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Melania’s Nightmare Before Christmas


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Why is she simply … standing there? Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, and also Nando Vila, the hosts of The Young Turks, damage down Melania's Christmas designs. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark section listed below.

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" Ho, ho, ho. The Vacations are after us, and also our initial present of the season has arrived: A web chock loaded with dank, dank Melania memes.

If you haven't yet seen, Christmas events have already begun on the White Residence's social feeds with a magazine the First Woman Melania Trump's initiatives to bring seasonal joy to the loneliest place on earth, one that was met on Twitter with an objection of confusion, giggling and also memes on memes on memes.

Initially, there was this rather troubling video of First Woman Melania Trump enjoying a ballet performance, stone-faced and far-off as she gazed past the professional dancers and, probably, right into the void that is her cloistered presence. The resulting memes were limited."

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, Nando Vila

Cast: Brett Erlich, Ben Mankiewicz, Nando Vila


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  1. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    She obviously had too much covefe

    • Posted by Gollum Sessions, at Reply

      She knew too much covfefe since her first birther covfefe. She’s all in from the start. Smart or dumb, you decide.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      She was on a strict diet of meth and covefefe hold the covefefe.

  2. Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

    so………she stood there and watched them……..and people wonder why tyt is a joke. Was she suppose to get down there and do the worm?

    • Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

      Dave Rubin is scum. Oh please. Grow up already.

    • Posted by Daniel Lopez, at Reply

      +Daniel Lopez I meant I support tyt in the first sentence sorry

  3. Posted by Skrollr, at Reply

    somebody explain to me how’s this relevant news

    • Posted by Akmal Ibrahim, at Reply

      Skrollr It’s not. TYT’s being a bullying jackass.

    • Posted by Its okay to be white, at Reply

      TYT is like a low brow version of CNN, it doesnt really do news, it exists to hate everything related to Trump then pretends its news.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Akmal Ibrahim They are human garbage.

  4. Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

    Idk it’s not that weird

    • Posted by mrbadguysan, at Reply

      foreverwantingpie it’s weird, Dude. The whole friggin thing is weird.

    • Posted by Katelynne Huh, at Reply

      I’m not sure what else she was supposed to have done. Out of all the new stories, this is what they focus on?

    • Posted by mrbadguysan, at Reply

      Katelynne Huh hold on; you’re doing Christmas decorations for your house, the place where you live; The White House, and a ballet routine is happening in the place where you live…

      Would that be the expression on your face? Really?

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Not weird at all. Just typical aging bimbo seething and sulking at females her husband prefers to grab.

  5. Posted by Danmandingo, at Reply

    *TYT hating on Christmas now…*

    *Ah who am I kidding, they probably always have.* 👁️

    • Posted by Real Beginning, at Reply


    • Posted by All People Are Equal, at Reply

      Umm, hello, TYT are mostly Muslims and Jews, there is no reason they should have to celebrate Christmas.

    • Posted by R U S H E R t h i n g, at Reply

      Bold is to adults as capitals are to children

  6. Posted by country farmer420, at Reply

    I hope they kept the receipt.

  7. Posted by Dana Chapin, at Reply

    Melania Trump has petrified her face with botox.

    • Posted by annaleesfantasy, at Reply

      Dana Chapin 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Posted by Jesus Velazquez, at Reply

    Melanoma looks like a female Jason. Dotard Donnie better sleep with one eye open and finger on the Twitter.

  9. Posted by Shawnee Longbow, at Reply

    And Melania’s just out there, standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking like a goddamn Civil War ghost.

    • Posted by Its okay to be white, at Reply

      Yeah she is being elagant. I know you dont get it. Maybe she should do show the kids how to do break dance moves like Michael would, but something tells me your hateful TYT would mock her for that too.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Maybe other people should have been with her enjoying the demonstration instead of looking like a white walker from game of thrones.

    • Posted by c0nv0luted l l c0nscience, at Reply

      Shawnee Longbow Maybe a smile, some slightly relaxed posture couldve avoided this. The armchair “white supremacists” lack the cognitive abilities to recognize something so complex as the way shes standing and her expressionless face causing us discomfort.

  10. Posted by farfiman, at Reply

    New low for TYT… give it a break already.

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      Can’t take a joke sometimes? Reporting on news like shootings and political chaos can be a downer, just let them have their joke, Jesus Christ. 😛

    • Posted by Mr. NastyinCT., at Reply

      jessie md: the young turds are a joke ALL THE TIME.

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      Don’t like TYT go off and watch Fox News or something… What was that quote? Uh, yes… “You can’t handle the truth.” Now run along.

  11. Posted by Michael Coville, at Reply

    Melania clearly despises her husband- no surprise there- and hates being the First Lady. When she married the idiot for his money that wasn’t part of the bargain.

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Karma for daring to cry out loud on TV claiming her black president was “illegal Kenyan migrant”.

  12. Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

    You want to save her.. how about saving the black slaves in libya first

    • Posted by Throw Away, at Reply

      So, just to be sure, you expect /want trump to do something about slaves?

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Melania is NO victim. She didn’t marry Trump for his personality or charm. She wanted to be married to a rich, powerful, famous man. She’s gotten what she wanted and then some. The victim narrative is so absurd.

    • Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

      Throw Away no. The left needs to stop complaining about racism in USA and fight real racism in libya

    • Posted by Throw Away, at Reply

      Great. So does Trump have any plans to do anything about slavery (or racism, since you changed tack in your last reply) in Libya?

  13. Posted by Guillermo St, at Reply

    You don’t understand. Melania was auditioning those girls to find a date for Roy Moore for Xmas.

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Too old for Roy. More like she’s auditioning for something to stab.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      So she’s giving Roy Moore a nutcracker. Apropro.

  14. Posted by RememberRox, at Reply

    Breaking news, Melania trump stands and watched as ballerinas dance

  15. Posted by shonenlad one, at Reply

    That whole family reeks of creep. I feel bad for her. She married a completely emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, petty, vindictive, racist, orange con-man for his money.

    • Posted by Brit Milah, at Reply

      Come on you think she doesnt read Mein Kampf to Barron at bed at night. Its a Trump family favorite. You have to be a little like that to marry into that kind of family to start with.

  16. Posted by dizzybynature, at Reply

    Melania looked worried that Drumpf might come downstairs and grab one of those women by their genitals..

    • Posted by Hale Hardy, at Reply

      dizzy brain, BTW his name is Trump

  17. Posted by Supreme, at Reply

    +The Young Turks – Slow news day, huh?

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      I heard that you support a known pedarist by the name of Moore, Roy Moore.

  18. Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

    How is it weird? She is just standing there and watching. Maybe she is just standing there because people are having a performance and she doesn’t want to get in the way?

  19. Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

    I thought it was creepy at first but then i thought she was probably trying to leave, but she didn’t want to break up the dance.

  20. Posted by nigella4me, at Reply

    That is the COLDEST, COLORLESS, MOST STERILE looking Christmas scene ever. Just HORRIBLE!!! Melania looks like a robot just staring straight ahead. She is the MOST unfriendly looking first lady ever!