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‘Minefield’ For Nazis Planned By Dog Owners


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Pet dog proprietors in San Francisco want to prepare a smelly surprise for an extreme right rally in their city. Brett Erlich, Poise Baldridge, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you just how they're intending on resisting. Inform us what you believe in the remark section listed below.

" When a group of reactionary lobbyists pertain to San Francisco to hold a rally this Saturday, they will be fulfilled by tranquility protestors supplying them blossoms to put on in their hair.

Also, pet dog crap. Lots and also great deals of dog spunk.

Numerous San Franciscans strategy to prepare Crissy Field, the stunning coastline in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge where rightwing objection team Patriot Petition will certainly collect, with a charitable carpets of waste matter.

" I simply had this picture of alt-right individuals stomping around in the poop," Tuffy Tuffington said of the surprise he had while strolling Bob and also Chuck, his two Patterdale terriers, and also attempting to consider the most effective way to react to rightwing extremists following Charlottesville. "It seemed like a little bit of civil disobedience where we really did not need to involve with them face to face."

Tuffington, a 45-year-old musician as well as developer, produced a Facebook event web page based upon the concept, as well as the pet proprietors of San Francisco responded in droves. Lots of have actually stated their objective to stock their shitpiles for days beforehand, then supply them in bags for the website. (The team is additionally preparing to reunite on Sunday to "clean up the mess as well as hug each other".)".

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Hosts: Brett Erlich, Elegance Baldridge, Amberia Allen.

Cast: Brett Erlich, Elegance Baldridge, Amberia Allen.


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  1. Posted by campy :3, at Reply

    This is literally a rally organized by people of color who hold right winged views, not even remotely far-right. How on earth are they Nazi’s?

    • Posted by Jonathan Xavier, at Reply

      campy :3 Lmao did you imagine simply because they were people of colour with fascist views that suddenly this was okay? Also, show us a link that this is about people of colour on the right. Thanks.

    • Posted by Rob bk, at Reply

      Anyone left of Marx is a Nazi these days…

    • Posted by D Rutt 1969, at Reply

      +Rob bk Correct. The Republican party has become the liberals again, like they were during the antebellum period up through the civil war. The Democrats have taken on a authoritarian drive which are moving away from Marxism, and more towards authoratian Fascism.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      TYT has now taken to labeling everyone they disagree with as “Nazis”. Stay classy TYT.

    • Posted by Brittany Pipoli, at Reply

      I live in Portland where these guys are from. They are Christians who are viewed as extremists in Portland because they preach that homosexuals are going to hell. This would not be considered extreme in the midwest or south but they are attacked in Portland for these views. They are going to san francisco because they consider the gays there to be lost souls.

  2. Posted by PJ Max, at Reply

    This is original, and better than going and punching them out. Seriously, even if these are neo-Nazis, you should only punch them in self-defense (or in defense of somebody else). OK, I understand the urge to do, but it’s still wrong, and it gives them a credibility that they wouldn’t have.

    • Posted by Angel M, at Reply

      nazis have credibility? to who?

    • Posted by Enemy Sub, at Reply

      To the irrational people who buy into neo-Nazi propaganda.

    • Posted by PJ Max, at Reply

      Angel M My point is, if somebody punches them and it isn’t in self-defense, they can claim to be wronged. Because to punch someone out is assault if it’s not in self-defense. I’m not defending neo-Nazism. But it doesn’t justify punching them.

  3. Posted by Bagabones Felis, at Reply

    It pisses the nazis off so WORTH IT

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Where are you talking about pano and No Not Litteral Nazis, this isn’t Germany or 1930.

    • Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

      Edward Moran Someone should tell the guys carrying the exact same flag and chanting the exact same slogans then.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Im sure they been told many a time

    • Posted by Troy Sims, at Reply

      Edward Moran chances are if they are doing that they are also carrying the same ideals which makes them damn Nazis

  4. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    nazis are so angry and miserable

  5. Posted by Adam Spencer, at Reply

    I think telling the idea publicly is smart idea. It will discourage them from public assembly lol

    • Posted by ShadowMask1995, at Reply

      +Adam Spencer they’re not even Nazis the main guy is Mexican and another is Black.

    • Posted by ShadowMask1995, at Reply

      +Adam Spencer if these guys are Nazi’s then so is Captain America

  6. Posted by Jack McConnell, at Reply

    Are these people actually Nazis? Or have you gone back to calling everyone with different opinions to yourselves Nazis again?

    • Posted by ShadowMask1995, at Reply

      +Jack McConnell no they’re not Nazis the main guy is Mexican and another one is Black.

    • Posted by axe863, at Reply

      Rickys philosofy The majority are larping or trolls. The youngest nazi in the world is over 90. There are some neo-nazi but their numbers are extremely insignificant. Were talking about less than 1/1000th of a percent of the population

    • Posted by Rickys philosofy, at Reply

      axe863 I think those pro-trump neonazi groups like Odin and the one James fields belonged in would take offense to that. Do you really have the audacity to state that the daily stormer crowd are not pro-trump nazis? Come on get real

    • Posted by Rhiro Yonve, at Reply

      +Rickys philosofy what fantasy world are you living in? They. Are. Not. Nazis.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Jonathan Xavier – why don’t you just go KILL those people, Jonathon? After all, they are “NAZIS”! That is the end game. Call em “Nazis” and it’s okay to do anything you want to them. You have justified it in your mind.

  7. Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

    This Nazi panic reminds me of the Red Scare during the Cold War. America has officially lost its mind.

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      Master Joe Kerr That’s funny, because I’m neither.

    • Posted by kensolar69, at Reply

      History 101. The American Nazis and Klan have killed at least 5,000-10,000 American citizens, law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, journalists, doctors union leaders, even clergy. They have firebombed and burned over 1,000 churches, synagogues, temple and offices of those they didn’t like, even houses with families in them. They advocate not only hate, but preach genocide. They are terrorists, no different than Al Queada or ISIS and should be outlawed and jailed as such. We lost 407,000 men in WW2 to eradicate this disease and may have to again. .. I do not see any left wing group in the USA that even comes within magnitudes of order lower than this. There is no equivalency, no comparison.

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      kensolar69 I have a degree in history from one of the UK’s top history departments, so save the lecture that you heard from professional misinformers like Genk, if you please.

    • Posted by kensolar69, at Reply

      I learned this from history classes myself. Also from my father, a man who won so many medals in WW2 he was given the honor of being the first American soldier to liberate a Nazi death camp (Buchenwald). It’s American and world history, would you like to try to tell me….which item listed is not true?

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      kensolar69 Almost everything you said is not true. And if your father liberated Nazi death camps then you must be about 70 years old.

  8. Posted by ToneyCrimson, at Reply

    Ignoring Nazis is a bad idea…learn from history.

    • Posted by HideousConformity, at Reply

      And going medieval on them is only going to feed into their persecution complex.

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      You clearly know nothing about history. Giving nazis publicity is a bad idea. That’s how they rose from an obscure fringe party in Germany to the most powerful one.

    • Posted by Red Tankgirl, at Reply

      Islam is cancer You couldn’t be more wrong. They rose to power by being a seemingly normal elected party at first and when they got out of control no one stood up and said anything against the wrongs. As it got out of control people still said nothing and then it was fear. You must speak out in the early days always.

    • Posted by numerocro, at Reply

      Yes Toney, you should realy learn from history. 80 years ago it also started with removing / destroying “icons” ( statues ). So, speaking about “Nazis”, who is who. Problem is, americans are realy bad in world history…and geography.

  9. Posted by Hillary Clinton paid shill #4269, at Reply

    All Drumpf supporters are nazis.

    • Posted by TheYafnit, at Reply

      Hillary Clinton paid shill #4269 And people like you are the reason their here, and relevant.😕 Thanks in advance for not propping her up again. XOXO

    • Posted by Rhiro Yonve, at Reply

      Your profile name XD

  10. Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

    Lol cowards won’t meet their opponent on the field. The left never had a spine.

    • Posted by Shinji Kurosaki, at Reply

      Hateful children that only inspire and insight the concepts of fascism. Love not hate man.

    • Posted by j marine, at Reply

      Because the right can’t stop murdering.

    • Posted by Cornelius Snow, at Reply

      j marine The hell is this? 1950s? How many black lynchings by the KKK have happened in recent years? Yes, what happened in Charlottesville was terrible but, this hysteria over Nazis has gotten completely out of hand that now innocent people are being targeted for being “Nazis”

    • Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

      +Snow You fucking play with fire…you get burned. lol

    • Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

      +Devil Come on…What is your address?

  11. Posted by Tony Branham, at Reply

    This and many other reasons is why Democrats will continue to lose elections and power across this great nation. Keep it up!!! This shows how little of respect for others you really have. Us independents can and will think for ourselves unlike you mindless misinformed fools.

    • Posted by Just Me, at Reply

      Tony Branham – The GOP is party of the past! They are done!

    • Posted by Just Me, at Reply

      RiffSkozz’s Offical Bara Furry Spank Bank Of Dicks – RepubliClans.

    • Posted by Tony Branham, at Reply

      Just Me Organic waste byproduct material is your brains. Try to use it.

  12. Posted by Pamela Boss, at Reply

    “Turd Reich ” LOL 🤣

    • Posted by CONTROL ALT DELETE, at Reply

      Pamela Boss LMFAO 😂👍

  13. Posted by blackcorvo, at Reply

    “Kill with kindness” doesn’t work with people like Nazis. Their ideology is founded in hatred and imposing fear onto people. It’s the ideology of intolerance, and the only way to fight it is to NOT TOLERATE THEM.
    They’re back exactly because of people who think ignoring, and showing them kindness, is enough to fight back, but it isn’t. They feel comfortable being out and about because they’re not afraid of it anymore.

    You gotta make clear that their ideas aren’t okay and aren’t tolerated in our society.

    • Posted by Guilherme Sabino, at Reply

      So… TO fight nazis, we must BECOME nazis? No thank you. If you want to play facist be my guest I’d rather not become my own enemy.

    • Posted by mr hatchet, at Reply

      It’s a choice between one or the other, you will come to realize that one day. There is no middle-ground.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Someone should take a hatchet to your clearly empty skull.. go die in the next mass shooting idiot american nazi scumfuck lol;)