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Max Kellerman GOES OFF On Racist NFL Owners


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"" This is what people that want you to authorize Kaepernick always most likely to– constantly the numbers. The stats," Reese stated on ESPN Nashville's "Jared & The GM" today. "They go, well, he finished this lots of and also he's got this numerous wins. They have no concept exactly how tough it is to change your crime for somebody like that."

The last factor– as well as the one he cautions "political people" typically aren't mosting likely to such as– is that he thinks Kaepernick is unworthy the "circus."" *.

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On this week's Hostile Progressives, Jimmy Dore is joined by his other half, Stef Zamorano and Ron Placone.

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  1. Posted by IonlyRob White420Dealers, at Reply

    Blacks Have Money Now. Create Another league. NFL won’t survive without blacks.

    • Posted by Yanassa Blacovich, at Reply

      IonlyRob White420Dealers lol isolated. Gang rape of 11-year-old girl by 18 black suspects sparks racial tension as it is revealed victim was Hispanic. Youtube: “I hate Chinese people … If you scream, I’ll kill you.” More black on Asian rape. Youtube: Black GANG Member Arrested After MOLESTING Boy As Part of Initiation. Youtube: GANG Member Arrested After MOLESTING Boy As Part of Initiation. Youtube: BLack woman Ties Ties Her 4 Year Old Son Up, Douses Him With Gasoline & Sets Him Ablaze BurningHimALIVE!!!.. Youtube: Mom Finds Thug Boyfriend In Bed With Bangin Her Teen Daughter & St&bs Him!…Youtube: Black Minneapolis Man Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl. Thousand more stories like these

    • Posted by IonlyRob White420Dealers, at Reply

      Malik Jones this is my comment.. you can’t help it I understand 😎😎

    • Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

      Malik Jones that’s not always true after they careers be over they be paid in full you must be trigger how about his opinion

  2. Posted by Steelo Blaze, at Reply

    This is why I am not watching the NFL.

  3. Posted by Hidan, at Reply

    Imma keep watching my illegal NFL streams then 👍🏽

  4. Posted by Cee Montana, at Reply

    Kellerman nailed it.

  5. Posted by Alex Sellman, at Reply

    Wheedon is straight trash

  6. Posted by Jah GaZ, at Reply

    Rascist is and understatement in this situation..

  7. Posted by Hi Rodders, at Reply

    Finally you guys talk about max. He’s amazing

  8. Posted by Gabe Matherly, at Reply

    Why are people who know absolutely nothing about football… analyzing football?

    • Posted by Hugh Jass, at Reply

      Something to do with it being a free country? Or so we’re told.

    • Posted by MGTOW, at Reply

      Gabe Matherly You do realize this is tyt right?
      it’s basically a comedy show.

  9. Posted by MrGreenotwo, at Reply

    Eldridge Cleaver was the one that gave the quote ‘There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem’

  10. Posted by d.u.g. Drilly, at Reply

    remember though, Kaepernick does not care about playing in the NFL no more. he said that.  if a team offers him a position he will likely turn it down. Kaepernick is happy.

  11. Posted by Alyssa Bernardino, at Reply

    I was actually CONSIDERING watching the NFL to show support for the teams and players who do kneel, especially since Trump said NFL ratings were going down for that very reason.

  12. Posted by Diamondgirl08, at Reply

    Racism alive and well in Amerikkka….never changes.

  13. Posted by Darwin's Fox, at Reply

    I seriously think Jimmy Dore has an IQ of about 80.

  14. Posted by ZackTheMan, at Reply

    I love football and I hate racism, but I’m not gonna let 32 racist owners stop me from watching and playing the sport I love

  15. Posted by mkjboise, at Reply

    Steve OH…didn’t he project Hillary a winner by a landslide…and you still let him speak…shame!

  16. Posted by Sky High, at Reply

    So Cenk, Anna and other main staff take three to four days off -friday to monday and they call themselves number one news source. You guys claim yourselves that you r better than fox and Cnn but fail to make breaking news videos and even then make few videos in a week and that too on news that have been reported already days or hours ago by Cnn and other news channels.

  17. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    People can’t seem to resist the urge to watch the NFL, and are willing to accept ANYTHING as long as they can watch football.
    These owners are lock in step with Trump, and his white supremacist vision.
    What more do you need to see before you decide you can live without football? There are more important things in life, and sometimes you have to take a stand, even if it means you are inconvenienced.
    The only way to send a message that will be heard is through their bank accounts.

  18. Posted by Coming Fourth, at Reply

    Oh look we don’t agree, RACIST RACIST, Continue to destroy the meaning when a literal Racist shows up no one will believe the little cry wolf🙂