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Millionaire Donor Threatens Democrats


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Stephen Cloobeck has ended up being a walking signboard for project money reform. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

"" Great inquiry," Las Vegas business person Stephen Cloobeck stated on MSNBC when asked why Democrats have had so couple of political election successes against a significantly right-leaning GOP.
" A depressing state for us," he continued.

" With any luck, we'll get our sh– with each other."

Cloobeck, that gave away $1 million last year to Hillary Clinton's allied very SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP, Priorities USA Action, informed MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle that he'll cut off funds to the event if it moves too far to the left on financial issues complying with President Trump's win in 2014.
" I could inform you if we go much left, I'm out," Cloobeck claimed. "I'm out. We require middle ground."

" It drives me nuts. A lot so it would make me stop the celebration," he included. "As well as I've made it extremely clear; I'll cut your cash off. And others will do the exact same. We have actually had sufficient. We need a new brand name."" *.

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  1. Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

    The most dangerous enemy is the one that pretends to be your friend.

    • Posted by MP USMC SRT, at Reply

      Misael Cifuentes You confused being friendly with being friends. Congratulations, you played yourself.

    • Posted by membrusgrandis, at Reply

      you are 100% right .

    • Posted by Antony Mash, at Reply

      The bigger the smile the sharper the knife

    • Posted by THE END C30, at Reply

      Misael Cifuentes very true..

    • Posted by Tomas Bickel, at Reply

      Ah .. “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” ?

  2. Posted by Nathan Staats, at Reply

    this is why we need to get money of out politcs. we need politicians who serve the people not their rich donors

    • Posted by ufutz, at Reply

      Yes, yes it does. It includes ALL money donated to ALL parties, from ALL sources. It’s not a left/right issue.

    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      @ thomas jordon….the unions are made up of the working middle class, they are people. that is different from individuals doners ..

    • Posted by Josh Benson, at Reply

      Levi Rawls

      No, it’s not. It is still private money. ALL private money needs to go, from billionaires to unions and average joes.

    • Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

      @ josh benson…….the unions never got any cash for voting certain ways. the only things we got was jobs, certain contracts and the jobs were not outsourced. the unions were about keeping jobs and protections…

    • Posted by Thomas Jordan, at Reply

      @Levi … Really? Have you ever been a member of a union? Have you ever been involved in union organization? I have and unions are so corrupt its sickening.

  3. Posted by Nick Rewal, at Reply

    Where is that dudes neck?

    • Posted by Oleg Gnashuk, at Reply

      He looks like Steve Wozniak’s angry shitty cousin.

    • Posted by Bathrobe Battousai, at Reply

      Hey Dumbo, If you’re going to be talking about someone’s body part you should tape your ears back and put a new photo as your icon pic. Elephant on parade.

    • Posted by Robert Vysther, at Reply

      Too many prime ribs and manhattans.

    • Posted by Aegix Drakan, at Reply

      he’s hiding it from the inevitable guillotines that will roll out. XD

    • Posted by Babyboi6769, at Reply

      jason tillerson took it, but it got stolen.

  4. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    Bye Felicia!

    • Posted by Chang Cappo, at Reply

      Bye sore losers!

  5. Posted by Doug Coombes, at Reply

    Justice Democrats or America is toast…

  6. Posted by Albert Progressive Einstein, at Reply

    What i dont understands is the overwhelming evidence of both political parties being run by the rich cats and most of americas (90%) do not have a clue of whats going on because they are being brainwashed with the mainstream media and Alex Jones propaganda.

    • Posted by occupynewparadigm, at Reply

      You mean the people that watch Alex Jones and are alt-light/right aren’t WOKE? They keep telling me they are woke.

    • Posted by IMelkor42, at Reply

      90%? Where did you get that stat? I think I remember a poll where the overwhelming majority of people agreed that money had too much influence on politics (can’t remember the number of phrasing exactly)

    • Posted by Michele Maliano, at Reply

      Albert Progressive Einstein it shows how many Americans cannot think for themselves. It’s scary for those of us who do.

    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      Albert Progressive Einstein also Rush Limbaugh’s propaganda, he proponents an us versus them mentality in his fan base making them falsely believe that there is no such thing as moderate in all forms of politics. I know because I dealt with one last Saturday night and I did give him a dose of reality although I doubt I changed his mind because he’s a lost cause.

  7. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    this is why there should be laws as to millionaires/billionaires not being able to give any politician hundreds of thousands of dollars to a single political candidate or multiple political candidates/ currentpoliticians. they shouldnt be allowed to give more than 4 figures a year to a single person, and corporations shouldnt be allowed to donate at all to political parties.

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Haha. Laws won’t make a difference. Big government corrupts.

    • Posted by Tomato Pa, at Reply

      US history 101:
      Republicans = party of m/billionaires who play saints Sunday morning
      Democrats = party of m/billionaires who play golf Sunday morning

    • Posted by Kim Jones, at Reply

      It also pays for secrets, rapes of children and poisoning of our water. GET THESE BASS TURDS OUT THIS MIDTERM. ALL OF THEM THAT ARE ATTACHED TO THIS PARASITE.!!!!

  8. Posted by Maureen Miettinen, at Reply

    Whoa! Cloobeck has no freakin shame!!

    • Posted by fakeItRight, at Reply

      or really, a neck

    • Posted by Jorge Amado Soria Ramírez, at Reply

      You took my comment!

    • Posted by RPM, at Reply

      Mine as well.

    • Posted by Bill O'Falafel, at Reply

      Grown-up Eric Cartmen lookin’ MOTHA fucka

  9. Posted by Ruben, at Reply

    I LOVE Cenk’s passion against the corrupt, establishment, centre-right corporatist Democrats and lack of self-censorship. Keep fighting for justice

    • Posted by ufutz, at Reply

      The alternatives: Vote for Trump.
      Vote other.
      Not vote.
      Voting for Hillary was the better option. It wasn’t a vote for her so much as a vote to stop Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have been better than Trump is now.

    • Posted by ufutz, at Reply

      So, do you think money in politics is ok?

    • Posted by ItsOnlyMe MsKim, at Reply

      Ruben,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Is that wtf your dumb@ss came up with,that he’s talking about Democrats wanting tax breaks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 HE’S TALKING ABOUT MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES,DUMB DUMB? I swear I haven’t ran into one smart and honest trumpanzee! GUMP IS THE ONE WHO’S TRYING TO PASS THAT BULLSHIT @SS TAX REFORM,dumb@ss! Gump is for the millionaires and the billionaires,dumb@ss! Clearly, you’re dumber than Gump! 😎

    • Posted by Darkjayven, at Reply

      Because Hillary would have a better tax policy.

  10. Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

    Never trust a man without a neck…

  11. Posted by dominichokage, at Reply

    I wish there was more of this sort Uygur’s fire in Democrats and progressives.

  12. Posted by David Vergara, at Reply

    I wish I can give a million likes, but we have only one yes to give to you and TYT it’s the way we should be, fair.

    • Posted by moismyname, at Reply

      You should start officially fake accounts and get the Supreme Youtube Court to rule that they can give their views and likes to whoever you want, “because fake accounts are people, too”. Then Youtube should allow Super PACs (phoney account consolidation), a new type of account that allows you to easily manage the views and likes of all your fake accounts from one place. Then you could give TYT videos a million views and likes, of course under the condition that they report what you want them to.

      That would be fair, right? It’s all just free speech, right?

    • Posted by moismyname, at Reply

      greenlantern699, who’s trolling?

    • Posted by Bill O'Falafel, at Reply

      moismyname I smell a billionaire 😉

  13. Posted by disenchanted.forest, at Reply

    Too far to the left? 😐 The Dems have been crawling centre-right for decades.

    • Posted by Jim Moore, at Reply

      disenchanted forest > That blew me away, too. Cloobeck should just come out as Republican. It’s obvious to everyone but him.

    • Posted by Håkon Kvande, at Reply

      According to American standards, the dems might be too far to the left. But from a European perspective, both dems and reps are far right. You have a very right, and an extreme right party to choose from.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      Center right?
      In the rest of the world the Democrats are hard right, most times more right than the politically viable options

      And the equivalent of Republicans are simply so far right that they are lucky if they get their own vote .

    • Posted by manchesterblue2007, at Reply

      +Dennis O

      there is no ‘left’ in US politics…..

      you wouldnt know what ‘radical left wing’ was if it jumped up and bit you

    • Posted by Justice Democrat 82594, at Reply

      disenchanted.forest They have been doing it on purpose since the rise of the DLC during the Bush 41 years.

  14. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    The last 17 years of supply-side (“trickle-down”) economics have favored only the wealthy, while slowing the rate of income growth for the average American family. As inflation continues, wages have failed to keep up under this policy. Congress, (not to mention Steve Mnuchin and the rest of the 1% running the country) are completely aware of this yet refuse to increase the minimum wage to a livable wage nor consider the more effective economic policies that Robert Reich implemented in the 1990’s during the Clinton era. These people are pissing on your legs and telling you it’s raining, and yet people support it for the sake of anti-liberal views. Sad.

    • Posted by Justice Democrat 82594, at Reply

      Randy H voodoo economics have been doing that since Reagan.

    • Posted by Randy H, at Reply

      Justice Democrat 82594 you’re right, however that wasn’t the Clinton administration’s economic strategy in the 90’s, and middle class economic growth hasn’t been the same since supply-side was resumed in 2000 by George W Bush.

  15. Posted by Antoinette Orozco, at Reply

    These fuckers arent even ashamed anymore. Showing their face on national tv

    • Posted by The Tekksetter, at Reply

      The true face of Corporate America, it’s fat, it’s ugly and it has no neck.

  16. Posted by Johnny Scythe, at Reply

    Money really needs to get out of politics. It’s sad that democrats are supposed to be the party of the people hence the dem in the name yet they accept donations from the wealthy. They do it because it’s the only way they can compete against republicans. By taking money out of politics, republicans won’t be able to accept donations from the wealthy thus levelling the playing field.

    • Posted by Julian Garcia, at Reply


    • Posted by armlovesmetal, at Reply

      We need the European model when it comes to politics and donations which are strictly regulated. I completely agree with you Johnny. Our politicians are nothing but whores to the special interests, the rich and corporations. All this legalized bribery makes me sick.

    • Posted by mark nelson, at Reply

      I disagree
      The Democratic Party / Hillary are / is 100% corrupt at the party leadership level
      Justice Democrats will fail if they try to become a new 3rd party

  17. Posted by Phil, at Reply

    You say donors, I say owners.

    • Posted by TONY, at Reply

      Let us call them: Ownors.

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      Slave owners. And the People are the slaves.

  18. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    He has that bloated Alex Jones look.

    • Posted by andrea hartwell, at Reply

      Marie D 😂😂😂 oh yeah.

    • Posted by Adammarketis, at Reply

      from all the money they’ve shoved up thier asses

    • Posted by Tara Jade, at Reply

      looks like a heart attack ready to happen…this is greed at its best

    • Posted by armlovesmetal, at Reply

      I was thinking the same thing. Could they be related?

    • Posted by IMelkor42, at Reply

      “I can’t really argue with what he’s saying in this video, it’s monumentally popular, so I’ll just call him fat…”

      Well done, go home.

  19. Posted by MOBROOKS, at Reply

    Have to get the money out of politics!!

  20. Posted by Jayyy Zeee, at Reply

    Donors are like “I didn’t give you 3 million dollars because I’m a nice guy. I expect to get that money back in tax cuts and then some.”
    As Cenk said, it’s bribery.