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Nazi Drive-By Shooter Guns Down African Migrants


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Fierce white supremacists are a growing problem. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

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" A reactionary extremist believed of firing six Africans in a racially determined strike in Italy was "lucid and also determined, aware of just what he had actually done" and revealed no remorse, police have actually claimed.

Luca Traini, 28, was arrested on uncertainty of several counts of tried murder aggravated by "racial hatred" following the drive-by assault in the central city of Macerata.
Five guys and also one woman were wounded in the two-hour shooting spree on Saturday evening. They were from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Mali, according to RAI state tv.

Italian authorities claimed they seized Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf and also various other publications linked to Nazism from Traini's home on Sunday. They additionally discovered a flag with a Celtic cross, a sign frequently utilized by white supremacists." *.

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  1. Posted by Jimmy Rustles, at Reply

    But muh gun control!

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Kaiza Venezuela has strict gun control yet a high murder rate, so does Brazil. Europe STILL has mass shootings (Thanks to your multiculturalist bullshit) even with strict gun control. This proves that gun control does not work.

      Stop with the sensationalism.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      BongWatcher No, we dont.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Hubris M The people who want gun control are uneducated when it comes to firearms and the laws surrounding them.

    • Posted by cool beans, at Reply

      M0oranshi you can’t buy one at a store without a background check, dumbass.

  2. Posted by Dana Herron, at Reply

    only 640 views and the comments are full of trolls. “when they fear you, they attack you.” way to go tyt!

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Douglas Storch What Muslim terrorism act have they covered?

    • Posted by Douglas Storch, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune the fact that you have to ask just shows that you’re clueless. Because they cover every major one.

    • Posted by vaiciant, at Reply

      CROM Only if you watch just 2 min of every video and don’t understand sarcasm. You’re the problem, watch the entire content to form a opinion, i’m talking in any medium, video, writing, etc. Thanks to your mentality is why the out of context videos work, thanks to you is why in some time people believe PewDiePie was a nazi, and rob us with some stupid but funny and many other stupid controversys. So stop and watch the full content and then comment.

  3. Posted by Jeannie Banks, at Reply

    45 ONLY RANTS when it’s NOT his type of people. Poor people, non whites & whites that doesnt see things his way are perfect examples.

    • Posted by Brett Strong, at Reply

      And so does Cenk

  4. Posted by Poppy, at Reply

    The symbol on his forehead isn’t a swastika it’s a wolfsangel

    • Posted by Blue Eyed, at Reply

      They just can’t be bothered with research.

    • Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

      The symbol is a swastika , you are a dickhead

    • Posted by crowdaddy13, at Reply

      So what it’s still a nazi symbol. Just like the other dozen or so symbols they use.

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Its important to know what all the symbols are in this day and age.
      Not all of them are obvious.

  5. Posted by jar, at Reply

    Diversity leads to instability and conflict, Cenk is just affirming the right wing’s point

    • Posted by Reverend scumlord, at Reply

      Also note that “Jar” is actually just another whiny Russian orthodox christian child molester.
      RUSSIAN CULTURE = Wife beating, nazi worship, child molestation, mud & nothing else.

    • Posted by Reverend scumlord, at Reply

      You don’t have to be left wing to smash open a nazi skull either, my grandfather smashed open plenty of subhuman skulls like yours” Gentletard of Russia”.

    • Posted by Klash716, at Reply

      jar if society wasn’t racially diverse it would be something else.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      _Irrational fear, hatred, intolerance,_ leads to instability and conflict.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      Violence in Brazil does not have an ethnic genesis, except for some neonazi gangs, who, like neonazis of other countries, and original nazis before them, will even kill their nazi comrades. That’s utterly ignorant.

  6. Posted by historyguy 99, at Reply

    Italians aren’t even white! Lol !!

    • Posted by sv svs, at Reply

      Brown Sugar Baby
      mothers of mankind are the proto san girls
      why did your people colonise their land and eliminated their tribes,why have your men “blacked ” the genetics of san trough unspeakable violence and probably first ethnic cleansing of the history

    • Posted by Anthony Hind, at Reply

      Italians aren’t white?!!Jaysus,my wife will be shocked to know that her blond hair and white skin means nothing,because she’s Italian and therefore “not white”.Could have fooled me though.

    • Posted by Eliza M., at Reply

      Leanbhh Brighhid People are whatever they get labeled as. It’s called social racial crime construction.

  7. Posted by Hannibal Blackman, at Reply


    • Posted by tim van rijn, at Reply

      nazi babies. so it genetic
      by that logic
      abort all black babies
      is still fine to say right?

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Toss black babies to the gators!

    • Posted by I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, at Reply

      Hannibal Blackman Nazi babies? Your an idiot

  8. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Once again, white supremacists commit acts of terror and it goes largely ignored by the mainstream media, and certainly by conservatives everywhere.

    • Posted by FiftyFabs, at Reply

      Cory Legend Blacks in the USA, but in the EU i’m sure its not much different.

    • Posted by Basim Miller, at Reply

      Are you aware they did cover it right? That’s how I found out about it. Where were you lol

  9. Posted by Deus Umbra, at Reply

    I think its completely fair to hold all Nazis accountable. Being a Nazi is the white people version of being a part of the Taliban. We should follow Germany and make being a Nazi illegal.

    • Posted by Reverend scumlord, at Reply

      We didn’t have a war with communism you stupid little nazi cry baby hahaha.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      Left-wing terrorism was more of a thing back in the 80s and before.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      But nazis will defend themselves, “nazism is truly the ideology of peace; those who commit violence are not real nazis”.

    • Posted by Petitio Principii, at Reply

      Nazis are demonized for murdering and preaching murder and hate, like this Italian nazi murder, a shame for Italians and decent whites in general.

  10. Posted by fandaal, at Reply

    Africans have no business being in Italy, this is the main point.

    • Posted by sv svs, at Reply

      simone Visions3L7
      i support it ,africa was always a grave for white people
      we have been either destroyed ,enslaved or had to survive even worse things whenever we have been in africa ,it was never beneficial for whites
      africa is a cruel continent for cruel people

    • Posted by Lew Alcindor, at Reply

      sv svs Lol, troll fail

    • Posted by sv svs, at Reply

      Lew Alcindor
      how is that?
      there have been small back to africa migrations of indo european-but there are no native white people in africa
      there have been thousands of white men sold to africa as slaves ,almost no descendants and definitely no visible descendants

      white women have been even more sold to africa but that is one another story and considering the part they play in the modern left and colonisation of europe i don’t see the reason to speak about it

      there have been small resetelings of disloyal populations from balkans by otomans ,again no visible descendants ,only black people with sometimes ,and even that rare ,weird names

      a white man in africa has a survival chance of a snowball in hell

    • Posted by Lew Alcindor, at Reply

      Africa was never beneficial to whites? Riiiiiiight. FOH, troll.

    • Posted by sv svs, at Reply

      Lew Alcindor
      neider have white people been beneficial to africa (one of the explanations for bantu expansion being introduction of agriculture from near east trough descendants of some of the smaller indo european migrations that gave west africans and advantage and led to the destruction of the majority of diversity of africa ,basically colonisation of the majority of africa trough west africans and almost elimination of basically all populations they met)

      and similar i don’t think thousands of slavic boys that have been sold to somalia alone for a specific purpose have been happy with their jobs,

  11. Posted by Ping Pong, at Reply

    Another three day old headline!

    • Posted by Douglas Storch, at Reply

      Ping Pong reported on Monday because they don’t do reporting on the weekend. Are you daft?

  12. Posted by sydandtaytum, at Reply


    • Posted by Bart R, at Reply

      legolas flamier ….. I wouldn’t exactly say your mother was a goat , she was a pig but I’m told not to touch pork so I told her to put her teeth back in her pocket and beat it!!!😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Bart R, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune ….. you want sympathy from me for your Roman ancestors??? Bahahahaha ….. that’s called the roosters came home to roost….. but still Islam doesn’t teach to rape and kill …. that’s the Bible…. but I won’t hold that against you…. and sure there were Muslims that did horrible things just like Christians but were they following their religion??? Did the crusaders do what Jesus would of done??? I’m assuming you are a catholic?? Your pope and priests like little boys…. do you??? I hope not….. judge a faith by the religion not by the people that claim to follow it…. is that too much thinking for you????

    • Posted by Ninja T, at Reply

      What are the white people teaching in their schools? In their churches? What ties does the Italian mayor have to the kkk?

  13. Posted by Shoalin, at Reply

    Every man has the right to defend his country. Viva Italia. Italy for Italians.

    • Posted by Lily Bohan, at Reply

      Terrorist sympathiser

    • Posted by Shoalin, at Reply

      Lily Bohan One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

    • Posted by Shoalin, at Reply

      Lily Bohan Your name sounds brown. Do you care at all about the young girl who was murdered?

    • Posted by Lily Bohan, at Reply

      @Shoalin yes I do have sympathy for the young girl who was murdered. I wouldn’t care if the guy who did that to her was the one shot, but u can’t go around shooting people beacause someone the same race as them committed a crime.

    • Posted by Shoalin, at Reply

      Lily Bohan would you be in favor of deporting them all to a man? If not your supporting the next rape, the next muder of an innocent european girl.

  14. Posted by You Can't Handle The Truth, at Reply

    It’s not the gunman’s fault. It is the fault of the treasonous politicians who imported these criminal burdens from Africa.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Yeah forget the fact the these people can benefit the the economy and diverse to gene pool of the Italian so they have a change to better service a apocalypse

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      fay guled We will continue to run you over, stab, and shoot you then.

      At least you wont whine because you will be recieving what you asked for.

    • Posted by Ahmed Tarek, at Reply

      Lone Star Patriot hey generous white man can you share some technology with me 🙂 you right wingers are so much fun

    • Posted by Ahmed Tarek, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune so killing random people is achievement now days ???!! ISIS is proud

  15. Posted by Kayla Murray, at Reply

    Nononono remember he is “a lone wolf with possible mental health issues” 😑😑

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      Secular Odinist And you couldn’t even get with this “fat” liberal feminist. You’re a 400 lbs pound of inbred lard “meme-ing” on the internet 24/7 while mooching off of government benefits, like the useless, subhuman parasite that you are.

      By the way, your comment about black and Hispanic dicks shows your insecurity about your own micropenis. You’re honestly much better off killing yourself. You’re worthless.

    • Posted by Gentlemen Of Fortune, at Reply

      Fawkzzz Another neckbearded, skinny, cuck, heard from.

      Why are you butthurt about this? We have a right to defend Europe.

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      Gentlemen Of Fortune First of all, what are you defending Europe against?! Your delusional fears of immigrants “invading” it? Secondly, do you think anybody asked you braindead, delusional morons to “defend” them? And thirdly, someone should defend Europe against your toxic ideology.

      Why not instead of “defending” Europe you focus on bettering your own life so that you don’t have to keep blaming immigrants for your life being so shitty.

  16. Posted by INFORMED, at Reply

    Whats up with all the down voters?🤔

    • Posted by Lily Bohan, at Reply

      @Andrea you are disgusting

    • Posted by Kaiser Souze, at Reply

      andrea ravasi remain strong we will fight with you when the moment comes!

    • Posted by Proud IrishAmerican, at Reply

      INFORMED TYT gets much of its revenue from Alt-Right/Neo Nazi Trolls and Russian Bot Clicks!

  17. Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

    Nazi? 😁

  18. Posted by Wirr Ling, at Reply

    Humans. Killing each other over skin colors. If we were all brown or white, it maybe whould be the hair or eyes.

    • Posted by HeirOfGlee, at Reply

      Ants do it too

  19. Posted by Annatar Lord of Gifts, at Reply

    Neo-nazis should be classified as terrorists and treated as such. We wouldn’t tolerate people marching through our cities wearing ISIS garb and paraphernalia. Why should nazis be any different?

  20. Posted by Sikyu 4977, at Reply