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Medical Examiner “Verbally Pummeled” By Sheriff, For Doing His Job


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Milwaukee County chief medical examiner has released a statement about an interesting verbal exchange recently he had with Sheriff David A. Clarke. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Lee Camp and Michael A. Wood Jr. break it down on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"A Milwaukee County chief medical examiner Thursday revealed striking details about sheriff David Clarke, telling the Milwauke-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel the sheriff—who moonlit as a Donald Trump surrogate during the presidential campaign—“verbally pummeled” and “threatened” him for disclosing routine information about the deaths of four people at the Milwaukee County Jail.

Clarke’s reign as overseer of Milwaukee county jail has come under fire recently as rumor spread that the controversial sheriff is being considered to take over the Department of Homeland Security. Since April, four people—including a newborn baby—have died while in Milwaukee county jail custody.

Chief medical examiner Brian Peterson said Clarke called him despondent over information the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office made public earlier this year, including a finding that one of the jail’s victims, 38-year old Terrill Thomas, suffered from “profound dehydration” while incarcerated.

“I haven’t been talked to like that since I was probably 5,” Peterson sold the Journal Sentinel."*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Lee Camp, Michael A. Wood Jr.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Lee Camp, Michael A. Wood Jr.


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  1. Posted by Pksoze, at Reply

    No matter how much you suck up to Trump voters….they still see you as
    just another one of the “blacks” Sheriff Clarke.

    • Posted by Randomfully Wonderful, at Reply

      +utterlyviolet 1. Be a Republican 2. Support *all the amendments* in the
      Constitution, not just the amendments you like. 3. Be law-abiding and

      There ya go!

    • Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

      +Randomfully Wonderful Ok. Do you feel the President-Elect, the new VP and
      the new/proposed cabinet believe those same Conservative values and
      practice those said values to the best of his/her abilities?

    • Posted by Randomfully Wonderful, at Reply

      +utterlyviolet Look, it’s the best deal we had this election cycle! I
      preferred Rand Paul. 🙂

    • Posted by utterlyviolet, at Reply

      +Randomfully Wonderful The best deal. Ok. When you say ‘we,’ do you mean
      Conservatives or something else?

    • Posted by Randomfully Wonderful, at Reply

      +utterlyviolet Yep. The Republicans.

  2. Posted by The Progressive Voice, at Reply

    Hey all, I am 16 years old and I am truly aspiring to become a news
    reporter here on YouTube! I am very hopeful that you guys will be generous
    enough to give my channel a look and tell me what you think! Thanks guys!

    • Posted by Eric Lei, at Reply

      I agree with everyone that you shouldn’t post here to advertise your
      channel. While it’s impressive that your so passionate, you’re age needs
      not be mentioned. Advertise other ways, like the others have said. Don’t
      get discouraged!

  3. Posted by William Wonder, at Reply

    No more Uncle Tom negroes. I like real black men.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply


  4. Posted by roger Brownfield, at Reply

    Republicans often confuse power with success. In fact these days, the more
    power someone has in America, the better the odds they are a total failure.

    • Posted by Jrsydvl2003, at Reply

      +Ghostdini Stark Finally, this isn’t twitter. We’re not limited to that
      degree anymore. However, I bet your opinions are cut and paste from talk
      radio. Let me guess, small government, get rid of job killing regulations,
      personal responsibility, run the government like a business, bring back
      prayer in school and so forth. All those principles are great on the
      surface. But if you look at the GOP’s accomplishments, they’ve only been
      able to gut regulations while removing risk of liability to personal and
      property damage.

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      +Jrsydvl2003 Because opinions from mainstream media, CNN, Huff Post and
      MSNBHEEHAW are such stellar sources of news.

  5. Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

    so sheriff david clarke is a fascist?

    • Posted by Rakly3, at Reply

      +Ben THis goes BEYOND ‘uncle Tom’ imo. An Uncle Tom rationalizes he’s
      acting in the interest of the subjects.
      Clark gets off on torturing defenseless people.

    • Posted by Ben, at Reply

      So a sadistic uncle tom.

    • Posted by Rakly3, at Reply

      +Ben Pretty much yeah!

    • Posted by TheBlazersfan22, at Reply

      so pretty much like uncle ruckus from boondocks cartoon show

    • Posted by kmac10027, at Reply

      +hudsle Bingo!!! lmao

  6. Posted by Brandon Smith, at Reply

    How’s the sheriffs department not being charged with homicide and torture?

    • Posted by 2SidedTech, at Reply

      Brandon Smith because America is beyond stupid.

  7. Posted by Earl A. Birkett, at Reply

    Clarke, the black Adolf Eichmann. Another first for our race. :(

    • Posted by Mr. Raleigh D., at Reply

      He’s no longer part of the Black Family.

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      Mr. Raleigh D. yes the black delegation traded him for Robin Thicke already

  8. Posted by Blaze Blue, at Reply

    *Lock him up!*

    • Posted by WTF GASTER, at Reply

      Blaze Blue how do u do that with the text

  9. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    TYT should start a campaign against this sheriff and investigate him.

    • Posted by A- Y (AY), at Reply


  10. Posted by GAMEBOIMARCUS, at Reply

    This nation is nothing what I thought it was. People are literally getting
    away with murder and no one is outraged. It’s insane!

    • Posted by Palutena Prime, at Reply

      GAMEBOIMARCUS Apparently you can let your child die and not be charged for
      child neglect or murder if its from faith healing

    • Posted by Palutena Prime, at Reply

      GAMEBOIMARCUS at least in some states

  11. Posted by Santiago Broncano, at Reply

    Clarke is basically a street thug who wears a costume.

    like most cops.

    • Posted by Tsar Pepe, at Reply

      You know yellow is the color for surrender in fear and cowardice. That is a
      fact. Your statement is not a fact or an argument, it is an opinion.

  12. Posted by zürihegel, at Reply

    The most disgusting thing about this murderer in uniform is how the
    conservatives celebrate him as an ideal rolemodel for law enforcement. One
    look at this guy tells you that he is insane, a 100% mental case, and not
    of the harmless variety.
    To have a pregnant woman in your prison, that goes into labor, and not
    immediately call for medical assistance, and stay with her untill the
    doctor arrives is shameful to say the least. But to give her no attention,
    help or care at all, with the consequence that the baby dies, this is
    definitely a serious violation of the law, to put it most mildly. And when
    two men die in the same prison from dehydration, nobody with at least one
    brain cell would call this an accident. They were tortured to death in one
    of the most cruel and inhuman ways that exist.
    The fact that this happens with noone being legally persecuted is a shame,
    an outrage that concerns every single American. That is something the
    United Nations should look into, because a government that allows the
    judicial system and the police force to act like this, must be held
    acountable for all these crimes. This certainly violates international
    agreements on human rights. The US under President Obama has sunken on a
    level that is on par with the South African regime of back twenty years.
    But don’t get me wrong, the racism in this is secondary, EVERY American, no
    matter of his skin colour is living under the constant threat of becoming a
    victim of these institutions, that abuse citizens rights as a standard
    practice. It’s time for international sanctions.
    Nothing like that will happen. Why? Because the corruption is worldwide.
    Dear American brothers and sisters, YOU are the only ones that can
    reinstall justice and YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! You are held hostage by
    this brutal and tyrranical system. Is that the country you want to leave to
    your children? Your life, your property and your freedom is constantly at
    severe risk to be taken by your own government, that acts as if it was an
    occupation force in ennemy territory. You are no more free men, you have
    become targets.
    You think that is wildly exagerrated? Ask yourself, you all are under
    constant surveillance, not just criminals or suspects, ALL OF YOU, have
    your entire electronic communication constantiy monitored, recorded and
    analyzed. If your neighbour would do that, wouldn’t you see this as an
    aggressive and inacceptable hostile action?

    • Posted by Liliana Everheart, at Reply

      We can start by having courts of public opinion.

    • Posted by Jackie M, at Reply

      zürihegel first they started killing the prisoners, but I didn’t stand up
      because I wasn’t a prisoner.

    • Posted by Oliver Garcia, at Reply

      +zürihegel . Und? Wie isch’s Wätter z’Züri?
      Ziemlich grau gäl?

    • Posted by Jonathan B, at Reply

      zürihegel the Republicans are using sheriff Clarke as a political tool in
      the same way Ben Carson is. They are trumps African Americans. As he likes
      to put it

    • Posted by Jackie M, at Reply

      Jonathan B exactly. notice also how they attempt to destroy criticism of
      their pawns by calling racist.

  13. Posted by Diddy Doe, at Reply

    when you intentionaly deny someone water to the point, that he dies due to
    dehydration, that’s not just homicide, that’s murder!

    • Posted by Kyle Ashley, at Reply

      Diddy Doe homicide is murder hotshot

    • Posted by TigrisRex14, at Reply

      Diddy Doe While I agree with your sentiment, I must point out that those
      are synonyms.

    • Posted by Diddy Doe, at Reply

      Homicides can be divided into many overlapping types, including murder,
      manslaughter, justifiable homicide, killing in war, euthanasia, and
      execution, depending on the circumstances of the death.

      let’s just call a spade a spade. -.-

  14. Posted by Martial Science, at Reply

    Put sheriff Clark in his own prison.

    • Posted by Xenos, at Reply

      With his water faucet turned off.

  15. Posted by Probus Excogitatoris, at Reply

    Does anyone know if Sheriff David A. Clarke is actually human?

    • Posted by Xenos, at Reply

      Probably a mix of reptillian and fucktard.

  16. Posted by Uniquely Rare, at Reply

    This guy hates being black

    • Posted by Lo Murray, at Reply

      Uniquely Rare he forgets that he is black and he try’s so hard to think
      America is colorblind. He will realize soon enough that he can’t talk to a
      white man like that and get away with it.

  17. Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

    Sheriff Clarke is the type of black dude that only wanted white friends and
    white girlfriends.

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply

      Having a fat white girl is every black man’s dream.

    • Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

      +Denys Lightbow Fat girls are like scooters – they’re fun to ride till
      someone sees you.

    • Posted by Denys Lightbow, at Reply

      Indeed! LOL