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Media Narratives Around Terrorism | Web Summit 2017


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Choosing the opponent: Media narratives around terrorism. American Islamic Online forum for Freedom's M Zuhdi Jasser, The Khalifa Ihler Institute's Bjorn Ihler, Institute for Strategic Discussion Sasha Havlicek & The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur. Organized at Discussion Forum, Internet Top.

Acts of fear are progressively controling our airwaves and also newsfeeds, but media insurance coverage of horror is not always constant. What story do we decide to build around these strikes, as well as is it preventing our efforts to take on terrorist violence?

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  1. Posted by Reich-Wing Watch, at Reply

    “Terrorism” = an act of violence by a brown person.

    • Posted by Gust The Profit, at Reply

      J Briggs and all economic raping is done by white people

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Reich-Wing Watch The stats you cited on your other thread were dumbass stats because you didn’t account for demographics. ‘ common lib smokescreen

    • Posted by Reich-Wing Watch, at Reply

      I don’t believe there are stats for how many right-wing extremists vs islamic extremists. My guess based on some polling I’ve seen regarding political views is right-wing extremists make up about 3% of the population and Islamic extremists less than a percent.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      yeah, USA drops bombs on Muslims every day. Muslims who behead ,
      shoot, slit the throats of, and blows up people who don’t follow their brand of Islam. The Christian, Yazidi and many Muslims are still alive because the US stopped ISIS by dropping bombs on them. Guess you would rather have those innocent people get their heads cut off, right?

  2. Posted by Reich-Wing Watch, at Reply

    Results from an ADL study on terrorism between 2008 and 2016:
    74% from non-Muslim right-wingers
    24% from Muslim right-wingers
    2% from leftists (mostly property damage by environmental groups)

    The problem is clearly reactionary ideologies across the board. Leftism is the cure to terrorism.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Yeah, Leftism, which saw it’s Marxist adherents slaughter over 100 million people in the past 100 years is the ‘cure to terrorism’! That’s like saying smoking cigarettes is the cure for lung cancer!

    • Posted by Lasaret, at Reply

      It’s really dishonest to try to only compare the # of incidents between right-wing and Islamic terrorism when there is way more of a pattern of only causing property damage or an incident resulting in only one injury or death with right-wing terrorism. If you look at the number of deaths caused you always get numbers like Jihadist terrorists having killed 103 people and far right-wing terrorists having killed 68 people since 9/11 in the US (those numbers are from New America).

      Also, you could say that right-wingers make up ~27% of the US since that’s how many Americans voted for Trump, and because Muslims make up just ~1% of the US, you have to be honest and admit that Muslims in the US produce a disproportionately high threat of terrorism in comparison to non-Muslim right wingers in the US.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Lasaret Oh, yeah? There has a lot of right wing terror attacks that cause mass fatalities. Look at Dylan Roof!, then there was………………Dylan Roof, and remember the time that guy shot all those blacks in that church in Charleston, and there was…..did I mention Dylan Roof?
      So you see, there is 4 right wing terror attacks right there!

    • Posted by epicgroobi55, at Reply

      considering MUSLIMS make ONLY 3% of population 24% is outrageous.

  3. Posted by Grim Locke, at Reply

    Christianity is not compatible with civil society.

    Make Rome Fall Again

    • Posted by Futurism, at Reply

      Christianity is dead

    • Posted by numerocro, at Reply

      Americans are too young to understand what is Islam. For two thousands years, we had time to “learn” what is Islam. Yes, Islam is worse by itself. That is a fact.

    • Posted by shurednichso, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy Because it WAS motivated by deep seates christian anti semitism in Europe?
      How do you not know this, but comment under these issues? Jesus Christ, did you people get a basic education?

  4. Posted by Ana Kasparian's Nose, at Reply

    This is going to be 100% a bunch of islam apologetics. RIP the 235 poor souls in Eygpt

    • Posted by Ana Kasparian's Nose, at Reply

      i never said other religions are innocent i dont know where u got that from

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      you don’t care about the victims, nazi trumpanzee who doesn’t watch the videos.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Ana Kasparian’s Nose Try watching the video before farting out a comment.

    • Posted by P S, at Reply

      The victims were Muslims though, are you sure you still care?

    • Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

      And 500% paid Hasbara trolls

  5. Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply


    • Posted by SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine, at Reply

      Jews for jesus!!!

  6. Posted by P S, at Reply

    I’m with the reformation guy. Most Islamic violence world wide is sectarian – Shia Muslims vs. Sunni Muslims vs. Sufi Muslims, etc. Same thing happened with Christians 500 years ago, Protestants and Catholics killing each other. Push reform, modernization in Islam and introduce secular humanism into it.

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      P S yeaahh….only that the US is arming them and providing them with money to fight their proxy wars.

    • Posted by rtv, at Reply

      how about us keen muslims see thru this and not get influenced by ur reformation bs.

  7. Posted by frogstamper, at Reply

    For crying out loud why can’t Cenk just listen to Zuddi with his ears open? the guy is clearly not a right-wing white supremacist apologist, he is clearly trying to say that as long as the middle east is led by autocrats who use islam to manipulate their people you’ll never solve this problem.
    But all Cenk can do is quote 75% of attacks are from white right-wingers and “only” 25% by islamists…..great comparison when whe US muslims are just one or two per cent of the population.
    As somebody who is a center left voter I long gave up watching TYT once their channel become apologist central for islamists.

    • Posted by Sashabizz4, at Reply

      I hear they’re going to hire Linda Sarsour to give a more nuanced view on Islamic terrorism.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Simpletons like Cenk in positions that influence young heads filled with mush is a problem.

    • Posted by shurednichso, at Reply

      If would personally donate double, if they want to hire Linda Sarsour. Just to see the alt right virgins sperg out. 😀

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      If you think they are apologists for islamists then you are a moron. Why are you even here…?

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      What Cenk is leaving out, is there have been far more deaths by Islamic terrorism than right wing terrorism in the US. Even when you do the Muslims the massive favor of excluding 911 it’s more. This despite the fact that Muslims consist of less then 1% of the US population.

  8. Posted by Ethan Buck, at Reply

    I’ve never really been against Cenk until now… He can’t communicate respectfully with anyone who doesn’t see things HIS way. All he does is get inflamed, talking louder than the others. Please Cenk, represent TYT better in the future than you did here.

    • Posted by Alejandro Lugo, at Reply

      did you not see the Sam Harris debate..?!

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Alejandro Lugo Cenk does that to pretty much anyone he debates.
      Seen him do it with Duke.
      Not sure if I saw the Harris one but I am well aware of how he tries to Bully
      His guests and how he will change the subject to steer the narrative…

    • Posted by shurednichso, at Reply

      @ Alejandro Lugo
      I think the Harris video was one of the rare ones, where he didn’t come anywhere near doing this kind of sperging out.

    • Posted by Zee Risek, at Reply

      I’m not against Cenk. But I agree with you, he needs to learn how to discuss and debate respectfully. It’s one thing to be on TYT and act bombastic, but this is a different forum. When he screams and goes nuts, he seems like a left wing version of a crazy Alex Jones. And that makes him lose credibility.

  9. Posted by Triple Tee, at Reply

    I always thought that Cenk was deliberately deceptive but I now realize that he is just a degenerate

    • Posted by Bane, at Reply

      degenerate’s a compliment airhead

    • Posted by Triple Tee, at Reply

      That literally made no sense whatsoever

    • Posted by Triple Tee, at Reply

      No it isn’t imbecile

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      And he’s gaining weight again, too.

  10. Posted by Cauhalem H, at Reply

    Cenk’s analogy between the Holocaust and the muslim violence based on islamic dogma is such a strech. It didn’t make sense when he brought it against Sam Harris, and it didn’t make sense now. Also, this debate is painful to watch seeing Cenk lack self-control so much. Can he not stay calm and rational when he strongly desagree with someone? The debate might have been very interesting otherwise, now I just don’t want to finish watching it.

    • Posted by idmhead0, at Reply

      Agreed. Cenk seemed to have a massive overreaction on this one. He seemed to be putting words in the other guy’s mouth. I’m 20 minutes, in, but, I think I’m going to stop the video now.

  11. Posted by night hawk, at Reply

    Adolf Hitler’s religious beliefs have been a matter of debate; the wide consensus of historians consider him to have been irreligious and anti-Christian. In light of evidence such as his vocal rejection of the tenets of Christianity,[1] numerous private statements to confidants denouncing Christianity as a harmful superstition, and his strenuous efforts to reduce the influence and independence of Christianity in Germany after he came to power, Hitler’s major academic biographers conclude that he was irreligious and an opponent of Christianity.

    Directly from wikipedia. Cenk, please do your research.

    • Posted by Total Water, at Reply

      It’s not the point, Cenk’s claims are still irrational:
      ‘A person who happens to be of a particular religion and does evil things’ is not the same as ‘a person who does evil things because of their religion’

    • Posted by MrGnarus, at Reply

      opposition to Christianity to further his dehumanization of people

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Total Water – you are one of the few people I’ve seen on a TYT video who GETS THAT. Cenk somehow thinks MOTIVATION counts for nothing. Some white guy who went to church 5 times in his life when he was a kid stops taking his meds, shoots 20 people in a restaraunt and he’s suddenlty a ‘white Christian terrorist’. Cenk tries to equate that as being the same as a Muslim who vows allegiance to ISIS and shouts ‘Allahu Achbar’ before he sets off the bomb attached to his waste.

    • Posted by Ungoogleable o_O, at Reply

      +night hawk
      Wasn’t he following some sort of personal religious beliefs?

  12. Posted by Mister Stevo, at Reply

    I am a big fan of Cenk, but on the issue of Islam he is just way too defensive whenever anyone wants talk about the issue of the prevailing attitudes of Muslims today. And I get it, he has Muslims in his extended family and alot of them I am sure are more secularized Turks who largely don’t have oppressive views. But that’s not true of the Islamic world as a whole and it has to be addressed if we want to find solutions to Islamic extremism.

    I didn’t agree with everything Zuhdi said, but he didn’t say anything worth getting that animated about. Cenk has got to find a way to stop taking this topic so personally.

    • Posted by Puffn Treez, at Reply

      Mister Stevo sorry it’s hard not too see how fast Christians can become radicalized.

      How many times has a asshat said Muhammad was a pedophile becxause he had a 12 yr old wife (which is immoral to me) yet they are happy to line up behind Roy Moore. It’s just very annoying how Christians and the far right are such hypocrites.

    • Posted by Total Water, at Reply

      “Mister Stevo sorry it’s hard not too see how fast Christians can become radicalized. ”
      – If that’s happening in any meaningful capacity then why are there disproportionately less Christian terrorists than Muslim terrorists?

    • Posted by Mister Stevo, at Reply

      I don’t disagree that Christians and especially the Christian right can be hypocrites. Their support of Roy Moore and Donald Trump has destroyed any credibility they had left. But those of us on the left should be able to talk about ultra conservative Islam in the way we talk about conservative Christianity. Islam is a poisonous ideology and Muslims are its main victim.

  13. Posted by David, at Reply

    I can’t believe I used to watch TYT everyday.

  14. Posted by Daniel Ponciano, at Reply

    As much as Cenk is a biased moderator, Zuhdi is making an ahistoric argument. Im a non-arab and non-religious history student. He appeals to a simplistic regional understanding of Muslims that stigmatizes Muslims unjustly. He is a Muslim but he literally uses “us-vs-them” language. Like Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation and that example alone challenges all of his points. Furthermore, the Iranian and Saudi Arabian theocracies are as much political byproducts of geopolitics as much as they are a result of “Islamization.” In conclusion, Cenk was a “rude” moderator but Zuhdi is literally repeating the warped history used to justify the war on terrorism. To not challenge Zuhdi’s narrative would be as political as challenging him.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      Atheist blogger Avijit Roy was hacked to death in Bangladesh… Not by ISIS, not by the police but by a machete-toting mob of Islamist militants. This has nothing to do with geopolitics. It has everything to do with medieval grade religious zealotry and is a textbook example of a toxic “us-vs-them” ideology. Zuhdi “uses the language” to describe a phenomenon that actually exists. He’s not making it up.

    • Posted by robert ball, at Reply

      You can go to prison in Indiana for having a miscarriage and Mississippi wants to do the same thing. Well done Christians.

    • Posted by Harry C, at Reply

      The Deep North totally agree with u.

  15. Posted by The White Uncle Tom, at Reply

    White people are over 50% of those shot and killed by police but Cenk would never say that’s a bigger problem then blacks being shot by police because of the proportions. But when it comes to Muslim extremism, he wants to completely ignore per capita and just claim that “white extremists” are the ones doing the majority of the terror.
    The lying nature of this obese buffalo is truly insidious and dangerous.

    • Posted by Sentinel HDD, at Reply

      The White Uncle Tom but you always say blacks commit the most crimes based on their % of the population. So not use that analogy for when they get shot at a higher rate based on their % of the population? You can’t have it both ways. Oh btw why supremacist groups and deranged men are more dangerous than anything else. Texas and Vegas massacre were not done by Muslims. We need to stop generalizing in all cases

  16. Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

    This panel and the behavior is a microcosm of the world as it stands: the Americans were completely embarrassing, and the Europeans were level headed and classy. Cenk you completely embarrassed yourself, and you, like the man you were arguing with, spouted information that was just plain factually incorrect. I’ve been a fan for a while, and I’ve been disappointed in you more and more over the last couple years, but this was just awful. What would have helped tremendously at the beginning of this would have been defining Islamism vs Islam, so it would be clear from the start that the average Muslim doesn’t fall under the category of Islamist. Calling out Islamism for the fascistic, theocratic cancer that it is, is not an insult to all Muslims, and that would be well understood if terms would have been defined. Instead we were treated to a train wreck. Mad respect for the European folks, though. ✌🏼

  17. Posted by Pinkerton00, at Reply

    What is frustrating about this is that Cenk and Zuhdi are talking about the issue on completely different levels. Both are right, but they are both just tilting at windmills. Cenk is being very antagonistic and making some unfair assumptions about Zuhdi’s position and Zuhdi is, for some reason, completely incapable of actually explaining his concerns effectively.
    I am actually intimately familiar with the issues that Zuhdi is discussing, as I have written academic papers on that topic from a political economy perspective, specifically relating to trends of constitutionality throughout the Muslim world. Trust me, he doesn’t know how to explain the problems. And it is precisely his inability to actually accurately represent his concerns that leaves him open to the interpretations that Cenk is making.

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Pinkerton00 hey by the way I have to do a research paper for my interpersonal communication class. I have settled on ethnocentrism and how it affects our perspectives on intercultural communication. I absolutely want to touch upon Islam and Muslims in general in America and western culture. Basically I’m asking do you have any scholarly sources or papers that you would recommend? I’m great at writing papers in general but haven’t had to do many like this and I’m a beginner in this aspect. Any advice you could offer I’d appreciate, thanks!

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Pinkerton00 also just as another point what do you think of cenks line that he used before with Sam harris that Christianity 70 years ago with the holocaust and basically he’s arguing that Islam doesn’t need a reformation and that it isn’t behind the times? I mean is he really trying to create a equivalency on the social front that both religions are just as bad? The violence, even disregarding linear time is debatable but today, I think Islam on the macro scale atleast in the Middle East is in need of a reformation and is demonstrably worse than Christianity in terms of real world effects with violence and social issues.

    • Posted by Pinkerton00, at Reply

      robert ramirez I think you would be better off asking a sociologist about that topic. I do economics and political economy. I may have a few insights into how and why we as a culture view the Muslim world, but I am not generally familiar with sociology papers. However, I would recommend looking into information on Muslim countries and Muslim communities outside of the MENA region for an objective sense of just how Arab-centric our view of Islam is.

      On Cenk’s point, I think it’s unfair to attribute the holocaust to Christianity or Christian doctrine. Yes, it followed from a trend of anti-semitism begun by Christians, but that anti-semitism was never justified en masse by an appeal to Christianity and the holocaust was not carried out in the name of Christendom, though most of Nazi Germany was certainly Christian. That being said, I also think it is equally unfair to blame the problems of political Islam today on Islam as a religion. Islam is not a monolith any more than Christianity is a monolith. Some Muslims like to pretend that it is, but they are fooling themselves. While Islam generally prides itself on the fact that the text of the Koran has not changed since its original writing, there have been additions in terms of the hadith that are interpreted and valued differently from place to place and person to person. There has also been an incredibly rich tradition of Koranic scholars across the Muslim world arguing for centuries about how to actually interpret the content of the holy book.
      It is clear that most Muslim constitutions contain provisions relating to Islamic law and restrictions of freedom that we associate with Islam, but in my research I found that the frequency and intensity of these provisions is reduced dramatically as you move further and further away from the MENA region. For instance, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia contain a number of countries with 90%+ Muslim populations that are not subject all of the same repressive legal trends that we see in more traditional MENA countries. There is also an argument to be made that one can observe a slow Arabization of non-Arab Muslim countries in terms of language, religious interpretation, and religious practice. Even so, there are cultural hold-outs like the more traditional of the Tuareg tribes in Mali and Niger or in countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh.
      Islam is different from most other religions in the sense that it is, in many cases, inseparable from political Islam. Islam, as it is represented in the Koran, is not just a religion, but a way of running a society. There are those who interpret it harmfully (like ISIL) and there are those that interpret it much more favorably and progressively, like the Ennahda Islamist party in Tunisia, which I think Zuhdi unfairly named as a predominantly negative influence on Islamic society.
      Ultimately, I think that the issues we see with Islam are issues of how outdated orthodox Arabic cultural practices have influenced Islam and, therefore, the entire Islamic world, to some extent. We must remember that the most holy sites in the Muslim faith are located in Saudi Arabia. That has to have some influence on the rest of the Muslim world. The shared religion is, to some extent, merely coincidental. And it’s a complicated interplay because Islam, to many Muslims, is a system of politics and civil society as well as a religion.
      Islam may be in a state of, for lack of a better term, reformation as we speak. It’s hard to say. A number of Islamist groups have been moving towards more progressive ideals through emphasis on the shari’ah concept of maslahah. Particularly in Tunisia and Egypt. There are many Muslims who believe that they should be able to have Western style political systems separate from the religion and there are many Muslims who believe that they can achieve Western style outcomes while pursuing their own path with political Islam. And really, who are we to say what is best? No single system can possibly work for all people in all places and at all times. What’s clear is that each separate Muslim state is in a constant struggle to identify itself and decide how it wants to practice its faith and operate its society, just like every other country is.
      The question of whether Christianity or Islam is worse is a pointless and unanswerable one. Neither is monolithic and many Muslims would say that the cruelty of Saudi executions is far removed from Islam in the same way that the majority of Christians would say that the offensive behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church is far removed from Christianity. Basically, I think that the problems that people tend to attribute to Islam are not a problem inherent in the religion, but a cultural problem that happens to afflict the largely culturally homogenous region that happens to also be the center of the Muslim faith. We can also talk about how the actions of the West over the last hundred years have affected this and likely made it worse, but it does unfortunately fall to those countries to fix it on their own without outside assistance. And honestly, by this time we should all be well aware of the tendency of political strong-men to use reactionary extremist ideologies to advance their political goals regardless of the feelings of the majority of the population and the success that can be achieved by such an unpopular strategy if the rest of society is unorganized. Look no further than king Cheeto for a prime example.

      So, no, Islam is not behind the times really. But there is a significant region of the world that is experiencing an extended cultural crisis, as every region of the world experiences from time to time. The western world is experiencing its own cultural crisis as we speak. Cenk is right that it is not the fault of Muslims simpliciter, but Zuhdi is right that there is a cultural struggle occurring in certain regions that is on the scale of a reformation and that this struggle is in part responsible for the lashing out of extremist groups. However, it is not the only thing responsible. Economic and both domestic and international political issues are at play, as well. We just really need to stop pretending that we understand a religion that most of us know next to nothing about and that all of the people of that religion are exactly the same.

  18. Posted by Jos W, at Reply

    Cenk, learn to listen. Dude. You’re hurting whatever it is you believe. Listen. Listen. Listen and make sure the other feels listened to.

    • Posted by alijawad87able, at Reply

      Jos W he was listening, and what he heard was that Muslims in general are inferior, and the best way to combat terrorism is to acknowledge their inferiority. Bring that narrative to Muslim countries, see how well that works

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Yes, listen buddy.

    • Posted by Jos W, at Reply

      Ah, hearning one thing you think different about, then getting triggered and start shouting your opinion at each other is the same as listening? Yes it probably really helps if I get in your face and tell you how the world should work and look to you and to everybody who believes the same as you 😉

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      Jos W
      He didn’t listen to Sam Harris, either. He had a chance to learn
      something and missed out on it.
      Now he’s a lost cause and always
      will be.
      The #1 online islam apologist:
      Cenk “Uncle Muhammad” Uygur.

  19. Posted by Stephanie Hughes, at Reply

    I’ll just leave this list here
    Islam’s record from the past 7 years:

    2010, January 7: Nag Hammadi massacre, 11 dead, 11 injured.
    2010, February 3: Lower Dir bombing, 8 dead, 70 injured.
    2010, February 13: Pune bombing, 17 dead, 54+ injured.
    2010, March 3: Baqubah bombings, 33 dead, 55 injured.
    2010, March 29: Moscow Metro bombings, 40 dead, 102 injured.
    2010, May 10: Iraq attacks, 100+ dead, 350+ injured.
    2010, May 28: Attacks on Ahmedi mosques in Lahore, 86 dead, 45+ injured.
    2010, July 1: Lahore bombings, 42+ dead, 175+ injured.
    2010, July 11: Kampala attacks, 74 dead, 70 dead.
    2010, July 15: Zahedan bombings, 27+ dead, 270+ injured.
    2010, August 17; Baghdad bombings, 69+ dead, 169+ injured.
    2010, August 25: Iraq bombings, 53+ dead, 270+ injured.
    2010, October 31: Baghdad church massacre, 51+ dead, 78 injured.
    2010, November 5: Darra Adam Khel mosque bombing, 66+ dead, 80 injured.
    2010, December 7: Varanasi bombing, 2 dead, 37 injured.
    2010, December 11: Stockholm suicide bombings, 1 dead, 2 injured.
    2011, January 1: Alexandria bombing, 23 dead, 97 injured.
    2011, January 18-20: Iraq suicide attacks, 137+ dead, 230+ injured.
    2011, January 24: Domoedovo Airport bombing, 37 dead, 173 injured.
    2011, January 27: Baghdad bombing, 48 dead, 78 injured.
    2011, March 2: Frankfurt Airport shooting, 2 dead, 2 injured.
    2011, March 8: Faisalabad bombing, 25 dead, 127 injured.
    2011, March 29: Tikrit assault, 65 dead, 100 injured.
    2011, May 5: Al Hillah bombing, 24 dead, 72 injured.
    2011, May 7: Imbaba church attacks, 15 dead, 232 injured.
    2011, July 18: Hotan attack, 4 dead, 4 injured.
    2011, July 30: Kashgar attacks, 15 dead, 42 injured.
    2011, September 7: Delhi bombing, 17 dead, 76 injured.
    2011, October 4: Mogadishu bombing, 100 dead, 110+ injured.
    2011, October 7-13:Baghdad bombings, 64 dead, 190 injured.
    2011, December 22: Baghdad bombings, 60+ dead, 160+ injured.
    2011, December 25: Christmas Day bombings, 41 dead, 57+ injured.
    2011, December 28: Pishan hostage crisis, 8 dead, 5 injured.
    2012, January 5: Iraq bombings, 73 dead, 149 injured.
    2012, February 23: Iraq attacks, 83 dead, 250+ injured.
    2012, March 20: Iraq attacks, 52 dead, ~250 injured.
    2012, March 20: Toulouse and Montauban shootings, 7 dead, 5 injured.
    2012, May 3: Makhachkala attack, 14 dead, 130 injured.
    2012, May 21: Sana’a bombing, 101+ dead, 220+ injured.
    2012, June 13: Iraq attacks, 93 dead, 300 injured.
    2012, June 29: Tianjin Airlines Flight 7554 incident, 2 dead, 14 injured.
    2012, July 18: Burgas bus bombing, 7 dead, 32 injured.
    2012, July 23: Iraq attacks, 116 dead, 229 injured.
    2012, August 16: Iraq attacks, 128 dead, 417 injured.
    2012, September 9: Iraq attacks, 108+ dead, 371+ injured.
    2012, September 11: Benghazi attack, 4 dead, 11 injured.
    2013, January 10: Pakistan bombings, 130+ dead, 270+ injured.
    2013, January 16: Amenas hostage crisis, 67+ dead.
    2013, February 16: Quetta bombing, 110 dead, 200 injured.
    2013, February 21: Hyderabad blasts, 16 dead, 119 injured.
    2013, April 15: Boston Marathon bombings, 3 dead, 183 injured.
    2013, May 11: Reyhanli bombings, 52 dead, 140 injured.
    2013, May 23: Battle of Agadez and Arlit, 26 dead, 30+ injured.
    2013, May 27: Baghdad bombings, 71 dead, 224 injured.
    2013, June 15: Quetta attacks, 26 dead, 20+ injured.
    2013, June 22: Nanga Parbat tourist shooting, 11 dead, 2 injured.
    2013, September 13: Attack on U.S consulate in Herat, 2 dead, 20 injured.
    2013, September 21: Westgate shopping mall attack, 67 dead, 175 injured.
    2013, September 22: Peshawar church attack, 80+ dead, 250 injured.
    2013, September 29: Gujba college massacre, 44 dead.
    2013, October 28: Tiananmen Square attack, 5 dead, 38 injured.
    2013, December 5: Sana’a attack, 56 dead, 162 injured.
    2014, January 19: Bannu bombing, 26 dead, 38 injured.
    2014, February 14: Borno massacre, 200+ dead.
    2014, March 1: Kunming attack, 28 dead, 143 injured.
    2014, April 14: Abuja bombing, 88+ dead, 200+ injured.
    2014, April 30: Ürümqi attack, 3 dead, 79 injured.
    2014, May 20: Jos bombings, 118 dead, 56+ injured.
    2014, May 22: Ürümqi attack, 39 dead, 90+ injured.
    2014, May 24: Jewish Museum Of Belgium shooting, 4 dead.
    2014, August: ISIL massacres Shu’aytat, 700 dead.
    2014, August 15: Quetta Airbase attack, 12 dead.
    2014, Endeavour Hills stabbings, 1 dead, 2 injured.
    2014, November 5: Jerusalem vehicular attack, 4 dead, 13 injured.
    2014, November 18: Jerusalem synagogue attack, 5 dead, 7 injured.
    2014, November 28: Kano bombing, 120 dead, 260 injured.
    2014, December 9: Bukidnon bus bombing, 11 dead, 43 injured.
    2014, December 15-16: Sydney hostage crisis, 3 dead, 4 injured.
    2014, December 16: Peshawar school massacre, 140 dead.
    2014, December 16: Rada’ bombings, 26 dead.
    2014, December 18: Gumsuri kidnappings, 32 dead.
    2014, December 20: Tours police station stabbing, 1 dead, 3 injured.
    2014, December 28: Boko Haram attack in Cameroon, 30 dead.
    2015, January 7-9: Île-de-France attacks, 20 dead, 22 injured.
    2015, January 8: Baga massacre, 200+ dead.
    2015, January 9: Porte de Vincennes hostage crisis, 4 dead, 9 injured.
    2015, January 10: Jabal Mohsen attacks, 9 dead, 30+ injured.
    2015, January 29: Sinai attacks, 44 dead, 62+ injured.
    2015, February 14-15: Copenhagen shootings, 2 dead, 5 injured.
    2015, March 7: Maiduguri suicide bombing, 58 dead, 143 injured.
    2015, March 18: Bardo National Museum attack, 21 dead, 50+ injured.
    2015, March 20: Sana’a mosque bombings, 135 dead.
    2015, April 2: Garissa University attack, 148 dead.
    2015, May 3: Curtis Culwell Center attack, 2 dead, 1 injured.
    2015, June 5: Diyarbakir rally bombings, 4 dead, 100+ injured.
    2015, June 26: Saints-Quentin-Fallavier attack, 1 dead, 11 injured.
    2015, June 26: Kuwait mosque bombing, 27 dead.
    2015, June 26: Sousse attack, 38 dead.
    2015, July 16: Chattanooga shootings, 7 dead, 2 injured.
    2015, July 20: Suruc bombing, 33 dead, 104 injured.
    2015, July 27: Gurdaspur attack, 10 dead, 15 injured.
    2015, August 13: Baghdad market truck bombing, 70+ dead, 200 injured.
    2015, October 10: Ankara bombings, 102 dead, 400+ injured.
    2015, October 10: Chad suicide bombings, 33 dead, 51 injured.
    2015, October 31: Metrojet Flight 9268 attack, 224 dead.
    2015, November 12: Beirut bombings, 42 dead.
    2015, November 13: Paris attacks, 137 dead, 368 injured.
    2015, November 20: Bamako hotel attack, 19 dead, 160+ injured.
    2015, November 24: Sinai attack, 7 dead, 10+ injured.
    2015, December 2: San Bernardino attack, 14 dead, 22.
    2015, December 8: Kandahar Airport attack, 70+ dead, 35 injured.
    2015, December 11: Spanish Embassy attack, 6 dead.
    2015, December 11: Tell Tamer bombings, 60 dead, 80 injured.
    2016, January 2: Pathankot attack, 7 dead.
    2016, January 7: Zliten truck bombing, 50+ dead, 100+ injured.
    2016, January 12: Istanbul bombing, 11 dead, 15 injured.
    2016, January 14: Jakarta attacks, 2 dead, 24 injured.
    2016, January 15: El Adde attack, 63+ dead.
    2016, January 15: Ouagadougou attack, 20+ dead, 15+ injured.
    2016, January 21: Becha Khan University attack, 22 dead.
    2016, March 13: Grand-Bassam shooting, 18 dead.
    2016, March 22: Brussels bombings, 35 dead, 300+ injured.
    2016, March 27: Lahore suicide bombing, 70 dead, 300 injured.
    2016, April 19: Kabul attack, 64 dead, 347 injured.
    2016, June 12: Orlando shooting, 49 dead, 53 injured.
    2016, June 14: Magnanville stabbing, 2 dead.
    2016, June 28: Ataturk Airport attack, 45 dead, 230 injured.
    2016, July 1: Dhaka attack, 26 dead.
    2016, July 3: Baghdad bombings, 300+ dead, 221+ injured.
    2016, July 7: Muhammad ibn Ali al-Hadi Mausoleum attack, 56 dead.
    2016, July 14: Nice attack, 87 dead, 434 injured.
    2016, July 26: Normandy church attack, 3 dead.
    2016, August 8: Quetta attacks, 77 dead, 100+ injured.
    2016, September 18: Uri attack, 18 dead, 19 injured.
    2016, November 28: Ohio State University attack, 11 injured.
    2016, December 11: Botroseya Church bombing, 29 dead, 47 injured.
    2016, December 19: Berlin attack, 12 dead, 56 injured.
    2017, January 1: Istanbul nightclub shooting, 39 dead, 70 injured.
    2017, January 2: Baghdad bombings, 36 dead, 52 injured.
    2017, February 3: Louvre machete attackk, 2 injured.
    2017, February 16: Sehwan suicide bombing, 88 dead, 100+ injured.
    2017, April 3: St Petersburg Metro bombing, 5 dead, 15 injured.
    2017, April 7: Stockholm attack, 5 dead, 15 injured.
    2017, April 9: Palm Sunday church bombings, 47 dead, 100+ injured.
    2017, April 20: Paris shooting, 2 dead, 3 injured.
    2017, May 22: Manchester Arena bombing, 22 dead, 129 injured.
    2017, May 26: Minya attack, 28 dead, 22 injured.
    2017, June 31: Kabul attack, 20 dead. 118 injured.
    2017, June 3: London attack, 7 dead, 48 injured.
    2017, June 6: Herat bombing, 10 dead, 16 injured.
    2017, June 7: Tehran attacks, 22 dead, 43 injured.
    2017, June 9: Karbala suicide bombing, 30 dead, 36 injured.
    2017, June 21: Kabul bank attack. 34 dead, 60+ injured.
    2017, August 1: Herat mosque attack. 32+ dead, 64+ injured.
    2017 August 17-22: Catalonia attacks. 24 dead, 152 injured.
    2017, August 25: Buckingham Palace attack. +2 injured.
    2017, September 15: Parsons Green attack. 22 injured.
    2017, October 31: Lower Manhattan attack. 8 dead, 12 injured.
    2017, November 24: Sinai attack. 305+ dead 128+ injured.

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      I bet theres more right wing attacks than THAT, I cant name any, but I bet there is! After all, my lord and master Cenk told me so!

    • Posted by Greg Torrez, at Reply

      WikkedTung – How many people did Iraq kill in their ILLEGAL invasions of Iran and Kuwait? Shall we tack THOSE numbers onto the terrorist numbers now that you have moved the goal posts for what ‘terrorism’ is?
      And was it terrorism when US air forces killed French, Italian, Belgians, Dutch, Norwegian, Chinese, Fillipino and New Guineans during WW2. Since you have conveniently moved the goal posts for terrorism I want to see exactly where the boundaries are, here, Mr. Tongue.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      Greg Torrez You’re an idiot. My comment mentions “terrorism” exactly ZERO times. Not once. I’m talking dead human beings.

      And we didn’t invade Iraq because it killed anybody. We invaded them because of NONEXISTENT WMDs.

      The fact that your head is shoved so far up a narrative that an immature monkey can see is a lie suggests engaging you would be like debating a poorly made brick wall. #dingbat

  20. Posted by TitanBait, at Reply

    Cenk, as much as I agree with everything you’re saying, you failed as a moderator. Pushing back against this Sam Harris clone is all great, but when you began yelling over the other people on the panel, you made this really hard to watch. If you wanna be on a debate stage with him, that’s fine! But this was not the time or place for Angry Cenk.

    • Posted by TitanBait, at Reply

      Robert Leslie Im wondering what you think warrants the special kind of discrimination that Muslims receive over Christianity and Judaism, even though their roots are nearly identical? That their laws and beliefs are almost the same?

    • Posted by SwissBliss, at Reply


      Well it’s worrisome that something like 60% of Egypt’s population thinks death is the appropriate punishment for drawing a cartoon or leaving Islam. I think it’s worrisome that you have muslim extremist groups taking over swathes of land and conducting terror attacks all over the world. I think it’s worrisome that women aren’t treated equally. There aren’t any Christian equivalents in the 21st century. The worst thing Christianity has is the Westboro Baptist Church, and the extent of their terror is being extremely annoying and rude.

    • Posted by TitanBait, at Reply

      SwissBliss I think it’s worrisome that Christian counties in Africa think that homosexual men are deserving of death and homosexual women are meant to be raped until they are straight. I think it’s worrisome that th US funded, armed, and trained Islamic extremist groups and supplied funds to both sides of Middle east civil wars. I think it’s worrisome the US destabilized those same countries, overthrew their democratically elected leaders, and installed CIA controlled figureheads. I think it’s worrisome you ignore the fact most terrorist attacks in the US are by domestic Christian right wingers. I think it’s worrisome that we breed Islamic extremists by committing acts of terrorism in the middle east, adding fuel to the fire.