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Mitch McConnell Gives Up On Hiding His Trump Hatred


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Problem for Trump. You do not want your personal Us senate Majority Leader publicly asking yourself how you're going to salvage your management. Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure, and also Nomiki Konst, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section below.

" The partnership in between President Trump and Legislator Mitch McConnell, the bulk leader, has degenerated to the point that they have actually not talked with each various other in weeks, as well as Mr. McConnell has actually independently expressed uncertainty that Mr. Trump will certainly have the ability to restore his administration after a series of summer situations.

Just what was once a worried regulating alliance has curdled right into a feud of shared animosity as well as in some cases straight-out hostility, complicated by the position of Mr. McConnell's better half, Elaine L. Chao, in Mr. Trump's cabinet, according to greater than a lots people informed on their endangered partnership. Angry phone calls and also personal badmouthing have devolved right into open conflict, with the head of state intimidating to oppose Republican politician senators who cross him, and also Mr. McConnell mobilizing to their defense." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure, and also Nomiki Konst.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Michael Shure, and also Nomiki Konst.


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  1. Posted by Jared Druss, at Reply

    I guess turtles can’t make progress even when they stick their necks out. The adage is disproven by jabba the orange hut.

    • Posted by 27,700,401 views, at Reply

      Jared Druss lol, hahaha this actually made me laugh so hard.

    • Posted by dazeenme, at Reply

      Jared Druss lol…best nickname yet

  2. Posted by Michael B, at Reply

    Most unpopular senator feuding with the soon to be most unpopular president.

    • Posted by Charles Holmes, at Reply

      Michael B the best white on orange crime ever

    • Posted by Lisa Mcguire, at Reply

      Problem is we have ALL lost.

    • Posted by ULGROTHA, at Reply

      +Jane Lin+ Remind me how they keep getting elected each and every time again with THESE poll numbers in their home states…?

    • Posted by ULGROTHA, at Reply

      “you need someone who will ‘make america great again’.”

      With how much it’s been used and thoroughly tainted by Reagan and now the Commander-in-Pee, and how many tales of dystopia have warned of not just similar but WORD-FOR-WORD uses of that being used by despots-in-the-making…let’s just retire that already and go with something else.

    • Posted by bigbobbyB, at Reply

      Michael B What do you mean soon? We’re there man.

  3. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    The turtle verse the orange orangutan. Now I’ve seen everything.

    • Posted by justagirlsd 007, at Reply

      Lord Luke Lightbringer 2 Fuglies

    • Posted by kellaysa, at Reply


    • Posted by James Russell, at Reply

      Turtle for the win!

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply


    • Posted by J DS, at Reply

      Lord Luke Lightbringer OMG we are on the same page

  4. Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

    The tortoise berates the hare?

    • Posted by Sam Cornwell, at Reply

      Jesus guys, it’s obviously a Trump pun

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      It’s fake hare.

    • Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

      John Rife and the people who thumbed up just showed how stupid tyt fans are.

    • Posted by Judth Chrismon, at Reply

      Johnny Blazem damn I’m glad I didn’t didn’t give anyone the๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝsign ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Posted by Don, at Reply

    Elaine Chao is McConnell’s wife and Trump’s Transportation Secretary. She said she stands behind “both of her men”. How pathetic is that? As for the McConnell-Trump feud, they’re arranging a meeting and they’ll get refocused on taking care of the rich and screwing the rest of us.

    • Posted by mirzamay, at Reply

      Don now I’m hungry for chao cheese. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‹

    • Posted by mirzamay, at Reply

      sh davis gross.

    • Posted by ULGROTHA, at Reply

      +sh davis+ Thank you for that. Having a sex drive is greatly distracting, and this has thoroughly clamped it down thru Halloween at least. I will get so much more done now!

    • Posted by sh davis, at Reply


      chao cheese is awesome. i have only ever had the cayenne.

    • Posted by sh davis, at Reply


      you are welcome. ENJOY!

  6. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    Just a reminder, if you support trump, you’re an idiot

    • Posted by who cares, at Reply

      Its Spectre you can’t Explain to these people they are idiots. they are too stupid to realize the sad truth that they actually area brainwashed idiots.

    • Posted by who cares, at Reply

      ใ€ŽAccelerating Fictionใ€ and by you comment we can tell your the most stupid, ignorant idiot there is. like all liberals, hence why trump won.

    • Posted by who cares, at Reply

      Denis Daly says who, you. you can’t even spell. lmao

    • Posted by who cares, at Reply

      n0wheregrrl you’re just plain dumb lol

    • Posted by who cares, at Reply

      Drosta Dorianin WRONG. the dumbass democratic agenda and failure in SOOOO many aspects of life, and the choice to put hillary as the democratic nominee got TRUMP elected. not to mention his campaign on what he will do for america. Liberals haven’t got a clue, even if they played the board game. lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Posted by CanadianRaven13, at Reply

    Mitch is still an awful person.

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Mark Lashua stfu you Nazi Move to Russia

  8. Posted by Sir Gerbil Macintosh, at Reply

    Both Trump and McConnell have a point actually. The Republicans have been pissing and moaning and stomping their feet like little children throwing a temper tantrum about Obamacare for 7 years, they tried to repeal it 60 times in the House, but now that they control everything they don’t know WTF to do. Imagine that. I never would have guessed. On the flip side Trump campaigned on repealing Obamacare, he’s going to replace it with something “great,” everybody’s going to have such wonderful affordable coverage, blah blah, and then he wins, and has no plan of course, doesn’t lead on the issue at all, and just acts like a huge loser. They’re both terrible actually. This is why I vote Democrat, and i’m a gerbil.

    • Posted by Jennifer Loftus, at Reply

      Sir Gerbil Macintosh You’re adorable! I bet you have a nice harem, too. I had a gerbil friend with 3 wives and many many offspring. I was fascinated by the way you gerbils do that foot thumping thing when you feel threatened. All of my gerbil friends would do it after the head male started the foot thumping routine.

    • Posted by ULGROTHA, at Reply

      +beethovensbeloved+ No no no, he doesn’t dance for money, he dances for APPRAISAL. And POSITIVE IMAGE. Money simply enhances it considering what a mark of status it is; if the world wasn’t so driven by affluence, he might not take money quite so seriously. The only thing that truly drives The Idiot is the feedback loop of his own ego.

    • Posted by Moe Green, at Reply

      +phosda – what you have said is very close!

      every year hundreds of aspiring gerbils “run the gauntlet”

      you know those cardboard tubes that are at the center of rolls of paper towels?

      like Brawny paper towels, Bounty paper towels, and what have you?

      what happens is that Richard Gere tapes a number of those end to end to form a long cardboard tube that is around 15 meters long… then the aspirants run through it and they are timed with a stopwatch

      the top three gerbils with the fastest times are then knighted at a ceremony where Richard Gere taps them on their left and right shoulders with a miniature cardboard tube as if with the flat of a sword, while the hundreds of disqualified gerbils look on with a mixture of jealousy and admiration!

      and thus it comes to pass, that every year the number of knighted gerbils who are called “Sir” grows by three more!

    • Posted by Drosta Dorianin, at Reply

      Gerbil 2020!!

  9. Posted by Juan Montoya, at Reply

    McConnell looks like the elder conservative penguin in Happy Feet… though he does look quite a bit like a turtle

    • Posted by Dariana Robinson, at Reply

      Juan Montoya Yes!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      THATS where Ive seen him before.

    • Posted by Rebuilt Gearbox, at Reply

      Juan, Look up Cecil Turtle, the old Looney Toons character and you’ll see where the turtle thing comes from.

    • Posted by Morning Glory, at Reply

      Juan Montoya I always thought he looked a 20 yr old Basset Hound

  10. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    And I have given up hiding my love for ANA KASPARIAN, who unfortunately isn’t here today. Oh ANA, ANA, my sweet ANA. What I wouldn’t do just to kiss your hands. ANA KASPARIAN my love, my inspiration. Hold strong to your caucus <3

    Also: OBAMA IS MY MASTER!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

      +Cyrus Wu He wasn’t a Russian agent.

    • Posted by OOKYDOOK, at Reply

      She’s tookโ˜น

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      +OOKYDOOKย ย  So? What’s your point? Marriage isn’t a barrier. hahaha

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      bloodsoldierZ rings don’t bore no holes.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Wow! Did Nazi that coming!

  11. Posted by TrumpaTouille, at Reply

    No one likes Trump. Even Ivanka hates him but she stays with him for the sex.

    • Posted by bigbobbyB, at Reply

      TrumpaTouille She’s a prostitute who hates her job. I’m not hating on hookers, just speaking plain.

    • Posted by SIMKINETICS, at Reply

      Melanoma stays for the *money!*

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Is it really that hard to understand that some people really really don’t like Trump. Some people really cannot stand him. It’s true. I know it’s hard to believe. Also, is their comment really more disgusting than when Trump was asked what him and Ivanka have in common and his immediate response was “sex”? I think the Trump comment is much more disgusting, but if you’re into incest I guess to each his own.

    • Posted by Jea H, at Reply


  12. Posted by Cov Fefe, at Reply

    Nomiki is smoking hot. I would covfefe her so long even the Russians would wonder where I was.

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

      Nomiki is mine, I saw her first.

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply

      She’s a screamer ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply

      u crazy….shes a classic plain jane….

  13. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Did Nazi This Coming.

    • Posted by Moe Green, at Reply

      congressional infighting macht frei ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Posted by Green Reaper, at Reply

      It’s only been 8 months. Why are we Russian judgement?

    • Posted by Papa Of The Johns, at Reply

      Lol, I thought you were a Trumptard saying because the investigation has been long means it’s a nothing burger. XD

    • Posted by Green Reaper, at Reply

      Papa Of The Johns That “nothing” burger has grown to a triple patty, triple cheese and all the fixings. Topped with a little Russian dressing of course.

    • Posted by Papa Of The Johns, at Reply

      Of course.

  14. Posted by blaster chris, at Reply

    The woman on the right seems out of place

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      She’s a reporter who mostly on the ground.

    • Posted by Derek Cormier, at Reply

      The bling noise is annoying

    • Posted by Mike Bronx, at Reply

      blaster chris She seems to take glee in the Democrats losing. She’s the kind of person who delights in seeing the world burn.

    • Posted by Erik Matthews, at Reply

      How does she report if she’s always lying down?

  15. Posted by Mike Carter, at Reply

    The mutiny is getting closer and closer…and I’m getting my popcorn ready.

    • Posted by Doris H, at Reply

      Sharpening my pitchfork – you never know what’s in your own neighborhood.

    • Posted by Carl M. Schaefer, at Reply

      Mike Carter hope its “orville redenbacher”!!!

    • Posted by David Lewis, at Reply

      Mike Carter he is a sociopathic narcissist. When his back is against the wall he will start a war so he can justify himself to himself.

    • Posted by DarkRipper117, at Reply

      Mike Carter am almost half way done with my serving bruh…gonna need a refill.

    • Posted by MyTotalRemedy, at Reply

      David Lewis like Bill Clinton did in kosovo to distract From monica?

  16. Posted by Bubblez Beano, at Reply

    Gotta say, Michael Shure appears to be the most measured, intelligent panelist on TYT. His remarks are logical and often relatively reserved, and he never gives over to the belligerent showboating we expect from Cenk and Ana.

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      he is great, i follow him around the different networks. michael started with tyt 15 years ago when they were
      doing a radio show.

    • Posted by TheIsh1988, at Reply

      Yeah, him and John are just political junkies, who eat, sleep, and breath politics. They just have a deeper understanding of the history of American politics than the other panelist, so they aren’t as “frustrated” by things that seem “unprecedented.”

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      Bubblez Beano But Cenk adds that certain something every time he cries “of coooouuuurrrssse” that makes him entertaining

  17. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    The Right is eating itself.

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      Shining Star And it isn’t pretty.

    • Posted by DarkRipper117, at Reply

      miapdx Portland you’re right….it’s spectacular…..gotta grab more popcorn……

    • Posted by Jason Ham, at Reply

      The Right has taken over power in this country. Its dominating elections since 2010…..ohhhh, you don’t take all that voting into account do you? it was all Russians!!! …right?…… What we’re seeing now is Trump make this his Party. Tell me, what Democrat do you think unseats any Republican??? There are a few that may be possible…. but it will remain insignificant even if it does happen. — THE COUNTRY WANTS AND HAS MOVED TO THE RIGHT. YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST…………………………duhhhhh

  18. Posted by John Sayles, at Reply

    Hmm, it’s almost as if electing someone with zero principles or morality to look after millions of people is a bad move.

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      John Sayles ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Who knew, a fraudulent, adulterous, molesting, child raping idiot couldn’t lead! Actually, most of the world. Someone should have warned the GOP.

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply


    • Posted by Ro Jaws, at Reply

      miadx Portland – Someone did warn about Trump. Almost everyone actualy. But the Trump fans couldn’t stand the truth.

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      Ro Jaws They still can’t. Hence why they’ve embraced the “fake news” cry so thorough

    • Posted by ULGROTHA, at Reply

      +Smileyrie James+ Each and every one of them is a little kid, flailing their arms at the big mean adults telling them what they can’t do: “No, no! Stop it stop it stop it!! You’re lying, you’re lyyyying, you’re lyyyyying…!”

  19. Posted by Roger Martin, at Reply

    If your a true Christian and know the REAL history of America you would not vote Republican !

    • Posted by mirzamay, at Reply

      markj6700 oohhh keep it to yourself.

    • Posted by Shinku TV, at Reply

      Roger Martin I bet you didn’t know that the Republicans freed the slaves.

    • Posted by RipzOnNubes, at Reply

      Shinku TV I’ll bet you didn’t know there was an ideological flip of the democratic and republican parties and today’s republicans are ideologically descended from the southern democrats who were fighting to keep their slaves.

    • Posted by Ch2149, at Reply

      Shinku TV i bet youve never heard of the southern strategy

  20. Posted by This_is_a_Conundrum, at Reply

    How the hell is Kentucky 60% approval? Trump stands for nothing but racism and self aggrandisement. To my knowledge that’s not what Kentucky has ever stood for. Does Kentucky have no self-respect? Does it not stand for anything decent after all? Apparently. At least that’s the message they are sending to the world.

    • Posted by MinesAGuinness, at Reply

      It seems that Kentucky’s local history curriculum could do with improvement. I’m not sure that the Hatfields and McCoys ever displayed much decency or self-respect. Kentucky stood specifically for racism and self-aggrandisement from its foundation until 1861. Kentucky prospered on the profits of selling slaves down the Ohio River to the Deep South. The phrase ‘sold down the river’ is literally Kentucky’s message to the world.

    • Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

      Kentucky is the incest state. trump bangs Ivanka.
      Kentucky loves trump

    • Posted by The Bee Factory, at Reply

      Because mid-west bumkpins are the kind of people who fall for slick greasy salesmen like Trump. They are the idiots who get conned into mlm schemes. They fall for the gold and the suits and the bravado and they really can’t see the scumbag behind the mask.

    • Posted by Walt Snow, at Reply

      Exactly !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Dan Ames, at Reply

      This_is_a_Conundrum it’s Kentucky