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Millennials Are Kicking Ass


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Here's all the things Millennials are doing RIGHT, that nobody speak about! Held by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

    i can’t believe trump said that (well i can actually)

  2. Posted by unbiased, at Reply

    TRUMP always manages to say SOMETHING DUMBER THAN he’s said previously! That’s his TALENT!

  3. Posted by F Diddy, at Reply

    Millenials are also A LOT more level-headed. Anyone who’s ever worked at retail will know that 99% of rude customers are older people, especially baby-boomers. They’re the ones raging about their expired coupons and demanding to speak to the manager lmao. Entitled twats

    • Posted by ABC TALK, at Reply

      F Diddy exactly

    • Posted by xQuinn2013x, at Reply

      F Diddy that’s true, but millennials are more likely to try and steal things, learned from 5 years retail experience

    • Posted by JimijaymesGuitarist, at Reply

      *young people
      Do you think Millenials are the first generation to try and steal things from a retail store?

    • Posted by xQuinn2013x, at Reply

      JimijaymesGuitarist not at all, but currently, millennials are young people hence they are more likely to steal. My case still stands.

    • Posted by JimijaymesGuitarist, at Reply

      xQuinn2013x it’s just a weird thing to use as a generational argument. It’s like saying baby boomers are using pension money more then any other generation or tax fraud is committed by gen x’s. But yes millenials steal and also binge drink the most

  4. Posted by DoctorWhoIsBest, at Reply

    people fail to realise that millenial actually means people born after 1980 not 2000. You may acttually be a millenial yourself

  5. Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

    Doesn’t matter what data you show, butt-hurt idiots in the comments will just keep slinging stereotypes.

    • Posted by blisterpacman, at Reply

      cause their true

    • Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

      Please continue making my point for me.

  6. Posted by addy kelly, at Reply

    Dear lord. Is it possible the reason Trump says there is no such thing as climate change is because he doesn’t want to get rid of his hair spray?

  7. Posted by Adam Schoedel, at Reply

    I’m a Generation X-er. And though I find a couple of social habits and fads of hipsters and millennials annoying, I am much more in line with them politically than I am with my own generation.

  8. Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

    How those disgusting pos’ at fox can place blame on anyone but themselves is amazing

  9. Posted by Bryan Kethley, at Reply

    I am a 61 year old who is the proud father of three Millennials – You are spot on

  10. Posted by Fieldcruiser, at Reply

    Just like raising dogs, it all depends on the love and nurturing a parent puts into it.

  11. Posted by diskotyque, at Reply

    To be fair, on the first point, Millennials have not been around as long as Boomers or Gen X-ers to get into the side hanky panky. Need to compare the stats when all groups were at the same point in their lives.

  12. Posted by David Cervera, at Reply

    “Damn kids and there !” I’m fairly certain, thousand of years ago, some caveman was saying, “These entitled kids and their ‘fire’! Back in my day we ate our meat raw, and we liked it!”

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      You would be correct, the first written account of an elder complaining about the younger generation was from ancient Greece. That means these complaints have likely been around long before then.

    • Posted by OtherSideOfMorning, at Reply

      No, that story is a myth regrettably.

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +OtherSideOfMorning I tried to find a firm discredit for the passage attributed to Socrates by Plato but I couldn’t find it. :/

      At best I found some people trying to figure out with the answer of ‘We’re not sure’, which is very different from a ‘no’ considering the origins of the phrase.

      That being said.. There is apparently a graffiti scrawl from the Pyrimids at about 1800 B.C. that suggests the young are lazy and there is an at least firm 20 B.C in Book III of Odes. And if not *then* then it’s a centuries old complaint after that. If the ancient Greeks never wrote it down, they probably still said it.

      There’s more than one old quote about this crap.

    • Posted by OtherSideOfMorning, at Reply

      Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure people have saying this ever since we started grunting. 😀

      IIRC the quote was later attributed to guy, much later. Similar to the Voltaire ‘I’ll defend your free speech” quote.

  13. Posted by Jesse Verrier, at Reply in the comments, I can’t help but seeing millennials bashing millennials, for being millennials.

  14. Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

    There is a reason they are called baby boomers. They are hoes

  15. Posted by CapAnson12345, at Reply

    So your first claim is that millennials cheat less, then you show a stat talking about 55 year olds? Tighten your game man.

  16. Posted by Katrina Faddes, at Reply

    Most of the comments seem to be suggesting that Millennials are just teenagers or young adults even though researchers consider anyone born from the start of the 1980s to the start of the 2000s as Millennials. So the survey for divorce could have been done on the majority of Millennials that are in their 30s.

  17. Posted by Duke Raoul, at Reply

    Can they put “Commentary by Francis”, or Cenk’s cousin’s name when he does it, in the title so I know to skip it and not waste my time?