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Meet Two Activists Fighting For The Syrian People


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John Iadarola (Host of ThinkTank), goes over the experience of individuals living in Syria throughout the war with Abdalaziz Alhamza (Owner, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Quietly) as well as Abdulrahman Almawwas (Vice President, Syrian White Helmets) at the 2017 Oslo Freedom Forum.

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  1. Posted by Jimmy C, at Reply

    White Helmets friendly with Al-Qaeda!

    • Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

      TYT = ISIS

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      A real journalist would have asked: 1. why are there witnesses saying that the white helmets are seen celebrating nusra executions? 2. why has the white helmets faked rescues? 3. why are the white helmets only stationed in terrorist controlled areas? 4. white do the majority of Syrians support al-Assad?

  2. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    John stop meeting with terrorists.

    • Posted by SALEH Lafi, at Reply

      l_AM_ONLlNE People who risk their lives daily to save civilians are terrorists? what a time to be alive.

  3. Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

    I prefer TYT Of Old when they weren’t wearing TYT pins and TYT t-shirts and TYT caps and pushing TYT toilet paper…OK I’m BSing about the last one….for now….

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Makes no sense idiot.

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      I finally figured out who my stalker “Melanoma Trump” is. It’s the Official President of Jon Iadarola’s Fan Club!
      Anyway, I’m sorry you can’t figure out my original post. You obviously have a reading comprehension problem, because the post is pretty clear.

    • Posted by Circle Mouth, at Reply

      It doesn’t make sense though, idiot.

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump gets his husband Circle Mouth to fight his battle

  4. Posted by Junebug Comptonia, at Reply

    Let the refugees into your home, i’d love to see that.

    • Posted by Circle Mouth, at Reply

      After trump is impeached, his supporters will be required to allow refugees into their homes.

    • Posted by Salty Admiral, at Reply

      +Junebug Comptonia Why? I would not let you into my home either. What does that say about you and the refugees!?
      Feeling stupid yet?

    • Posted by Junebug Comptonia, at Reply

      Because you’re a tolerant Liberal right? You want to help these refugees don’t you?

    • Posted by David Aaronson, at Reply

      lol they don’t want these ”refugees” anywhere near them. They just use them for voting power.

  5. Posted by Real News, at Reply

    Terrorists are called activist now?

  6. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    Young Turds

    • Posted by Real News, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump 10:20 Already did more than Obama

  7. Posted by acrh22, at Reply

    Aren’t White Helmets the PR group for Al Queda?

    • Posted by HaoSci, at Reply

      NO. They are just another NGO who wants to help people. It’s not affiliated with any terrorist organizations as the Syrian and Russian government have you believe.

    • Posted by The Guardian of Truth, at Reply

      what about OGN TV? that is where you’ll find the really crazy jihadists around in there

  8. Posted by ND7652, at Reply

    “White Helmets ” are Muslim Brotherhood . TYT should be ashamed for being used for Al Qaida Propaganda .

    • Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

      TYT = ISIS

    • Posted by Tracy Feldstein, at Reply

      link please…

  9. Posted by oddysysorry, at Reply

    As a tyt fan that came back to the network after two years away, this is a little bullshit!

    • Posted by MrPayneful, at Reply

      oddysysorry this aint a little bullshit. its absolutely and completely bullshit.

  10. Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

    The white helmets are scum joined at the hip to al nusra front.. they’re it’s pr wing… shame on you promoting these lowlifes

    • Posted by The Guardian of Truth, at Reply

      JOOGAL1111 there are two PR wings… the other one is called OGN TV (not the Korean one the on with jihad beards)

  11. Posted by winbig1000, at Reply

    fighting for the Syrian people by killing Syrian people.

    • Posted by yarixza mendoza, at Reply

      winbig1000 ya it’s not right to kill innocent people but what choice do they really have? there is literally millions of terrorists in Syria. I wish all the refugees could come to America but that isn’t possible so is there another option to stop this all? I don’t think so.

  12. Posted by Naya M, at Reply

    Funny how they mention the atrocities done by ISIS and the Syrian government but haven’t said a word about what the rebel groups have been doing. Most of these rebel groups are not much different than ISIS.

  13. Posted by John Smedley, at Reply

    TYT – the White Helmets are a fraud. Shame on you.

  14. Posted by MrPayneful, at Reply


    • Posted by The Guardian of Truth, at Reply

      MrPayneful well I am the 95th person to do so

  15. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Trump bombs Syria and claims “he feels bad for the children” yet doesn’t even bother to let them in this country! The irony is unbelievable!

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      Most of the so called children in Sweden are men over 18 years old…

      We don’t need that here. You Muslim and 18, fight for your country…

    • Posted by Jorge Colombo, at Reply

      Imagine if Assad bombed the USA – and then we got answers like from David Aaronson, Zayy P and RedX165 about the 18 y old Christians and Jews, who can go f* themselve. Btw. are you guys Zionists or just average white supremacists?

    • Posted by Zayy P, at Reply

      +yarixza Mendoza Why do you think were bombing them in the first place???

  16. Posted by jmantime, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore already disproved these so called activist from the white helmets

    • Posted by Shan Baker, at Reply

      Not the entire organization. That incident was certainly made up though the gas attack you are referring to.

  17. Posted by Waren Fetischismus, at Reply

    bullshit anti-assad propaganda. the syrian people are with assad!

    • Posted by WoT-Panzerkin, at Reply

      no, no one asked for outside forces and even if somebody did, no one is willing to send forces into the swamp that is today’s Syria. On a side note, the Assad regime is already oppressive and murderous, it can’t get much worse than dropping bombs on your own population, and purposefully targeting hospitals to terrorize your people into submission., bringing in Iranian militias and letting them loose to rape and pillage everything in their path. Assad is slightly less evil because he’ll torture you for years instead of instantly chopping off your head, but hey you’re at least alive, right ?!

    • Posted by gerbs96, at Reply

      WoT-Panzerkin I dunno man. It sounds like you’re asking me to pick between 2 side of the extreme coin. It’s not like Syria has even the slightest of chances of allowing anything like reasonableness, tolerance, rule of law, etc to take hold no matter who is in power. Outside forces intervening or not.

    • Posted by WoT-Panzerkin, at Reply

      believe it or not, Syrians survived the last 7 000 years and were the center of human civilization for most of humankind history … I assure you we’ll survive this aswell

    • Posted by Ind Aus, at Reply

      Journey To Aleppo Part II: The Syria Civil Defense & Aleppo Medical Association Are Real Syrians Helping Real Syrians

    • Posted by Salam, at Reply

      I’m not. Neither are almost all people I know.

  18. Posted by DeMachinaMundi, at Reply

    How long until the ‘activists’ show up in the background of an ISIS video cheering up a beheading?

    • Posted by Thecuriousincident1, at Reply

      ”According to investigative journalists and analysts, SCD became a target of a systematic information warfare campaign by the Russian government, the Syrian government, and their supporters, who have accused the organization of taking sides in the Syrian Civil War and supporting “terrorists”.However, the fact-checking organization has reported that these claims are unfounded and multiple journalists have raised serious questions as to the credibility and government ties of individuals making accusations against SCD.”

    • Posted by Jorge Colombo, at Reply

      snopes dot com can only be matched by the extra professional outsourced fact checkers of CNN

    • Posted by DeMachinaMundi, at Reply

      How does snopes explain White Helmets holding machine guns and the flags of ISIS in THEIR OWN VIDEOS AND PHOTOS?

  19. Posted by karbit290, at Reply

    tyt whot a hell was this bulshit!!! white helmets!?? do same research morons. wy there is no west journalist in moderate rebel hold territories??? send a sam men over there. and then pay moderate ransom to get them aut of there… am I wrong or tyt are becoming state propaganda autlet???

    • Posted by grinningchicken, at Reply

      Where is Jimmy when you need him?