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Mueller Closing In On Donald Trump Jr.?


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Donald Trump Jr. may have made pledges to a Russian legal representative for dust on Hillary Clinton. John Iadarola and also Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A Russian lawyer that met with Head of state Donald Trump's earliest boy last year states he showed that a regulation targeting Russia could be re-examined if his papa won the political election and asked her for written evidence that illegal profits went to Hillary Clinton's project.

The legal representative, Natalia Veselnitskaya, claimed in a two-and-a-half-hour meeting in Moscow that she would certainly tell these and other things to the Us senate Judiciary Board on problem that her responses be revealed, something it hasn't consented to. She has actually received scores of inquiries from the board, which is investigating feasible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Veselnitskaya stated she's also prepared– if asked– to testify to Unique Guidance Robert Mueller.

Her June 9, 2016 encounter with Donald Trump Jr., Head of state Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and then project supervisor Paul Manafort in New York plays a key role in allegations that the project collaborated with Russia to defeat Clinton.

Veselnitskaya claimed she went to the New york city meeting to show Trump campaign officials that major Democratic benefactors had evaded U.S. tax obligations as well as to lobby versus the supposed Magnitsky law that punishes Russian officials for the murder of a Russian tax obligation accountant that implicated the Kremlin of corruption."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson

Cast: John Iadarola, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by Melissa Mosher Hanson, at Reply

    If I was Jr’s attorney, the best advise I could give him would be. Get your soap on a rope

    • Posted by Teana Stokes, at Reply

      Melissa Mosher Hanson lol

  2. Posted by Victor Varela, at Reply

    It’s not a payback, it’s a payoff…Trump is being blackmailed by Putin who not only had the dirt on Hillary, but even worse dirt on Trump. That is why Putin would rather have Trump win.

  3. Posted by Jason Nysa Cleomedes, at Reply

    Jared first.

  4. Posted by Lowry Pierce, at Reply

    Mueller will get to the bottom of this. Then… “lock em all up”!

  5. Posted by tastyfrzz1, at Reply

    The entire GOP is involved in this. If they were not the sanctions would have been imposed.

    • Posted by trans am, at Reply

      There’s nothing libtards

    • Posted by Clubland Exrcixe, at Reply

      There’s plenty and more TrumPutintard!

  6. Posted by Bass Sabbath, at Reply

    I hope JR goes down with Kushner and they both roll on Trump

  7. Posted by The P, at Reply

    Like father like son , another BLOWHARD

  8. Posted by tom johnston, at Reply

    That’s one dad that will absolutely let his own kid take the charge.

  9. Posted by Jan Hornbøll Hansen, at Reply

    I think the word you’re looking for is collusion or maybe even treason, if that hadn’t been redefined to mean informing the public about government misdeeds.

  10. Posted by EnderZ13, at Reply

    You say DT Jr. was trying to act coy… I believe, however, he was, in fact, trying to act _like_ a koi.

  11. Posted by Grigory Zinoviev, at Reply

    we do have a word for it. collusion.

  12. Posted by Clubland Exrcixe, at Reply

    “Angel said: If Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t utterly corrupt ” but hey, the GOP tried shamelessly with 13 witch hunts and too many FBI taxpayer funded Bogus investigations for 40 plus years and found NOTHING, ZERO, NIL.  They feared a woman President almost as much as they feared our beloved black respected President.   Now we have Trump and his Crime Family guilty of obstruction of justice, collusion, racketeering, money laundering since the early 90’s, illegal Russian loans in the hundreds of millions, illegal non-American meetings with Russian spies and ogliarchs, secret channels and business deals in Russia while the focking moron is waddling in the oval office for pay offs in the M$$$$ to Russian cohorts to win the fraudulent and rigged TrumPutin arranged and funded election.    RESIST-REMOVE-IMPEACH ~!~

  13. Posted by shan cr, at Reply

    Juli Briskman was fired from her job for RAISING the middle finger at Trumps motercade on a northern Virgina rd, THIS man has made fun OF A HANDICAP REPORTER, DEGRADED WOMEN, INCITED RACE WARS!!!  All on TV FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!! AND SHE GETS FIRED FROM HER JOB!!!

    • Posted by slactweak, at Reply

      @shan cr

      Yeah, that was pretty screwed up. I think her mistake was posting it as a profile pic on social media but it’s still screwed up. This just goes to show how much this administration has tainted the thinking of the American People. Suddenly, the First Amendment doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to 45 and his people. It’s a sad state of affairs and it’s only going to get worse the further in we go with this guy.

    • Posted by Erik Engheim, at Reply

      The double standards are pretty sick. The stuff the Trump family gets away with without consequences is staggering, yet common folks risk their livelihood for simply expressing their dislike of Trump.

    • Posted by slactweak, at Reply

      @Erik Engheim

      If it was JUST livelihood it wouldn’t be so bad. Jobs are hard to come by, regardless of what the numbers say, but it is possible to get another job. The problem is that one also risks their reputation if they disagree with or dislike this man and THAT can be devastating. Not only does that loss impede their chances of being hired, it can also make them pariahs in their communities.

  14. Posted by Infinite Sheldon, at Reply

    The Hangman’s roping up the Old Oak Tree
    Paul and Rick tremble in the breeze
    Donnie is screaming “IT WASN’T ME!!”
    But the Hangman cannot hear his pleas.

    Hangman, Hangman,
    Hang ’em all
    Tie ’em tight
    And let ’em fall!

    The Hangman stands ‘neath the Old Oak Tree
    Jeff is quivering on his knees
    Junior is screaming “IT WASN’T ME!!”
    But he’ll breathe his last among the leaves.

    Hangman, Hangman,
    Hang ’em all
    Tie ’em tight

  15. Posted by Alexandra Esquinca, at Reply

    Donald Trump He is a old .
    And fat pig 🐷🐷🐷

  16. Posted by earthlingsarecrazy, at Reply

    Trump is one of Putin’s agents

  17. Posted by tobflipped, at Reply

    Don Jr. gets locked up and there’s no telling what Trump will do.  He’s so batshit crazy, he may blow us all up.

  18. Posted by WestOfEarth, at Reply

    When this sad episode in American history passes, you will be unable to find one person who admits they were a Trump supporter.

    • Posted by fallspeed, at Reply

      “I didn’t want to vote for Trump, but the Russians tricked me into it!”

    • Posted by WestOfEarth, at Reply

      Fallspeed – actually, the Russians excel at propaganda. They’ve had to rely on it for over a 100 years to convince their people that their oppressed way of life is fantastic! The US, on the other hand with its freedom of press, has generally been more ‘truthful’. Many, many highly intelligent Russians (and Germans during WWII) fell victim to expert propagandists. I’m not surprised Trump supporters also fell for this scheming.

    • Posted by fallspeed, at Reply

      The Russians are also master spies, going back to Czarist days. Much better at it than US intelligence, generally speaking. Their interference last year was probably the most successful intelligence operation in history.

  19. Posted by harDCore aTheisT, at Reply

    Can’t wait for a big beautiful impeachment!

    • Posted by Airik Luna, at Reply

      harDCore aTheisT The first round is in May 2018 unfortunately it looks like the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 before we can all breath easy.