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Massive Hacking Attack Just The Beginning?


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Hackers attacked establishments all over the world and required ransom moneys. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you who was impacted. Tell us what you think in the comment area listed below.

" An enormous cyber-attack utilizing devices believed to have been taken from the US National Protection Agency (NSA) has actually struck organisations all over the world.

Cyber-security company Avast claimed it had seen 75,000 cases of the ransomware – called WannaCry and also versions of that name – all over the world.

There are records of infections in 99 nations, consisting of Russia as well as China.

Among the most awful hit was the National Health and wellness Service (NHS) in England and also Scotland.

The BBC recognizes concerning 40 NHS organisations as well as some medical methods were hit, with procedures as well as consultations cancelled."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

    Don’t open unknown attachments.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Never do.

    • Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

      Angel Rojo you don’t have to that’s the scary part.

  2. Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

    Think about this.
    This was literally created by the CIA, and NSA.
    And you take them seriously why?

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      The CIA protects the American people from rogue countries.

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      The CIA and NSA protects the American people from rogue countries such as Russia, Iran, N. Korea and from your country China. I know you’re Chinese.

    • Posted by Muhammad Obama, at Reply

      LMAO no they don’t.
      They don’t ever do that.
      The NSA and CIA are branches of a criminal organization created to spy on enemies of the deep state.
      They spy on people that hate the Saudis, or Israel, or mercenary contractors.
      Ten to one you are CIA, or NSA or one of the thousands of military personnel (declassified btw) to be a disinfo agent.

  3. Posted by ViTaLC0D3R, at Reply

    Companies don’t have to pay large amounts to update, unless you are upgrading to a different version e.g. Windows XP to Windows 7. (5 years of IT experience)

    • Posted by ViTaLC0D3R, at Reply

      Personally I don’t use any Antivirus software other than Windows Defender. I have used Malwarebytes in the past, and can personally recommend Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is lightweight and the free version works just fine.

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      I’m still on 7 so I’m currently using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. TYT should hire you as their technology reporter. Thanks for the info.

    • Posted by ViTaLC0D3R, at Reply

      I’m flattered. You are fine to stay on Windows 7 for now, but if you have money you should upgrade to Windows 10. I would recommend that you use Malwarebytes, side by side with Security Essentials, but make sure you have the LATEST UPDATES. Also never pay the ransomware unless you must get the data back, because they may not even giving you the encryption key, and there tends to always be a way to get them back. I recently saw a project that is currently working on decrypting the files, apparently WanaCrypt has left the encryption key in the memory.

  4. Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

    umm is there something I don’t know about licensing contracts in USA is has CENK just shown an insanely niave lack of knowledge on the topic.
    Microsoft doesn’t charge for software updates. That has always been the case as I know it. I’m not American, but I’m still confident MS USA doesn’t charge for updaetes either.
    If Cenk is confused between and update and a new version of the software, he should leave all future IT related stories to John or Anna.

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      🙂 Sero age is a number 🙂 (im 44)

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      Do you think your young?

    • Posted by Antonio Ponton, at Reply

      He must be think of Apple at one point in time. They did, ( apple ) charge for updates. But Microsoft has never charged for updates, in fact even on there phones you don’t have to wait for the carrier to update your phone, You directly through Microsoft.

    • Posted by RaitoYagami88, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas End of support on this case means the end of public updates. It’s very simple.

    • Posted by ItsThatKidGreg, at Reply

      you’re correct, Microsoft doesn’t charge for regular patch updates. in fact, they gave away Windows 10 for free to all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users.

  5. Posted by Stephan Visser, at Reply

    STOP CALLING THIS HACKING!!!! Clicking a link like a dumbass isn’t being hacked, it’s just being STUPID!

    • Posted by TheLinkoln18, at Reply

      Stephan Visser

      But the malware was built off the back of programs stolen from the NSA, the NSA’s systems where hacked….

      Yes malware it’s self is not hacking, however a worm as part of a Trojan the worm part of it is a hack utilising SMB to breach and infect other machines.

      Which means the worm hacks other vulnerable machines networked with the machine that was first infected.

      Then we add to that the worm contacts an external IP that was not registered ….

      Then encrypts files on the host machines.

      The propagation of the original hosts was not hacking in the traditional sense, granted, however it could be argued that the placement of a program on a system, thus bypassing security is just that a hack…

    • Posted by TheLinkoln18, at Reply


      Ok please explain to me, if I place this program behind your security, then It is executed, then it go’s on to bypass security of any vulnerable machines on the same network, and add to which the exploits origin and method employed to obtain..

      Which part of that is not a blatant hack..?

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      The existence of the zero days is what allowed this attack and the many that will follow.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Pretty sure you got me confused with someone else, try reading the entire post before punching the reply button next time. I never said it wasn’t a hack, try the OP.

  6. Posted by SHINJI GETS GROUNDED, at Reply

    Massive Attack rule, I still listen to Blue Lines and Mezzanine all the time

    • Posted by ELCNUmorFnaMehT, at Reply

      SHINJI GETS GROUNDED I was listening to The Spoils and Ritual Spirit EPs yesterday – they still rock.

  7. Posted by ᴇʟᴀᴛᴇ, at Reply

    “they would threaten to erase the data completely” Well encrypting it without giving the decryption key is basically the same thing. Also if you pay the money they aren’t gonna give you the decryption key. They just want the money, so your data is lost anyway.

    • Posted by Aaron Rising, at Reply

      ᴇʟᴀᴛᴇ not true at all, the ransomware used wasn’t created by some nerds in the basement. They were programs made by the nsa which were leaked and cracked. It’s specifically setup to lock your computer until payments are made in the specifically requested way.

  8. Posted by sanjuansteve, at Reply

    Maybe the best thing for humanity, #equality, the environment, etc is a total collapse and wiping out of all capital and debt, immediately leveling the playing field.

    • Posted by Taran Singh, at Reply

      Ok, hold on we don’t want Mr.robot spoilers here

  9. Posted by ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°), at Reply

    lol windows. use linux ffs.

    • Posted by Das Neko, at Reply

      The security of an operating system is not really limited by its design. I dont care about how secure your framework is if you got critical weaknesses and in such a complex system as an operating system they are available in spades.

    • Posted by ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°), at Reply

      What do you mean ‘limited’? Whatever words you want to use, the fundamental OS design is definitely going to be a huge variable, and either work for or against security. There is a reason that windows blows away other OS in the area of real world exploits of critical vulnerabilities. That is statistical reality.

    • Posted by ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°), at Reply

      @CarlosBailey You don’t know what you’re talking about. Samba could be exploited but it will be dwarfed by the addition of the wholesale shitty security design of the windows kernel. Patched linux can potentially be exploited with local exploits, but remote exploits are the entry point, which you admitted are a window exclusive thing in this particular story.

    • Posted by ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°), at Reply

      That’s a non-sequitur. Of course the weakest link is the entry point. The point here is that windows was the weakest link.

  10. Posted by Sophie Smith, at Reply

    Reminder that this virus actually shut down hospitals in the uk because they attacked NHS systems

    • Posted by Indigo Blue, at Reply

      Sophie Smith that’s not true. Next time have FACTS before you speak so u don’t appear STUPID

  11. Posted by ordinarylover, at Reply

    That is why I Linux…

    • Posted by TheL0wner, at Reply

      A person that can’t manage to install windows updates in a timely fashion has no chance of properly securing a linux installation…if they can even install it to begin with.

    • Posted by ordinarylover, at Reply

      WTF are you talking about ? Windows updates automatically…you know nothing….So do Ubuntu, if you choose to…again, you know nothing…

    • Posted by TheL0wner, at Reply

      +ordinarylover​ actually my first comment wasn’t directed at you, but at general windows users…perhaps you missed that.

  12. Posted by Tom Eubank, at Reply

    I have never understood:
    1. Why Microsoft and big banks are not being held reponsible for product liability, while being permitted to enforce anticompetitive trade practices.
    2. Why governments and Internet service providers don’t automatically provide Security Certificates to every taxpayer and account holder — along with information and training for their use.
    3. Why senders of bulk email are not required to identify themselves and pay a very small tax or fee for every message sent.

    Could not these common-sense practices completely obliterate the tripartite banes of spam, viruses, and Internet fraud?

    • Posted by Douglas McClusky, at Reply

      I read that a lot of the computers hit were running XP. I’m on board to the general principle of product liability, but we don’t expect the cars we buy to run perfectly without maintenance 15+ years later, either. There are some underlying engineering realities that people need to understand.

    • Posted by Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso, at Reply

      Tom Eubank , you have a point.

    • Posted by Shogun of Sorrows, at Reply

      Tom Eubank Someone ruin Samurai Jacks computer QUICC

  13. Posted by Jason Perry, at Reply

    Backups… My parent got ransomware which locked all photos. I simply deleted the ransomware completely and then used Windows built-in shadow copy to replace the files that were encrypted. Problem solved, no money paid out. Simply put, back-up your files! And stop looking at porn emails, use pornhub.

    • Posted by ZimmerSquash, at Reply

      Jason Perry Was it Windows 98?

    • Posted by Jason Perry, at Reply

      It was 7 if I remember correctly, because he bitched about new windows (much like when I fought with him to replace his ME with XP). I know not all versions have the same options which is why I always advocate back-ups.

  14. Posted by Juboktimusprime, at Reply

    can they hack and erase student loan records ?

    • Posted by cory smith, at Reply

      Report on SETH RICH! you and cnn are the only news organizations ignoring the trending story.

    • Posted by Jordan Piggott, at Reply

      cory smith you gotta wait until the livestream bud. Not everything happens when you want it to

    • Posted by OZMX, at Reply

      Juboktimusprime it happened today we will know today at 6pm

  15. Posted by Ben Hudson, at Reply

    Okay, many of the comments seem to indicate NOONE hears Anna at the end add to Cenk’s statement so I will add it here to clear up any confusion. Large institutions and corporations pay for network wide updates to their operating systems. They are NOT talking about your individual or small business computer and/or laptop.

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      they are also not just talking about windows update,but how some corporations still use windows server 2003 or windows xp,they just didnt make it very clear because i doubt they really understand the details to be honest.

    • Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

      Eh, businesses run a Windows Update Server from which they manage the distribution of Windows Updates inside their internal network to keep all their workstations from all downloading thousands of separate copies of the same update files. There is a cost for that server license, but, that’s it. Businesses only pay for Custom Support or Premium Assurance programs if they continue to use an OS past the 10 year MS life cycle instead of upgrading their hardware/software.

      There are reasonable arguments from a business perspective for why a business might not want to replace all their perfectly functioning cash registers every ten years, but there’s reasonable arguments from the other side of the table too if you consider what they get for how little they pay. Ten years of maintenance and support patches for an upfront cost of less than $200 per machine (I’m only referring to the OS license from Microsoft, not the hardware or other included software)? Forced obsolesce sucks, but, if MS was required to provide support for the product for forever then the initial purchase price would be much higher. That or they’d have to move to an annual contract model where the business has to pay $50 per machine per year for product patches and updates. There has to be a continuous revenue stream to justify continuous product support.

  16. Posted by AlanBaked 86, at Reply

    Smart people use Linux.

    • Posted by Chudy Ilozue, at Reply

      NO, smart people get updates.

    • Posted by AlanBaked 86, at Reply

      Updates in Windows = more vulnerability’s

    • Posted by chdreturns, at Reply

      AlanBaked 86 Linux is the worst OS ever.

      1. It is slow as molasses
      2. A large amount of programs don’t support it.
      3. It is crap for gaming.
      4. Its supporters have their heads too far up their asses to see how bad their OS actually is (toxic fanbase).

    • Posted by AlanBaked 86, at Reply

      I dont know what flavor of Linux you’re talking about they’re literally 100s if not 1000s of distros, i have none of those flaws, you must be a noob to this PC life,lol

  17. Posted by Trey Corteź, at Reply

    Can they hack into these high school and college girls phones and leak their nudes?

    • Posted by bnfhrh, at Reply

      no, it’s not a spyware. they don’t receive anything form the infected devices. the worm ,as far as i know, just encrypts the data from the device and leave it at the same place.

    • Posted by Joshua Lackey, at Reply


  18. Posted by Jerker Montelius, at Reply

    Upgrade your computer now.
    Install Linux.

    • Posted by Jared Fogle, at Reply

      ubuntu ftw

    • Posted by Stoop Solo, at Reply

      It ain’t perfect, but it’s easily the best choice for critical systems.

  19. Posted by Goober Doober9595, at Reply

    on ana’s joke about massage chair companies she is correct. Imagine if they hack into a car company or the “smaart cars” themselves they could lock down your car in the middle of the highway. they could put a line of code in the computer for every car off the assembly line today that allows them to control your car on the street.

    • Posted by Monse Mares Tapia, at Reply

      Goober Doober9595 😒really?

  20. Posted by Jared Fogle, at Reply

    I hope they hack TYT

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      Go away pedophile, I hate Subway because of you.

    • Posted by Jared Fogle, at Reply

      I bet you have 2 terabytes of child porn.

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      I bet your girlfriend loves her dildo more than you.