//Most People Throw These Away, But She Turns Them Into Tiny Works Of Art

Most People Throw These Away, But She Turns Them Into Tiny Works Of Art

The reason some people are artists and others aren’t is their ability to think outside the box.

Whether that’s literally painting outside the lines or finding a way to use the things we just don’t see as art, creative thinking is basically a prerequisite. Artists amaze us because they can take someone’s trash and turn it into a masterpiece. And when I say trash, sometimes it literally is something we’re used to throwing away.

Jan Campbell was getting her lunch ready one day when she cut open an avocado and took a longer look than usual at the pit inside. The rest is history.

Campbell noticed the beauty of the coloration and began carving into the pits, which she calls stones.

Primarily, she makes statues based on Celtic folklore. Most are forest spirits or goddesses, but sometimes she also carves mushrooms.

These avocado stone sculptures can stand on their own or be worn as pendants, and she sells them in her online store.

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Even if you can’t get your hands on one of her sculptures yourself, Campbell runs a beautiful Instagram