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Millionaire Tells Millennials To Get Off Their Lazy Asses!


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Millionaire tells millennials to take a minimum wage job in order to manage housing and disregards the realities about our economic situation. ThinkTank's Hannah Cranston simplifies.

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  1. Posted by aaron Salentine, at Reply

    2 rich dudes disliked this video lol

    • Posted by darkanima20008, at Reply

      aaron Salentine its 7 now since I seen it

    • Posted by aaron Salentine, at Reply

      +darkanima20008 wow 15 now rich fucks are pissed 😂

  2. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    The rich are the biggest welfare queens in America.

    • Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I’m guessing you forgot the trillions of dollars corporations get for ruining the economy.

    • Posted by Astral Dragon, at Reply

      Jace Solomon rich crybabies are the biggest welfare collectors, spoiled cucks, relying on the workers they childishly look down on to give them an income ;D I’d love to see how much spoiled whiny wealthy crybabies would be making each year if suddenly they lost all their workers, if a millionaire works so “hard” they should prove it by carrying the workload of the entire workforce all at once by themselves ;D

  3. Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

    Yeah because I’m sure they got rich from being hard workers, totally not through political corruption

    • Posted by Astral Dragon, at Reply

      Zucchina or from being given hand outs by wealthy parents/etc (just like trump) ;D

  4. Posted by Elwood Scott, at Reply

    i’m working two jobs and still barely have enough money to pay my bills… but sure my dude…avacado toast…

    • Posted by liberal cuck, at Reply

      mako zero Lol the fact that you assume im a redneck based off of my views, goes to show how ignorant modern day liberals are

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      liberal cuck no your comment was still dumber. Some utilities are available even at the lowest levels of income. Doesn’t mean one can make ends meet and if he didn’t have an internet connection it’d be far worse.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Elwood Scott Blame 8 years of 0bama. This country made very little progress, from jobs to race relations.

    • Posted by Elwood Scott, at Reply

      i actually need an internet connection because all of the content for my COLLEGE COURSES is online. We live in an era where everything we do is online, or hadn’t you noticed? I also need an internet connection to check my schedules for my TWO JOBS.

  5. Posted by ComYxCon4LiFe, at Reply

    LOL!!! Baby boomers got some NERVE to criticize millennials, yet they themselves contributed to the downward spiral of American youth with their own “me too” attitude.

    Such hypocrisy!!

    • Posted by ComYxCon4LiFe, at Reply


  6. Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

    I wanna punch him in the throat….and I’m not a Millennial…

    • Posted by SciGuy, at Reply

      Yeah. He’s inconsiderate, judgemental, and ignorant. A lethal combination.

  7. Posted by VulcanForge, at Reply

    The main problem here is guys like this, and pretty much all conservatives in general, is that they’re giving advice to an individual, and not even thinking about (let alone attempting to solve) the systemic problems when it comes to that entire workforce segment (no health insurance, no regular hours, no sick leave, and low wages in retail and restaurant). Even if an individual makes it out and gets a better job, it doesn’t solve the problem at all. The job they left still needs to be filled, and that job will still fail to pay a living wage for the person who gets it. We’re back to square one. And even if it were possible for everyone to follow the individual advice (and it’s not in a country of over 300 million people), there aren’t magically going to be more engineering or health sectors jobs, nor will the need for a retail/restaurant workforce go away.

    • Posted by Sébastien Tuyizere, at Reply

      VulcanForge they just dont care

    • Posted by Jess, at Reply

      What problems? Everything is fine and dandy for them. They got their social security and medicare. Meanwhile we will probably have neither. And that’s just the beginning. We are making 20% less on average than their generation was at our age. Not to mention the fact that we aren’t a bunch of rowdy, lazy, sex-crazed hippies like they were. But there’s nothing to see here. Move on…

  8. Posted by George Daffer, at Reply

    Tell the rich asses to supply jobs with a living wage.

    • Posted by David Todd, at Reply

      George Daffer Stop blaming them and take responsibility for yourself.

  9. Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

    why should we get off their lazy asses? We work and get nothing, they are lazy and rich. that’s not fair. learn to share you selfish prick.

    • Posted by Son of Everything DC & Marvel, at Reply

      liquidminds hahaha this comment is just so…. so millennial!

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      You make us all look stupid and ignorant.

  10. Posted by Tim Cummings, at Reply

    So the owner of a company said that they pay $12/hour? Queue twitter posts of his employees showing that they’re getting paid less than $12/hour.

    • Posted by MrTShbib, at Reply

      Tim Cummings So maybe he pays some employees less than $12 an hour. What’s your point?

    • Posted by Matt N, at Reply

      MrTShbib lol rly? nvmnd nothing to see here. say one thing and do another…no lies there.

  11. Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

    Hannah, please just tone it down. You aren’t funny. Dont try to be. You can make your points and be informative without your stand up comedy bit. It distracts and distracts from what you are saying.

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      Well… I like her 🙂

  12. Posted by Anti- Monitor, at Reply

    People will almost always talk down to the younger generation, the baby boomers were called a generation of hippies and stoners, generation X were called apathetic and detached, and so on, these are just stupid labels, people should remember that it is the older generation that create the environment the next generation will grow up in and need to stop thinking of themselves and think of the next generation and how to make life better (not necessarily easier) for them!. PS this guy is obviously an idiot!.

    • Posted by Jess, at Reply

      Well from what I’ve seen the baby boomers are more concerned with their own old asses than the futures of their children and grandchildren. It’s quite sad. Especially how hypocritically they espouse their Christian beliefs while hating on the poor, minorities and the young, and somehow forgetting that they were the hippies. Not exactly the most productive generation at our age.

    • Posted by Anti- Monitor, at Reply

      Jess I agree, my point exactly, but it’s not just them, unfortunately every generation does the same dammed thing!.

  13. Posted by Kristopher Satizabal, at Reply

    I’m 19 and have been working 2 jobs since I was 17 and he wants to call us lazy gtfo

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Your comment proves him rights.

    • Posted by Kristopher Satizabal, at Reply

      Gouky please humor me

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Ok. How do you personally affect Millennial population and what part are you in % of the Millennial population?

    • Posted by Most Liberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Well by his logic 1 Muslim terrorist = All Muslims are terrorists …

  14. Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

    I love it when millionaires try to tell poor people how to live. I know adult professionals who are living at home because they can’t afford to live on their own. Most of the people I know who moved to cities to find jobs have to live with 2-3 roommates just to make rent. I know one guy who moved to LA and goes to school all day, than puts on a stupid blue vest and works the night shift at Walmart. He has been doing that for 2 years. Hell, I live in ND, where rent is notoriously “low”, was working a full time job, and still had to live with my parents because my car payment and insurance was hell on my budget. A used car, mind you. They are so deluded, thinking it is laziness that is making life hard for millenials. And I don’t see a lot of millenials letting it keep them down, either! That is the amazing part of it. We AREN’T lazy. We work a lot harder than any other generation had to. My sister and her husband even managed to buy a house, but only because they owned their trailer that sold for 12,000, covering most of the down payment. And if we want to have some damned unicorn coffee, we are going to have a damned unicorn coffee. Because 4 dollars once a month isn’t going to kill my budget. Getting a new windshield after a hail storm is.

    • Posted by Zinnia Applebaum, at Reply

      Fanatical Trekkie, hey no worries. It’s always been this way. As an old person, I can absolutely confirm that the root of this theory is JEALOUSY.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      The only plus is that living on your own is lonely. I like communal living.

    • Posted by Randall Richardson, at Reply

      Go and fix the past with your TARDIS

    • Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

      I don’t think even the Doctor would touch that mess with a 10 foot pole.

  15. Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

    Reminds me of the billionaire that said the rich in the US are treated worse than the Jews during 1930’s Germany.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply


    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      Why are you conservatives always so obsessed with this one guy? You know, he’s not even that rich or influential…

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      You must think the folks on here are too dumb to search the internet. Everyone knows he’s a billionaire who finances revolutions around the World.

  16. Posted by Raul Rogel, at Reply

    wtf is avocado toast????

    • Posted by Jimbobfrey, at Reply

      It’s avocado but not like a whole avocado. More like a toast avocado. Hope that clarified it for you 😉

    • Posted by Raul Rogel, at Reply

      +Jimbobfrey​ well ill be dam we really are in the future.thanks for the break down on avocado toast lol.😁👍

    • Posted by Booker DeWitt, at Reply

      Raul Rogel its literally avocado spread on toast

    • Posted by BNNTV, at Reply

      Toast 1 slice bread, spread with 1/2 ripe, Fresh California Avocado (mashed or sliced) and 2 slices heirloom or beefsteak tomato.
      Top with fresh cracked pepper and sea salt to taste.

    • Posted by Raul Rogel, at Reply

      +Booker DeWitt did you bring this crazy idea from one of your alternate realities!!!! 😰

  17. Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

    Blonde speaking like a valley girl doesn’t help make your point.

    • Posted by Richard Meikle, at Reply

      Leggo My Ego Sure beat all those stats she brought you. Sure showed her.

    • Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

      Richard, work on your reading comprehension. I didn’t say anything about her statistics. However, I’m not sure how her instagram photos wer relevant to her point, nor can I see what those stats had to do with her point. She set up a red herring argument that had little to do with what the guy said, and then presented a few stats for the red herrring, but didn’t actually address what he was saying.

    • Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

      Golgotha, I’m from thousand oaks, there is absolutely no reason to speak like that with that cadence and all the head moving nonsense. She “addressed” every point in that she spoke afterwards, but her “points” were at best tangentially related to what he said. As for your last comment, I’m as far left as it comes, I just hate these bullshit videos she makes where to talks like that (head bopping attitude driven drivel). I also hate the videos from Hassan where he does pretty much the same thing. So little substance and almost no point.

  18. Posted by Hexx Bombastus, at Reply

    He thinks people make 12 bucks an hour? Hell, You’re lucky if you can find a job that’s 9 bucks an hour!

    • Posted by Frack, at Reply

      Shiiiitt, my first job I worked my way up to management and made $8.25. Our GM when I started there at 16 made $10 an hour.