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Mulvaney To Help Payday Lenders And Banks Fleece America


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Mick Mulvaney will be "running" the Consumer Financial Defense Bureau, which he as soon as called "an ill, unfortunate joke." Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below. Sign up with TYT:

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" It's a hectic time to be Mick Mulvaney.
Even before the president's spending plan supervisor additionally needed to run the Customer Financial Security Bureau, he dealt with a daunting December. The administration remains in essential arrangements over government costs as a Dec. 8 federal government shutdown impends, as well as his workplace is participated in difficult considerations over deep cuts the White Home wishes to impose in the next budget.
Currently, Mulvaney's portfolio is even larger.
President Donald Trump's decision to tap him for the CFPB has not only included a consuming work, it likewise propelled him into the middle of a political melee, including a legal challenge by the firm's replacement director, Leandra English, that contends she supervises. An U.S. judge on Tuesday declined her demand to obstruct Mulvaney, that has actually shown he'll look to make significant adjustments to the customer guard dog he once called "a sick, unfortunate joke."" *.

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  1. Posted by Andrew, at Reply


    • Posted by ufutz, at Reply

      Lucky Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist then.

    • Posted by buckpasser55, at Reply

      let the FLUNKED Jill voters get what they asked for

    • Posted by 6chhelipilot, at Reply

      James Eslick. “Trump is too smart and fast for him.” Are you shittin’ me?!!

    • Posted by ufutz, at Reply

      Anytime anyone uses the words “smart” and “Trump” in the same sentence, they are obvious trolls. Just ignore them.

    • Posted by J B, at Reply

      Andrew lol

  2. Posted by Theo Lamp, at Reply

    If this is draining the swap, put a plug in the drain. I hated the swamp, but I prefer the old swamp to the new one.

    • Posted by Artem S, at Reply

      Theo Lamp this is draining the swamp to find cabinet picks at the bottom.

  3. Posted by Capanema, at Reply

    This is why I support the expropriation of wealth from rich people. We need to just take it all, no more debate.

    • Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

      torchandhammer i like the way you think

    • Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

      Homo Quantum Sapiens We are now

    • Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

      Yorosero The way this is going, we will be a third world country unless the American people fights back

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      Aaron Bower
      Taxpayers funded most telecommunications infrastructure improvements back in the 90’s.

  4. Posted by MW 77, at Reply

    It is NOT ok to be white

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      People fail to see it’s not about race but class.,

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      MW 77 what are you talking about? What point are you trying to make? What does your comment have to do with anything here??

  5. Posted by Willy Fistergash, at Reply

    2nd amendment solutions

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      Willy Fistergash could you be a little more vague? That wasn’t generic enough

    • Posted by Michael P, at Reply

      Rod Severson take your guns away? What do you mean? Are you one of those manipulated drones that think some boogeyman is going to disarm you and leave you defenseless from the bad guys? Where did you get this notion from???

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      He means kill the people mentioned in this video, I can’t support that *_but I won’t stop you._*

    • Posted by Homo Quantum Sapiens, at Reply

      That’s exactly what Trump hope for , an excuse to end democracy… you dumbass

    • Posted by Rod Severson, at Reply

      Obviously you ca’t comprehend my comment, no I don’t have guns so you gun nuts just have another toy to play with since all of fun such sick pleasure with you guns. Just like a pacifier of a baby, so that what you think you need to be a man. How pathetic…

  6. Posted by dreicemoney, at Reply

    Don’t use payday loans if you don’t like the fees
    problem solved

    • Posted by Homo Quantum Sapiens, at Reply

      Ban payday loan businesses. Problem solved

    • Posted by Drediggy, at Reply

      They need to be banned. Most people don’t read the fine print and they aren’t told of the interest rates and things that they are supposed to be informed of. And when it’s desperate times and you have no where to turn they are waiting for you. And that’s the problem. Because the people who use them are the working class people who can’t withstand a $500 emergency. Who are about to get their taxes hiked up to give the rich more money. To will get no tax breaks which will make more turn to these predators to stay afloat and get shafted even more as a result.

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      “Decide”.There are many desperate people out there and they don’t have many choices. These people prey on the vulnerable and exploit that desperation. It’s immoral.

  7. Posted by Jim Brown, at Reply

    They Voted for Trump because they hate and are afraid!

  8. Posted by Marchusv, at Reply

    CFPB fined TitleMax alone $9 million just last year for misleading consumers on the terms of their loans and then invading their lives and giving personal information to co-workers, friends, family, etc in attempts to collect debt. Contributing to that $30k to get the one enforcement agency with teeth off their back is the best money they’ve ever spent.

  9. Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

    I am starting to reach my breaking point.

    • Posted by A. S. Hole, at Reply

      Really? This is just the beginning.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      Basically, yeah.  I’m also more likely to be rude to people in traffic.

    • Posted by N. Peace, at Reply

      123gwf Is that you, Matt Hardy?

    • Posted by Xenu#Scientology, at Reply

      123gwf I hoped for trump he is bringing the usa to ruins i hated the international politics of the US but now the USA is weak from the outside and even weaker from within the EnD of the skullthroned Empire has came… an end that hopefully will give den hage the right to do it thing agine.

  10. Posted by BladeWinters, at Reply

    When the ruling class have control with no accountability, they start shedding all sense of cordiality and become more and more openly corrupt because as they see it they have the authority, the money, the power and there’s nothing you can do, you can’t fight them not politically, not financially, and certainly not physically but within the corruption, it breeds tyranny and complacency, all the effort put into hiding their misdeeds would become work they feel too lazy to do as it is deemed unnecessary and it is within that complacency where empires fall.

    • Posted by DjGrimmace, at Reply

      You know, the founding fathers of your United States put into your Declaration of Independence a clause that makes it your job to overthrow corruption in any way necessary to save the Democracy known as the United States of America.

    • Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

      This country is becoming more like Russia by the day

  11. Posted by Jim Thompson, at Reply

    Shylocks, whether they be pay day lenders or banks should be avoided at all cost.Their business is fraud based extortion.

  12. Posted by Hadley Prevette, at Reply

    what ever happened to that idea of making them dress like NASCAR drivers. giving speeches, all tv apparences, during meetings, head to toe covered in the names and logos of their sponcers

  13. Posted by ernstbtmn, at Reply

    I hate kids! They’re dirty, whiny, snot-nosed little shts!
    Now, hire me as a Child Advocate?
    Because hey, I was just kidding…

  14. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Ah now that’s an interesting strategy, squeeze that trump voter until he can’t breathe.

  15. Posted by Street Gato, at Reply

    bumfuck Mulvaney got that kickable, punchable face

    • Posted by zyzz doggie, at Reply

      Street Gato yeah he does lol like Martin skrelli

    • Posted by lewis N nadz, at Reply

      nah nah ted cruzz’ seriously needs a kicking first, then those two lol

  16. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    oh he is there to run it…. run it into the ground…

  17. Posted by schmoab, at Reply

    This story is not being covered at all because the media is so breathless about sex scandals

  18. Posted by pliny, at Reply

    Mulvaney is a corrupt loser from SC. Look at him-he always looks like he is going to have a stroke. How can he even be in the WH? He has no honor.

  19. Posted by gwheyduke, at Reply

    Too bad so many voters are totally ignorant of this corruption in the administration