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Muslims Suffer Brutal Acid Attack


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Two Muslim people were assaulted with acid in the face in London. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you about the assault as well as the suspect. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" A Muslim guy who was entrusted to life-altering injuries complying with an acid assault in eastern London has demanded to know why the assault is not being treated as terrorism.

Jameel Muhktar needed to be put in a coma for two days after a male tossed acid at him as well as his relative Resham Khan with a car window as they rested at traffic signal in Beckton

" If this was an Asian guy like myself, going up to an English pair in an auto and also acid striking them, I understand for sure and the whole country understands that it would be classified as a horror assault," he informed Channel 4 News."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

    They only say Muslim in the title when they are the victims.

    • Posted by AndyB, at Reply

      Rick Cleek – So are you saying that TYT is blatantly trying to defend Islamic fundamentalism and violence because of the way they use video titles? If not, then please explain what you think TYT’s “agenda” is? Because if you have ever actually watched the content of their videos on this topic, they consistently condemn Islamic fundamentalism, Wahhabism, and any states who sponsor them like Saudi Arabia. With that said, what do you think Donald Trump and his administration’s agenda is when they directly support terrorist states like Saudi Arabia with a $100 Billion weapons contract even though they’ll use the words “Islamic Terrorist”? Is there no hypocrisy there?

  2. Posted by Hayward Bomaye, at Reply

    may Allah bless them

    • Posted by Bloodstar6078, at Reply

      Ibrat911 I think you meant “AND terrorist intentions,” though I get what you’re saying. =P

  3. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    white trash from the UK figures

    • Posted by Jerson Perez, at Reply

      FUCKtrump FUCKtrump anti white cuck

    • Posted by Veronica Hughes, at Reply

      hay watch your mouth

    • Posted by King Stannis Baratheon, at Reply

      FUCKtrump FUCKtrump English?

    • Posted by Veronica Hughes, at Reply

      lol..get a life mate..

  4. Posted by Rontay Gibbs, at Reply

    10 bucks another sand 🐒 did it!

    • Posted by JL, at Reply

      Rontay Gibbs
      the only 🐒 I see is you…

    • Posted by buchner funnel, at Reply

      why are tyt making a big deal about this, we have acid attacks now in the uk every week done by muslims yet tyt does not report it, the only reason they reported this is because a white person may have done it, just the other week they done the same thing blaming white people when it turned out the person responsible was not white. a shooter at a hospital was black can you imagine if he was white tyt and thee left would have a a field day making excuses for isis with it. I truly find it scary that the left wing has seemingly formed a alliance with radical islam cenk would sooner join isis then support trump. The sad thing is here in Britain a we notice the double standards and people are angry about it and beginning to take matters in to their own hands.

    • Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

      The fucker has tattoos on his face and is white.

    • Posted by harrymar11, at Reply

      The irony in this comment is too much

  5. Posted by DisturbedArab, at Reply

    Muslim descent lol, is Muslim a race now?

    • Posted by Greeny202a, at Reply

      Robinsinpost Unfortunately for you it does not disagree with me as I said ethnicity not race. There actually is no biological justification for the use of race amongst our species.
      Islam is a religious ideology not a culture or ethnicity and thus the Caqmbridge Dictionary agrees with me 100%.
      You can of course claim descent from muhammad but you cannot claim to have muslim descent because you are descended from muhammad.

      I think your mistake is in understanding English, I assume you are American or Canadian, it is a common fault amongst those groups.

    • Posted by A A, at Reply

      -Daily reminder that the qur’an claims the Earth is flat-

      An idiot with your IQ should have a low voice too! The Qur’an does not claim that Earth is flat! The Qur’an says that Earth has a diameter and , although it’s not my responsibility to educate you, diameter is a property reserved for circles and spheres only.

  6. Posted by Cave Beasts, at Reply

    #whitecrime where are the white fathers ? Clean up you community and stop nose diving in your opioids and meth. #soundsaboutwhite

    • Posted by Ra-Neter666, at Reply

      Tommy simonsen read the article . it said NOTHING about who’s doing it other than most is gang related and Male on male. Typical white man, taking the facts and twisting them to serve ur racist agenda. why did you even feel the need to lie? what do u benefit out of getting more ppl to hate Muslims ? to protect whites against the “coloured folk” as usual and make everyone else seem like they’re the problem when they’re not. it’s been u from the beginning.

    • Posted by Genetic Chiptune, at Reply

      Look up stefan molyneux, statics over weights anecdotal evidence…

  7. Posted by Thisisurcapt, at Reply

    Why isn’t there talks about white terrorists?

    • Posted by Colloquial Potato, at Reply

      For the same reason that people say “Islamic terrorism” and not “brown terrorism”. Brown is not an ideology.

    • Posted by Original Style, at Reply

      You are right! he is a white tertorist5

    • Posted by Kekistani's be proud, at Reply

      There are literally HUNDREDS of acid attacks in London every year done by Bangladeshis, so why is this story so important? Let me guess… whitey?

    • Posted by Jem O, at Reply

      @Kekistani 485 in London last year alone. You are correct, mainly non-whites using this awful ‘weapon’. Alas some white people seem to be resorting to something that has’t been used in England for hundreds of years.

  8. Posted by Thomas Lawrence, at Reply

    We get it. Muslims are ONLY victims, and never the oppressors. Islam is a religion of peace, and if you dont agree with that, you’re a bigot and racist. The left is gone………………

    • Posted by Struggle, at Reply

      i think it is really funny that you use that as a point, when someone can copy and paste your comment and it would apply to you. “We get it. Trump supporters are victims, and never the oppressors(dumb asses). Trump is a movement of peace, and if you dont agree with that, you’re a snowflake liberal. The left is gone………………”

    • Posted by Struggle, at Reply

      you just contradicted yourself THOMAS. you’re so stupid…
      “We get it. Muslims are ONLY victims, and never the oppressors. Islam is a religion of peace, and if you dont agree with that, you’re a bigot and racist. The left is gone………………”
      “The greatest threat to Muslim life, safety, mobility and opportunity come from fellow Muslims”

  9. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    Hope this cowardly scumbag is caught and locked up for the rest of his miserable life.

    • Posted by Ali akh, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian you sick in head.u need help

    • Posted by Stone cold renegade, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian ur no better than the radical muslims if you’d want innocent muslim to die. Yes there are innocent ones too who actually likes living in a democratic society…

  10. Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

    white people are so peaceful lmao. please

    • Posted by STaSHZILLA, at Reply

      +stay beautiful here is a link PROVING he was white.
      so theres no racism there where its been proven a white man carried out the attack.
      Oh, and Im white. just so you know.

    • Posted by Genetic Chiptune, at Reply

      Look up stefan molyneux, statics over weights anecdotal evidence

    • Posted by STaSHZILLA, at Reply

      +مــل White men progressing through technology and cultural advances is not “ruining” other countries. Islam is an abomination of the 3 Abrahamic religions. Theyve only brought death and destruction. African Countries are some of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. Not the white man’s doing. If that was the case, then why is South Africa developing amidst all the poverty? You see, Judaism, and christianity did what they need to do to advance and Islam was just left in the dirt because of no motivation, and violence.
      Sorry. But your religion teaches a stagnant lifestyle. The best way to fix this problem is to burn the Green Dome to the ground and rid our history of your violent ways.

  11. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    I can only imagine the sick individuals who will try to justify these attacks. Spoder man is already on it.

    • Posted by Neko Cat, at Reply

      Xpuppetman07X Chill its only 2 people,ISIS kills more of you bastards and your children too. They win and you don’t have the balls to even be at their level.

    • Posted by Roo, at Reply

      It is justified.

    • Posted by Neko Cat, at Reply

      Roo yes just like ISIS killing innocent people is justified by the same logic too.

  12. Posted by Antti Kokko, at Reply

    Trumpunzees online rule #12: see the word Muslim on a TYT video, you immediately dislike.

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      Leftist rule number one destroyer Western culture

    • Posted by Genetic Chiptune, at Reply

      Look up stefan molyneux or styxhexenhammer or even Micheal Savage, a philosopher, Anthropologist, a chemist with a degree in political science that uses historical context and statics weights over anecdotal evidence by Time-Warner bought journalists.

  13. Posted by Devious Critter, at Reply



    • Posted by thoughtlesskills, at Reply

      ^^Stupid. But you knew that already.

    • Posted by Nyah ally, at Reply

      Devious Critter fun fact you are more likely to be killed by a white man then a terrorist.

  14. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    Very sad. But i want to see the victims of the Manchester attacks. Havent seen those pics yet

    • Posted by Dustin Hanson, at Reply

      The Young Turds two totally different attacks and it not only TYT making the decision on the story. If there was someone that didn’t want the pictures of their dead family online, well, that’s not TYT’s decision

    • Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

      Also, I haven’t seen the pictures of the victims from the West bombing Muslim countries, or ISIS killing other Muslims?

    • Posted by Minkki82, at Reply

      There were kids that died and kids who had their limbs blown of. But the killer was muslim so tyt wont show you pictures of the victims. Why would they? Itd be of no use to bring up anti islam feelings

    • Posted by Peadar Ó Croidheáin, at Reply

      Was Grenfell Tower hit by a Boeing 767 laden with about 90,000L of jet fuel, travelling between 465 mph and 590 mph, which exploded deep inside the building causing the spray-on fireproofing to be blown off and thus exposing the steel trusses and columns to the intense 1000°C fire?

    • Posted by Nyah ally, at Reply

      The Young Turds fun fact you are more likely to be killed by a white man then a terrorist.

  15. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT=heroes. They are defenders of the oppressed.

    • Posted by STaSHZILLA, at Reply

      Google this womans name. she is a paid troll or bot hired by TYT to positively comment ONLY on TYT videos. noticed that a few days ago

    • Posted by Genetic Chiptune, at Reply

      Watch some stefan molyneux please. . .

  16. Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply


    • Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

      Rec 101 I’m against all forms of bigotry and dishonest journalism

    • Posted by Roo, at Reply

      We need a mass muslim genocide

  17. Posted by vorsye, at Reply

    Cenk still won’t call Omar Mateen a terrorist.

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +Joe Smith – No he has not. He even made a video “questioning” that he did it because he was a self hating gay person.

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      Vorsye. Lol…keep denying the obvious facts.

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      I’m not denying the obvious fact that Cenk still hasn’t called Omar Mateen a terrorist.  You should try getting a better personality.

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      My ‘personality’ has nothing to do with the fact you are denying a fact.

    • Posted by vorsye, at Reply

      +Joe Smith – The person denying facts is Cenk about the Orlando shooter. Stop trying to change the subject.

  18. Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

    Sad…Still no Project Vertias video??

    • Posted by Ali Muhammad, at Reply

      Joel Medina lol project Veritas.. Cute

    • Posted by Bryna L., at Reply

      Joel Medina. you trust a group like Veritas that has been caught lying and editing videos? you’re that desperate to justify your hate?

    • Posted by oniyoda, at Reply

      Bryna L. cause CNN have never been caught lying or editing video?

  19. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    96% of all terrorist attacks in last 5 years committed by Muslims. Never once has TYT ever mentioned Islam or Muslims in the title. Interesting.