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McCain Calls Out Trump’s Draft Dodging


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John McCain lately talked about individuals leaving Vietnam by getting medical professionals to compose letters stating that they have bone spurs. Presume that did that? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, shows you McCain calling out Trump's draft dodging. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" Sen. John McCain appeared to strike President Donald Trump during a meeting about the Vietnam War on Sunday, criticizing Americans from "the highest possible earnings degree" who were able to obtain draft deferments for ailments like a "bone spur."

Trump obtained a draft deferment in 1968 for bone stimulates in his heels.

" One aspect of the dispute, incidentally, that I will never ever sanction is that we drafted the most affordable earnings level of The U.S.A. as well as the greatest income degree located a doctor that would state that they had a bone spur," McCain stated throughout a meeting with C-SPAN that aired Sunday.

" That is wrong. That is incorrect. If we're mosting likely to ask every American to serve, every American must serve," the six-term Arizona Republican added."

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  1. Posted by Iouse Iou, at Reply

    Trump is a coward, lier an a hypocrite.
    Forget about that war, don’t blame him.

    To put it simple:
    Trump is not a man… he always blaming others, he doesn’t take responsibility, he doesn’t got balls…

    ” Obama this, Obama that, others presidents….”

    ” if the bill not passed, it wasn’t my fault” …He is always gossiping… always ready to throw everyone under the bus even his staff members

    ,..always blaming women… even grieving women.

    If you were in war or camping or at a party with your family, and in case of a dangerous situation, will you like him to be your partner or friend?..

    will you let him to be alone with them and your children in case of problems?..wil you trust him?…be sincere with yourself, will you?

  2. Posted by Wayne Paul, at Reply

    Draft dodging Donny

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      …Draft Dodging Dunce Donny Dotard

    • Posted by Gilbert Conner, at Reply

      Wayne Paul the coward . racist.draft dodging white nut job.

  3. Posted by mech5 fab, at Reply

    Trump has always paid his way into and out.
    He is a rich, empty, Broken Man… he’s never earned anything except public disdain.

  4. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    So Trump dodged the draft….not commendable, but understandable (most of the rich kids did in those days)…Draft dodgers have no place critisising those who did serve though. In fact they have less right than anyone to do so…

    • Posted by BOY RACHGIA, at Reply

      This clown plays his role for his masters, the superpowers behind the iron curtain.

    • Posted by Gilbert Conner, at Reply

      John Smith trying to talk about Obama he was to young to en list. he’s only 55.

  5. Posted by Scarlet Compton Bellew, at Reply

    surprise..trumpy is not only a liar but a COWARD too ! Bullies are often cowards…

    • Posted by Ken Clarke, at Reply

      Scarlet… Name one LIE… You want Hillary Lies?… Get a Note Pad!

  6. Posted by Warren Feagins, at Reply

    He waited until AFTER the election to say this??

  7. Posted by Apophis, at Reply

    Save America, impeach Trump

    • Posted by Ken Clarke, at Reply

      Look at your 401K and say that. Oh you do not have one… So, you help America How?

  8. Posted by nerdy-tom-boy, at Reply

    I like presidents that aren’t bigoted idiots

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply


  9. Posted by Randy Welsh, at Reply

    Trump said HIS VIETNAM, was not getting any STDs. because women’s genitals are landmines

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      Randy Welsh, i almost forgot about that. Isn’t that the same bs Bill O’Reilly spewed by covering wars with just a pen.

    • Posted by Gilbert Conner, at Reply

      Randy Welsh straight up coward.abd these crazy white people believe everything this coward said.what bunch of racist loser’s.

  10. Posted by joseph4861, at Reply

    President Bone spur has a catchy ring to it. I think he should keep it.

    • Posted by Gilbert Conner, at Reply

      joseph4861 what a draft dodging racist coward.

  11. Posted by TH3 M0NK, at Reply

    Those “deferments for education” turned out to be a waste of time.

  12. Posted by Two Suns, at Reply

    I like people who went to war & didn’t make excuses.

  13. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    No one in this country disrespects the military as much as Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Ken Clarke, at Reply

      What Video Game You Playing? Obama cut funding on our Military… WOW.. You get NEWS from Facebook>?

  14. Posted by Big H, at Reply

    How can someone like Trump trash the NFL players for kneeling during the anthem and not being patriotic when he refused to serve the country he claim he love so much.

    • Posted by Retired Stein Koffman, at Reply

      Big H because his brain dead worshipers will be on his side no matter what.

  15. Posted by Angela Gautreaux Barnes, at Reply

    I can believe Rush Limbaugh had a tail! Went w/his horns!!

  16. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    Trump is a lowlife, the worst human being on the planet. Even cockroaches are more useful.

  17. Posted by Nonune Konsequence, at Reply

    People have been protesting that rich elite fuckwad Donald Trump since the Vietnam War. No really. Part of the protests then was they sent the poor kids to fight for the Rich man’s profit. Don’t think the Protests against him and his ilk are anything new. Also, all you Trump Supporters knew all this and you voted for him. Go out to your cars and take that damned you support the Troops sticker off. You don’t. You stand against them now, today. Support the Troops, even if you don’t support the War. Support the Troops.

    • Posted by Rebecca Benway, at Reply

      I really didn’t surprise me about Ted Nuggets.

    • Posted by Rebecca Benway, at Reply

      Doesn’t surprise me a coward like trump would fake a condition, too