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Medical Hernia Mesh – A Health Disaster


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Each year thousands of hundreds of hernia surgeries are performed in the United States and also many years ago, an item came out to the market called the "Kugel Mesh Spot."

That hernia spot was a terrible product that was made of a plastic chemical polymer as well as had a ring around the spot that would damage and remove in an individual's skin, abdomen, or intestinal tracts. America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio speaks about medical device business that remain to create speculative clinical gadgets.

To consult with Mike Papantonio about a potential hernia mesh case, click

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  1. Posted by stanley oleyte, at Reply

    My friend Pomaikai has this :,(

  2. Posted by Michael Fiorelli, at Reply

    These things are risky. terrible potential side effects

  3. Posted by I turned around and said AAAHHH!!!, at Reply

    He looks just like whats his name on unsolved mysteries. #Nostalgia

  4. Posted by cutterboard, at Reply

    thats one example why we (europeans) dont want a trade agreement like TTIP with the US.
    here everyone has to prove his product does no harm *prior* to selling it, in the US a product is produced and used and – lets see what happens.
    and if the product is harmfull, there is just a calculation if its still cost effetive to sell and use it anyways instead of taking it from the market. nah, thanks. keep that practice to yourselfs.

    • Posted by Bun, at Reply

      Entering into any trade agreement with the US is just shooting yourself in the foot IMO.

  5. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m from the UK where I work as a surgical assistant. I must say that TYT are not honest in this video.

    • Posted by vanessa, at Reply

      Lmao I’m another video you said you were a teacher lmaoooo

    • Posted by Shadow Runner, at Reply

      What happened to “I’m from France where I currently own a small bakery” Jacob? 😉

    • Posted by Ewannie MDH, at Reply

      Didn’t you say you were Swedish in another video 😂😂

    • Posted by shizunne, at Reply

      +Jacob Hansen Obvious troll is obvious. Try again kid.

  6. Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

    This old dude gives me nightmares.

  7. Posted by Micheal Young, at Reply

    Has TYT been hijacked by trial lawyers. What a farce! Lost my support!

  8. Posted by cuck, at Reply

    TYT is cancer for the brain

  9. Posted by Spicy teK, at Reply

    Did TYT get hacked? lmao

  10. Posted by Rayan Al-Ballaa, at Reply

    This is akin to propaganda guys. TYT you gotta stop this. I love TYT and I’m huge supporter but these lawyer segments are quite biased.

    • Posted by blizzardthe1, at Reply

      How is it? He is talking about a faulty product with a history of failure and how the health care industry is failing with these devices a little too often.

      he isn’t selling anything, and he isn’t telling you this product is bad without facts

    • Posted by LincDN, at Reply

      Yes, they are biased. Bias isn’t inherently bad. They are biased to protect regular people from amoral corporations that couldn’t care less if you lived or died as long as they make a profit from you.

    • Posted by Omegapede Prime, at Reply

      It is an advert for Mike Papantonio at levinlaw for a class action lawsuit. This is a skeezy ambulance chasing tv ad that used to be all over the TV commercials, and TYT may be violating FTC guidelines by not disclosing it’s an advertisement.

    • Posted by IngetKant, at Reply

      Blizzardthe1 Click the link at the bottom of the description box. This is an advertisement for his law-firm which specializes in these cases.

  11. Posted by Kyle Richard, at Reply

    I have a feeling that if this was a real thing, that it wouldn’t be getting advertised here.

  12. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    According to FCC you are supposed to disclose that this is a paid advertisement. The dudes a ambulance chasing attorney and tyt is fake news. Rrported

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      +blizzardthe1 check the description. Its clearly a advert but they didnt label it as such

    • Posted by realslaymon, at Reply

      Seth N what are you talking about… he isn’t selling anything, did you even watch the video?

    • Posted by Kodama, at Reply

      Seth N
      Dumbass whiny cracker.

    • Posted by john appleseed, at Reply

      realslaymon read the description

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      Seth N He is informing about an issue, how is this an advert and yes i have checked the description.

  13. Posted by Matilda Bryant, at Reply

    This guy comes off as an ambulance chaser. WTF TYT!

  14. Posted by Siberius Wolf, at Reply

    I don’t like this guy’s videos.. they’re suspicious.


      Siberius Wolf
      why? he’s down to earth and straight forward. no bull.

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      Siberius Wolf Oh yeah sure cause informing people about issues is some how suspicious now.

    • Posted by IngetKant, at Reply

      Anonymous He’s suspicious because none of the sources he references are cited, and at the bottom of the description is a link to his lawfirm that specializes in litigation against medical manufacturers. Right or wrong, these videos are not coming from any altruistic interest in informing people. They are being made with the direct intention of promoting his law firm.

    • Posted by Andreas Stevens, at Reply

      @Anon maybe because TROF are often bias with very little citation. they choose the side they want to play lawyer with, and “advertize” their opinion on their own web channel , which is getting rerun on TYT.
      id like to know if TVT got ANY money for their ads.

  15. Posted by ike Crump, at Reply

    I had this surgery and I feel worse afterwards. Very informational, thanks

  16. Posted by maarakailet1, at Reply

    Did he keep saying nigual hernia? It’s *inguinal* !!!

  17. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    To the people calling this guy an “Ambulance chaser” I hope you realize that that’s exactly what corporations want you to think. Corporations want you to think: “look at this Ambulance chaser, he doesn’t care about people he’s only in it for the money.” Of course the irony here is that it’s the corporations that are killing and poisoning us are only in it for the money. The couldn’t care less if we live or die as long as they make a profit.

    • Posted by Matt Clairmont, at Reply

      I’ve never heard that term in my life (I’m 32) until these comments. Random, kinda sketchy.

  18. Posted by Crimson Halo, at Reply

    This topic would be better covered if you included citations to longitudinal studies, evidence-based outcomes, etc. There is a general air of danger being projected, but for those of us who want to see specifics, this video comes up a bit short. I know several people who’ve gone through hernia surgery and had complications as well as returning hernias.

    Again, it would be helpful to separate the science from the politics for clarity’s sake. There are indeed some legitimate cases where medical devices are not being properly tested, or tested with subpar controls and test designs. TYT has covered it before and with much better depth than in this video. And there are also many other reasons for why a surgery failure could occur.

    • Posted by Andreas Stevens, at Reply

      just remember TROF is a run by lawyers channel, they do biased” ambulance chasing, and TVT is supporting this kind of AD as NEWS.
      like clickbait.

  19. Posted by TheLinkoln18, at Reply

    Push it back in like everyone else…