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Martial Law Declared In Philippines


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Rodrigo Duterte has declared martial regulation on the Philippines second biggest island. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" Philippines Head of state Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed martial legislation Tuesday night in the nation's second largest island after ruthless battling broke out between the military as well as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)- connected militants– more raising human rights worries in the country.

The island of Mindanao– which will certainly be under martial regulation for 60 days– has been the site of ongoing altercations in between Philippine soldiers and police versus the ISIS-backed Maute militant team. On Tuesday, virtually 50 gunmen went into Marawi City, which has a Muslim-majority population and busy municipal government, a health center, and also a prison. They supposedly increased a black Islamic State-style flag at the gate of a healthcare facility. The gunmen likewise melted buildings, inning accordance with Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, the Principal of Team of the Army of the Philippines. Power was additionally reduced, the Associated Press reported.

Battling supposedly burst out after federal government soldiers carried out a look for as well as assaulted a hideout used by Muslim extremist leader Isnilon Hapilon, the leader of a partnership in the southerly Philippines. The United States State Division has actually provided to $5 million for his capture for his supposed involvement in terrorist acts against UNITED STATE nationals and also various other foreign nationals in the Philippines.

Until now, 2 soldiers and also one policeman were eliminated and also 12 wounded in clashes in Marawi City, Protection Assistant Delfin Lorenzana claimed, according to Philippines-based ABS-CBN news."

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  1. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    Was it the IRA this time to TYT? LMAO!

    • Posted by Rd G, at Reply

      RandomGuy7092 nothing is equal in life why would fantasy cults be. also if one is modernized it cant be equal today

    • Posted by jaxx marcano, at Reply

      RandomGuy7092 crawl in a hole and die

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Tssk, everyone knows this is 4chan trolling!

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      This meme will never die.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    i assumed the Philippines was almost always under martial law considering how many people Duterte’s killed.

    • Posted by not alec, at Reply

      And what part indicates him as an extremist?

    • Posted by Lar M, at Reply

      Not that many compare to Marcos whom you people greatly admired !

    • Posted by xios ae, at Reply


  3. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    Presidente Muerte ☠

    • Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

      President Mil Muertes, literally!

    • Posted by Toufiq Aziz, at Reply

      Julio Barbosa doenst it mean death?

  4. Posted by Deondre Clark, at Reply

    Insane terrorists vs murderous dictator. A bunch of innocent ppl are going to get caught in the crossfire as always

    • Posted by reynan solano, at Reply

      nobody was caught in the crossfire. the operation is in control of our beloved military. mainstream biased media didnt even publish a hair of a civilian hit during crossfire.

    • Posted by DJ T Rump, at Reply

      +reynan solano you said the operation was reported accurately with no one hit in the cross fire. So where is the mainstream bias?

    • Posted by reynan solano, at Reply

      go research who is the mainstream media in the philippines and who owns it what are their history how did they get their wealth. dont just ask questions. your welcome.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      Muslims – again!

  5. Posted by Methos Films, at Reply

    this president dont screw around. he will slaughter them all. no prisoners

    • Posted by CNVideos, at Reply

      Methos Films In other words, he is becoming an ISIS of his own.

    • Posted by bhsWD96, at Reply

      +CNVideos Not an ISIS of his own. But he’s doing exactly what ISIS would like him and other government leaders to do in response to terrorist actions. They provoke by terrorism and then the government cracks down on its own people, causing an increase in chaos and fear which makes their situation easier to manipulate through terrorist action. Eventually, they will strike out on foreign Muslim nations and ISIS can say “See we told you. No Muslim is safe. Attack the foreign devils” until even moderate Muslim’s feel there is no alternative but to attack.

  6. Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

    Jesus … the philippines went down hill real fast

    • Posted by Zombi Pineapple, at Reply

      So did Filipinos.

  7. Posted by wigger bloke, at Reply

    other ways to tackle terrorists, like giving them flowers.

    • Posted by AnimeGuy421, at Reply

      Poison flowers

    • Posted by Deathvoid, at Reply

      Explosive poison flowers!

    • Posted by RichOrElse, at Reply

      Nuclear explosive poison flowers!

  8. Posted by NessOnett8, at Reply

    The alt-right cucks in the comments making themselves seem stupider and stupider these days. But oh well, not like they have anything else going on in their lives. And comments just give TYT money, so you keep funding them.

    • Posted by Chimichanga gaming, at Reply

      Nessone+ stupider isn’t a word dude

    • Posted by Juuso Peltoniemi, at Reply

      Another leftist who thinks that Islamist terrorists should be allowed to take over nations.

    • Posted by Guillermo St, at Reply

      It’s depressing to see how utterly ignorant – and brainwashed – people get these days, notably right-wingers.

      – Oh, they say themselves they’re ‘Islamist’,. that’s all I need to know.

      Never mind about the socio-economic, racial, political aspects that end up being 10x more important than the religious façade.

    • Posted by Braith, at Reply
  9. Posted by prosperandbehealthy, at Reply

    *TYT or TYIT = The Young Islamic Terrorists*

    • Posted by D Haze, at Reply

      Andrew Mildenberg *Where* is the difference of opinion?? It’s a (Main stream) *Leftist* media Narrative every time! Never investigative & just *Honest* They still protect Islam for goodness sake🙄

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      D Haze You seem confused. The Main stream media isn’t “leftist”. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it leftist, and just because they are critical of Trump doesn’t mean they are leftist.
      The MSM are still against the minimum wage increase, universal healthcare and affordable or free state college. All key policy platforms of the Left (the actual left anyway, not the main Dem party)
      MSM is a tool of the larger establishment machine (which includes Trump by the way). And that fact alone excludes TYT. They don’t have mainstream sponsors like CNN or Fox does.
      They give the facts they have and their opinions on them. If you don’t agree then that’s fine. No one should agree with everything a person says. Having a difference of opinion is fine, I certainly don’t agree with everything TYT says but I appreciate their view and the honesty in which it’s presented.

      You seem to lack nuance. Protecting Islam is not the same thing as protecting extremist fundamentalist terrorism. They (and everyone else basically) are against terrorists.
      As much as you don’t like it, those are two different things. If all of Islam were murderers we would have literally millions of bombings a day because there are literally millions of Islamists around the world. That’s a fact.

      Just because you view the world in a myopic black and white manner doesn’t mean it’s the truth.
      I have no love of religion of ANY kind, but if people want to peacefully delude themselves with fairy tales then they can.

      Just like how I don’t think all white people are racist murderers because of assholes like Dylan Roof. The same applies to people of Islam.
      I lived down the block from a mosque and they never hurt anyone. Why shouldn’t they be protected? They aren’t the ones killing people, ISIS is. There are distinctions.

      Why is making a nuanced and rational argument so terrible?
      Should I think all white people are racist murderers? Should I think all black people are gang bangers? All because of the actions of a minority?

      There are shades of grey everywhere in life and the fact that reality has a liberal bias doesn’t mean it’s all the same.

      Grow up dude. You sound dumb as hell with your broken logic and child like thought process. Just *think* a little harder.

    • Posted by N Hex, at Reply

      How many Muslims openly protested and condemned Manchester or other attacks on the streets? Why don’t they openly condemn ISIS and their sympathizers? Why don’t they report them to police beforehand? Why don’t Muslims openly beat up the extremists just like they beat up women for adultery or gays?

    • Posted by D Haze, at Reply

      N Hex Because Islam has *Nothing to do with ISLAM* ~Cenk

    • Posted by D Haze, at Reply

      Andrew Mildenberg So at the part where U said TyT *DOESNT* have major backers U lost my attention. Die in Ignorance Idc, I hear it’s Blissful 😊

  10. Posted by Timothy M.A., at Reply

    As a filipino, you all commenting have no grasp on what the state of mindanao is in, and simply parrot the opinion of whatever your media tells you. None of you are informed by your own independent research.

    • Posted by inotaishu1, at Reply

      Well, if you find us ignorant, enlighten us!

    • Posted by reynan solano, at Reply


    • Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply


  11. Posted by Unknown Human, at Reply

    Here we go again, do you guys actually know all the details and ground reports with regards to the drug war in the philippines or all you have is what was reported in the media? first of all dont compare your halfass drugwar with ours, unlike yours, we have over a million surrenderies. And dont tell us that is a health problem because its entirely not, illegal drugs is also a business. Duterte currently have almost 80% approval rating so dont expect him to resign anytime sooner. You can label us whatever you want it doesnt matter, securing the future of the next generation is more important than your Ideological bull* that doesnt even works in reality.

    • Posted by Braith, at Reply

      Do the people receive a trial before they’re executed? If so, do they have to have been found guilty of a more serious crime, like murder, to receive the death penalty, or is possession of meth sufficient to get that judgment?

    • Posted by Unknown Human, at Reply

      Braith no, the only grounds for use of a gun is if they violently resist arrest during a legitimate police operation. the police operation is most of the time a buy bust operation. Also, all operation that resulted to deaths are being investigated and some police have already been dismissed. Just so be cleared no matter what duterte said the congress still controls the law of the land and can impeach him if he misuse his authority.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Troll score 2/5, for unwittedly endorsing a majority muslim country that copies the worst of US policies while also endorsing the shredding of the constitution, which they also copied.
      btw it’s quite clear you don’t live there

    • Posted by Unknown Human, at Reply

      gunnyblender are you dumb? Philippines is a Christian majority country and US occupied the philippines between 1900 to 1940, of course our government is similar to them. If theres a troll then thats you.

  12. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    He’s declared martial law??  I’m not sure how you tell the difference between that and his normal governing style.

    • Posted by Synthmax Giovanne, at Reply

      rocky19421 hE’s d3cL4rEd MaRti@l lAw?? i’m noT sUrë h0W tO teLl th3 DiFF3r3NcE beTwEEn tHaT anD hiS n0rm4l g0V3rNiNg sTyl3.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      During the 70s in Brazil there was the “mão blanco” and Indonesia the “petrus” an acronym for penembak misterius (mysterious shooter) they got rid of criminals causing unrest in the local society. Extreme criminals require extreme measures. Go Duterte!!
      Even the orange buffon doesn’t dare to make that kind of challenge to step down for his decisions.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Jonathan William
      1. I and my family are self made entrepreneurs who never lived off Soeharto’s regime thank you very much.
      2. I stand by my opinion that extreme measures are inevitable to restore peace and justice in a society lest hell-bent violent extremist groups and criminals be prevalent.
      3. How about stick to that and desist from giving me your pathetic lectures on Indonesian politics. Kalem weee atuh sia teh kehed 😁

  13. Posted by Adrian Mercado, at Reply

    In his presidential campaign, Duterte boasted that if he cannot stop crime and corruption in the entire Philippines in 6 months, he will resign. It’s been a year and there is still crime and corruption. He doesn’t plan on resigning.

    • Posted by Jonathan William, at Reply

      geromino97 because most of them are dead, duh.

    • Posted by bisdakdiay, at Reply

      only the idiots will take DU30’s words so literally.
      you knew that it was impossible to finish corruption and drug crimes in 6 months, so why believe it on face value?
      I like DU30 but I knew the problem in the Philippines is serious and deep rooted, but I did not think he will finish the problem in 6 months. But I understand he is a man of integrity, a strong leader with a vision, intelligent, hard working, etc etc…… and he will do everything he can for his country and people. I believed that in 6 months, some very significant changes was to happen to the country & its people, and it did! Look at his track records in 10 months, it will pale the Aquino’s performance in his entire 6 year term. Aquino is so pathetic and a traitor!
      for people who have been brain washed, or are puppets of the … and who are rewarded in their efforts to bring down DU30’s administration…. are people who will never see the truth and appreciate truth. They will dovetail DU30 every day and night and will never run out of ideas to discredit him. I pity you.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +bisdakdiay du30 ! I actually like that ! Du30 ! He is a great leader

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      So just like trump then. Trump said he would make a wall and Mexico would pay for it – he said it like 100 times, not once or twice. Guess what? Nothing has started with the wall and there never is going to be a wall.

      Of course, normal people are happy there won’t be a wall because a wall is a _stupid_ way to stop immigration.

  14. Posted by Lorin Sette, at Reply

    Please enlighten us on how you would protect your people if you were in control Ana!!! Since your a military genius and all. How would you run a terrorist organization out of your island without calling for Marshall law? We are waiting for an answer TYT?

    • Posted by Guillermo St, at Reply

      And you think that making the lives of your own citizens even more miserable is gonna help at all?
      And by the way, it’s spelled _martial_ law, not Marshall law, ‘genius’….

    • Posted by Ao-No ichi, at Reply

      Guillermo St Not doing anything will make it worse. You don’t think so? Why don’t you move to the “Islamic Caliphate”?

    • Posted by SlyBiffrons, at Reply

      I’m not sure in what situation indiscriminately killing minor drug offenders would help stop a terrorist group.

    • Posted by YouSexaThangYou LongLiveChocolate, at Reply

      Brandon Reed She was asking for a solution. You should answer a question with answers instead of asking more questions.

  15. Posted by rey82rey82, at Reply

    Duterte for world president!

    • Posted by Palmergedd0n, at Reply

      I was thinking this too. No more selfish politicians.

  16. Posted by brolyred, at Reply

    How else would you fight isis if you don’t want to use violence 🤔🤔🤔

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      +brolyred I’ll explain how, after you explain how you forgot decades of positive results from bombing the middle east and a war on drugs.

    • Posted by xios ae, at Reply


    • Posted by xios ae, at Reply


    • Posted by xios ae, at Reply


  17. Posted by Yo boi luis Gomez, at Reply

    Ok so him declaring martial law isn’t the answer what is? I’m lost. What’s he supposed to do?

    • Posted by Yo boi luis Gomez, at Reply

      geromino97 Smh

    • Posted by Juuso Peltoniemi, at Reply

      These progressives support Islamic militants. What you think they want? Islamic victory of course.

    • Posted by SIXITHS, at Reply

      Declaring martial law after the fact and after the attackers are dead is largely a symbolic gesture that will erode the rights of the citizens who have already suffered.

    • Posted by Ibushi, at Reply

      Not locking down the country? This is the Philippines where combat between government forces and rebel groups have been going on for decades. Combat within towns while tragic, is not uncommon. Back in 2013 was the Zamboanga Siege, 500 rebels vs 5,000 troops. There was no martial law. Two dozen bombs exploding in Manilas transport system. No martial law. Security’s been increased, additional troops deployed, but no Martial Law.

      The combat in mindanao has been going on for literally hundreds of years since Spain came in and converted Luzon and Visayas to Catholics. The moros have resisted since then.

      This is like if ted bundy took over a town hall and in response, the U.S. president shuts down not just the state, but half the country.

  18. Posted by Seun Osewa, at Reply

    Kim and Anna in the same video? Nice.
    Can Kim appear on panels more often, please? Tnx.
    If she were to focus on politics, it would be great.