MSNBC clutches pearls over urinal Obama; What about THIS ‘art’? [pics] | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

MSNBC clutches pearls over urinal Obama; What about THIS ‘art’? [pics]


That’s MSNBC in a nutshell! Check out the network’s big scoop for today:!/msnbc/status/480055032268599299

There indeed appears to be an Obama figurine in that urinal:!/igorbobic/status/480013289708339201

Which political party does the culprit belong to? That’s not clear, but it happened at a conservative conference and it makes Obama look bad, so MSNBC is determined to make it a story.!/Neal_Dewing/status/480057690291732480

Somebody get the FBI on this!!/gabrielmalor/status/480058169423826944

Of course they’re a knucklehead. But if MSNBC is gonna insist on clutching its pearls over this, it should at least be consistent:!/MoonbatCatnip/status/480055916340207616!/JayRooTheDee/status/480059261167624193

Oh, but that was “art.”!/TheMadHessian/status/480057709828800512!/DrewMTips/status/480058555311984640!/OrwellForks/status/480057247641661440


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