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Men vs. Women: FailArmy Versus (August 2017)


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In the ultimate battle of the sexes, we have guys versus women !!! Which sex falls short harder? Let us recognize in the comments! Submit your video clip for an opportunity to win Brad Paisely show tickets:


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Guy Depend on Autumn Fail
Partner Films Better half Stuck in Quicksand
Guy Attempts to Jump Over parkling Whole lot Post
Guy Has Difficulty on Escalator
Elephant Slefie
Slackline Lowers Roofing
Golf Cart Wedgie
Youngster Obtains Tongue Stuck on Pole
Individual Falls in Mud River
Father Crashes Child's Plaything Cars and truck
Moron Rides Bike Off Dock
Pole Falls Over on Man Dancer
Yoga Ball versus Pick Up Vehicle
Daddy Consumes it on Swegway
Pogo Stay with the Nuts
Parking Entrance Hits Guy
Show Off Fail
Girl Count on Falls in Incorrect Direction
Better half Movies Husband Stuck in Seatbelt
Woman Stops working Jumping Over Parking Whole lot Pole
Girl Sliding Down Escalator Smashes Face on Glass
Peacock Selfie
Female Attempts Tightrope
Woman Falls From Golf Cart
Tongue Stuck on Popsicle
Female Attempts Tightrope
Lady Falls Face First in Mud
Woman on Plaything Automobile
Lady Falls Trying to Slam Dunk Off Colleague's Back
Female on Bike Faceplants on Dock
Post Health and fitness Dancer Falls on Head
Workplace Yoga Sphere Match Sends out Lady Flying
Female Falls In reverse on Swegway
Female Falls on Pogo Stick
Parking Gate Strikes Lady in the Head
Pole Dancing

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  1. Posted by MilkDemCows666, at Reply

    I lost my virginity to a cow

    • Posted by Connar 4 real !!, at Reply

      Awesome !!! Keep it up

    • Posted by Cristian, at Reply

      poor cow

    • Posted by Nombrero MSP, at Reply


    • Posted by Dylan Jones, at Reply

      Why would you let a cow penetrate your butthole?

    • Posted by CannedPizzaRolls ', at Reply

      MilkDemCows666 why would you screw Amy Schumer

  2. Posted by AMIRLASHH ABL, at Reply

    Русские, ставим лайк. Если автор удалит, значит он не любит русских xd

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply


    • Posted by STIN AGU, at Reply

      I liked this comment , and dont even know what it says.

    • Posted by RevenantIgor, at Reply

      It says, that russians are all faggots.

    • Posted by SCP-049, at Reply

      Um translate please

    • Posted by AMIRLASHH ABL, at Reply

      Russian, we put like. If the author removes, then he does not like Russian xd

  3. Posted by ERROR 404, at Reply

    Too bad the YouTube comments are cancer now.

    • Posted by ERROR 404, at Reply

      SCP-049 i dont really care about them lol

    • Posted by Finn Sanders, at Reply

      error 404…  milenians coments,  feminist coments,  fagots comments…. liberal world!!!  nice isn´t it?

    • Posted by ERROR 404, at Reply

      XGaMiNgX BFH ???? What is your problem? Btw. Stop liking your own comment.

    • Posted by XGaMiNgX BFH, at Reply

      ERROR 404 ohh now it’s getting clear… you have cancer..i feel sorry for you

  4. Posted by Ja Wi, at Reply

    First time I watched Fail Army I realised:Humans are the most stupid species on earth😂

    • Posted by ThatOneLiquid, at Reply


    • Posted by LifelikeShark 4, at Reply

      Ja Wi I noticed that when I was born

    • Posted by Pootis Spencer, at Reply

      The thing is you didn’t even care of trying to make it a bit different, you just copied and pasted without giving any fucks

  5. Posted by Maltix, at Reply

    Wish you guys a nice day

    • Posted by thomas harrison, at Reply

      I’ll try

    • Posted by Farah Boksmati, at Reply

      You too !! 🌸😄

    • Posted by Samsunganer, at Reply

      Maltix no.
      Stop it.
      Get some help.

    • Posted by Jasmine F., at Reply


      just kidding have a great day

  6. Posted by Jules T., at Reply

    Can I get 16 likes ?

    • Posted by neko zombie, at Reply

      Jules T. How about 150? You a cool dood ^^

    • Posted by Caleb St. Peter, at Reply

      what about 200?

    • Posted by Erect, at Reply

      Jules T. How about 16 handjobs?

    • Posted by UnicornKWO_9077 u, at Reply

      Erect sounds like you’ve had enough lol

  7. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.

    • Posted by Nicolette Couture, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora the only thing that gets banged at your house it the door

    • Posted by thomas harrison, at Reply

      I’m sure I’ve seen this comment before….. in this comment section actually….

    • Posted by Samsunganer, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora If you’re going to copy comments, could you please copy decent ones?

  8. Posted by Flappyturd 21, at Reply

    The comments section is gonna be a war

    • Posted by Lᴏs Iɴɢᴏʙᴇʀɴᴀʙʟᴇs Dᴇ Jᴀᴘᴏɴ, at Reply

      Nope. It’s just memes

  9. Posted by Bubbles, at Reply


    • Posted by Will Irvin Parkour, at Reply

      DEXTROYER Xv 1 It’s something Pewdiepie said

  10. Posted by Jayden, at Reply

    The comments section is going to be war…

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      +Scharfzahn 100
      Ahahah, what are you doing on YouTube, you dumb hole? Go to kitchen and cook your man some food.

    • Posted by Scharfzahn 100, at Reply

      John Smith ??? I am a man?!!

    • Posted by John Snow, at Reply

      Scharfzahn 100 You’re being trolled so hard.

    • Posted by Erect, at Reply

      Jayden why is North Korea here?

  11. Posted by Jayden, at Reply

    A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.

    • Posted by Shui Dongliu, at Reply

      Your mom was angry when you were born tho. Winning

    • Posted by rigomortisfxstudios, at Reply

      they all ways make a man mad at them

    • Posted by Caleb St. Peter, at Reply

      A man who hasn’t mad a woman angry in life is actually a role model for all.

    • Posted by Butters, at Reply

      Jayden amen

  12. Posted by The_Dang_Man, at Reply

    What about the other genders?

    • Posted by bill hopkins, at Reply

      There are only two genders I sexually identify as a transformer

    • Posted by Matt Martin, at Reply

      What other genders? There are only two…

    • Posted by FaZe Gum, at Reply

      Suomen poika so no genders? Lol I’m just kidding 😂🖒

    • Posted by S E R E N E // S O C I O P A T H, at Reply

      I feel so triggered they didn’t include all the attack helicopters

  13. Posted by JenVlogz, at Reply

    Any other girls hate it when your called a “gal”

    • Posted by SoulsOfBirds gaming, at Reply

      Aye gal

    • Posted by SCP-049, at Reply

      JenVlogz not a girl but i would understand why it would be annoying

    • Posted by IceeBliss, at Reply

      TheCrazyUnicornFan – Roblox And More! Nah

    • Posted by Sans Handlebars, at Reply

      JenVlogz *you’re

  14. Posted by Scarecrow, at Reply

    1:50 she ded

    • Posted by Nikoz 372, at Reply

      Scarecrow really?

    • Posted by Marcus 189, at Reply

      Scarecrow 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by bill hopkins, at Reply

      Nikoz 372 yeah r.i.p

  15. Posted by Amirul Faiz, at Reply


    • Posted by thomas harrison, at Reply

      Then your parents condom was pretty stupid

    • Posted by Pootis Spencer, at Reply

      thomas harrison Ouch

  16. Posted by Jarno Datema, at Reply

    Let me tell you who’s beautiful. Read the 2nd word. You’re welcome

    • Posted by 10 Million Fireflies, at Reply

      Jarno Datema there is no 2th word, I win

    • Posted by thomas harrison, at Reply


    • Posted by Mr. Jugenmujugenmugokonosurikekaijarisugesugematsu, at Reply

      Jarno Datema? Sure ig I’m pretty ugly lmao

  17. Posted by Edi Vancea, at Reply

    Gals are weak and weird
    Boys are srong but idiots
    This comes from a boy.

    • Posted by Daphne Goldlee, at Reply

      Edi Vancea that’s not true

    • Posted by Edi Vancea, at Reply

      Vuk, girls will :always: look better then boys.
      Better then some boys at least.

    • Posted by Crunchy Oysters, at Reply

      define srong

  18. Posted by Germán Liébana, at Reply

    Men are way more stupid than woman…. And im a boy.

    • Posted by Void, at Reply

      Pootis Spencer No, we don’t. What kind of “””studies””” are you talking about? That’s so 1930

    • Posted by Jasmine F., at Reply

      Germán Liébana why should I care if your a dude? And what if it’s just you who is stupid? Because you’ve proven you are.