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Mulvaney Requests ZERO Dollars To Fund CFPB


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Cute, Mick. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section below.

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" Mick Mulvaney, the Trump-appointed acting supervisor of the Customer Financial Security Bureau, asked for absolutely no dollars in his quarterly budget request Wednesday.

In a letter obtained by TPM (read it listed below), Mulvaney informed Federal Book Chair Janet Yellen that" [s] imply placed, I have actually been assured that the funds currently in the Bureau Fund are sufficient" to last the quarter. Politician initially reported the request letter.

The step is extraordinary: The customer watchdog agency has dependably asked the Fed for 10s of millions of bucks quarterly to cover its operating costs. The demands have topped $200 million four times, and have actually never been turned down." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by Theo Lamp, at Reply

    CFPB, DACA, CHIP, The EPA, Climate Agreement,  castrating The State Department, Right Wing Supremacists, overly aggressive ICE actions. What will it take for ALL the people to wake up.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      Axiom 16….are you having “Executive Time” with the president? I don’t have the energy to go through all the b.s. you put in this comment, but I’ll ask this…why was Obama called Deporter in Chief and why did Democrats and some Republican’s meet with him and ask him to slow down the deportations? Hmmmmm, they don’t talk about that on Fox so of course Trump wouldn’t know the facts either.

    • Posted by Iron Claw Gaming, at Reply

      Theo Lamp What will it take? The complete & utter destruction of their very way of life.

    • Posted by dreaminginnoother, at Reply

      taking the lead and flouride out of the water.

    • Posted by Lisa Davis, at Reply

      Why do you think Hillary cancelled the last two debates with Bernie? He won the majority of debates held with her, and she knew she would loose if she continued debating him. She lost the interest of the voters in general, and it is the lack of voter turn out in the end, that she most responsible for.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    guess when the CFPB was founding in 2011 AFTER the housing crisis, i wonder why. wonder what will happen yet again if this prick gets his way and there is no funding for an accountability and investigation system for the banks again?

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      jack johnson what are you talkin about bush caused the financial crisis of 2008 not Clinton. Bill Clinton wasn’t even president what are you high? Bush severely loosened regulations on banks which caused the housing crisis because once again Bush was president not Bill Clinton

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      Actually, Mr. Johnson is correct. The repeal of Glass-Steagall (Clinton) is what caused the crash. Bush certainly accelerated it with his further deregulation, but Glass-Steagall is the specific piece of legislation that stopped them from gambling with mortgages.

      Tribalism is unbecoming.

    • Posted by Victor Schmidt, at Reply

      rouge1ful Bill Clinton did away with Glass-Steagall which was already gutted by then. Both parties are guilty in the 2008 recession The center that Clinton pulled to was the Right during Eisenhowers presidency. The Dems just helped the Republicans vote for a continuation of mass surveillance of the American people, they also voted to increase the military budget 80 billion dollars per year for ten years over what the military had asked for.
      Both parties serve their donors.

    • Posted by MrRjdio1, at Reply

      Jack johnson- I’m confused do you want him to respond or to STFU you can’t have both it just doesn’t make sense.
      I agree that only 1 banker got prosecuted and that is a crime against the people but Ovomit did collect $160 billion in fees and fines since 2010 and 100’s of millions in settlements.

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    How much money do you want to fund your agency?
    “I want zero.”
    Wait …. are you serious?
    Yes. I want to destroy any protections people have.

    • Posted by Lud Puts, at Reply

      Win Dias the counter argument is that you don’t need a money wasting government agency to pass consumer protection laws. all you need is congress.

    • Posted by MuttonChop Red, at Reply

      jibbo123 epic fail trolltard

  4. Posted by Ramani Visvanathan, at Reply

    What despicable human being.

    • Posted by Carlos Rafael, at Reply

      Big Red really? that’s response? You sound like my 5yr old kid.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      The big question is how trump keeps finding these despicable beings. I didn’t know there were that many out there… he found them all.. King of the swamp.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      tbf he’s pretty boss for a super villain

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Big Red – You should be mad too, if you’re an American or a country, business or individual that has investments in an American bank.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      TCt83067695 – He’s more of a mini-boss right before you get to the main endgame boss.

  5. Posted by Brian Wampler, at Reply

    Not one banker from 2008s collapse is in prison. Sad. Trump is a P.O.S. and favors big Banks.

    • Posted by Jasine Giles, at Reply

      I don’t like Trump either, but that was all on Obama. He had the opportunity to, but as usual Obama played both sides to appease everyone. He bailed out the banks to help citizens and didn’t prosecute CEO for their predatory practices to keep appease corporations.

    • Posted by Daniel Blackwolf, at Reply

      Blank is the right name for you. It was due to Greed and selling junk bond mortgages that led to the 2008 financial crisis. Everybody in this mother got a mortgage of a hundred percent and then because they had a job they even extended that. You can’t even see that it was a financial institutions without regulations under Bush Administration that led to this as well as Clinton. Canada has strict guidelines I’m getting a mortgage if you couldn’t produce a down payment through rrsps or cash you wouldn’t get approved. Hence why we survived the 2008 without much of a blip.

    • Posted by Denise Eugene, at Reply

      Brian Wampler Madoff and that Indian dude from NY went down …

  6. Posted by jerry Miller, at Reply

    “We don’t need any stinking consumer protections”…..I mean It worked out so great under Bush!

    • Posted by NachtKaiser666, at Reply

      jack johnson Deregulation caused crashes. Clinton opened the door, Bush opened the floodgates and deregulated even more leading to the 2008 crash. Obama did regulate a bit which kind of helped with the recovery, but Trump is not only repealing everything Obama did, he’s making everything worse.

      So yeah, Clinton was bad, but Republicans are always worse.

      When you let a rowdy dog run free, there will be serious damage. Put ’em on a leash to serve the people.

    • Posted by Deimos Malefic, at Reply

      jack johnson delete this one too lol. Man your on a roll.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      jack johnson – Damn, but you’re a moron.

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      send a note to Frank thanking him for protecting this agency. All the master legistlators

  7. Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

    I’d love to see the “intellectual right” defend this

    • Posted by ernstbtmn, at Reply

      Blank—> Have you met any ‘lizard people’ yet?
      ” Unaccountable to anyone and finance outside of Congress it is Elizabeth Warren and the democrats legal weapon with no oversight.”
      You think Reps won’t CHECK her? Wow! I’d watch who I call a ‘moron.’ When you SEEM like one too…

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      vinnythewebsurfer – “intellectual right”? Oh that’s funny,…unless you were serious. 🤔

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      waterandafter – deregulation means removal of protections, in this instance it is in regard to consumer protections.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Drake ICN – Yep, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Blank – Another disingenuous moron.

  8. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *To all my fellow Comrades in the comment section, Privyet! Hope the weather in Vladivostok isn’t too cold right now!*

    • Posted by Heavy Metal, at Reply

      The roads are clear but still had to shovel my driveway comrade

    • Posted by Micha Prost, at Reply

      McCarthyite idiot. All the bad stuff trump makes and you need to reach conspiracy theories.

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply


  9. Posted by David DaRos, at Reply

    What idiot dislikes this video? Who likes to be screwed over? What are you not getting?

    • Posted by Blank, at Reply

      TCt83067695 simple it doesn’t create clear statutes or regulations it penalizes actions using broad unaccountable and ever changing standards. “Treat consumers fairly” is the motto of the agency. That means nothing… literally nothing. Fairly is up to the interpretation of the individual. Combine that with the fact it is permanent and has executive power without being accountable to Congress or the executive branch with the fact that it is funded by the Fed and not by Congress and staffed exclusively by democrats you get a rogue agency.

      Specifics are this from the CFPB attorney stating they don’t have actual policies but will ravage a company if they need to send a message to the industry… that’s a mob shakedown not a regulatory body.

      “Mr. Alexis and Ms. Twohig discussed the CFPB’s process for deciding whether the CFPB will use a supervisory or an enforcement action to address violations found in an examination. Ms. Twohig indicated that the decision whether to refer a matter to enforcement is made by an Action Review Committee (ARC), which considers various factors such as the severity of the violation, the entity’s cooperation with the CFPB, and policy factors that include the need for the CFPB to send a public message of deterrence.”

    • Posted by askaflamininja, at Reply

      Blank, like some Trolls like to think they’re smart trolls now. You’re not arguing with a person you’re arguing with hate itself.

      He’ll come back with things that sound just informed enough make you not be bothered to google how to correct him and he’ll do it because he hates liberals. Liberals on his side, still hates em. Thats how smart he is.

      You just gotta remember whatever they say is on the side of banks stepping on people. That’s all you need to know he’s wrong. Nothing more.

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Blank What you just wrote didn’t make any valid points whatsoever. First off, their motto of “treat consumers fairly” is just that: a motto. That’s not a legal standard. How the hell do you not understand that? There are laws and rules in place that businesses are not allowed to violate. The CFPB is one of the organizations that will go after corporations that violate such rules. Now, regarding sending a message of deterrence, how is that any different from any other criminal penalty? Finally, is it a surprise that the CFPB would be mostly staffed by people who leaned left? The right wing, in general, is against regulation of industries. So why would a person directly opposed to regulation, work for an organization where the primary focus is regulating banks? So all your points are pretty much invalid. Try again.

  10. Posted by jerry Miller, at Reply

    Russian “Trump Supporters” love to see Americans get ripped off!

    • Posted by Big Red, at Reply

      jerry Miller Hhahaha! look mom it’s a mad snowflake 😂

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Aw, did jerry offend your fragile sensibilities, Big Red? Don’t worry, we’ll get your mommy to change your nappy.

    • Posted by Big Red, at Reply

      Chad Austin Lol please tell me that’s not your real picture ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Posted by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, at Reply

    You know TYT nailed this story when the cuck bots come out in force!

  12. Posted by vernon col, at Reply

    Just purge the rich…..
    They clearly want us dead and attack us repeatably and yet we still do nothing, even the french did something.

    • Posted by A. J., at Reply

      Eat them

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      There is no bread let them eat cake….there`s no end to what they`ll take
      flaunt the firsts of noble birth wash the salt into the earth….Neil Peart

    • Posted by TheGreatMoonFrog, at Reply

      If they keep doing what they are doing they will get purged, unfortunately the masses are always slow to react, yes the French did something, after over 1000 years of oppression. Once these moves actually start to take effect in a tangible way people will get even more angry then they are now (remember the republican senators that got shot at?).

    • Posted by Jraymiami, at Reply

      Yes they do want us dead only AFTER they have used us up and stolen every last dime from our cold dead hands! I’m sure they will manage to steal whatever is left from any living relative too!

  13. Posted by Marx Dent, at Reply

    overdraft rampage…
    I overdraft by .06 cost me $75.34…
    simple mistake. I told the bank they dropped it to $50.24

    I may not always agree with TYT but “this” is no lie…
    the pool filling up with diet coke and we’re in the middle about to drown. 1st of the year…

  14. Posted by liamsire, at Reply

    These people will ruin us. US. Stop them. Vote. Participate. We must help each other. Save each other. Common words that need saying. Be afraid.

    • Posted by hewtwo, at Reply

      MuttonChop Red Silly comment. What do you think corruption is?

    • Posted by Denise Eugene, at Reply

      liamsire For sure !

  15. Posted by Buddysimo Simonetta, at Reply

    Vote them out while we can. VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  16. Posted by zz, at Reply

    I hope I get to see the day when these Wall Street crooks get the guillotine.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      Depends on if the reaction will be in this decade while 38% of jobs will be lost to automation (inevitable) demanding the replacement of capitalism then we’d see it
      or after 2-3 decades where a starving majority would have no chance beating an automated private army that protects them

      The issue is that a majority of Americans are fanatical capitalists due to decades of cold war propaganda.

    • Posted by Alexis Grunden, at Reply

      Sharpened or blunt?

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      Alexis Grunden heated red via electricity
      Make it flashy

  17. Posted by Salli Ala Nabi, at Reply

    Get ready for the next economic collapse, These republican idiots never know how to manage the economy.They always blow the debt and cause economic collapse every time.

    I wouldn’t trust these fools to run a lemonade stand let alone the economy.

    • Posted by Wendy Mom, at Reply

      they don’t care about the economy. All they care about is lining their own pockets!!!

  18. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    What are we going to do with the republicans taking away all the safe guards to protect the consumers, I know vote them out and take Trump with them.