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Movie Stars Pulling Their Money Out Of Wells Fargo. Defund DAPL


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TYT Politics spoke with legendary actress Jane Fonda outside of Wells Fargo, where she pulled her money out of on December 21st. To Donate To TYT Politics:

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  1. Posted by Matchstick, at Reply

    look I get trying to defund DAPL but come on…. going into the bank
    banging your drums…..why annoy the lowest level people working for the
    banks trying to just make a living?

    • Posted by hatemadness, at Reply

      to make a statement

    • Posted by Joan Marco, at Reply

      in Spain people have achieved things by occupying banks and refusing to

    • Posted by Joe Doe, at Reply

      What if the workers support the cause🤔🤔

    • Posted by hatemadness, at Reply

      +Joe Doe. they could dance with them.

  2. Posted by Toonses, at Reply

    What is this about? I don’t have 7 minutes.

    • Posted by MrMorefin, at Reply

      Toonses big bank companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase
      (just to name a few) have been lending out money to the oil company that is
      responsible for the oil pipe line in the Dakotas. Actress Jane Fonda found
      out about it & is withdrawing all her money from Wells Fargo.

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      People took out their money from the banks that support DAPL

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      +Toonses. You should take 30 seconds of your valuable time to punch
      yourself stupid. Thanks.

  3. Posted by IShot JR, at Reply

    Americas Behind Nasa they have paying them for years every president since
    Kennedy has been funding them why do u think they put a american flag on
    the moon wake up sheeple

    • Posted by rachael richman-harris, at Reply

      IShot JR lol r u srs

    • Posted by IShot JR, at Reply

      yes its true buzz Aldrin neil armstrong and michael collins were all paid
      by the us goverment to go to the moon they have been spending billions on
      Nasa even Obama was a part of it but u will never hear the Lame Stream
      Media talking about it its so obvious when u think about it

    • Posted by rachael richman-harris, at Reply

      IShot JR no i just thought that was insanely common knowledge.

  4. Posted by Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016, at Reply

    Looks like the ape is not gonna stay in North America, he’s gonna fly back
    to Kenya WHOOPI :)

    • Posted by Cracka Busta 2, at Reply

      You cave beasts are dying at an alarming rate. You are not the worlds
      majority, although as a whole your intentions are evil everywhere you go
      and think you are in control of everything. Keep out of the sun

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Cracka Busta 2 Whites make up almost 70% of the US while blacks only 12%.
      It is your numbers that are dropping at an alarming rate, due to aids and
      planned parenthood.

  5. Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

    ND has the highest GDP per capita in the country thanks to energy jobs. ND
    banks can fund it just fine.

    • Posted by Cleve 145, at Reply

      +RT Myths Debunked Are you rooting for the people or the banks???? You’re
      a weird guy.

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      +Cleve 145 Wow. I reject the way you framed that.

    • Posted by Cleve 145, at Reply

      +RT Myths Debunked Then explain yourself

    • Posted by RT Myths Debunked, at Reply

      +Cleve 145 In what way? I only stated a fact about ND’s super high GDP per
      capita thanks to energy jobs.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


  6. Posted by vagas99, at Reply

    This is AMERICA!!! i love this.. im sick of these greedy corporations
    fucking over the people.

    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      Who do you think financed all the films and TV show that Mike, Lilly and
      Jane made? These people ARE corporations. And corporations do what’s in
      their best interest. Like protest banks or hang out with Viet cong

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      vegass: what you gonna do about it?

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Maybe she will jihad.

  7. Posted by Jarreté Barnett, at Reply

    Been thinking about taking my money out of BoA anyway.

    • Posted by Jarreté Barnett, at Reply

      +mr7wi Fair question.

    • Posted by Faegir Volva, at Reply

      mr7wi You don’t have to have a bank. Banks make things easier, but they’re
      not necessary.

    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      +Faegir Volva Try live a month without a bank – it is impossible.

  8. Posted by roomforthefiiixins, at Reply

    Fight for Palestine with the same fervor.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply


    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


  9. Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

    Protest the banks – do not threaten the people inside the bank. Those CRS’s
    and personal bankers did not have any input to the DAPL.

    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      And by the way Jane, Lilly, and Mike – I will bet your films and TV shows
      were funded by those very same banks you’re protesting against. The
      money-go-round isn’t as simple as you make it.

  10. Posted by billybobrogers, at Reply

    Honestly this is really smart. The only way corporations listen is with
    money. If people in America could just unite on the issue of corruption in
    not only our political system, but also with a lot of these major
    corporations we could bring change. We don’t have to agree on everything
    but no matter if you are on the right, left, or in the middle. We can all
    agree that the vast majority of the American people are being pissed on do
    to our politicians and many of these corporations.

    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      And how much money do you think Jane withdrew and transferred to another

    • Posted by billybobrogers, at Reply

      mr7wi honestly i have no idea. I just think that this is a movement that
      makes sense.

    • Posted by mr7wi, at Reply

      +billybobrogers fair play.

  11. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    Any why should I care what the out of touch Hollywood elite do…

    • Posted by Cyndi Sammons, at Reply

      If you don’t understand why you should care about this particular action,
      you are the one who is out of touch.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


  12. Posted by kenz200g, at Reply

    Close my account today only had $200 in their tho lol

    • Posted by TheCinemaJudge, at Reply

      +Some One You realize to buy a car most people get loans from the bank. To
      get a loan to pay off a loan is a stupid idea. As for getting a better job
      that is never as easy as it sounds. IF you live in a rural community or
      suburb there is far fewer jobs to go around. Most workers do not retire
      because they cannot afford too and thus jobs become lifetime positions with
      vacancies being filled with family or family-friends of the employer or
      whomever is put in the position of hiring for that position.

      Saying that someone is either stupid or lazy, which is what you are saying
      is in correct. You seem to imply you are wealthy, I say imply because you
      are suggesting that all you need to get a better job is the simple desire
      to have one. But as I have pointed out this is FAR from true or everyone
      would be correctly employed.

      I must also correct your misunderstanding of the term Underemployed. You
      are confusing that term with Under-qualified which are two entirely
      different things. Underemployed means you may be employed but making too
      little money at the position to pay off your average life debts such as
      Rent, Food, Heating, Etc. Many americans are underemployed and are required
      to work multiple positions or both members of a couple to work full time
      positions to pay the bills. This also suggest that even though they may pay
      their bills they are not well off, these people often live pay check to pay
      check. This does not mean or imply they are drug users, gamblers, or any
      other vice that would otherwise occupy their financial resources. This is
      just simple day to day living.

      Under-qualified means they are in a position that they do not possess the
      skills or temperament for. For example being selected as an intern to a
      hospital but being anti-social and failing all your physiology courses.
      This person would be dangerously Under-qualified for that position as they
      would know very little of the skills they are required to know, and being
      anti-social be unable to work with the patients or other medical staff.

    • Posted by TheCinemaJudge, at Reply

      +Some One Saying someone has no intelligence is calling someone stupid. So
      you might be wanting to be PC about that, I despise PC so I am just gonna
      say what you are saying. No sugar coating.

      And you are again spouting a strawman talking point given to you buy FOX
      and the Right Wing. You have this fairy tale imagine in your mind that all
      Liberals want something for nothing. This is a lie. Sure there are some,
      but then there are some like Cliven Bundy who wants something for nothing
      and he is certainly not a Liberal.

      You have this false idea of College and degrees as well. Actually its a
      very typical idea of republicans and the right to have this idea so I do
      not blame you. This idea that College doesn’t actually do anything.

      It depends on the college this is true. Trumps College for example was
      worthless, didn’t do a thing but bleed money out of people. But most
      recognized schools actually teach you things that benefit your field of
      study. For example I am a Business Major, I have an associates degree
      currently. I learned during my time how to do my own and business taxes,
      learned accounting both on old school paperwork and the newer computerized
      versions. I learned Business Ethnics and Laws, I learned how to manage and
      create advertisements and marketing plans to get people to buy products.
      This puts me ahead of the lowly grunt in the mail room who can’t do any of
      those things.So I do have an advantage over him.

      You said that we believe we are owed something, not exactly true. We know
      that our skills are worth something. This old way of thinking that you HAVE
      to start at the bottom just is not true. If you have the skills and the
      drive to finish school and learn the more advanced tools of the trade then
      yes you deserved the job more than the grunt who has been there twenty
      years and never put the effort into learning any of that.Why? Well because
      you are clearly the more determined worker. The new generation is also
      filled with cry babies who just want a paycheck, but thats true in any

      What is not true is that EVERY liberal is like that or even most. Just like
      how most Conservatives don’t want to shut down all regulations, or lynch
      every black man they see. These are stereotypes that are put out there by
      both parties propaganda machines (FOX and MSNBC). Truth is most people of
      my age have been working the same job day in and day out. The issue is that
      with the economy failings in 2008 and the slow restoration of the market
      means many business have the excuses that they cannot afford raises, or
      afford promoting you to a position of higher pay.

      For example I currently work at a Casino, they have said with the recent
      minimum wage increase they will no longer be doing a cost of living wage
      increase for the next few years. Meaning that if you had worked there for
      say 7 years like a friend of mine who started with the minimum wage was
      much lower you lose out. It was 15 cents more an hour for every year you
      where there. With the minimum wage increasing to slightly over that. They
      are being paid the same as a worker who just got hired. Leaving them
      feeling as if they had wasted their time and loyalty to the company. They
      also have me running a position that is suppose to be run by a supervisor,
      but because they do not want to increase my pay they will not promote me in
      title although I am expected to work the supervisor position. And I have
      for two full years now. I am putting in my dues, but I can see that they
      will never promote me because they have this go to excuse of “We can’t
      afford it” But I know the bosses all got a nice raise this year.

      Face it, the American economy is not anywhere near great and won’t be,
      probably ever again. Corporations run our government and get sweetheart
      deals to lower their taxes while they stagnate our wages. You can say that
      is just running a business smart, and it is. But it doesn’t mean screwing
      over the workers is right.

  13. Posted by hm14uk, at Reply

    The pipeline is beneficial to the shithead klan members of Drumpfs
    government only, not Drumpfs supporters, waks up you sheep.

    • Posted by Joe Truth, at Reply

      Obama allowed it.

    • Posted by hm14uk, at Reply

      Joe Truth Drumpf invested in it.

    • Posted by on the rocks with salt, at Reply

      There is the lefty pivot you’re so famous for. Next we will hear Russia is
      responsible for funding DAPL😭😭😭

  14. Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

    Can someone provide a fact based argument on how this pipeline will be
    worse for the environment than the older pipelines that it is replacing?
    Preferably, something written by someone with basic scientific literacy.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      +severe8403 I never said pipelines aren’t dangerous. I want to know what is
      particularly bad about this pipeline.

    • Posted by severe8403, at Reply

      Crude oil….

    • Posted by severe8403, at Reply

      Or maybe you’re right, the “new technology” you said it has, makes it
      completely safe. Let’s just move it north of Bismarck, like it was
      originally intended to go, and leave those Natives alone.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by Self Sent, at Reply

      If it would leak (which it will of course as you said it yourself, they are
      all dangerous), this one will affect the drinking water of 19 million
      people and indigenous tribes. Besides this what has made this such a big
      attention is that the Dakota police was using violent force against
      peaceful protesters (on native american land) Basically operating like a
      militia state. The Dakota police is basically being paid by the oil company
      to keep the people out of their own sacred land, which compromises treaties
      from hundreds of years ago when Europeans took over America.

  15. Posted by Albert Hood, at Reply

    I literally today closed my Chase account, recorded it and told them I was
    doing it because of Chase’s support of DAPL.

    • Posted by Ryan Evans, at Reply

      +Antonio Jackson Damn that was a clever joke for a 12 year old.

    • Posted by Antonio Jackson, at Reply

      Ryan Evans shh your mom think I’m 20 she like the young pipe.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by William Schutz, at Reply

      Right on man!!!!

  16. Posted by Lo Kee, at Reply

    Wish I had some money to withdraw:-)

    • Posted by FireBomberBassist, at Reply

      Me too. I know the feel.

    • Posted by penguins forall, at Reply

      I never had a bank. First account I opened was a credit union. Pat yourself
      on the back you’ve already done your part.

    • Posted by Chef Pie, at Reply

      Lo Kee haha…me three!

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


  17. Posted by jai “Honeydipped” brown, at Reply

    this is great, but I don’t understand anyone who chose to keep wells Fargo
    Bank after the massive fraud they just discovered.

    • Posted by Sycotic Deninard, at Reply

      jai brown Exactly.

    • Posted by Oberscharführer Schrödinger, at Reply

      i cancelled my wells fargo account because they charged me $35 for .62
      cents that I went short after buying holiday season and the auto pay for

    • Posted by Workhorse1011, at Reply

      jai brown because many people don’t keep up on the news.

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


  18. Posted by fischkopp1234, at Reply

    Someone should start an investment bank, that only funds clean energy and
    pro-environment projects. Everybody, who hates the big banks, that dabble
    in stuff like DAPL could then pull their money out and put it into that
    bank. If it becomes a successful model, other banks might copy it, but at
    the very least you’d be able to say, that your money is not used to destroy
    the environment and people would have no excuse for keeping their money in
    Wells Fargo and other accounts.

    • Posted by re2dance, at Reply

      fischkopp1234 i love it! thinking of moving my money to a credit union or a
      local bank. I’m losing total respect for Wells Fargo……they continue to
      let me down time and again.

  19. Posted by xavier wilson, at Reply

    If this were black folks they would’ve had the whole police force rallied
    to stop them.

    • Posted by Dawn's Star, at Reply

      If they were purple folks, they would have mistaken them for grapes and
      squeezed them to make grape juice.
      Will you cut it out.

    • Posted by immaculate ejaculate, at Reply

      Dawn’s Star is he lying? or speaking truth? bigots hate the truth

    • Posted by Schtuppit, at Reply

      If this were black folks, every store would have been looted and burned
      down. At least Jane would have been gang raped in the process.

    • Posted by Schtuppit, at Reply

      …and where are they? Even the niggas know it’s stupid.