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More #NBCFail: Borat jokes about Kazakhstan annoy viewers


NBC is just making it worse. It has already infuriated a ton of viewers with several aspects of its coverage, including MSNBC trumpeting liberal propaganda at every turn. Now, it seems the network is in favor of making Borat jokes at every Kazakhstan mention.

Yes, Borat is happy with kazakh medals, and no, north korean athletes are not on food rations. Can we get some original jokes now please?

— Blue Rickshaw (@bluerickshaw) July 29, 2012

are NBC employees contractually obligated to include lame Borat jokes with each Kazakhstan mention during #Olympics coverage ?

— Nitish Singh (@IamNitishSingh) July 29, 2012

I feel terrible for athletes from Kazakhstan, according to all American reporters they are just easy targets for Borat jokes

— Adam Lutz (@adamlutz77) July 29, 2012

wait are people allowed to make Borat jokes when talking about Kazakhstan winning a medal in weightlifting? because Dan Patrick just did.

— rebjan (@RebJanSmi) July 29, 2012

Borat jokes! Really! #nbcfail

— ninme (@ninme) July 29, 2012

The Borat jokes must stop. #Kazakhstan #Olympics

— Linda Chiu (@leenda_chiu) July 29, 2012

Will they ever get the message?

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