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Massive Fireworks Explosion Kills Dozens


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A fireworks market in Mexico has exploded, leading to dozens killed. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“When he was a kid, Jose Guadalupe Solano Sanchez, who goes by the nickname of “Doc Pirotecnia,” would hear the boom of the fireworks on the streets of Tultepec, Mexico, and imagine that it was the sound of a mysterious and exciting giant creature. He fell in love with watching the pyrotechnics light up the sky.

“It’s a magical, marvelous town,” he told The Washington Post. “We are a people of artisans, musicians, pyrotechnics. It’s a form of expression, of art, of making people happy,” he added.

For many of its residents, Tultepec does have a certain magic to it. On each of the town’s many religious holidays, fireworks illuminate the skies, the whistles and blasts signaling a night of music and celebration. Crowds flock to the town — located just north of Mexico City and considered the country’s capital of pyrotechnics — for its biggest festival of the year in March, just to see the castles of fire and the brightly colored bulls parading through the streets.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    at least they went out with a bang! :)

    • Posted by Max Johnson, at Reply

      Summer TC I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making people feel sad
      about what happened. what’s sick is changing the channel and getting mad
      about whatever bullshit Donald is tweeting about instead.

    • Posted by Max Johnson, at Reply

      L1nk119 aww, you think you know me! that’s cute. sorry I hurt your feelings!

    • Posted by L1nk119, at Reply

      sod47go9t Haha actually thats pretty funny

  2. Posted by Nick Bean #WifiWifey #FuckKeem, at Reply

    Christianity is a hoax created by the Chinese.

    • Posted by Joemian Of The Tyde Tribe, at Reply

      Nick Bean #WifiWifey #FuckKeem. trump was created by Russia

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      You created faggotry.

    • Posted by Super Saitama, at Reply

      Simnastic no Trump pronounces it vagINEEze

  3. Posted by Coldfeverx3, at Reply

    Que racist Trump supporters having a field day on this story.

    • Posted by Dank Dank, at Reply

      Coldfeverx3 Anime niggas are weird

    • Posted by TakeMyButter, at Reply


    • Posted by smonyboy, at Reply


      its cue you dumbass

  4. Posted by ShermKlump, at Reply

    Wow. This is one of the worst TYT videos I’ve ever seen. I might seriously
    consider UNSUBSCRIBBING if they keep doing bad videos like this. SMH

    • Posted by musoka122, at Reply

      ShermKlump nice knowing you

    • Posted by Vampire Lord, at Reply

      Well, well, well, the persistent, obese attention seeker returns with a

    • Posted by IBTV - Internet Broke the Television, at Reply

      Dare ya

    • Posted by Dfree1014, at Reply

      lol..but you won’t because you say the same thing every even
      made vids about tyt lmao..go look in the mirror and realize how empty and
      depressing your life is.

    • Posted by Josue Tapia, at Reply

      ShermKlump i love it when you reply you gives us more view, pls come back,
      have a nice day 🙂

  5. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    quick. Think of a way to blame whites for this. Quick !

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Dora Rigel its a valid blame actually

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      Everything the yougn turds says is 100% correct, all of the time, under all
      circumstances. He is wise beyond his 13 years and we all need to listen
      very closely to what he has to say

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Michael P why ty

    • Posted by SAINT 65, at Reply

      +The Young Turds
      How is it “valid blame”?

    • Posted by Sandor Clegane, at Reply

      The Young Turds thank you very much for your view it is much appreciated
      Please come again

  6. Posted by potato jenova, at Reply

    White on black robbery 2012—54,360
    Black on white robbery 2012—278,000

    In raw numbers, blacks commit 5 times the number of crimes on white victims
    than white perpetrators on black victims. However, in terms of population,
    there are 198 million whites (2013 Census Estimate) and 42 million black
    people in the US. In other words, blacks are about 1/5th of the population
    of whites. When you adjust for population, *whites are 25 times more likely
    to be a victim of a black criminal than blacks are to be victims of white

    White on black aggravated assault in 2012—17,878
    Black on white aggravated assault in 2012—697,217

    Accounting for population differences, a *white person is 200 TIMES MORE
    LIKELY to be the victim of an aggravated assault committed by a black
    person, than a black person is likely to be of a white person.*

    • Posted by jamie stewart, at Reply

      Please dont post facts;Thats racist;Wheres my safe space ;(

    • Posted by Brother X, at Reply

      Incorrect stats are facts?

    • Posted by Sandor Clegane, at Reply

      potato jenova thanks for supporting the movement tyt greatly appreciates you

  7. Posted by S.J. & The UU's, at Reply

    Ahh, the free market at work. We can only hope that Mexico, like Texas, is
    free from the tyrannical chains of big government zoning laws and can set
    explosives factories up in residential neighborhoods and next to schools.
    That’s what Liberty is all about.

    • Posted by Antonio Sarmiento, at Reply

      S.J. & The UU’s See what you did there bud, still pretty sad that we are
      becoming so much like Mexico

  8. Posted by IndigoXYZ18, at Reply

    *Ana Kasparian pornstar look alikes* = Mckenzie Lee, Chanel Preston, maybe
    Gianna Michaels, Katie Banks, Heather Harmon, Maia Toscani, Sarah Young,
    Jennifer White, and Holly Landers in the right light.

    • Posted by Colonel Cuddles, at Reply

      I think Madison lee.

    • Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

      Get a life.

    • Posted by IndigoXYZ18, at Reply

      +FastDamone You can’t boss me.

    • Posted by Ppsy pS, at Reply

      What do you mean life? The guy definitely appears to enjoy fine artful

    • Posted by dustyowl99, at Reply


  9. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    It was an experiment, they wanted to create a rocket that could fly them
    over the wall. They are getting smarter every day.

    • Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

      +Vinny M. But they do. I talked to many italians. They’re very upset.

    • Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

      +Oscar Trejo But dude, i’m fighting racism right now. Just look at the

    • Posted by TheFruityKing, at Reply

      Why are there so many triggered pussies in this thread? This is dark humor
      you tasteless morons.

    • Posted by Spic Faggot, at Reply

      TheFruityKing Well, I’m sure if some muzzie killed white people, and a
      non-white made fun of it they would say it’s just a joke…

  10. Posted by Chris Arias, at Reply

    Let’s see Disneyland top this!

    • Posted by AF-1['82]Luv23['85], at Reply


    • Posted by Drowsy Reviews, at Reply

      Chris Arias a little too soon?

  11. Posted by starmaker7099, at Reply

    the trump supporters must love it they enjoy the pain of others so much

    • Posted by iGotSpaceLikeNASA, at Reply

      Hate Trump but this is a dumb comment.

    • Posted by clickaccept, at Reply

      what a disgusting comment.

    • Posted by Blitz Krieg, at Reply

      We hate “Illegal” Immigration – If Mexicans want to legally immigrate here,
      Trump Supporters would love that, because they are Obeying the nation’s

  12. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend deregulation.

    • Posted by Lord Commander, at Reply

      wanna kiss?

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      You are the absolute most unoriginal person Ive ever seen here

    • Posted by TheAtheistPaladin, at Reply

      It’s a good thing that there were no regulations for safety. Otherwise,
      those fireworks would have been expensive. Instead everyone gets to die and
      have to build another factory. That is great!

  13. Posted by Chris Seals, at Reply

    I saw a Fireworks/Tobacco shop in Missouri one time. I opted not to stop.

    • Posted by Doreen Green, at Reply

      I Can just imagine the cartoon style situation of someone picking up a
      firework instead of a cigar by mistake and lighting it.. then ending up
      with black soot on their face.

    • Posted by Chris Seals, at Reply

      +Doreen Green Yeah. Or some kid playing with one of the lighters or
      something. It just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. Evidently I was
      wrong because it wasn’t on fire when I drove by. : )

  14. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    Cenk, please do tell us how Russia hacked the fireworks and remotely
    detonated them with their minds.

    • Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

      C Wilson and I found a salty Hillary supporter who didn’t get their way and
      now wants to find anything except themselves to blame.

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      This thread reads like an elementary school playground

    • Posted by Edgar Nieblas, at Reply

      José Guzman are you an idiot

  15. Posted by TheCarin12, at Reply

    That explosion looks worse than Pearl Harbor.

    • Posted by Daniil Pintjuk, at Reply

      TheCarin12 loos worse then the bombing of Berlin

    • Posted by TheGyuuula, at Reply

      Looks worse than bombing of Hiroshima?

    • Posted by Walter, at Reply

      lol best series of comments

  16. Posted by atlanticimports, at Reply

    what a half-assed news story, this isn’t a case of some kid playing with
    fireworks. clearly something went wrong at a manufacturing plant or storage

    • Posted by Sandor Clegane, at Reply

      atlanticimports keep the views up wooh

  17. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    It amazes me that explosives are sold openly to the ordinary public in this
    day and age. Has nobody recognised that people are idiots yet?

    • Posted by TheFruityKing, at Reply

      Mat Broomfield It’s the……

      C U R R E N T Y E A R ! ! ! ! !

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      Ooookay. .

  18. Posted by Conor Andrich, at Reply

    Jean Paul Pierre? Lol it’s Jason Pierre-Paul

  19. Posted by John Schilling, at Reply

    Was this the DNC headquarters?