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Motorcycle Mayhem: Throwback Thursday (November 2017)


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It's Thursday, so you know exactly what that indicates! It's time for a big heaping helping of some throwback stops working! We have people fooling around on motorbikes, surprise stops working, as well as a post dance fail or more! Send your videos at


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Child Takes Pocketbook Out of Woman's Purse
Man Topples out of Kart
Feline Goes Away Behind Sofa Trying to Get Balloon
Gym Person Falls after Breaking Weight Sled
Golf Round Bounces Back to Beginning Point
Couple Flies off Inner Tube
Baby Falls into Lawn Sprinkler
Person Falls out the Door Aiming To Raise Weights
Pole Breaks while Professional Dancer Climbs It
Bicyclist Faceplants Into Turf
Woman Falls after Jumping over Fence
Woman Falls off Hammock Chair
Man Gets Up Little Sibling With Horns
Person Falls Trying Exercise
Waterskier Crashes in Water
Man Attempts to Leap Over High Object and also Loss
Watermelon Explodes while Children Eat It
Lady Falls off Post and also Into Water
Guy Falls off ATV and right into Mud
Weightlifter Faceplants
Person Flies off High Bar
Individual Cannot Play Mini Golf
Guys Effort to do Companion Flip as well as Result in Nut Shot
Woman on Unicycle Attempts To Jump of Actions
Mama Diminish Step While Videotaping Kid
Youngster Has a Delayed Response after Obtaining Hit by Sphere
Guy Crashes During Bike Event
Guy Drops Barbell Onto Neck
Impatient Motorcyclist
Girl Falls Off Post
Guy Bellyflops right into Diving Area
Mechanical Bull Strikes Man's Face
Person Fails Mobility Scooter Stunt
Man Attempts Wheelie as well as Wipes Out
Combover Steve Fails to Front Flip
Girl on Roller Skates Tries to Grind on Rail
Person Aims To Carry Out Skateboard Method With Crutch and also Falls
Post Professional Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
Individuals Break Pole While Dancing
Giant Stuffed Animals Autumn as well as Knock Over Lady
Goat Faints When Round Comes Near
Person Does Dual Frontflip as well as Faceplants
Golf Player Tip Over Bag
Woman Raises Weight Above Head and Blows Up

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  1. Posted by 松元アイラ, at Reply

    I’m _gay_

    I hope none will find this comment

    • Posted by Tristen Tassin-Flugence, at Reply

      Ricardo Ortega what about bisexuals?

    • Posted by Burt Gummer, at Reply

      Ricardo Ortega You realize that the definition of Gay is Happy.

    • Posted by PufferfishRules YT, at Reply

      松元アイラ I did

    • Posted by Aurador JS., at Reply

      Ricardo Ortega they like people of their own sex! you cant ignore that with your 9y.o brain… can you? You say they have mental problems…… when you where a baby you got “dropped” on the floor…… i think they wanted to kill you …… head on first….. so that your fucking bones crash into your stupid brain

  2. Posted by Cory Finken, at Reply

    Wanna hear a joke?

    Your life.

    • Posted by Mason, at Reply

      Cory Finken you’re not wrong lmao

    • Posted by Richard Roberts, at Reply

      It’s weird how jokes can be funny and sad at the same time. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

    • Posted by Kagako Tetsuki, at Reply

      Your words inspire millions.

  3. Posted by Huntrix, at Reply

    Video starts at 0:00

    • Posted by Juliussmoothie, at Reply


    • Posted by Wild side gaming, at Reply

      Huntrix well no 😒😒😒😒

    • Posted by JOSH DOSE SOMTHING, at Reply

      Sir Fancy thanks, i didn’t trust him.

    • Posted by Sir Fancy, at Reply

      JOSH DOSE SOMTHING it’s ok, alot of trolls these days

    • Posted by Alberto Cortez, at Reply

      Huntrix thanks I thought it started at 9:04, at least you told us I would have gotten lost.

  4. Posted by Jamie Mckaye, at Reply

    What do you call a laughing motorcycle?
    A Yamahahaha


    • Posted by Jamie Mckaye, at Reply

      Ok Ok, what does a harley davidso and a porcupine have in common?

      Both have pricks on their back?

    • Posted by solacey, at Reply

      Jamie Mckaye that killed me

    • Posted by TheBrak1147, at Reply

      what do you call a spitting motorcycle?


    • Posted by Cliff Senac, at Reply

      Jamie Mckaye the second joke is better

  5. Posted by Jack, at Reply

    0:05 Baby professional robber

    • Posted by Atheistman, at Reply

      He is from Russia)

    • Posted by Prem Sai Ponguru, at Reply

      Boss Baby

    • Posted by Vyacheslav Vorobyov, at Reply

      Это Россия! Росслабтесь…

  6. Posted by Иван Трунов, at Reply

    ЕЕЕ Расея

    • Posted by Максим Плоtников, at Reply

      Иван Трунов все русичи сюды

    • Posted by Мария Новая, at Reply

      Я – тут! Против кого дружим?!?!?:)))))

  7. Posted by Pool of Radiance, at Reply

    Star Wars the last jedi…..rey turns to the dark side 😈😈😈

    • Posted by Darth Bane, at Reply

      Pool of Radiance no lol

    • Posted by EHT, at Reply

      Yea sure..

    • Posted by I RCade, at Reply

      My friend thinks the same

    • Posted by Batman Doraemon, at Reply

      Wait What..You watched the movie!?

    • Posted by I RCade, at Reply

      Batman Doraemon my friend said that the trailer in Thor Ragnarok shows Rey with Kylo Ren

  8. Posted by Perth Air, at Reply

    4:08 thanks me later 😀

    • Posted by Brian Harris, at Reply


    • Posted by Chica1987 Bite, at Reply

      I don’t like Womens like this

    • Posted by Lawrence Stevens, at Reply

      The reason I clicked lol

    • Posted by An Superstar, at Reply

      Perth Air lol

    • Posted by I Z, at Reply


  9. Posted by ValentinoRosso, at Reply

    0:44 fun slide… filming it with a phone and another one attached to a selfie stick. what’s wrong with people?

    • Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

      Obviously you dont need to pay THAT much attention.

      When they crushed they could only use one hand – they hit themselfs harder. It is the best if both of your hands are free when falling.

    • Posted by Sirius Black, at Reply

      Rushing Racoon stop. Just stop.

    • Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

      Are you serious? I mean Sirius? Im a rawenclaw btw

    • Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

      Sirius Black in your channel description you say you argue a lot… Then give me an argument why i should stop.

    • Posted by musechanical, at Reply

      Half of the selfie stick users brain power would still be zero.

  10. Posted by Oleksandr Hlushchenko, at Reply

    i soviet russia even a baby robbes you.

  11. Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

    8:30 complete diseaster…

  12. Posted by ValentinoRosso, at Reply

    I’m early so I was going to write a good comment referring to one of the clips. 
    They’re pretty boring. Up you go unrelated comments 🙂

    • Posted by nimrodery, at Reply

      What happened? You were going to write a good comment, but posted this one….

    • Posted by David Jandrey, at Reply

      Not all heroes wear capes

  13. Posted by Tornupto 123, at Reply

    I saw motorcycle in the title, I click xD

    • Posted by Joey Cameron, at Reply

      and then was disappointed when motorcycle portions were outnumbered by every other type of fail.

    • Posted by I Z, at Reply

      There were like 3 motorbikes

  14. Posted by taggy22, at Reply

    8:15 “move across” ?? He’s in his fucking lane. Stupid bikers, don’t lane split if it’s not safe. Got what he deserved.

    • Posted by Sky McDaniel, at Reply

      Yall know nothing about traffic laws in the UK, nice.

    • Posted by JRexMineTek, at Reply

      taggy22 I’m assuming most people here are Americans, who think it’s a human right to own a car. Think about it like this: a motorbike takes less space, keeping queues shorter, and is far more eco friendly than a car. It is polite to move your vehicle for a biker, rather than make them wait just because you have to sit in traffic. From personal experience, the bad bikers are the delivery drivers who are still a ‘Learner’ (not all of them, just some)

    • Posted by MrRedRye, at Reply

      Traffic laws here in the UK make provision to protect bikers filtering when they have no chance of taking avoiding action i.e if a car pulls out across them. In this case the car was completely stationary and the bike crashed into two vehicles and knocked himself off. Once the bike started to move along side the van where was the driver supposed to go? He can’t start manoeuvring once the bike is practically touching him

    • Posted by STAG162, at Reply

      Lane filterers don’t have a priority. You learn to ride on a bike, you stay in the lane and stop when everyone else does. For Learners and Provisionals, this is the same rule. For full licence riders it’s like a switch has been flipped and they’re in god-mode. They may be allowed to but that doesn’t say they HAVE to at the expense of other car-driving motorists. It’s no safer to lane filter than to sit in the lane like everyone else. The rider’s judgment here is askew if he thinks he’s gonna fit between two large vehicles in narrow lanes. Not gonna happen.

  15. Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

    7:48 look at that hair flick

    • Posted by Cliff Senac, at Reply

      Jayden Hussey that’s what I like about long hair

    • Posted by O C, at Reply

      I’m bald :(. and only 20 :(. Time to kms.

  16. Posted by a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming, at Reply

    What’s happened to the thumbnails?

    • Posted by Angel Duenas, at Reply

      a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming When fame gets to there head they put less effort because people will still watch anyways

  17. Posted by Hans Peter, at Reply

    7:15 thats not what i expected xD

  18. Posted by Sam Weaver, at Reply

    4:58 goat.exe has stopped working.

    • Posted by Lucas Kim, at Reply

      They literally stop working. That breed of goat suddenly freezes whenever it panicks.

    • Posted by Sam Weaver, at Reply

      Lucas Kim ikr, but don’t worry just turn it off and on again and It should start working.

    • Posted by ThE Goat, at Reply

      I don’t see SCALABRINE