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Megyn Kelly: I Complained To Fox About Bill O’Reilly’s Sexual Harassment


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Megyn Kelly is speaking up publicly versus Costs O'Reilly. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you believe in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" NBC posted an email on its internet site that Megyn Kelly sent to previous Fox Information co-presidents Expense Shine and Jack Abernethy last year blasting Costs O'Reilly's habits towards ladies while she was still at the network.

The release of the full email comes as The New York Times reported on Saturday that Fox had determined to re-sign primetime star Bill O'Reilly in February regardless of knowing about a $32 million negotiation paid to former lawful expert Lis Wiehl, that had actually accused him of unwanted sexual advances." *.

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  1. Posted by Brent P, at Reply

    They’re ALL scumbags anyway :

  2. Posted by Philippe Nachtergal, at Reply

    It tells something when a news organisation (Fox News) doesn’t talk about an *inside* problem until another media (NYT) talks about it.

    And the trumptards still believe their right wing biased media is so much better… ( Yes NYT is biased too, just not in the same league as Fox)

  3. Posted by Dylan Timmers, at Reply

    Fox…. the first fake news.

  4. Posted by Ali Martin, at Reply

    Is it insensitive to say this is great timing for Megyn Kelly’s plummeting career? Hmmm

  5. Posted by Nobody From Nowhere, at Reply

    TBH it is begin to looks like Megy is just riding this story for her own benefit.
    We all already knew Fox News is shady.

  6. Posted by Abemelech Elam Ibn Malachi, at Reply

    Bill O’REILLY is the white people hero. Fox News is the place these terrorist go to

  7. Posted by Gabiotta, at Reply

    And this is the guy who has been lecturing and hectoring America on morality from his bully pulpit for years on end?

  8. Posted by TheOlzee, at Reply

    I’d sexually assault her too.

  9. Posted by k bone, at Reply

    She swallowed it. If you want to have some evidence. Don’t swallow don’t spit. Men rule bitches , that the law.

  10. Posted by Lorne Hampel, at Reply

    dont forget…. while Roger Ailes was alive the pigs were guarding the fox house.

  11. Posted by Pikachu Ratata, at Reply

    Why are white male always angry???

  12. Posted by Chaotic Entropy, at Reply

    Of all the people you choose to sexually harass… you choose the legal department… Smart smart smart.

  13. Posted by Jim C, at Reply

    Could you even imagine being sued ONE TIME for $1,000,000 for sexual harassment? Let alone $10,000,000. Man, what kind of person continues doing such things after millions and millions of $$$ had been paid out??? His grand total is $45,000,000. Geeze! There is always a possibility that one lying person wants to make a lot of quick money. But 6 different people?

  14. Posted by Karl Ditz, at Reply

    im sure she has the emails to prove she complained…. no one would delete such…i hope not

  15. Posted by Dennis Gerald, at Reply

    Sounds like their a culture of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

  16. Posted by Chris Jack Online, at Reply

    Megyn Kelly seems to try to buy from the media, his liberty from pro right wings medias like Fox Tv.

    Even if this story is true, i dont trust this woman ($), there’s something weird about Megyn Kelly.

  17. Posted by Learnzz, at Reply

    She complaining about the girls showing their legs while she is show her chest. Guys don’t show either

  18. Posted by GOLDENEYE 1124, at Reply

    Powerful democrats and republicans alike should just get a hooker.dont dip your pen in the company ink!!!