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Martin Shkreli GUILTY! Facing 20 Years In Prison!


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"Pharma Brother" Martin Shkreli is heading to jail for up to Twenty Years! Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich and also Aida Rodriguez talk about on The Young Turks. Given you by An Inconvenient Follow up

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" Martin Shkreli, accused of defrauding his hedge fund financiers as well as a pharmaceutical business, was convicted on three of 8 trust Friday, after a five-week test in the Federal District Court in Brooklyn.

Mr. Shkreli was founded guilty of safeties scams in connection with his bush fund MSMB Funding; of safety and securities scams in connection with one more hedge fund he ran, MSMB Health care; and of conspiracy to devote safeties scams, related to a scheme in which he attempted to privately regulate a huge part of shares of Retrophin, a medicine company he began.

He confronts 20 years on each of the initial 2 matters, as well as approximately 5 years on the final count.

The conviction, even as a combined decision, was a significant loss for the dissentious Mr. Shkreli, that stated before the trial that he was "so innocent" that the court, court as well as prosecutors would ask forgiveness to him later." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Bearish, at Reply

    He was found not guilty for 5 of 8 counts. What are you doing talking like he was found completely guilty. He beat the worst of the charges and will likely get no jail time. Martin is pleased with the results of the verdict. Tyt continuing to do zero research on anything they cover.

    • Posted by Bearish, at Reply

      +Talking Sink He may not get prison time, it isn’t certain. Not sure what pisses you off about him being found not guilty for a crime he didn’t commit.

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      Bearish, I’m not sure why you believe being found guilty on three counts means that he’s innocent.

      Anyway, I will judge him later in a more eternal plane.

  2. Posted by Andrew Flood, at Reply

    So a pound of weed is 20 plus years……………. but ripping people off and lying to aids patients doesn’t draw any charges………. America don’t you love our laws.

    • Posted by Nick Buckets, at Reply

      Andrew Flood hes prob going to jail for 6 or not at all months the 3 charges he was guilty of are nothing but conspiracy and intent. Also all his investors made around 300 percent profit which is insane.

    • Posted by Andrew Flood, at Reply

      Nick Buckets That’s why I’m afraid he won’t get a single charge, when the powerful make thier quotata’s they have no reason to imprison the man that’s making them that money.

    • Posted by Nick Buckets, at Reply

      Andrew Flood bro i think you need to look into martin shkreli more and other things about him he didnt commit fraud lol all his investors made 300% back in returns one lady reported giving him 300k and now has 2.6 million. No one lost their money hes being attacked from the government for political agenda reasons

    • Posted by Andrew Flood, at Reply

      Nick Buckets Im talking about he AIDs patients and you need to do some research or finish the video because his invested are suing him for fraud, and I’m referring to him making a single pill from $13 to almost 2k so yeah try doing some research.

    • Posted by Nick Buckets, at Reply

      Andrew Flood lmao!! i wouldve raised that drug price too you clearly dont know anything about him.

  3. Posted by Enigma ___, at Reply

    so letting people die because their medicine is no longer affordable is fine !!!… but cheating a rich investor is a big no no !!!!

    • Posted by Enkarashaddam, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 I love how you just call it “lies” by fiat like you actually know what daraprim is lol but hell 36.7 million people can be wrong, right?

    • Posted by Astral Dragon, at Reply

      Enigma ___ despite all his whiny butthurt fanboys crying about him being at risk now of actually being sentenced, nothing will save this spoiled rich crybaby from some nice prison rape ;D

  4. Posted by Gregory Moody, at Reply

    Why…just Why does Aida have to push so hard that shes black so hard everytime they have her on.

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      Gregory Moody
      Because she is not.

    • Posted by Gregory Moody, at Reply

      not offended just like to point it out.

    • Posted by mrbadguysan, at Reply

      Gregory Moody so what’s your problem, they people are being themselves?

    • Posted by Pouch King, at Reply

      she a race baiting, group politic, irrational moron.

  5. Posted by weses2, at Reply

    Why do Trump supporters like Martin Shkreli? Are they all sociopaths just like him, with a complete inability to understand the suffering of innocent people?

    • Posted by Julian Tcherassi, at Reply

      how do you know that you mother fucker? why don’t you investigate before you call bullshit? Martin has a reason for raising prices and if you really cared then you would listen to his counter arguments.

    • Posted by knodwon, at Reply

      Because Shkreli is a lot like Trump.

    • Posted by Vidua mea animae, at Reply

      Is there a specific part of what I’ve said that you take issue with?

    • Posted by Vidua mea animae, at Reply

      It’s a youtube comments section, nobody is an expert…

    • Posted by Vidua mea animae, at Reply

      A load of name calling and moral grandstanding doesn’t make you right.

  6. Posted by Tim D'Egidio, at Reply

    So it is legal to raise drug prices 5500%, making life-saving drugs unaffordable for many Americans, yet when investors are spited, the law comes down hard? How can that not be described as oligarchy? The rich live by a different set of laws than the rest of us. It’s time we change that.

    • Posted by QuantuMlapZiz, at Reply

      Tim D’Egidio the drug cost 1 dollar per pill Now IT costs 550 dollars per pill… and the price has only Been changed in america. Not only that but the people affected with the neuronal brain diesease of Which this drug affects is less than 2400…. 99% of Which have Health insurance.

    • Posted by QuantuMlapZiz, at Reply

      Tim D’Egidio and this is no life saving drug… the drug does alot of damage to neuronal brain tidsue

    • Posted by Ethnic Shitposter, at Reply

      Then buy a battle rifle, cause that’s what it will boil down to. If you think the establishment is going down without a fight, you’re delusional.

  7. Posted by Comp3630, at Reply

    He isn’t guilty for jacking up the price of a life saving medicine, he’s guilty for defrauding rich investors.
    That’s about how much justice was actually served.

    • Posted by CN what I'm Saiyan?, at Reply


    • Posted by chris grammatica, at Reply

      Just goes to show who these laws were meant to protect

  8. Posted by Dale Bergeron, at Reply

    Do not put this guy in Federal Prison. Put him in a real jail where overcrowding and the worst of the worst are housed. I will be taking bets on how many days before he turns up dead. I am already full for the hour by hour for his first day..

    • Posted by rob collette, at Reply

      Put him in one of those outdooor Arizona prisons along with Sherrif Joe.

    • Posted by Lisa Mcguire, at Reply

      Fedral prison is fine, as long as it’s not privately owned. Jails are for 1 year or less, you get more than a year, it’s prison. Just wish white collar workers had to go to prisons like the rest of us, not one’s with tennis courts, and all you can eat salad bars.

    • Posted by Lisa Mcguire, at Reply

      lol Sherrif Joe is currently doing time. For not upholding the law. He’s a big Trumpet and tried to pull the same behavior as Trump. Backfired, he got sent to jail for not upholding American law and implanting his own.

    • Posted by bonzology, at Reply

      Looking forward to hearing details of this cunts demiseπŸ‘

  9. Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

    Steal money from sick people by price gouging = no action
    Steal money from rich people = possible 20 years in jail

    Really makes you wonder who the “justice” system is there for, huh?

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      As in the French Revolution.

  10. Posted by tapolna, at Reply

    Remember CEO Don Blankenship who killed 29 miners? He got only 1 yr in prison, not for murder – that wasn’t important – but for cheating his wealthy elite investors. Likewise, Martin Shkreli was not convicted of raising the price of s drug 5500% – once more: not important – but for defrauding his wealthy elite investors. We’re in the midst of s class war and we’re losing badly.

    • Posted by Fiona Kotziampasi, at Reply

      Blame the jury who are people like you and me!!!!!

    • Posted by tapolna, at Reply

      It’s worst than the selection of a jury. It’s long-time trend. Anyway was arrested for security fraud not price gauging

  11. Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

    All of you that are advocating for violence, or rape, or death, for this man are disgusting. You all need to grow up. If this is what “tolerant progressives” are like, it’s no wonder Trump is President.

    How many of you were affected by what Shkreli did? None of you. Even those that relied on the drugs he purchased weren’t affected. Only rich insurance companies were affected. Yet here some of you are, wishing rape upon a person, simply because you can’t control your emotions and feel the need to virtue signal.

    • Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

      Quite the witty, well thought out retort you have there, NY NY.

  12. Posted by NIECEY NICHOLE, at Reply

    He did not do anything wrong! Nobody loss money, and he didn’t gain any large amount money off of his investors. They need to leave Shkreli alone.

    • Posted by L.Scott Palmer, at Reply

      no he should be put in the stocks in public in a rough neighborhood

    • Posted by Martin Medina, at Reply

      @NIECEY NICHOLE that kind of thinking is exactly what allowed the bailout of the big banks to happen after the financial crisis in 2008. The entire point of the law is to punish those who break the law. What kind of message would you be sending to people, especially the rich, if you let them say “yeah it was against the law, but no one got hurt, right?” and just let them off with a warning? You think the warning is gonna stop them from breaking the law again? I certainly hope you don’t find yourself in his shoes as a poor person, cuz your fate might just be even worse than his. (i.e. the warning they’d give you might be 3 shots to the chest.)

    • Posted by Bestoftherest, at Reply

      NIECEY NICHOLE It does not matter. It was still a crime. He acted fraudulently. He did not act under truthful restraints. That’s what it comes down to.

  13. Posted by The Chosen One, at Reply

    πŸ‡¦πŸ‡² πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²Resist racist Cenk and Ana KasparinπŸ‡¦πŸ‡² πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦πŸ‡²

    • Posted by devildad1620, at Reply

      Please grow a brain in your skull before commenting.

    • Posted by SSJ5 Gogeta, at Reply

      Alot of white people call you racist if you stand up against police brutality and systematic racism it’s hilarious it’s like they believe racism is tha foundation of being white

    • Posted by NGS DWT, at Reply

      Entitlements, it’s proof that they tried to write this “white” business into law. 1600s Wiggamoor party.

  14. Posted by Teddy McFail, at Reply

    Wow. These assholes are laughing that this guy might be beat up or raped in jail. I hope Ana gets raped. Let’s see how she likes that. Will she still be laughing?

    • Posted by SGRODmaster, at Reply

      The one who brought up rape was you. And they weren’t exactly laughing about it, this is serious business.

    • Posted by Johnathan Woods, at Reply

      Perhaps Teddy McFail when you’re sick, maybe you should rob a bank to buy his medicine. The guy in my opinion deserves life in a maximum security prison for like 100years.

  15. Posted by Carlos Soto, at Reply

    TYT is a joke.

    • Posted by KVN Joa, at Reply

      So you side with the murderer?

    • Posted by upuntil6, at Reply

      Carlos Soto Then why is everyone laughing at you? ☝😁

    • Posted by Carlos Soto, at Reply

      KVN Joa who’s the murderer?

    • Posted by Carlos Soto, at Reply

      upuntil6 you got me there.

  16. Posted by Crooks and Crafts, at Reply

    Yeah, I hated this guy until I saw a very informative documentary, which explained what was actually happening. People don’t realize that Martin Shkreli raised drug prices, in a very similar way to other companies, so he could inconvenience the insurance companies and expose their bullshit. He ACTUALLY, actively, gave that drug away to the VERY FEW people who were negatively impacted by the hikes. His intention was to shine a spotlight on this behavior, while raising money for drug research and screwing over insurance companies. As a result, those companies and rich executives inspired a witch hunt in the media, implying that he was somehow worse than them, simply to stop him from hurting their bottom line. I agree that Martin Shkreli is unlikable and really bad at justifying his actions, but I have now heard from several people who know what they’re talking about, and their contention is that we should really be patting him on the back for what he did. I don’t know what the deal is with this investigation, though I assume he’s guilty, but I will say that our inclination to punch him in the face is not to the detriment of greedy rich people, but instead to their benefit. Look into this! Just saying.

    • Posted by CAP, at Reply

      Crooks and Crafts I agree. What doc did u see

    • Posted by wargaming-U, at Reply

      Yea sure.

    • Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

      He wasn’t convicted for raising drug prices. He was convicted for using his CEO status over big pharma companies to engage in securities fraud for the hedge funds he ran. Most people making over a hundred million dollars through the stock market in that short of time are probably engaging in some form of fraud to do it.

    • Posted by Carp Etlick, at Reply

      I guess that explains his smug attitude right?

    • Posted by Jeff T, at Reply

      Crooks and Crafts Yeah and he just “happened” to spend $2 million of that money to buy a Wu Tang album, you know, to help society.

  17. Posted by Rayn Wolfsbane, at Reply

    Who downvoted this? I thought conservatives were tough on criminals?

    • Posted by Cyampagn, at Reply

      Rayn Wolfsbane You know, i was one of those who thought he was a piece of crap…thrn i did some research and it turns out every single one who needed the drug could get it for next to nothing. He was doing this to screw up predator insurance companies. He explains it quite well if u look for it. But of course, he screwed up rich people so hes going to jail.
      And of course TYT didnt make ANY research at all. Theyre parrots.

  18. Posted by dopemcee, at Reply

    funny how he didnt go to jail for screwing up poor people, he went to jail for lying to rich people.
    so the lesson you should learn kid, get rich off scrwing off the poor but be cautious about how u attempt to screw over the 1 percent.

    • Posted by Heinrich Himmler, at Reply

      you clearly dont know anything about how health insurance works and anything about Martin and how he gave it to the goverment for 1 dollar and how you could email him and get the drug for free.

  19. Posted by Nothing More Nothing, at Reply

    martin skhrelli did nothing wrong

    • Posted by Marquis Prophete, at Reply

      Nothing More Nothing obviously not

    • Posted by martin austin, at Reply

      Nothing More Nothing Ya neither did Stalin

    • Posted by Tim Lincecum, at Reply

      he lied to investors… he did do something wrong

    • Posted by Nothing More Nothing, at Reply

      comparin martin skhreli to stalin is intellectual dishonesty, Stalin starved and killed millions of people

  20. Posted by Derrick Wade, at Reply

    Shkreli is not a bad guy. He is ripping off rich assholes, who cares

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      To be fair, he’s ripping off everyone. He’s just going to jail for ripping off rich assholes.

    • Posted by CassainFTW, at Reply

      Well with the daraprim price hike the only people that payed more for daraprim were insurance companies.

    • Posted by LowStuff, at Reply

      Increasing prices for a medicament from $13.50 to $750.00 is only ripping off the rich becauuse poor people don’t get sick right? Btw the medicament costs $1 to produce

    • Posted by CassainFTW, at Reply

      but daraprim was covered by insurance 100% because of how rare the condition is. No person with the rare disease paid more than they already had.

    • Posted by LowStuff, at Reply

      You understand that the funds of insurance comps come mostly from their insurance-takers? Higher med-prices equal higher premiums. ‘Socializing’ the price-fraud isn’t making it any better..