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Mirror Fight Back: Fails of the Week (November 2017) | FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Fails of the Week is brand-new today, and also we've obtained a funny set for you. Today individuals are damaging tables, facing mirrors, as well as we ask the vibrant question: Exactly how would certainly that window-ladder work out? Have a favored? Allow us know in the remarks !!


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Video clips:
Groom and bride Have Cake Battle
Youngster Obtains Hit in Face with Soccer Round
House Obtains Ingested by Sinkhole
Dog Chases After Leash Around Chair
Man Tumbles out of Trampoline
Pinata Party Gone Wrong
Guy Falls Off Paddle Board and also Hits Groin
Person Can't Leave Paddle Board
Child Accidents Head First right into Home Window
Person Hits Round Out of Park and also Hits Automobile
Papa Rides Children' Tricycle right into Tall Turf
Person Falls on Butt Trying to Jump Onto Wooden Fence
Guy Lighting Watercraft on Fire While Welding
Skateboarder Flies off Board and also Into Fencing
Drummer Mistakenly Tosses Drum at Group Member
Person Almost Gets Struck with Blade
Child Pulls Buddy's Chair
Men and Women Race in Field While Putting On Skies
Cars And Truck Captures on Fire Throughout Exhaustion
Woman Lighting Hair ablaze with Flat Iron
Individual Faces Garage in the Rain
Plate Glass Falls off Ladder
Llama Spits in Young boy's Face
Tree Falls on Garage During Typhoon
Man Drops Drone into Grill
Carp Slaps Person's Face
Woman Attempts To Put on Pants Without Utilizing Hands
Individual Crashes Dirt Bike Into Pal
Guy Acts Loopy While Sedated
Kid Face Plant Kingdom While Riding Bike Up Hillside
Mama Breaks Table
Little Woman Reveals Her Mama Which Finger a Bug Bit Her On
Little Lady Loses Sweet During Easter Egg Search
Child Faceplants Lawn After Going Face-First Down Slide

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  1. Posted by Ethan Watkins, at Reply

    Come on lady, show the guy your tits XD

  2. Posted by is math related to science?, at Reply

    “I take that back; I don’t recommend this iron.” I highkey died when she said that

  3. Posted by Juan morales, at Reply

    I enjoy this video and love it 👍😄

  4. Posted by PhobosDynami, at Reply

    I feel like every bad thing that happens is justified when you try to push someone’s face into a cake. It’s not funny and it’s played out.

  5. Posted by booty klap, at Reply

    white girl at the end got some nice ole thighs ayyye! lmao

  6. Posted by Metal 4Life, at Reply

    2:05 what are the freakin’ odds?

  7. Posted by The Chad, at Reply

    5:39 I was hoping to see a black guy in a bath tub yelling “no” repeatedly

  8. Posted by Mr. Kompetenz, at Reply

    5:22 You got to comit she is hot af

  9. Posted by BlackenedGass, at Reply

    That first one as so shocking that the camera fainted.

  10. Posted by The Felidae, at Reply

    me and hair straightening irons be like: uuhhh, that was about 0,00005 secs… enought, right?! Hey wait, why didnt it work????! *never touches the iron again*

  11. Posted by repritrate, at Reply


  12. Posted by TazeMeBro McCleskey, at Reply

    4:20 a new meaning to ski a meadow

  13. Posted by Laura Muller, at Reply

    Only fun package historical publish believe difference prominent.

  14. Posted by curlymike, at Reply

    Thumbs up if you new from the first second the window going to crash.

  15. Posted by TheGameLord, at Reply

    In 1st grade I didn’t know about the middle finger,

    Until my teacher explained it to me.

  16. Posted by Oh hay, at Reply

    do ‘i got that on video’ fails

  17. Posted by Isabel frost, at Reply

    Can you do glass fails

  18. Posted by Bryan Awkwardson, at Reply

    06:02 Can´t really say I`m turned off by that body 🙂