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McCain Finally Does The Right Thing. Still A Warmongering Sociopath.


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John McCain elected no on the "Skinny Abolition."

" Legislator John McCain reduced the most recent Republican health-care plan early Friday early morning.

In a moment of high dramatization on the Us senate flooring, the Arizona senator, stricken with brain cancer cells and barrier against his celebration's secretive legislative handling, gave the definitive vote versus Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's proposal to partially rescind the Affordable Care Act. The amendment dropped, 51-49, thwarting once more the GOP's longstanding efforts to deliver on a main project pledge. Senators Susan Collins of Maine and also Lisa Murkowski of Alaska likewise elected against the expense, proceeding their resistance to the GOP's partial abolition effort. But it was McCain who surprised the Senate, breaking with his event after earlier assisting it on a vital procedural vote." *.

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Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, Steve Oh and Malcolm Fleschner on this week's Hostile Progressives. The group chats the health care ballot, Charlie Gard situation, DNC at Politicon and fracking. For more information most likely to.

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  1. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

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    • Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond
      Give me a hickey with your butthole.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Mike “the electric fence” pence can help you with that

  2. Posted by Magnificent Cow, at Reply

    FACT: Leftists hate free markets and capitalism because they are mostly weak beta males who can’t compete in any free system. That’s why they want the government to take money from productive people and give it to them for free. Yet they keep whining and blaming their general failure in life on successful people despite the fact that they are leeching on them for their existence. Ungrateful parasites!

    • Posted by RJ Originator, at Reply

      Free market capitalism should not be allowed to play such a crucial role in whether or not people have access to life saving healthcare. The market is not a miracle solution to everything, and capitalism has kinda gone off the rails.

  3. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Sorry but McCain is now on my shitlist. Trump is absolutely right. Universal healthcare is untenable!

    • Posted by ironsidestwo, at Reply

      Its not universal health care thats untenable its the massive overpricing by the drug industry…

  4. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I love having a BBC up my butt. Please PM me with picture. Thanks.

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Hey baby! We should hang out sometimes!

  5. Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

    I’d love to have a peepee up my cooch. Last I had was my daddy but he died in 82.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      You should ask Cenk to replace him. Probably same ridiculously small size too!

  6. Posted by Nikesh Gamage, at Reply

    Ain’t Obama a warmongering sociopath

    • Posted by Nikesh Gamage, at Reply

      The Secularist are you?

    • Posted by Joe Di Sunno, at Reply

      Nikesh Gamage yea, they can both be warmongering sociopaths

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Nikesh Gamage Jimmy hates Obama. Maybe even more than Trump. But you trolls don’t even pretend anymore.

  7. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    The old man got another stroke probably and now he’s wrong about Trumpcare. Tomorrow he’ll be right again. *I eat black meat btw!*

    • Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

      Don’t forget my dried out cooch baby!

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply


  8. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    Spittin Jimmy still a triggered b!tc*h who hasn’t apologized for spitting in Alex Jones face then running away

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer oh look everyone, the edgy kid’s here with his witty comments! About as witty as Steven Crowder is a “comedian”, I guess.

    • Posted by miguelito lee, at Reply

      Why should he apologize to AJ ? he is a fat turd who deserves to be spit on… pizza gate, yogurt gate..birthers and so many right wing religious zealots point of view… so , i spit in their face also ya snowflake bitches

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      miguelito lee you’re right, he shouldn’t. that’s what a grown up man would do, someone who could use their words to attack an opponent. Jimmy still has the brain of a child

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer Oh no! The edgy kid used a personal attack! Whatever do we do? D:

  9. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    Trump used not to like captured veterans, now he detests them because of McCain. 😂

    • Posted by Figs3, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty he hated them, then loved them, now hates them again.

  10. Posted by Petronio39, at Reply

    Ok, this title is super hyperbolic and disgusting. John McCain deserves so much more respect than to called a sociopath.

    That aside, you’re acting like the affordable care act is the greatest bill to ever be passed, and is infallible in all it’s majesty. I’ve got some news for you, it’s a sham bill that does more to hurt the poor and underprivileged you pretend to care so much about. First off, what the bill set out to accomplish, getting rid of insurance providers ability to restrict access to people with preexisting conditions, was done so without any limitations on a company’s ability to price hike, resulting in an increase in premiums across the board, and the creation of insanely expensive tiers based on those preexisting conditions. Second, the individual mandate that requires people to buy into the health care system or incur a fine results in a punishment for the poor who can’t afford these premiums and earn too much for accss which hasn’t expanded to cover the gaps. Third, the employee mandate only applies to full time employees, resulting in employers skirting lines to keep employees at part time, while still working them as close to legally possible to full time. This results in, you guessed it, another hit to the lower class. So, what was so important in this bill that you demonize it at every turn, saying that no decent human being would vote for it…. ohh, it was repeals for the individual and employer mandates! Seriously!?

    Ohh, and the video description is lifted directly from the first paragraph of the Atlantic article that they’re parroting throughout the video. Disgraceful.

    • Posted by Petronio39, at Reply

      I get the, “at least it’s progress,” argument, I really do. Change comes slow in politics, and we can’t expect everything all at once. That being said, this was a move that had republican support, and it was to remove two of the biggest issues with the bill, the mandate that punished the poor for not having insurance, and the mandate that required companies provide insurance options to their full time employees. It kept the important parts, like not having a restriction on preexisting conditions, and still, Jimmy insists that you wouldn’t vote for this if you were a decent human being.

    • Posted by Petronio39, at Reply

      This wasn’t a measure to repeal the whole bill, just some elements that it would be better off without.

    • Posted by Bluespirit12345, at Reply

      Youre all over the place. The skinny bill is a giant tax cut……..
      And it appears you dont know how the market for insurance works, or what the ACA did/does.
      “Limitations on a companys ability to price hike”
      What does this even mean? Why would a bill providing alternative insurance restrict other companies? And thats not the reason prices are going up. Previously, they were going up because without the mandate, healthy people would opt out of certain quotes or just get the minimum, or not get insurnace at all, requiring companies to raise prices on sick people. The ACA did two things, provided government funded insurance, and required a mandate for everyone. If someone goes to the emergency room, but doesent have insurance, the tax payer is footed the bill, every,single,time. Which is why the Medicaid expansion was so important. Meaning the repeal, would result in millions of poor people without insurance.
      “Restrict access to people with pre-existing conditions”
      No…..The bill was designed to provide an alternative to corporate healthcare, which has the ability to deny you for what they deem pre-existing. This is where where the greatest point of contention on the healthcare battle battle. Because people are flocking to the aca, companies are forced to pull out of certain states because they cant compete.
      “Skirting the lines”
      What? What employers are skirting the lines? You only have to provide insurance if you have 50 employees or more, and working 30 hours or more a week. Thats six hours for 5 days. That’s nothing lol. For those who cant afford insurance, can have Medicaid, hence the expansion, or stay on their parents insurnace until they’re 26 (which would have been removed aswell). You have no idea what youre talking about friend. The skinny repeal would have been disastrous, And inflated the market, because everyone who thinks they dont need it, would pull out. Raising prices on everyone else

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      Geez, that Jimmy Dore gets uglier every day. That’s what coke does to you.

  11. Posted by Theo Schmidt, at Reply

    This title is straight up disrespectful to a true patriot, hero, and one of the greatest politicians of the modern era. Part of why I hate Jimmy Dore. Just are screeching fool who makes videos which have no regard for facts.

    • Posted by Zachery Jones, at Reply

      Theo Schmidt disagree, title is spot on

    • Posted by Lori Cataldi, at Reply

      Theo Schmidt McCain was GREAT for saying one thing, and ALWAYS voted party over people. He finally did this one vote right!

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Theo Schmidt – Learn a language, stop abusing mine. Fool.

    • Posted by Theo Schmidt, at Reply

      Ste H ?

  12. Posted by Johan Thunberg, at Reply

    If you have a video of McCain, but wants to give credit to the two other republicans who voted no: Maybe AT LEAST show a photo of them???

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Johan Thunberg – Damn right, glad you pointed that out. 👍🏻

    • Posted by lady09giggles, at Reply

      It does show they are not news people at all.

  13. Posted by Bramble451, at Reply

    WTH? You didn’t even MENTION what HE actually said about why he voted the way he did! He’s a parliamentarian of 30 years. When he voted to proceed to debate, he banged his fist saying that he wouldn’t vote for the bill the way it was… and that’s what he did. It’s the procedural vote that was not part of regular order, and he wants to return to regular order where bills get debated. The Republicans insisted on voting rather than debating, and he voted it down. He gave a whole speech about why he was voting the way he was, and you guys DIDN’T EVEN MENTION IT. Fail.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      He didn’t vote for it because the bill was garbage. Nothing else needs explaining.

    • Posted by edwierdo227, at Reply

      They have mentioned it in the past. Just not in this video. I couldn’t care much for this video

    • Posted by Maxwell Montgomery, at Reply

      Bramble451 Yeah, I wouldn’t expect anything more from Jimmy Dore…. These Regressives are pushing us backwards by refusing to compromise with the moderate Dems and Reps in our current administration.

      They think they can find a purist politician to solve every problem but not even Bernie Sanders, longest serving independent in US history, passes their purity tests.

  14. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    the young turks are Muslim terrorist sympathizers that believe in a global Islamic state, don’t listen to them

    • Posted by Nasdaq trader, at Reply

      Cenk has sympathy for Islamic terrorism, it influences his entire world view, perception and political philosophies and he loves time and time again to chastize the Western World for their “unloving treatment of the poor.”

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I agree.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Btw there’s a impostor impersonating me. Beware!

  15. Posted by 911LookuptheLavonAffair, at Reply

    Hillary Clinton is every bit as much of a warmonger and then some, and TYT supported her over the relatively less-interventionist Trump. I guess identity politics, tranny bathrooms, and Obamacare are more important to them than saving millions of lives.

    • Posted by Tania Haldar, at Reply

      Tyt has been very critical of hillary if you kept up during the election… they have been with Bernie throughout the election.

    • Posted by 911LookuptheLavonAffair, at Reply

      +Ryan Green
      Saying we should take out the families of ISIS does not mean he wants to do more wars for regime change in Iraq or the rest of the middle east. Hillary and Trump both support drone strikes, so there is very little difference between them on that. *The only difference is which one supports wars for regime change. Hillary Clinton supported that in Iraq, and she had a long record of supporting that throughout her career. Trump had a long record of criticizing the war in Iraq even while Bush was still president.* The choice was clear: Trump was the candidate who advocated fewer wars for regime change in the middle east.

    • Posted by Nasdaq trader, at Reply

      Cenk hates Trump, I suspect. A white man, successful.

    • Posted by Rick L, at Reply


      Tyt supported Bernie

  16. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    I don’t like McCain’s politics but to give the devil his due he is one of a very few Republicans left I still have somewhat respect for…. Most others are just mindless conservative clones with no soul

    • Posted by Angel M, at Reply

      shutdafup hell just got a bit cooler for John McCain, but it’s still waiting on his arrival.
      His final decision to do the right thing doesn’t erase the decades of death and misery he helped spread.

  17. Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

    *Dore NEVER Does The Right Thing. Still A Race Baiting, Spitting Sociopath* .

    • Posted by Angel M, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos **If you are defending the honor of John McCain, you are not a progressive**

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      Angel M – If you are defending the honor of Jimmy Dore, who inspires people to kill cops, you are NOT human

      And you’re right, I am NOT a ‘progressive’! Progressives are idiots who have nothing else going for them but virtue signalling.

    • Posted by Angel M, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos Lmao what? Now you’re spewing unsubstantiated bullshit.
      The really sad part? I can’t tell if you’re a republican or a jilted Hillary Supporter.
      There’s no difference nowadays.

    • Posted by Dr. Hershey's Splat, at Reply

      Inspire to kill cops!? How!? He’s merely exposing a flawed police culture. Its police inspiring each other to kill willy nilly! If you want to talk about inspiring to kill, look no further than Trump, who encourages police brutality not to mention inspiring a white man to kill white men who were defending Muslim women. You cant control everything in life young man.

  18. Posted by Shivam Sharma, at Reply

    *Corporations are people and money is speech, get over it*

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      And that’s the problem, so no.

    • Posted by Shivam Sharma, at Reply

      1. *A corporation is fundamentally a collection of people who share the common interest of turning a profit, so they are “people” by definition* . If they weren’t people then why would they be deserving of any rights enumerated in the constitution? The left’s line of argumentation on this issue is plain stupid.

      2. *Money can be a form of speech because both work in the same way in the realm of politics and interest* . If I wanted a candidate to win because of their policy positions I would not make a formal declaration, I would use expression to do so in the form of money.

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      And like I said, you really just highlight the problem. The rich *should not have* more say over the many, simply because the top 1% have more money/wealth. That is pathetic and grotesquely unfair.

      “If I wanted a candidate to win because of their policy positions I would not make a formal declaration, I would use expression to do so in the form of money.”

      Yeh! Which is the problem, and has lead to the corruption we see.

      So what I really think you’re trying to say is, you bend over for the top 1% and all the Lex Luthors in society and you have no problem with that.

    • Posted by Shivam Sharma, at Reply

      Well, that’s just a point of contention for us, because I see the world differently. A lot of what “power” is is derived from money; this is a postulate of *Any* society, so i will treat money as a form of power in the next few lines. In a society, discrepancies in power/money is what people chose to strive for everyday. We go to school or learn a skill partly so we can have more money/power than other people. This desire for money/power is what makes capitalist societies so beautiful because people who are more competent will gain more power. It is perfectly fair in my view that someone who strives for more and demonstrates exceptional skill have more power/money than someone who wants to watch tv and idle the way away. It is misleading that campaign contributions are always given with the intent of some sort of a return which is why you cannot outline them completely. In fact someone with a lot of influence giving publicity to a candidate would be better than money in many ways. if we are talking about donations that are given with the expectation of some sort of kickback, then we agree, but those should be dealt with on a case by case basis because money is speech and cannot be ruled out.