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Melania Trump Is FURIOUS At Donald Over Affair


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While the rest of the world has actually welcomed the whole story with a yawn, Melania Trump is apparently angry at her husband for his supposed affair and the $130,000 payback he provided to a pornography celebrity to keep it silent. Melania has actually stayed clear of the public eye– and her other half essentially– because the news broke, as well as if she's taking it seriously after that the rest of the world should, as well. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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  1. Posted by Martin PΓͺcheur, at Reply

    The fact she married an imbecile..says a lot about get character..she won’t leave…hillbilly values

  2. Posted by blazedyasa, at Reply

    She’s a played employee of his too.
    It’s so obvious they’re in a sham marriage.

  3. Posted by Jason C, at Reply

    It’s called White Privilege

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply


    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      White Privilege is Black code speak for Success Envy.

  4. Posted by Zone 9, at Reply

    Right wing nutjobs are all hypocrites.

    • Posted by C B, at Reply

      Zone 9 you are 100% correct but I am disappointed that the Democratic party isn’t jumping all over this because it’s a felony campaign violation

  5. Posted by Val, at Reply

    You’re angry because no one seems to care? People just have given up.
    Trump supporters are defending him to a level that’s just ridiculous and beyond any logic and reason, so they won’t talk about this. And sane people have resigned since that orange lunatic seems to get away with anything and makes even George. W. Bush look like an intellectual.

  6. Posted by Macki Pierce, at Reply

    I really love watching your videos, but I am hearing impaired .Since you do not have closed captioning I don’t watch as much as I want to. Could you please consider adding the closed captioning to your videos (I did check and its not available on this video) πŸ˜₯😟😿

    • Posted by Alphawindman IVL, at Reply

      Macki Pierce i second this

    • Posted by dragoncult666, at Reply

      Macki Pierce he pastes the script in the description box which I appreciate, but agree the vids should have subtitles.

    • Posted by Macki Pierce, at Reply

      dragoncult666 it makes the viewing easier with the subtitles/cc because I can’t full screen and read the description.Even if they just did the auto generated subtitles I could get the jest of the video easier. And I’ll still come back and show my support to tyt’s I love the content .

    • Posted by dragoncult666, at Reply

      Macki Pierce fingers crossed they take your comments on board, as others in the group such as Majority report, tyt nation, young Turks etc all have get subtitles.

  7. Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

    Oh please. She knows the kind of person she married.

  8. Posted by Mr. Person Humanson, at Reply

    she’s only mad because she’s embarrassed that everyone now knows that Trump is cheating on her, lol, which is very obvious knowing that Trump is a narcissist who only married her as a trophy wife.

  9. Posted by Justanother fancy screenname, at Reply

    What this title should say is. Former “other woman” now wife, furious that husband who cheated on and left second wife to be with her. Furious that husband who has a solid history of cheating on all of his ex-wife’s, in a surprising turn of events….cheated on her….

    • Posted by Mari Gonzalez, at Reply

      Justanother fancy screenname she is upset her adulterous husband is being more adulterous. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      You don’t understand. $130000 is half the price of Melania’s diamond studded Vera Wang wedding gown! For just a few nights! Melania had to work months before she hit that ballpark!

  10. Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

    What kind of business man pays $130.000 for a hooker? I guess only smart people πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      What kind of a genius president pays 240 years worth of civilization building to cover his own debt to a near-bankrupt hostile foreign country?

    • Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

      Zombie Buster fair question, do u think Melanie merry him because she is in love or money?

    • Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

      Zombie Buster lol well done

    • Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

      Zombie Buster poor thing, he ownes lot of think with money can get but love i guess

  11. Posted by Miche, at Reply

    That’s what happens when you marry a fugly pos for money. Did she think a spine would miraculously appear when she said “I do”? She was asked in an interview if she would have married him if he wasn’t rich? Her answer was ” would he have married me if I wasn’t beautiful?” She’s furious alright but not because of what he did but because people found out. I find it very hard to believe that with all the women who have come forward exposing him as a sexual predator that she didn’t know.
    He’s a disgusting filthy pig that can’t even keep his hands off his own daughter ffs.
    He’s bragged about just grabbing them by the pu**y and how much he can get away with because he was on tv and now we’re supposed to believe she’s furious. Pfft. Yeah right.
    Unless her head is full of rocks she knows the degenerate she’s married to.

  12. Posted by Steve McCormack, at Reply

    Yet again, I need to remind people – Trump told the world that he though he was above the law during the election.. he was right about that. The so-called media did not do their job then and they absolutely still are not waking up. Trump get a pass more and more on everything. All those old laws will not really apply to him – mark my words. He will get away with everything. And he is a reflection on what America has become, rotten to the core. As for Melania, she is part of that rot. Where were her principles when she married a guy like Trump in the first place?…

  13. Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

    Q: do u think Melanie merry him because she was in love with him or she was in love with his bank account?

    • Posted by Nick Angelos, at Reply

      Serkan Ister She was just a Slovenian girl, living in a lonely world. She took the golden jet, going anywhere.

    • Posted by Clayton Brown, at Reply

      Serkan Ister
      You really have to ask?

    • Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

      Clayton Brown i just dont wanna except the truth i guess

  14. Posted by Lucy Leo, at Reply

    The hypocrisy of Trumps Christan devotees

  15. Posted by Reivan, at Reply

    She don’t care about him cheating she only wanted money anyway

  16. Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

    Nonsense. This is hearsay and nothing more. There’s no way she was furious about it, she’s been married to him for years and had to have known he’s not been loyal. This was probably not surprising to her at all.

    • Posted by Mary Sharkey, at Reply

      Greg Dobson, that’s not what her body language said at the SOTU address and she didn’t arrive with him. It’s obvious. She despises him and can’t wait for him to choke on a cheeseburger.

    • Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

      Mary Sharkey Obviously she doesn’t despise him that much or she’d have divorced him years ago. She’s a golddigger. She knew exactly what she was getting. She married for money and never expected him to be faithful.

    • Posted by Jay Corby, at Reply

      LOL – McDonald’s may ride in like the US Calvary just in the nick of time, and this national nightmare will end! What say you, Mary Sharkey?

  17. Posted by NATAS, at Reply

    Stormy and Melania are going to meet for drinks, sort it out, and join forces against Donald. Just watch.

    • Posted by Dana Herron, at Reply

      +natas that would be poetry.

    • Posted by Sonja Baris, at Reply

      That would be great.

  18. Posted by NATAS, at Reply


  19. Posted by Combat Medic Mercy, at Reply

    Are we supposed to feel bad for her? Because I don’t. She gold digged her way into this country. She can sleep in the bed she made.