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Missing Person Shows Up On The Bachelor


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Shock! Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, as well as Simone Boyce, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. This clip is offered you by Aspiration and

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" It ends up Rebekah Martinez is not missing in any way. Fairly the contrary, really, she's on a preferred across the country telecasted show: The Bachelor, which you may have come across.

When uploading today's cover story to Facebook, we asked if any one of our readers recognized any one of the 35 people currently noted as missing out on from Humboldt Area on the California Division of Justice's website. Sharp viewers stated, yes, they certainly did and pointed to Martinez, that seems a burgeoning fact television celebrity. (Hat idea to you, Amy Bonner O'Brien!).

After some googling returned some Instagram photos that appeared very just like Martinez's photo on the missing individuals web page, we reached out to the Humboldt Region Constable's Workplace. That motivated an e-mail from Public Info Policeman Samantha Karges to the replacement that initially took Martinez's missing out on individuals report, keeping in mind the similarity in photos and also asking if Martinez was still listed as missing out on." *.

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, Simone Boyce.

Cast: Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, Simone Boyce.


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  1. Posted by Boss Phan, at Reply

    i love tyt

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Theres nothing wrong with liking a media outlet. It doesnt matter who they get money from or what their policy is as long as it gives your opinion a relatable platform. People will say theyre an echo chamber propaganda network but literally EVERY online independent media outlet is the same. Right or left wing.

    • Posted by Sarah Kratky, at Reply

      +Tony H one has an echo chamber of truth and the other is talking points.

    • Posted by Tony H, at Reply

      Sarah Kratky ????

    • Posted by XXXHoodooXXX, at Reply

      Its ok, nobody is perfect.

  2. Posted by Anthony Perez, at Reply

    Shows. Brainwashing is real. Get Out was A Real Thing.

  3. Posted by angiepa58, at Reply

    Simone is awesome!

  4. Posted by Adrenalized1099, at Reply

    Instant dislike crew checking in

    • Posted by Literally Hitler, at Reply

      Hey! Let’s Do A Thing! Oh we’re laughing right back

    • Posted by The Ritual Kings, at Reply

      Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump Anything for your Orange Messiah

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      You mean the usual losers are checking in.

  5. Posted by Critical Eats Japan, at Reply

    Haha, Francesca is on fire with this panel…

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Critical Eats Japan “She had that runaway look in her eye”
      Haha wtf

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      She has grown on me. I thought she was “little” at first. My first impression of her looks (face wise) was of a little-bitty young girl, but she’s tall. Turns out, she’s a long sexy-slim chick. 👌 Nice

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Critical Eats Japan sad

    • Posted by Jas M, at Reply

      Malek Karim No her mom is Chinese and her Dad is Italian

    • Posted by susan zeitner, at Reply

      Critical Eats Jap

  6. Posted by Emma Astbury, at Reply

    ‘Rebekah’ were her parents illiterate or Russian

    • Posted by Omar Kamal, at Reply

      Justin M shut up

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      oh look lets be racist against Russians they aren’t a protected minority group and they are white so its pc to be racist against them

    • Posted by Insufferable Know-It-All, at Reply

      Oh the irony…

    • Posted by Omega 23, at Reply


  7. Posted by Jungmin Kim, at Reply

    Finally, we have a reason to watch The Bachelor: to find missing children.

  8. Posted by casper yuri, at Reply

    Get rid of the orangutan in chief so that we can go back to talking about stuff like this, and not worry about that orangutan starting nuclear war.

    • Posted by Literally Hitler, at Reply

      casper yuri Really, that’s the comment you leave?

    • Posted by LeSweepKyrie, at Reply

      casper yuri But we are talking about stuff like this lmao

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      Why don’t we just go straight to the important topics like kim ks panties

  9. Posted by Antoinette Orozco, at Reply

    Been hoing

    • Posted by FM1960Boyz HouTx, at Reply

      Antoinette Orozco you look pretty nice for a catfish

  10. Posted by Emiliano, at Reply

    So vanilla…? What does that mean?

    • Posted by IceCreamMan 79, at Reply

      Emiliano it’s a common expression OUTSIDE of Texas.

    • Posted by Emiliano, at Reply

      IceCreamMan 79 Perhaps. But is it a comment that’s going to help fed up “white” republicans move toward the left? All I’m saying is that we need to be strategic! You do realize we could have a Democrat to replace Cruz! Sooo what more proof do you need? Beto!

  11. Posted by guuts, at Reply

    they take away cellphones and keep them entertained so they don’t leak anything on the show. ufc does it aswell on their show. it’s up to the person to drink tho . no one is forcing anyone to drink . still kinda fishy tho considering the ufc packs the house with alcohol when the fighters should be staying focused and keeping in shape. idk if they still do it but back in the days they did.

  12. Posted by LordAaronus, at Reply

    “you may not find love but you can find your daughter”
    “people think men don’t watch The Bachelor”
    I can think of one man that’s gonna start watching after this…

  13. Posted by Eddie N, at Reply

    men don’t watch the bachelor. If I want to watch women I. rather watch them without their clothes lol

    • Posted by jeommy kin, at Reply

      Eddie N Jesus Christ you’re dense

    • Posted by Aleney Sweeney, at Reply

      You sound like an annoying little lobed pesky ferengi

    • Posted by Eddie N, at Reply

      Aleney Sweeney aawww all the females are getting their feelings hurt haha. Yea your only value to man is your body that’s why you were made

  14. Posted by Art Vein, at Reply

    Bruh, when people don’t wanna be bothered, they go missing.

  15. Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

    What a hottie

  16. Posted by poponachtschnecke, at Reply

    I love this line-up!

    • Posted by Emiliano, at Reply

      poponachtschnecke I don’t!

  17. Posted by Unrepentant Conquistador, at Reply


  18. Posted by Xenite227, at Reply

    Yeah your husband is gay lol

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      a tv shows is an indicator of sexual inclination. who knew we’d find these types of comments in 2018

    • Posted by Leon Czolgosc, at Reply

      Lechiffresix six I prefer it when people expose their ignorance and bigotry, it makes it easier and quicker to eliminate them from any potential future conversation.
      Scum may float to the surface but as soon as it does it starts to rot.

  19. Posted by Paul H, at Reply

    People go off to trim in the hills a lot in Humboldt and lose service, but 200$ an hour is often worth the hassle

  20. Posted by no-name, at Reply

    “the guy is so vanilla” Care to explain that comment… racist prejudice or just ignorant? Here is a game… reverse that statement.. say it again.. this is far below the TYT standards.. if you meant plain, say plain..

    • Posted by John Kaitlyn, at Reply

      The downfall of humanity lies squarely with people like you.

    • Posted by Sparring Cacti, at Reply

      Jon Harvey oh my bad bro I meant to respond to the original comment for the purposes of furthering his knowledge of the applicable scenarios for the use of the term. Also I’m high af lol soz.

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      and to add the comments below. you probably don’t know that actual vanilla is deep dark black. its never been been white , e-vur