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Maryland Will Protect Planned Parenthood From Trump’s Cuts


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Some states are taking the fight to Donald Trump. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, as well as Maz Jobrani, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us what you assume in the remark section listed below.

" Maryland has actually ended up being the very first state in the country to enact a regulation that will safeguard Planned Parent from government cuts by utilizing state bucks to repay the company's clinics for its solutions.

The new state law, which was passed on Thursday, does not have the explicit support of Gov. Larry Hogan (R). It was just one of 15 expenses that the guv enabled to move forward today without his signature; they came to be law due to the fact that he likewise did not act to veto them.

The costs reapportions $2 million from the state's Medicaid budget and also $700,000 from its general fund in order to help cover the expense of giving family members preparation solutions at Planned Parent's 9 Maryland clinics. Those funds would certainly kick in if the federal government, in an effort to defund the organization, stops repaying Planned Parent for those services.

The expense's fans state that will aid guarantee virtually 25,000 Planned Parenthood people could maintain accessibility to budget-friendly preventative care." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Maz Jobrani.
Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Maz Jobrani.


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  1. Posted by Gray Day, at Reply

    Lesbians everywhere are fighting for the right to adopt a baby while straight women fight for the right to abort.
    Lesbians could teach straight women that have abortions a thing or two. Morality people!

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      Gray Day tard

  2. Posted by Jstank X Plays, at Reply

    Its funny how conservatives are all about states rights until the issue doesn’t fit their agenda.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan Oh, so you can “feed the trolls” but nobody else can. I see how you are.

    • Posted by sikojensika, at Reply

      It’s funny how stupid people give no second thought to anything and let people like TYT to tell them what to think.

  3. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    Wooooooooooo. Come on Blue states. Let’s make the country lean left again.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Malachi Owens Yes the states that everyone is leaving will make your party popular again….

    • Posted by Beast of Bmore, at Reply

      Malachi Owens actually Maryland Governor is a Republican

    • Posted by Turmoil Zerker, at Reply

      It has for 8 years and as soon as a conservative tries your side become a bunch of cry babies and protest. Obama did not do anything, I am a minority and Obamacare did not work for me or my family. Try again

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      Ok then, question,

      Was Trump’s plan any different? Would that help your family l

  4. Posted by paberry007, at Reply

    Haha, eat that you rotten theocratic cuntservatives.

    • Posted by Electric, at Reply

      paberry007 They’re only 32% while most of the rest are Progressives. Yasssss

    • Posted by DROGOZES MAN, at Reply

      Conservatives want issues like this to be decided at the state level. We don’t like planned parenthood, but if the majority of a state wants gov. funded PP, then so be it. We just don’t think the feds have the right to decide whether or not PP is funded nation-wide.

  5. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    Can I ask you guys something?

    How do you cope with being a Westerner? How does one even HANDLE the fact that they are from the US or Europe, especially when they know what sh*tholes those places are? How does one come to terms with how spiritually hollow, and morally and intellectually inferior the modern Western culture is, compared to the rest of the world?

    Of all the cultures of the world, the worst is clearly that of the West. A place with the highest crime rates on Earth. A place with the highest rape rate, despite all it’s “feminism”, and all the “progressivism” it arrogantly forces on 3rd world countries. A place where 90% of porn is made, and where most drugs are consumed. A place where there is no family structure, no marriage, no morals, no value system, just sex, drugs, hookers, players, sluts, etc. A place where women roam naked everywhere and call it “empowering”. A place where it is an acceptable cultural movement for young men to vent out their frustration in life by going to schools and murdering preschoolers, or a cultural movement for pre-teen girls to get abortions and call it “empowerment”, just so they can show off to their friends. A place that rejects religion and embraces amorality and atheism.

    The West is the ONLY place I ever hear of mass shootings, drugs, pedophilia, serial killers, gang violence, etc. I even hear stories of beastiality being legalised, in places like Canada and Denmark. Even child porn is a thing, and is watched on daytime TV openly, with no shame. Homosexuality is celebrated as a “human right”. I have even heard of BABIES getting raped in the West, which is being accepted as a cultural norm. I hear that kids can’t even go outside as they will get killed/raped, so they stay at home and watch porn with their own parents, and do drugs.

    So the question is, how do you guys deal with these things? Does it hurt, knowing that your culture is the most inferior, most degenerate, etc? How do you guys deal with it? Do you kill yourselves out of frustration, having abandoned religion and family long ago? Is that why the suicide rate is so high?

    Answer and share your thoughts.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + ddd ddd

      Firstly, most non-Westerners are NOT Muslim, and they have far lower instances of rape/pedophilia than Western countries.

      Is porn, prostitution, sexualisation of women in movies, women roaming around half naked, women sleeping around, etc, the treatment of a “Goddess”? I think not.

      And the West has rape stats like 1/5 or 1/4, even in the early 90’s.

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      QWERTY 123
      first ,in west it is almost normal for women to accuse a man for rape
      it is as saying hello
      i know about 5 cases in my closest surrounding,one of them my own aunt that accused own men of sexual abuse after she found out he want to leave her
      second ,one of my former colleagues married a 14 girl with 27 ,he is not a westerner and that was not consider pedophilia
      another married a 15 year old girl when he was 23

      you are not understanding how sick the western culture is, and you are not honest
      men are today incapable to have families except they want to marry a 35 years old women with more experience than a hooker and raise kids that will probably not be own ,they have only two solution,to rape like easternes or to wank
      agen ,rape accusations of women are a part of that “women are wonderful”systems,if a drunk woman sleep with you she can accuse you of rape and it is a rape in the minds of the leftards that are holding the power and dominance in the society with the help and support of women, except that 1/4 women are “molested” ,or they felt uncomfortable and that is considered rape,jeck your sources then you will understand why west is even more sick then you think

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + ddd ddd

      Give me actual, solid numbers that prove that the West is not the rapey-ist culture on earth

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      QWERTY 123
      look at sweden,it is the best example state
      after they let immigrants in rape accusations skyrocketed
      and sweden is a feminist country it is a moral crime to be white and even bigger moral crime to accuse a non white of rape
      you need to understand ,it is even more sick then some rapes,that would be not even that bad in comparison
      it is far more sick and far more degenerated
      at my workplace i have 4 gays,i can’t even blame them
      the entire society is betraying itself ,without any moral virtues,or anything worth preserving

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + ddd ddd

      I pity you guys.

  6. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    But Kansas, Alabama and Mississippi won’t, which is what they deserve for being delusional morons.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      They just gotta pay more in taxs for food stamps for more children then.

    • Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

      No, they need to eliminate food stamps so that more people will be desperate enough to commit theft so they can be used as slave labor in the private prisons since they’re not valuable enough to the work force to be paid the minimum wage when they can hire than for 10 cents a day in prison, and since it will affect minorities more than whites, you can then use that increase in crime to justify your racism.

  7. Posted by Cey s, at Reply

    hey young Turks! you wanna do a video about hmmm I don’t know … maybe TURKEY? we just lost our democracy

    • Posted by Cey s, at Reply

      M Lopez No people actually VOTED for another very undemocratic system. how ironic . they (our president and his people) also manipulated the results too so they could change system. now the president is above everyone and doesn’t need the parliament decision to do something. he became a dictator

    • Posted by M Lopez, at Reply

      Cey s well I’m assuming mustafa kamal attaturk is spinning in his grave. also i got a tip

      GET THE HELL OUT OF TURKEY!!! watch it become erdogans islamic state

    • Posted by Cey s, at Reply

      M Lopez I thought the exact same thing !! this generation failed

    • Posted by Evera Outta, at Reply

      Cey s “Voted”

  8. Posted by Katieee, at Reply

    Aye my state came throughhhhhh

    • Posted by TigerMeadows, at Reply

      Came the fug through! 🙂

    • Posted by Ray, at Reply

      Fuq yea it came..that’s why they gotta keep funding planned parenthood cuz now they gotta stop the pregnancy

    • Posted by Jonah Falcon, at Reply

      Now all we need is something to control all the heroine in here

  9. Posted by Vita man, at Reply

    John you’re a cuckold.

    • Posted by Vita man, at Reply

      +Eric Conway doesn’t make sense but nice one.

  10. Posted by PDJ004, at Reply

    I’m proud of my state!!

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Really? There is nothing to be proud of in Maryland!

    • Posted by William Harrison, at Reply

      Adam Smith Best public Highschools in the country? Wonderful neighborhoods people of every color and creed living in peace harmony and prosperity (I would asterix this but in comparison to other us states its accurate), as long as you stay out of baltimore that is. Yeah our gun laws are silly, but I’ll take that for a state so much better then the majority of the us in every other area.

  11. Posted by Jon Bones Jones, at Reply

    How may nose jobs has Ana had so far?

    • Posted by marioozzie, at Reply

      Jon Bones Jones don’t worry jon-boy, just like all the women, your boss and your family, none of us take you seriously

    • Posted by marioozzie, at Reply

      You just can’t buy entertainment like this for any price…:)

  12. Posted by Butch Vega, at Reply

    Maryland? same state where a 14 year old girl was raped by 2 illegal aliens(18 and 17 year old males).
    low IQ TYT tards don’t even know that story because TYT didn’t cover it(it goes against their narrative), sad!
    triggered by this fact? reply below!

    • Posted by Annabelle B, at Reply

      Oh, shut up and please go away.

  13. Posted by Logically Brainwashed, at Reply

    Why do so many leftists like to murder babies of colour?
    What bigots….

    • Posted by Ajairah M, at Reply

      +Jeremy Biggs I always find it interesting that when white people talk about solutions to anything regarding black people, the solution is focus on the consequences of a bigger issue. Why is that the solution is my focus cause of crime? Sorry, but when help cant help. Only African people can help themselves.

    • Posted by Keith Phillips, at Reply

      ….so? That only matters if we follow the insane belief that abortion is wrong. People on the lower income levels tend to get abortions more often because they cannot afford to raise the children and do not have easy access to contraceptive care. Forcing them to bring a child into the world that they cannot afford to feed is asinine.

    • Posted by kirabook, at Reply

      Jeremy Biggs Guess what reallu hurts communities of color (or black people anyway, cause Im black), not get a proper sexual education to prevent pregnancy and having unwanted or surprise babies at a young age. Some mothers can handle raising their children with little to nothing (my mom), but it does set many communities of color back. Giving women of color the right to chose does help our communities. White people who pretend to care about abortion rates among black people are phoney and don’t understand what’s going on.

      What will help black people most is the erasure of institutionalized racism and more opportunities outside of some of the roughest neighborhoods.

      It doesn’t matter which race. Whether it’s the mafia, Irish gangs, spanish gangs, asian gangs, or black gangs. Gangs come about when a groups of oppressed people are convinced they have no where else to go except to join their local gang.

      Unlike most other races in US history like the mafia or Irish people, black people have always been viewed as lesser because of our skin and are constantly locked out of raising up as a whole. (again, like the irish or italians who were also treated like dirt once upon a time here in the US)

    • Posted by Evera Outta, at Reply

      Logically Brainwashed You’re admitting-by-projection that Southern states mass-sterilized women of color? Apology not accepted.

  14. Posted by MindOfMina, at Reply

    Yay I live in Maryland. So proud ❤️

    • Posted by Beast of Bmore, at Reply

      MindOfMina and we have a Republican Governor

    • Posted by Saivon Desper, at Reply

      Same here

    • Posted by WJB Motown, at Reply

      Hero State…..Maryland!!!!! Stand tall against the Orange Pervert

    • Posted by ipwn3du, at Reply

      The Wire is set in Baltimore! I think The Blacklist has a few episodes/scenes in Maryland too since the NSA is here. I’m glad you liked Maryland though 🙂 it is an underrepresented state..

  15. Posted by faustoc4, at Reply

    Republicans are not satisfied with giving all their subsidies and tax cuts for the rich and uber-rich, they also have to pass laws the directly harm the poor and working class. GOP are the enemies of the people

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      faustoc4 yeah, jobs and border security really suck

    • Posted by CNVideos, at Reply

      Republicans are destroying jobs, and “border security” is code for racism and opposition to freedom of movement.

  16. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    I almost feel like Conservative America and Sane America need to split into different countries.

    • Posted by Well Drive, at Reply

      +BioCapsule​ You’re clearly misconstruing the difference between population and cultural hymogony, I’d suggest you learn the difference. It would also be wise to state your nation so I can deconstruct your argument. Your comment is another baseless acclaim. You strawmaned yourself with that comment because the Scandinavian/Nordic social democracies are also extremely culturally hymogoness (high density of whites):

      I’m not making excuses, I’m gifting you kids reality and explaining why your utopia isn’t feasible in the USA. For arguments sake say we redirect our military budget (that you didn’t even acknowledge) to more social services, are you comfortable with Russia or China being the dominant military force in the world? We’d also be neglecting alot of treaties made with EU countries by not offering defense. Both you and +gbnz53​​ haven’t made strong or coherent arguments presenting your case, you push this stereotype that progressives are uninformed millennials and I’m inclined to argee.

    • Posted by I Stand With The Poor And Downtrodden, at Reply

      I want to be on the right side of history so I agree

    • Posted by Turmoil Zerker, at Reply

      Aren’t liberals the ones saying there is a fake wage gap and multiple genders O.O

  17. Posted by vrigash, at Reply


    • Posted by Kat McLendon, at Reply

      Preach 👌

    • Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply


  18. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    Proud to be a Marylander! We won’t let Trump bully and intimidate us into taking away women’s rights.

    • Posted by dont log in on my computer ever again o, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary yo what about babies rights

    • Posted by Turmoil Zerker, at Reply

      It’s not your right to kill babies, it’s your right to keep your legs closed so you don’t have an accidental pregnancy.

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      Turmoil Zerker, You’re trying so hard to get a reaction from someone, anyone, it doesn’t matter. Here, have a pity response. Ha ha.

  19. Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

    Hey Anna if Comifornia is so awesome why are people leaving it?!