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Mass Shooter Targets Republican Baseball Game


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There were several injuries but just the shooter was killed. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and also Abby Martin, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

" 5 people, consisting of Rep Steve Scalise, Republican politician of Louisiana as well as a participant of your home leadership, were shot Wednesday morning in a strike at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va.

– Cops said the gunman was shot as well as injured and also nabbed. President Trump claimed the enemy, determined by authorities as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., passed away from the injuries.

– Mr. Scalise remained in critical condition and was undertaking surgery. His workplace claimed that he was "in good spirits" before going into surgical treatment at MedStar Washington Medical facility Center which he spoke to his other half by phone. "He is happy for the brave actions of the U.S. Capitol Cops, very first -responders as well as colleagues," his workplace claimed." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.


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  1. Posted by HippieHendrix xx, at Reply

    mass shooter ? one MF got shot in the hip

    • Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

      *which may explain their inflated number of 156 mass shootings in 2017*
      Wth do you mean inflated number? A mass shooting is 3 or more shot, how can that be inflated? A mass shooting is defined by 3 or more people getting shot, that is in NO WAY inflating the number. It demonstrates how many times there has been a mass shooting in the United States, which is a large issue due to lax gun control.

    • Posted by progKansas, at Reply

      Four other people were woundedas well.

    • Posted by Emigdiosback, at Reply

      and the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun groups claim that those are massacres.

  2. Posted by GotDRAMAbringit, at Reply

    Rolls eyes @ Republicans and field day against the left when the right has higher numbers. I thought this why republicans wanted guns so the citizens can be armed for self-defense against an authoritarian regime that has taken over.

    • Posted by Matt Santos, at Reply

      Deflect to blaming guns so you don’t have to say a left winger did this.

    • Posted by Matt Santos, at Reply

      Carlton Ellison Are you stupid or stupid? What restriction does the first amendment have? And don’t bring up the shouting “fire” example because that’s akin to saying why can’t I shoot random people legally under the second amendment. People like you who want to restrict constitutional rights is the reason why the NSA is tapping our phones and spying on us through our computer and TV camera’s.

    • Posted by Vito Corleone, at Reply

      Carlton Ellison I think you just won the Internet today

  3. Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

    “Politically motivated mass shooting” is a funny way to say domestic terrorist attack. Just like Gabrielle Gifford in AZ.

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      John-Paul Hunt idk what you mean.

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      Maddox Tolliver agreed that there is white privilege, but how is this an example? did you read shaun king today? his article was great.

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      David Davies so terrorism is more abstract than absolute, in your view?

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      Maddox Tolliver i bring up the Washington D.C. sniper, back in the day. Killing govt officials, motivated by mental illness. black man

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      Saber Cave if you are genuine, you would remove politics from.the equation altogether

  4. Posted by Rome D, at Reply

    It was the IRA

    • Posted by Maddox Tolliver, at Reply

      another WHITE THUG flips out and receives the WHITE PRIVILEGE treatment of motivation explained. this guy was a WHITE GOON
      who had a long history of violence, particularly with guns. in one
      instance he punched a young girl, and pulled a gun on another. but
      eventually he’ll be deemed to have suffered some sort of MENTAL AFFECT.

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      Suabcuas Xiong it was a joke ser

    • Posted by Ben Der, at Reply

      John-Paul Hunt wtf are yoi on about man?

  5. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    It looks like Muslims aren’t the only group of people that cause terrorist acts. Great job TYT! I love Abby Martin.

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Mung Mung If you want to take a trip down American history it have a been white supremacist and racist to slaughtered and terrorize America for 100 years. Now compare all the deaths of those to 49 at Orlando, Florida. Tragic as both they are, one is far more greater than another.

    • Posted by A-Jay Franklin, at Reply

      +Ty Coo too late for that we opened this can of worms and it going to insanely hard to stomp out the roaches but then again Islam been a problem for the west for the past 1400 hundred years

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      A-Jay Franklin It’s not too late, what the government should do is slowly draw back troops and military supplies out of middle east. It’s the military industrial complex in favor to stay so warmongering elites remain in power and make a buck off war. We draw out of middle east and rebuild our defense infrastructure domestically then assist fellow allies to do the same. Eventually, as terrorist groups try to attack the USA we are able and more equipped to deal with them and prevent most of the from occurring. This will reduce support Terrorist groups gain in hatred towards America. It’s not the ideal creed of terrorist to attack America it’s an embedded ideology that originated as a retaliation. We try to help everyone in the world but it’s simply not possible. Why is it that Republicans worry more about civilians and their well safety when they are not in America. Republican(usually) don’t care about babies unless they are unborn or right age to join military. If Military isn’t on their mind they reject them.

    • Posted by A-Jay Franklin, at Reply

      +Ty Coo but wait didn’t ISIS help form because we pulled out

  6. Posted by Ethnic Shitposter, at Reply

    LOL “politically motivated” YOU MEAN TERRORISM?!?!

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Political violence…

    • Posted by Iori Liger, at Reply

      I don’t suffer from any mental illness.

  7. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    TyT has blood on their hands.

    • Posted by souljaboyisbad, at Reply

      haha are you really that stupid?

    • Posted by rdizzy1, at Reply

      What about white on white shootings!!? Happening everywhere!

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      They’re soaked. Drenched in blood. Who knows how much regular violence is committed, much less murder.

    • Posted by SizzlingGuatemalan, at Reply

      No one ever said obama didn’t kill loads, stop assuming things. and please, you actually believe trump doesn’t get pleasure out of bombing poor muslims? How far back in time are YOU going to go with your twisted and outdated conservative beliefs?

  8. Posted by Yoda, at Reply

    Well Bernie doesn’t condone violence and the vast majority of his supporters do not condone violence either. We need stricter gun laws. Feel the Bern!

    • Posted by Internet Supervillain, at Reply

      +Klyde Frawg Sure I can, it illustrates my point perfectly.

    • Posted by David Davies, at Reply

      neil Armstrong – I hear that all the time in relation to the US. But how do you screen people for mental health problems they might have in the future? Unfortunately, Minority Report is fiction. What you’re really looking at is some kind of psychological profiling of people when they apply for a firearms license. But why stop there? You’d also need to profile family members at the same property. Of course, a total gun ban is the only way to keep people from shooting each other, but that’s never going to happen in the US.

    • Posted by wafflegodpiechrist, at Reply

      David Davies it could happen, Australia was big into guns then they had one mass shooting too many and people woke the hell up.

  9. Posted by D X, at Reply

    When I found out he was a Bernie supporter I felt embarrassed. This is not what Bernie stands for.

    • Posted by Hamish Gaffaney, at Reply

      D X don’t republicans never feel embarrassed, I pretty sure there missing the part of there brain were the shame is meant to be

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Of course it is

    • Posted by Bosscascade, at Reply

      Teagan Moffatt you got a source for the second part?

  10. Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

    It’s one thing that these TYT haters are subscribed. But damn.. y’all turned on your notifications too. 😂

    • Posted by TheComment YouScrolledPassed, at Reply

      Acoustic Silk gotta get here early for our daily dislike bro… its like taking vitamins in the morning, but for your brain

  11. Posted by Jaget santos, at Reply

    How many have Trump supporters killed since Trump won?
    36. Just saying.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      JB JG – and TYT supporters top those Trump supporters. Eleven people have died at the hands of TYT subscribers (that we know of) since last August.

    • Posted by jure hehe, at Reply

      TYT also denies genocide, make excuses for Islamic terrorism and blame the victims.
      Besides majority of TYT supporters today are Clinton fans.
      Liberals abandoned them since the Sam Harris thing while progressives were abandoning them since their endorsment of Killary Kilinton.
      So by defenition TYT today is literally establishment media I mean look at the sources they are using
      Washington Post
      Huffington Post
      New York Times
      Yeah the same papers that got us into Iraq, lied about gas attacks etc….
      It takes real talent to read fake news and put a slight “progressive” spin on it.

    • Posted by damnedlazern, at Reply

      gatesbrown26 and they were all trump trolls subbed to tyt so your right

  12. Posted by Marq Mac, at Reply

    The wing nuts are having a field day with this because it isn’t them this time. Yall are up 1000 to 1. I wouldn’t protest so much. Next week one of u will have shot an entire group of migrant workers to death.

    • Posted by Rodney Brown, at Reply

      So defending people that had nothing to do with a crime is wrong?

    • Posted by Bosscascade, at Reply

      Marq Mac crusaders that were a response to Islamic invasion… an happened almost a thousand years ago.

    • Posted by Bosscascade, at Reply

      Marq Mac there a 2 major types of terrorism in the world. Communist and Islam. Deal with it and accept the facts.

  13. Posted by Nero The Terrible, at Reply

    And he was a ku klux klan Nazi trump supporter!! Oh wait… he was actually a Bernie supporter…

    • Posted by Nero The Terrible, at Reply

      rdizzy1 wow, you’re an idiot

    • Posted by Nero The Terrible, at Reply

      George Rodriguez ohhhhh

    • Posted by Crippling Depression, at Reply

      nero please return and start burning Christians to death, we really need you

  14. Posted by Joe B, at Reply

    Dr. Tiller was murdered by a right wing terrorist who loved Fox.

    Scalise was shot by a left wing terrorist who loved Sanders.

    Terrorism is terrorism no matter which side does it.

    • Posted by Reality Searcher, at Reply

      Worldwide, Islamic terrorism is the most common type of terrorism. Next is Left-Wing terrorism.

  15. Posted by Jackie Chun, at Reply

    I like how John and Ana are trying to wash their hands clean of this when they’ve been demonizing Trump and pushing Russiagate just like the mainstream media

    • Posted by Ben S, at Reply

      Jackie Chun Nope they are not responsible. Bernie, TYT, and many progressive leaders specifically demonized unhinged progressives using violence to try to further their agenda. Guess who literally encouraged violence on multiple occasions? Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Jay Smith, at Reply

      i like how americans in general like to try to wash their hands clean by blaming religion, politics, guns etc etc being a violent gun toting coward is not a partisan thing is an american thing

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      I despise Trump but Russiagate is entirely based on speculation, baseless assertions and conjecture. There is no hard evidence of Russian election hacking. On the contrary, there are mounds of evidence of DNC election rigging.

    • Posted by Hakurei Oni, at Reply

      Um, covering Trump and pushing Russiagate =/= telling people to kill republicans. That would be like me saying you support resurrecting the Third Reich because there are Neo Nazi republicans that support that.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      +Jackie Chun
      This is a huge difference from Pizza gate. The Russia hack conspiracy was created by the CIA.
      Pizzagate is Alex Jones garbage.
      I’m not saying the CIA is 100% reliable but they are definitely not on the level of Alex Jones.

  16. Posted by Bobby B, at Reply

    It baffles me when TYT shifts gears and starts talking about how we need to be more civil. Of course we do, but I think if TYT is serious about this they might want to take a look in the mirror. They constantly vilify and insult everyone they disagree with.

    • Posted by Bobby B, at Reply

      I’m not complaining. I’m pointing out the irony of TYT talking about how people need to be more civil.

  17. Posted by 50 Stitches Steel, at Reply

    Yet another TYT supporter going on a shooting spree? who would’ve thought that?

    • Posted by locomastero, at Reply

      50 Stitches Steel isnt that the one that killed 3 white people and shouted ala snackbar when the police arrested him?

  18. Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

    Weird, I thought Republicans were supposed to like guns. That’s why they allow people with a history of mental illness to buy them.

    • Posted by RiffSkozz Fanzzz, at Reply

      “Everyone is allowed to have a gun…..unless you’re LGBT. You don’t get a gun for self defense because you whiny degenerate guys need just to die off already” —Yourlnner Conscious

    • Posted by Matt Santos, at Reply

      It’s called they support the 2nd Amendment and a gun saved their lives. Instead of deflecting, acknowledge that the guy who did this was a left wing terrorist.

    • Posted by Jake Edwards, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson Are you aware that we already do a mental health background check?

    • Posted by Matt Santos, at Reply

      Jake Edwards Shhh, can’t you see he’s trying to fit a narrative here?

  19. Posted by Rogue Fox, at Reply

    “Rhetoric matters”……ohhh please anna, you have zero problem describing your political opponents as Nazi’s/Fascists/losers/scum/garbage ect ect ect……and dont forget anna in her own words has “ZERO respect” for women (and men) that support and vote for a party or candidate she opposes.

    Anna take a look in the mirror before you start talking about maintaining a respectful dialog with (and about) your opponents.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      How doesn’t this have 10 million likes?

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Ana is a dumb c%nt

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      Rogue Fox Haha yeah so funny, as soon as she gets challenged or annoyed, she drops the progressive mask and starts swearing and insulting like the classless skank she is, lol.