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Mexican President Has A Message For Trump (VIDEO)


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The former Head of state of Mexico intends to be the future Head of state of The United States. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Get your TYT gear at:

" The USA just chose an outsider head of state, and also currently Vicente Fox is hoping it will certainly choose a Mexican.

The previous Mexican head of state announced his spoof candidateship in the 2020 U.S. presidential political election on Thursday, in a five-minute video clip declaration shellacking Head of state Trump with profanity and also mariachis vocalizing his "Vicente for Presidente" project track.
" Donald, whenever I tease you, which I do a whole lot, individuals state, 'Why can not you be our head of state?'" stated Fox, who arised in 2014 from a drowsy post-presidency on his cattle ranch in central Mexico to come to be a Web experience as one of Trump's the majority of regular and also brutal comical critics." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

    I’m voting for Fox.

  2. Posted by PEPE and KEK, at Reply

    Well Vicente Fox isnt eligible to run for President of the United States but you wouldnt know that would you

  3. Posted by horsepanther, at Reply

    That was SO BRILLIANT!!!!!

  4. Posted by OG JOHN, at Reply

    I’m white and I’m voting for Fox

  5. Posted by TheFableGamer, at Reply

    I was going to say this was over the line, but it’s too fucken funny!!! 😂

  6. Posted by GMATveteran, at Reply

    I would vote for Fox just for the sake of the hilarious irony of having a Mexican immigrant illegally steal Trump’s job.

  7. Posted by Richard Jones, at Reply

    I love this guy!

  8. Posted by stone1andonly, at Reply

    Super Deluxe & Vicente Fox are awesome! I loved the “Covfefe” coffee mug and the “Pee Tape” on Vicente’s desk.

  9. Posted by neil adlington, at Reply

    At least I know Vicente has been paying attention. Other than that I don’t get the point.

  10. Posted by Vance Abbott, at Reply

    Lol if trump supporters are the ones butt hurt.. Why do y’all protest and block traffic lol

  11. Posted by charbuk, at Reply

    Vicente Fox is a right wing tyrant who perpetuated a system of extreme corruption and who betrayed the expectations of all the people who voted for him in the hopes that he would reform the the state of corruption intituted by the PRI. But he’s made a funny anti-Trump video so the assholes at the young turks fall all over themselves in praise of this criminal.

  12. Posted by Slutty McTits, at Reply

    This man has such a great sense of humor; he doesn’t take himself so seriously. At the same time, he is a respectable adult – an actual former President of a country. Personal politics aside, HE is exactly the kind of leader the U.S. needs to bridge the gap between intellectuals, normal people, and the idiots who think “well, I’d like to have a beer with THAT guy!” a la George W. Bush.

  13. Posted by Debbie Bradley, at Reply

    .I liked it,was very funny.

  14. Posted by Mike's Organic Videos, at Reply

    THAT WAS AWESOME! And was coherent, not rambling, and made sense! Well played, Amigo!

  15. Posted by dude call me pan, at Reply

    Wow what in the hell im so done, 10/10 would vote for him

  16. Posted by Ian, at Reply

    It’s not surprising The Young Turks is sucking up to a narco king pin like Vicente Fox who is hated in Mexico.

  17. Posted by Noreen ennis, at Reply

    you know what I don’t care what the world do Jesus ,the man

  18. Posted by Lee Cooper, at Reply

    I love that man!

  19. Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

    That last line about his ashamed father must hurt because it would be true if the guy was alive.

  20. Posted by Maya-Louise Mcpherson, at Reply

    I need more politicians to be like this