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Mom Records 10-Year-Old Autistic Son Getting Arrested (VIDEO)


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An autistic boy in Florida was arrested at institution. Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, reveal you the video as well as inform you exactly what happened. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" A mom viewed with horror as replacements in Florida jailed her 10-year-old boy with autism at college recently for an occurrence she stated occurred in 2014.

Luanne Haygood recorded her kid's April 12 arrest on her cell phone, catching him sobbing out in complication as Okeechobee County Constable deputies cuffed him as well as led him to a constable's vehicle.

" I aren't sure exactly what's going on, mother!" the little boy shouted as his mother attempted to get the answer from the deputies.

" He has autism. He doesn't understand just what's taking place," Haygood is heard telling the replacements.

Haygood, who consulted with CBS 12 News, said her kid invested the night behind bars.

Inning accordance with her, replacements apprehended the kid after a school resource police officer identified him as having an exceptional warrant for assault– something that Haygood is listened to stating in the video that they weren't knowledgeable about."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by OrionPax09, at Reply

    You know, I used to have faith in organizations in the police and the army. I thought that they were there to protect us.

    That faith dies more and more every day now.

    • Posted by Isatu Bangura, at Reply

      OrionPax09 the police were originally made to protect white business organizations and rich people.

    • Posted by Bomb Cherry, at Reply

      AbusivePersian you are correct and many people don’t have the money and time to fight charges ending in the,m pleading to simple charges and paying the fees and fines, which is the point of it all.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      +Charles O’Kelly
      You’re being slanderous again. Why? I never called the autist a freak, I called the freak a trump voter. Where’s mine?

  2. Posted by Honudes Gai, at Reply

    the police have always been terrible with anyone even slightly disabled in this country, surprised they didnt shoot him

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      He assaulted someone.

    • Posted by Amanda Deupree, at Reply

      Szriko No, as a parent with a special needs children she was controlled and not hysterical because children with autism have sensory issues. If she had become hysterical he may not have know how to handle it and become physical. Frequently when children with autism become physical it’s because of the fight or flight instinct being triggered. To you or me her crying or any raised voice wouldn’t be hard to handle, but to that little boy already processing things he couldn’t understand if she had become upset he would have had too much imputed and acted out by either running or fighting. She didn’t do anything wrong here she did exactly what you are trained to do to keep an autistic child calm in stressful situations.

    • Posted by Amanda Deupree, at Reply

      Leek nobody said he’s allowed to use it just that he repeated what he heard somewhere. He didn’t necessarily hear it at home. Kids with autism often don’t understand why their being told not to say or do something because they don’t understand social cues and situations.

    • Posted by Amanda Deupree, at Reply

      Leek What was she supposed to do to stop it from happening?

    • Posted by Faith Jones, at Reply

      They would have if he was black

  3. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Welcome to Trump’s America. Humans just don’t matter anymore. Only corporations matter.

    • Posted by urduib, at Reply

      It was the same under Obama, how easy people forget things more than 24 hours old. Must be hard living with no memory

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      Remember the 5-6 y.o. that got arrested and cuffed for kissing (or trying) a girl his age? In fact, there were several similar stories out for awhile.

    • Posted by Lady pilliwick, at Reply

      urduib. hate to tell you this but there was and election and now it’s Donald Trump that you get to blame…..

  4. Posted by Nate, at Reply

    Aren’t the police suppose to read your rights when you’re arrested?

    • Posted by xXPika . PieXx, at Reply

      well that’s just rude. obviously you don’t know what your talking about

    • Posted by xXPika . PieXx, at Reply

      nexus1g exactly!

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Pike pie, you said, “Nate they are, if they don’t then he can be released , it’s the law to say our rights and tell us what we did.”

      This is completely inaccurate.

    • Posted by Benzojamin, at Reply

      Cath’ J J oh no, I’ve been arrested and charged some of those times, but I wasn’t read my rights in any case. but yeah I’m not a criminal per se, I just happen to frequent ‘a known drug area (which is literally the entire city of Camden NJ and some surrounding areas)’. and those bastards love writing them ‘loitering with intent to purchase CDS/insert pseudo plausible intent’, cause each one gets them $500 plus Court costs and a slew of other fees. you could get a lawyer, fight and win easy enough, but they just write so many en masse that many people don’t have the time or resources to fight it and end up paying like $5-20/month until it’s paid off, and get an arrest warrant every payment you miss. I’ve smartened up some over the years, I don’t think I’ve been in cuffs since ’08

  5. Posted by RancisGamer, at Reply

    they kidnapped this little guy… he will never respect police ever again… That is the “lesson” they taught him…

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      idiot ^^ ^^

    • Posted by deanna smith, at Reply

      exactly, the people who whine about virtue signaling are just plan old hypocrites.

      they’re virtue signaling to their own respective cultural cliche by doing so… it’s a nonsense concept that serves no purpose than for dickwads who want to feel superior for being dickwads to have an excuse.

      “oh i might be a dickwad, but at least i don’t virtue signal” basically.

    • Posted by Andrew Joseph, at Reply

      +Ghostkiller Martix same here, I’ve never been arrested myself, but they have caused so much trouble for my family including destroying it. I haven’t seen my dad in 2 years because of the police. I have nothing but hatred for them. Here in the UK, they are just power tripping dicks. Clearly, the kids that wanted to be in the army but didn’t have the balls

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      +Andrew Joseph I’m sure your father is a perfectly law-abiding father of the year.

  6. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    How will BlueLivesMatter trolls spin this?

    • Posted by Nate Hoffman, at Reply

      Super gay response. Didn’t O’ Reilly coin that phrase? You a big fan?

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      Well I’m no troll, but I will say that the cops don’t show up by themselves. I frown more at the people who felt the need to get the authorities involved in the first place.

  7. Posted by Chris Alcober, at Reply

    He appears to have behavioural issues, but he’s 10 and autistic. Common sense needs to be applied here.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      C J, these are things the mother said.

    • Posted by etrememasters1, at Reply

      Sources? I dont see anything about a ‘violent past’

    • Posted by etrememasters1, at Reply

      Also none of it says he was suspended just that he was then home schooled after the incident almost a year so i highly doubt it was suspension.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      etrememasters1, never just read one source. Global News, “She told the local news station that she admits her son is known to have a violent past…” They also write, “The alleged incident happened last November, and Haygood has been suspended since, and asked to do his schooling from home.”

    • Posted by Chris Alcober, at Reply

      nexus1g hard to tell just based off of this video as he was clearly upset. That said, I’m not a big believer that minors should be subject to the same punishments as adults – ESPECIALLY one who has been identified as autistic (which has behavioural issues associated with it). When I use the term common sense I’m more referring to the punishment fitting the crime – Suspension or expulsion being possibilities. Punishments and consequences should be enforced as teaching opportunities at that age – what can a 10 year old really learn from getting arrested? Especially one screaming “I don’t know what’s going on mama”

  8. Posted by William Lowe, at Reply

    This act of arresting a child for a behavior related to his or her disability is illegal.  The school district can be and should be sued.

    • Posted by Neko Yuki, at Reply

      Dustin, it’s not that it makes you go around assaulting people. It’s that it makes you more prone to emotional outbursts, anxiety/panic attacks, and falsely triggers fight or flight mode during said incidents. Mayhaps you don’t know as many people with Autism, as this is a rudimentary fact. I happen to had to be helped with that kind of stuff as someone on the spectrum.

    • Posted by Will Camick, at Reply

      Your wrong =/

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      This whole argument would have gone a lot better if the “news” report above had contained all the relevant facts. Shame they didn’t share the context.

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +Trollop 7 How about you share all the relevant facts and the context. I have looked at a number of sites USA, UK and EU and they all say the same not even the local news paper in the town say any different, no one mentions the Muslim having lego pushed in eye. So miss promiscuously show us the facts not your knickers

  9. Posted by Cat Pool, at Reply

    The teacher charging the kid is a pathetic human being.

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Smileyrie James One of the traits of autism is being easily overwhelmed by emotions.

      Autistic children frequently lose control when they are stressed, and it is completely normal for them to go into shutdown (clasp their head and try to ignore everything until they are calmed) as they recover.

      I know this from experience. It took a lot of effort to learn to how to avoid overwhelming stress and control myself when I am angry.

    • Posted by Fiv Guuv, at Reply

      0123mandatory Your argument is invalid due to your lack of maturity and inability to respond without insulting the one your responding to.

    • Posted by Onix Outlaw, at Reply

      Jonathon Humm the mom would had got arrested to

  10. Posted by Yushunao Xcent, at Reply

    if he was black they would have beat him up, tased, shot him and then the cops be like “i was scared for my life”

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      Boxing Resistance you are wrong on this one. Yes police brutality on black people is wrong. but the biggest part of the problem is the police brutality part. not the on blacks part. Police brutality would affect black people too if there were no racist cops. you said it yourself, (I don’t know if your numbers are correct or not) but if 40% of unarmed people killed by police are black. What about the other 60%?

    • Posted by KernalPancakes, at Reply

      Let’s build a culture where the narrative is that cops hate and kill black people. That will surely help out black youth trying to live out to their potential. Nothing like growing up in a single parent environment hating cops. I’m such a smart liberal.

    • Posted by Yushunao Xcent, at Reply

      Im reading some of these comment right ! and the majority of white people here are getting annoyed because of what i said, “you guys funny af” i never mention about the lil boy autism, it make sence he won’t act as a normal child but facing reality in your white world is way harder than you think, black autism white autism facing a cop is not the same thing so don’t even go there the child with a stronger melanin will be in a hospital for the happyness of gunners… you know it stop being hypocrit face reality….. white people stop twisting my words no one said the boy deserve it…..

    • Posted by Carolle Fareau, at Reply

      Darkside, no need to be rude.

  11. Posted by Katilyn Whitson, at Reply

    Who charges a disabled 10 year old with a felony? Dumb shits.

    • Posted by Devin Young, at Reply

      I also have autsim and i was younger than him when I was charged with a felony it’s not that uncommon.

    • Posted by Katilyn Whitson, at Reply

      It’s just stupid.

    • Posted by janet diaz, at Reply

      Devin Young i am so sorry this happened to your family. this is shameful.

    • Posted by Devin Young, at Reply

      I appreciate the sentiment, but that was 12 years ago at this point. i have moved on. the reason i shared it here is so people understand that this is not nearly as uncommon as people think. things like this happen every day all over the country and have for a very long time. until we realize what a for reaching problem this really is it will never get any better.

  12. Posted by HYPNOTIST 39, at Reply

    -They didn’t even read him his rights.
    -They arrested him for kicking a teacher – when he’s 10 and autistic.
    -They arrested him on the one day where he came to school… in virtually the whole year.
    -They acted completely uncaring and heartless the whole time.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Louise, they don’t have to show an arrest warrant.

    • Posted by Louise McCarthy, at Reply

      BGOODNOW: Brilliant response — he knows nothing and sounds like the typical repugnant-one. It’s true that even moving toward touching them — as the boy saw and KNEW — it’s traumatic for them. I wish that “people” who spout off at the mouth and out their rear-ends would or could stop and think and research before they open their big, fat, unknowing mouths before they utter nonsense such as nexus’s.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Kenzie, under no circumstances are police *required* to read you your Miranda rights, whether you’re in custody or not. But the case of Miranda does have to do with specifically people in custody.

      Police departments have varying policies of how they handle the reading of the rights. Typically, reading of rights is only done if a subject in custody is going to be asked questions. Otherwise, it’s typical that you’re not read your rights. Some departments, though a minority, do read the rights immediately just to cover all bases, but it’s not necessary.

      In all cases, if a person’s rights are not read to them after being in custody, any answers they give to questions are not permissible in court. It’s notable that if you just start giving up information after being arrested, having been read your rights or not, what you say in that case is admissible in court. The Miranda warning only applies to answering direct questions.

  13. Posted by 7inrain, at Reply

    When you are from Western Europe you can watch something like this only in complete disbelief.

    • Posted by Shannon Reynolds, at Reply

      charlesschirripa Wow, you got that right, sad because we didn’t use to be. We have become a very shallow, non dreaming, unambitious, noncompetitive society full of bullies who spends more money on football scholarships than it does on academic ones and rewards brutish behavior in the WASPy population of our society even though the numbers of said population are dwindling.

    • Posted by Sudden Kancho, at Reply

      +Shannon Reynolds Firing on all cylinders. Operating according to specs. Contributing TO society. Being able to take care of others. Having full control of one’s body and mind.
      Being as capable in most things, as most other people.

    • Posted by Wilddogge W, at Reply

      corsican lulu I hope they do. On the other hand, I would not be surprised if they do not love assholes, if you know what I mean.

  14. Posted by drifter139, at Reply

    due to the law, his mother has the right to know why he is being arrested and since they are refusing to tell her why, she can legally sue the police department

    • Posted by Jimmy Baggs, at Reply

      Aaron Wantuck No, they don’t. That is a search warrant, not an arrest warrant. There is a difference. If you have a warrant for your arrest you will be arrested by whatever cop you come into contact with. Nobody brings the warrant out to him before he cuffs you.

    • Posted by Jimmy Baggs, at Reply

      The police told her he has a warrant for his arrest. That likely don’t even need to tell her that at the time of arrest.

    • Posted by Johnny Molina, at Reply

      Jimmy Baggs my issue is how is there a warrant on the child. I don’t agree with this disingenuous way of upholding the law

  15. Posted by swerve 5, at Reply

    and they wonder why kids are shooting up the schools

    • Posted by Jrsydvl2003, at Reply

      Craig Gomez That’s why schools have special ed classes. Many families do not have the resources to home school. There has been a rise in special needs schools but with the budget issues that may end.

    • Posted by Craig Gomez, at Reply

      What kids are shooting up schools? And who is they? You have no clue and the reason why kids take guns to school is because they had access. It isn’t because we have children thugs. What a moron you are. Do yourself a big favor and go online and research autism. It wasn’t the child who did anything wrong. It was the police.

    • Posted by Craig Gomez, at Reply

      Jrsydvl2003 You miss the point. Schools aren’t equipped to deal with situations where a teacher observes a little boy kiss a classmate then sounds the “sex abuse” alarm that results in the boy being suspended. We have a litigious society and school districts are afraid of being sued so they act like idiots. Maybe you live in the outback but here in the SF Bay Area there are many children like this boy being home schooled. You can have the state provide a tutor. It isn’t anymore difficult than what a parent of an autistic child is already dealing with. In any event, to charge this boy with a felony, handcuff him and hold him in a jail cell for 12 hours is absolutely wrong and if I were the parent, there is a strong case to be made here for why this couldn’t have been dealt with away from the school and at his home. There also should have been a lawyer present. But like I said, an autistic child should be home schooled not subjected to this type of abuse.

    • Posted by Jrsydvl2003, at Reply

      Craig Gomez The situations you describe are self imposed. Zero tolerance was their escape route. If they treat every infraction as the worste case scenario it would absolve them of responsibility. However, it forces them down paths they would rather not tread. And opening them up to lawsuits regardless of policies. Now we see police officers roaming the halls as if that will make it better. It obviously hasn’t yet.
      I don’t know why you would think I need to live in the outback. But here in Phoenix we have a few special ed classes per school. As well as Las Vegas. Sometimes, the kid is capable of regular classes. Other times they can’t, if the kid shows issues everyone should be aware to help the child not look for methods of punishment.

  16. Posted by oldskool67, at Reply

    Handcuffs on a 10 year old autistic child? WTF

    • Posted by M Ha, at Reply

      Ahem, they arrested the clock boy…not surprised with this. More reasonable outrage from all media because the boy was White…

    • Posted by Erik Christensson, at Reply

      +nova00boss I’d give anything to see you punch a Florida sheriff’s deputy. See how your anger is afterwards..

    • Posted by mescaleeeeeto, at Reply

      considering they’re all inbred gator fuckers hopped up on bath salts, that sounds like a risky proposition

  17. Posted by Jeffrey Pride, at Reply

    I’m a social worker and he should’ve just been suspended, if it was continuous, he should be referred to treatment or residential, you don’t arrest the child and throw him in jail, ever

    • Posted by AshesAndSketches, at Reply

      Jeffrey Pride on the ONE day he came Into school…

    • Posted by Tazyizan, at Reply

      he shouldn’t be suspended the kid has autism the problem here is your country’s ignorance on how to deal with autism the teacher should be fired clearly unqualified to deal with this.

    • Posted by DootDoot, at Reply

      yah…. but a republican lawyer who got elected to the house thinks different…. obviously more of an expert…..

    • Posted by Craig Gomez, at Reply

      Tazyizan The problem isn’t my country’s ignorance fool. It is a problem within the school administrators and police departments who lack proper training. Moreover, a police officer has wide discretion in cases like this and it could have been a simple decision to have the parent take custody of the boy with a rescheduled hearing. But for you to make a blanket and broad statement about an entire country being ignorant is frankly, your own ignorance.

    • Posted by Joseph Padilla, at Reply

      Jeffrey Pride I agree with you. He should been suspended but not arrested because of something he didn’t do or that already been done and dealt with. But this is wrong.

  18. Posted by Andrew Webster, at Reply

    USA, a first world state desperately trying to be a third world state.

    • Posted by titiri titiri, at Reply

      Michael Tomlinson you must be that cop that arrested this kid…😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    • Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

      It’s an advanced third-world nation, but don’t worry, Trump and Ron will put and end to that “advanced” nonsense.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Back to the Guilded Age, or the Wild West.

    • Posted by Андрей Мишин, at Reply

      +Michael Tomlinson lol, assaulted by ten years old?
      Let me guess, who is sounds stupid here, I dunno…