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Megachurch Leader Joel Osteen Keeps Doors Shut During Hurricane Harvey


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Megachurch leader Joel Osteen closed church doors to targets of Hurricane Harvey because he was secure in his $10 million home. ThinkTank's Hannah Cranston simplifies.

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  1. Posted by Marcela Brandstatter, at Reply

    Charlatan !!!!!

  2. Posted by Brandon Stark, at Reply


  3. Posted by bigtruck guy, at Reply

    Proof that the worse a human being you are, the more Amerikkka will make you rich.

  4. Posted by Alex Di, at Reply

    What a bunch of fools. Religious people are the biggest suckers on this planet.

    • Posted by Yushunao Xcent, at Reply

      Alex Di im tellin you !!!

  5. Posted by Lemon Squeezey, at Reply

    Worked for saddleback church when I was younger. The stories I have, these church goers are complete corrupt cunts. True definition of “smile in your face, stab you in the back.”

  6. Posted by Daylight Dave, at Reply

    how are these snake oil salesmen still allowed to be tax exempt?

    • Posted by lee devlin, at Reply

      religion.. law dont allow them to be taxed ..

  7. Posted by Yushunao Xcent, at Reply

    Lol these motherfucker look like psycho

  8. Posted by Chibimonsta, at Reply

    People who follow this man are sheep

  9. Posted by Ibn Muhammad, at Reply

    They look so fake. Scamming for a living is so low. I rather live like a bagger than doing such a thing.

  10. Posted by nyclear, at Reply

    Omg not to the red cross!!! They took in 500m for Haiti and built only 5 homes!!!!

  11. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Politicians and evangelist feed on the stupid , send us your money stupid fucks we need it more than you

  12. Posted by alphach1mp, at Reply

    All the millions of people should ask for their donations back from Joel Osteen.

  13. Posted by True Senate, at Reply

    Never trust a church that has a PR campaigning team

  14. Posted by Qingeaton, at Reply

    Any pastor who lives in a mansion is a phoney.
    Jesus would not know him if asked.

  15. Posted by whatifounddowntherabbithole, at Reply

    DO NOT donate to the Red Cross…the $ won’t get where it’s needed. Go to Texas gov’t website and donate to a local Houston charity that is already providing services, and won’t make millions disappear in “overhead”.

  16. Posted by nil bogg, at Reply

    Well at least these types are exposing the ugliness at the heart of “Murican” evangelicals. The kids are watching, judging and walking away from the hypocrisy of christians in droves. And they’re not going to other religions because they know they’re all alike in that regard.

  17. Posted by reneangulotrujillo, at Reply


  18. Posted by Connor Monfalcone, at Reply

    Like the guy in Family Guy said “Your a big fat phony”. Honestly this guy is such a damn fraud.