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Meet Justice Democrats First Ever Candidate Cori Bush


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Cori Bush is a Justice Democrat going to represent St. Louis in Congress. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the remark section below. Join the fight at:

" By 2016 Cori was managing a number of mental health clinics offering the homeless and under-insured in St. Louis. The difficult job of getting medicine for her individuals was among numerous aspects that made her determine to look for a massive service.

Cori entered the Democratic race for UNITED STATE Us senate as well as won an outstanding 13.3% with little budget plan while functioning as a full-time registered nurse. Not long after the primary, a relied on friend told her that Brand New Congress was searching for people who truly represent their areas to compete Congress in 2018. When he informed her they were trying to find routine individuals, nurses as well as teachers, she understood she intended to be a part.

Competing Congress is not a career move for Cori. It's the only way to assure that her mental wellness people will get the medication they need, that young moms in her parish will have child care so they could function and that her city will certainly not be haunted by oppression. Cori wants to replace the tradition of injustice in St. Louis with genuine management, and also she's the ideal candidate to do it." *.

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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    But will Trumpanzees be smart enough to look beyond their hate, and vote for her?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      It’s a joke, Jared. Try to be like your butthole is now, and loosen up.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You’re 100% correct, MartianBlues. A lot of them are totally ridiculous.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply


    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      Jared Fogle and what makes her racist?

  2. Posted by Tad Pierre-Louis, at Reply

    Looking forward to hearing more about her! 🙂

    • Posted by Antoine Wilson, at Reply

      Dont assume xer gender.

    • Posted by Cheryl Moore, at Reply

      Antoine Wilson Go back to your CAVE!

    • Posted by Antoine Wilson, at Reply

      I’m already on the internet and I’m liberal, I just wanted to make a joke spare me!

  3. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    DNC will have to do more then that if they wanna survive the sinking ship.

  4. Posted by Educating Ignorant/Intolerant Leftists, at Reply

    Why would I, as a white male, ever vote for a black woman running under a far-left political platform? Is there even a slight chance that she’d represent my interests? This is why running a party based on identity politics is so toxic. People of all political stripes should reject this approach before it overwhelms us.

    • Posted by Jason C, at Reply

      Educating ignorant+ you are by very nature uneducated! you voted for Trump, because he makes your small penis feel bigger, you’re a failure in life, you feel people that look like you are being screwed, you ever thought your education and your universal hatred of dentistry could be a part of it ?

      P.S. Educating ? You listen to ALEX JONES…..

    • Posted by Matthew Cupelli, at Reply

      Your argument perplexes me

    • Posted by Angel Rodarte Jr., at Reply

      Why are you hating on identity politics when that’s exactly what your doing? Why not look past the fact she’s black and, as a white man, vote for the things she stands for?

    • Posted by Addison Clarke, at Reply

      With this logic, no person of colour should ever vote for a white candidate. Wtf are you on bro?

  5. Posted by G Washington, at Reply

    Colin Flahertys YouTube Channel Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry covering daily tv news reports of black mob and black on everyone violence.

    • Posted by pistolpete667, at Reply

      G Washington I prefer northwest front

    • Posted by MartianBlues, at Reply

      G Washington
      Race baiting troll detected.
      0/10 mate, but maybe try again later.
      I already know you will.
      Have a lovely day!

    • Posted by Ruby Blood Moon, at Reply

      G Washington And I can careless…

  6. Posted by Dread Pirate Lenny, at Reply

    Reminder: Don’t feed the trolls
    You’re welcome.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      But but I’m hungry…Surely you progressives won’t turn away a hungry man?

    • Posted by Ian Mitchell, at Reply

      Sorry, Joel, but poverty is a state of mind. Grab those bootstraps, bucko!

    • Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

      Joel Medina

    • Posted by kramcas2, at Reply

      Then TYT needs to shut down their channel. It’s like a daily buffet for trolls to engorge themselves on.

  7. Posted by sesshoumaru3st, at Reply

    Us blacks will fight for her because supporting black empowerment and influence is a step to equality.

    • Posted by Ruby Blood Moon, at Reply

      Jared Fogle Darling explain to me how black supermacy works? I mean go into intellectual detail of how it works and how blacks are oppressing non blacks. I want to here of the complexities of this so called black supermacist system. I wanna here in colorful detail how blacks created this black super a cost system. In order for a supermacy to exist, there needs to be a system. So darling explain the black supermacist system. I’ll wait.

    • Posted by TheMADKiwi, at Reply

      well said sesshoumaru3st. Don’t let that Jared Fogle fuckwit get to you though. racist bigoted wimps like him are to cowardly to face someone in a face to face fight. i guess that’s why they troll the internet.

    • Posted by TheMADKiwi, at Reply

      people like this Racist wimp aren’t smart enough to think intellectually. that’s why they voted for tRump.

  8. Posted by Brooke Justine, at Reply

    I know her personally! She is a force to be reckoned with in STL. Love her <3

    • Posted by killler240, at Reply

      Personally? How so?

    • Posted by MANTLE, at Reply

      as a White Nationalist i will never vote for her

    • Posted by Anthony Interiano, at Reply

      Vote for her!

  9. Posted by cj johnson, at Reply

    Man i love tyt your one hell of a team stay real.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Real fake Armenian genocide news.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      James Eslick of you mean the same Armenian genocide that trump denied recently?

  10. Posted by houseofpolarbear, at Reply

    Unfortunately she’s black and female so the bigots in america will do everything not to vote for her.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Steven Taylor Hi!

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Tell that to Mia Love

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +whyamimrpink78 I have no idea who that is.

  11. Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply

    Awesome. Now who is going to primary Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

    • Posted by Chris F., at Reply

      I’d be perfectly fine with Tim Canova running against her again. He seems to be still holding her to the fire in the ways available to him.

    • Posted by Elegante, at Reply

      Yeah, he is still very active in calling her out. He’s also very respectful and always tries to stop people from attacking her looks. (Like how her face looks like a paper bag)

  12. Posted by Mike P, at Reply

    Racial justice? What is that? That sounds to me like pseudo-speak for anti-white male.

    • Posted by Mike P, at Reply

      Hayden, you are right. There is a huge double-standard.

    • Posted by Mike Brown, at Reply

      Mike P, many statistics prove that there is still huge inequality with the enforcement of the law and the penalties certain races receive. For instance, the Nixon Administration in the 70s started the “War on Drugs” to incarcerate Black people since they were seen as “political enemies” to the Republican party. The incarceration rate of black people still outweighs white people who commit the same exact crime by a multiple of 4 in the least. That is just one example of how the 14th Amendment was somewhat circumvented.

    • Posted by Mike Brown, at Reply

      You and Hayden also missed when Cenk and the Young Turks celebrated the election of a Bernie Delegate Christine Pellegrino of NY who is clearly White.

    • Posted by Hayden H, at Reply

      The 1st black thing is so 1980s.

  13. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    Haven’t seen Democrats this angry ever since Republicans took away their slaves.

    • Posted by Mike Brown, at Reply

      Gustav, you know that was wayyyyyyy before the political paradigm shift in the 1960s and 70s, right? That was when Republicans became known as the racist party. Richard Nixon ran the “southern strategy” and started the “War on Drugs” to target Black people for that very reason.

    • Posted by Nicholas A., at Reply

      we aren’t the same like under Andrew Jackson, they were conservative back then for their time

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +Mike Brown Not as bad Democrats funding the KKK and lynching black people, Betraying the United States with Confederacy, Standing against Civil rights, keeping slavery as the status quo, holding Japanese Americans in internment camps and the Trail of Tears.

    • Posted by Mike Brown, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad, again. That was before 1960s political paradigm shift. Both party switched ideologies back in the 60s. Republicans are the ones currently celebrating the confederacy.

  14. Posted by TheSlackerElite, at Reply

    Go get them Cori Bush.

  15. Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

    This is what both parties should aspire to be. #JusticeDemocrats

  16. Posted by Wyatt Loethen, at Reply

    I voted for Cori when she was running for Senate in the primaries, I know she’ll be amazing for all of Missouri when she wins

  17. Posted by PinkPonyOfPrey, at Reply

    finally … a Bush you can trust!

    • Posted by NazmusLabs, at Reply

      Yes ma’am!

  18. Posted by okami9487, at Reply

    A bush I can support

  19. Posted by The ChillyWinds, at Reply

    If you are a black women or a muslim women roughly about 99% of conservatives will automatically declare you an sjw before even hearing you speak.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      Preemptively playing ID politics is a really bad move.
      As a hardcore leftist progressive, it always legit concerns me when I see the left promote people of color and women as the Great Hope because it stands to reason they’ll be attacked from the right on their gender and race which means the left will HAVE TO make their gender/race an issue as well.
      Your comment is a perfect example of a losing game. Framing any objection to this person as a candidate as being racist or sexist will convince no one that she’s a winner. If the right comes for her, which they HAVE TO DO [this is politics after all] it would be more effective to focus on her attributes and record than on their prejudices. Unless, of course, you WANT to lose.