply

      Sting Sniperscope
      I saw a stand-up show… With the guy from ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ (I forget his name)
      He did the same thing….. Practically singing it like it was an Islamic prayer….. It was hilarious….
      * And yes, I understand that you were poking fun…..

    • Posted by Net Hoser, at Reply

      420 Blazen Stop smoking weed. That was a perfectly snarky comment by Sting Sniperscopre. It’s a parody of how the right would blame Obama for everything, like the rain as somebody already has. The irony is that the mere fact of Obama existing gives them carte blanche to blame him for anything and everything, without which they would actually have to accept responsibility.

      The caps on Hussein I think are just to underscore America’s built in prejudice. But Sting can correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Posted by Snapdragon 9600, at Reply

      Sting Sniperscope Dont worry, conservatives will still blame Obama ,even once all Trumps polices are firmly in place.

  7. Posted by pucker bung, at Reply

    How can you listen to this man! Hannity is straight up lying.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      +pucker bung
      Some people don’t notice Hannity’s non truths, just like some people don’t notice TYT reporting non truths.
      Cenk whole position in this video is based on his own ignorance and falsehoods.

    • Posted by theworldismad88, at Reply

      Please elaborate….I’ll wait.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Every time he I want to punch his face

    • Posted by Lonnie the Lip, at Reply

      Actually he’s not lying. If you’d research just a LITTLE BIT you’d find something that sounds like this: from WaPo – “To sum up, the stock market dip looks like an overdue reality check on how high prices were on Wall Street. That’s healthy. The decline of 1,175 points on Monday is the biggest single-day point drop in history, but in percentage terms, it doesn’t even make the top 50.”
      On how prices WERE on Wall Street…” “WERE” “WERE” that means Obama’s fault for having printed all that fake money. The market is going through a correction right now.

  8. Posted by Jesus Vasquez, at Reply

    In hannity’s defense: Obama did insist on being black.

    • Posted by Philosopher of Nonsense, at Reply

      Jesus Vasquez: Well no, Obama only went halfway on that one (his mom was white) lol…What’s the real issue is that he chose to act like a president, not an insolent toddler. Obama was black, a democrat, and black, which for Faux Nooz means “3 strikes and your out!”

    • Posted by britainluver431, at Reply

      Correction: “Fucks News.”

    • Posted by mark aaron, at Reply

      Can’t you spell? It’s Fux News. Sheesh!

    • Posted by Verse Wonder, at Reply

      Jesus Vasquez 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jacob Fincher, at Reply

      And a Muslim. And a non birth certificate havin unmurcan

  9. Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

    fox news = trump’s SJW nannies

    • Posted by Truthy Fruity, at Reply

      upstartmike – it is unfortunate America’s alt right hijacked otherwise positive words ‘social justice warriors’ to describe ‘virtue-signaling crybabies’ or what I call “performative outrage mob”. The myth is these crybabies exist only in the left. The truth is conservative right are most guilty of the pettiest performative outrage. Like, christmas is stolen! Or, women are marching omg white men are the most persecuted and victimized on planet earth!

    • Posted by Truthy Fruity, at Reply

      And of course, the most ridiculous outrage – super aggressive nuclear grade Bully in Chief Donald Jackass Trump is so victimized by everyone! So UNFAIR!

    • Posted by Meso Wite, at Reply

      ToBe Fair you pissed off the SJW”s 😡

  10. Posted by ebrady61491, at Reply

    Hannity needs to be pushed off a mountain.

    • Posted by Simi F, at Reply

      trust me, hell doesn’t want him.

    • Posted by kingnish, at Reply

      Ryan adams exactly!

    • Posted by The Cadaver, at Reply

      …by a flamethrower.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Build that wall and throw the liberals over it! MAGA ++

  11. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    Well there’s a silver lining to Hannity’s nonsense. My conservative mother listens to his radio show every day while driving to work and she’s finally starting to notice the contradictions & hypocrisy. Better late than never I suppose, bottom line is that people on the right are beginning to notice Hannity’s propagandist theatrics. And they are PISSED!

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      I did, in my reply to +theworldismad88
      Any reason you didn’t read it?

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      +Randy H
      Of course, I don’t deny that. I don’t watch Hannity so I don’t know how much he makes up, but I think the spin on most of Fox News is very bias.

      The difference is that in this video Cenk made a completely false claim, and doesn’t seem to even understand that the Dow Jones didn’t “crash” or erase the gains from the past year. I don’t remember Hannity making an outright false claim.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      The upvotes your comment got is an excellent demonstration of my point. “nonsense doesn’t seem so nonsensical if it aligns with your political views”.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      Fake news quote from Cenk in this video:
      “Overall about a 1200 drop, which is more than what Trump had bragged about in it’s increase over a year. So how is Sean Hannity going to handle this uncomfortable, unfortunante news? Well he’s got a great idea, turns out its someone else’s fault, you’ll never guess who.”

      Cenk doesn’t seem to realize the “uncomfortable, unfortunate news” that the Dow Jones is up over 4000 points in a year. Trump was bragging about that, and about it going up around 8400 points since he was elected. Not about “it went up 1000 points in a year.”

      For someone who runs a business, I am really surprised that Cenk doesn’t seem to understand that.

  12. Posted by Zarion Wildclaw, at Reply

    I really want to know where Hannity gets his drugs because I’m apparently missing out on the greatest trip session EVER.

  13. Posted by Lord Beerus, at Reply

    Fox News has to be the biggest embarrassment in the US smh😔

    • Posted by Willie Purdom, at Reply

      I beg your pardon!!! It’s spelled, F-A-U-X.

    • Posted by Lonnie the Lip, at Reply

      CNN and TYT take that honor.

    • Posted by Swiss Army Knight, at Reply

      That’s fair.

    • Posted by L98FIERO, at Reply

      Jibo Da Greay, MSNBC and CNN do have a bias, that’s obvious but being journalists, they have professional standards that mean they have to use real world fact, spin them if the want but they still have to use honest to goodness fact from _this_ reality.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      “I believe the claim was a 1000 pt jump in 5 weeks. ”
      Yes exactly.
      That is very different from what Cenk said.
      The Dow Jones went up over 8000 since Trump was elected.
      Cenk seems to think it only went up 1000 points, all of which was erased in what he calls a “crash.”
      That was the fundamental premise for Cenk’s argument against Hannity’s comments.

      If you actually follow what I said there, you will see it makes a lot of sense. Cenk got those facts completely wrong. His argument against Hannity was very flawed because he is flat out wrong on the numbers.

      Also, I posted a detailed description of that before I wrote “like ten posts”, but you didn’t seem to see it.

  14. Posted by babbs777, at Reply

    Hannity: “Obama’s economy was stagnant.”

    Lil John: “WHAT?!”

    Hannity: “The recent crash in the Dow was Obama’s fault.”

    Lil John: “WHAT?!”

    Hannity: “The bounce back is an indication of President Trump’s strong economic policies.”

    Lil John: “OKAYYYYYYYY!!!”

    • Posted by ancient mami, at Reply

      babbs777 hahhahahaha I hate youuuuu

    • Posted by lemarrgp, at Reply


    • Posted by b017ni3, at Reply

      Andres Gonzalez – same

    • Posted by Irving Ceron, at Reply

      Quality memeposting.

  15. Posted by Ntwadumela MATA, at Reply

    Hannity high priest of the Cult of President Orange Pervert.

    • Posted by Randy H, at Reply

      Ntwadumela MATA
      It seriously is a cult-mentality. I won’t even sleep with a conservative at this point.

    • Posted by elbert cates, at Reply


    • Posted by Patrick Schaefer, at Reply

      “conservative” is stupid, not cult like. It’s “trumpism” that is a cult and it’s a major problem

  16. Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

    Can’t wait for the economy to crash and we can blame Trump, his administration, and the supporters!!!!

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      That seems to be Cenk’s position in this video too.

    • Posted by theworldismad88, at Reply

      ^^^^So your position is to blindly follow Trump and Hannity into another depression…cool beans.

    • Posted by Lonnie the Lip, at Reply

      You want the economy to crash and Americans to be hurting to spite Trump. Wow what a POS human being you are, but for a liberal I’m not surprised.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      What makes you think I support Trump or Hannity?
      Pointing out major errors in what Cenk claimed doesn’t mean I am in favor of Trump, let alone “blindly follow” him.

      You keep replying to my comments without actually following what I am saying. I think you are not willing to criticize Cenk because you think you and him are on the same side. Therefore you think I am somehow think about Trump that way because I criticize Cenk.

  17. Posted by Tsnore, at Reply

    Hannity is a Trump jester as usual in this latest bit of partisan grotesquerie. His nose is now so soaked in cheeseburger fudge he can barely breathe.

  18. Posted by Big Jay, at Reply

    OMG, this guys is obviously not an economist! We will have another crash if gas prices continue to rise!

  19. Posted by Mike Cat, at Reply

    Fox is garbage. Enough said…