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Nazi Tweet Gets Trump Ally Fired


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Trump backer, Jeffrey Lord, has actually been terminated from CNN. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, show is tweet. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Nazi salutes are indefensible," a CNN representative stated in a declaration. "Jeffrey Lord is not with the network."

Lord claimed his tweet was misinterpreted. He claimed he was buffooning fascists, not acting like one.

" I like CNN, but I feel they are caving to bullies right here," he stated in a telephone interview soon after the network's decision was revealed.

Lord stated his agreement was readied to expire at the end of the year. He said he significantly valued CNN monitoring regardless of disagreeing with the choice.

This is not the very first time CNN has reduced ties with a noticeable personality on the network as a result of an offensive tweet.

Previously this year CNN terminated Reza Aslan's docudrama collection "Believer" after he uploaded profane anti-Trump tweets."

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  1. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    He was trolling. Lmfao. I swear, libtards can’t take jokes, let alone have a sense of humor. Retards.

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist lol liberals didn’t fire him moron

    • Posted by P. Tear Griffin, at Reply

      Nazis salute how hilarious!
      Why are conservative jokes painfully unfunny and racist all the time?

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist Trumptards are jokes and yo momma was a joke for farting yout worthless butt out Goddamn that SKANK

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      STFU you miserable politically illiterate libtards saying “nazi or fascist” not knowing the Nazi’s were socialist and fascism is a thing of the left.

  2. Posted by edgeninja, at Reply

    Fascists calling other people fascists. Oh, conservatives! -_-

    • Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

      tek2095 disagreeing and condemning is one thing, but physically attacking people for their different opinion, beating them up, breaking windows and setting cars on fire are all fascist tactics.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Is there a right winger with a measurable IQ? They all seem to spout conspiracy theories, idiocy, and pure nonsense. Is there even one mainstream Republican / Conservative who can discuss an issue based on actual facts?

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      Jeffery Lord is a puke pile.

  3. Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

    Anna got me hard

    • Posted by CanadianRaven13, at Reply

      She is quite attractive.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +CanadianRaven13 indeed

  4. Posted by Abomb777, at Reply

    Dumbass Jeffery Lorde doesn’t even realize the real Fascist is in the White House. Why do idiots get paid so much money to babble like lunatics in this country?

    • Posted by Joseph R. Marshall, at Reply

      Abomb777 Be careful when insulting someone else’s intelligence, because the irony is very strong here.

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      He realizes it, he supports it FFS.

  5. Posted by K C, at Reply

    I disagree. What Lord typed, regardless of context, is considered a crime in Germany. That’s how serious the words are. Don’t try to hide behind freedom of speech on this.

    • Posted by K C, at Reply

      The fact that Germany was so shamed by its Nazi history, thus making expressions associated with it illegal, is the point. If the U. S. truly wants to assert itself as a country defending human rights, then she has to stand by Germany’s stance on this.That doesn’t mean to follow their illegalization, but to fight back against normalizing Nazi expressions.

    • Posted by RubberusDuckus, at Reply

      In order to stand by Germany on this, the US will have to “trim a little fat off the US constitution.” That’s not going to happen. Once that path is laid out before us, the flood gates will open. Making specific, non-threatening, speech illegal is exactly what the 1st Amendment was created to curtail.

    • Posted by Michael Garry, at Reply

      Johnny On the Spot – LOL you have no clue about politics or “socialists” if you think Bernie is anything like North Korea or Venezuela – you are joking, right?

    • Posted by Michael Garry, at Reply

      K C – Bullshit! I’m not even American, I’m British, and why would we all have to change our language because of Germanys war shame? The term, as used by Lord, is actually commonly used in a derogatory or sarcastic way towards people perceived to be fascists – its not *glorifying* anything, its *attacking* perceived fascism.

  6. Posted by andrew harley, at Reply

    i love Ana she is very passionate about her views and is intellectually consistent in her dissent of msm.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      And proves that she is one of the “crazy lunatic trainwrecks” that she rant’s against.

    • Posted by andrew harley, at Reply

      Mark Broadhurst keep on keepin on, enjoy poverty

    • Posted by Nikki Beacth, at Reply

      andrew harley CNN

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      +andrew harley What do you mean I’m a small business owner and I’m making bank.

  7. Posted by Kai T, at Reply

    Irony overload! TYT appeal to the dumbest of liberals and constantly cover the crazy interviews with loonies like Jeffrey Lord.

    • Posted by No Master Above Me No Slave Below Me, at Reply

      Kai T Yup, and they’re funded by Soros

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      Please look up the word ‘irony’ I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    • Posted by No Master Above Me No Slave Below Me, at Reply

      Kai T What’s the name of the tranny in this video, it’s hideous!!!!! It’s the one who cried when Hitlery lost.

    • Posted by Kai T, at Reply

      Joe Smith I think it’s you that must be mistaken

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      Kai T. I know you are but what am I.

  8. Posted by Danielle Belec, at Reply

    I stopped watching CNN because of the conservative lunatics they treat like reasonable and rational commentators.

    • Posted by justagirlsd 007, at Reply

      Danielle Belec I can’t stand cnn and never understood why they give these jerks a platform

    • Posted by unitedjt345, at Reply


  9. Posted by Sherida Campbell, at Reply

    About time…even though to add, I think they used that as an excuse to fire him

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo, at Reply

      it was hilarious when bill maher got lord to appear on his show. that episode’s overtime on youtube had the best comments section.

    • Posted by Sherida Campbell, at Reply

      Gregory Samuel Teo I gotta watch that again lol

  10. Posted by Eliza Miller, at Reply

    The fact that CNN kept inviting the guy who said the KKK is a leftist group back on and have him a job should make them lose even more credibility. And Nazis are right wing just like the KKK.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      Nazis. rightwing. KKK rightwing. Russian Government rightwing. ISIS rightwing. Isreaeli Government Rightwing. North Korea Rightwing.

      The left are the worst… animals basically… All the worst mass-murderers in the world… *sigh*

    • Posted by Tr4newreck, at Reply

      he mentions it cuz of the dixie-crats… who were democrats historically but quickly switched sides when it was politically expedient

    • Posted by srspower, at Reply

      Nazi is a abbreviation of National SOCIALIST you moron. It is far left, Hitler was far left. How much further left can you be than founding a party based on taking wealth ‘back from the banksters’?

    • Posted by Django Marine, at Reply

      srspower People name their groups falsely all the time. Americans for Progressive Action was a conservative superpac. The Cowboy PAC didn’t include a single cowboy. Fascist Italy wasn’t a “social republic” and the DPRK isn’t a “democratic republic.” Nazis were not socialist and Nazi Germany was authoritarian far right.

  11. Posted by Accord DeParis, at Reply

    Evidence the “left” is intolerant. WHEN WE SILENCE DIVERSITY WE ALL BECOME MORE IGNORANT. You can’t identify a live facist if we execute them all, nor should we kill everything we dislike. We may recall if it weren’t for Trump, Bernie and Gore would not look so wonderfully refreshing. If it weren’t for Bill O’Reilly and Alex Jones, Cenk and Ana would appear more biased, and Chomsky wouldn’t appear as smart. Contrast breeds comparisons and analysis. That said, there must be a sane Trump supporter out there somewhere; A new game in the making. FIND A SANE TRUMP BACKER. WHERE IS WACKO? EARN $10,000.

    • Posted by Evolved Ape, at Reply

      Accord DeParis So you support ramping up our military because china and Russia are spending more, right? Because the logical response to one group ramping up is to you yourself ramp up.

    • Posted by Ian Patrick, at Reply

      That’s reverse logic. Kind of like if it weren’t for the flames in that building those guys in the red trucks wouldn’t look so firemanish!

  12. Posted by Rather B. Anonymous, at Reply

    You really think the left wants to hold people responsible for their actions? How about going after Hillary Clinton then? Or does your selective outrage and accountability machine only go after your right leaning political enemies?

    • Posted by vyda2580, at Reply

      Rather B. Anonymous what people do I belong to then? I base on fact not alternative facts, plain and simple

    • Posted by vyda2580, at Reply

      Quadrunner B I didn’t say it was a deflection, Trump is being investigated now, Clinton was investigated for 8 years by the Republicans and they find nothing and your excuse is Clinton Privilege? like I said, I base on fact and fact only

    • Posted by Rather B. Anonymous, at Reply

      Just FYI, Hillary’s investigation isn’t done. Yesterday, a federal judge ordered the state department to gather everything regarding Hillary and hand it over to the justice dept. Hillary and Bill promptly left the country for Canada.

    • Posted by Rather B. Anonymous, at Reply


  13. Posted by Hentie Dj, at Reply

    white people put racism above their jobs something’s wrong in their head

    • Posted by HoustonSongz, at Reply

      Paul Ferrer Wheater he did say that or not. His comment is still pretty ignorant. Thats like me saying black people put crime over their kids. Whats wrong with their heads.

    • Posted by kozmic zian, at Reply

      Kristi Lindsey – WRONG, only white people who think they have some ‘manifest destiny’ to be better than everyone else. . .now how’s that shoe feel?

    • Posted by Barry Shitpeas, at Reply

      kozmic zian It’s funny because every single person I know who has visited USA has said that the average (white) American has the mind of a child, it’s always the idiots who think they are superior, since they don’t even have the simple ability to check themselves

    • Posted by Paul Ferrer, at Reply

      HousonSongz – “he did say that or not..” uuummm He did NOT. There is no OR about it.

    • Posted by Tricia K, at Reply

      Demons/Neanderthals don’t care about their jobs.

  14. Posted by stephnicaise, at Reply

    Can’t really give lessons to CNN when you have Jimmy Dore on staff..

  15. Posted by Proud Straight Trump Supporting White Male, at Reply

    Anna’s chest looks like ground hamburger beef. Maybe stay out of the sun?

    • Posted by Chuckster Clear, at Reply

      Proud Straight Trump Supporting White Male 1st why use Pepe the Frog it’s a racist Nazi symbol. So you’re racist 2 Proud and Straight lol sounds like you’re homophobic or having gay tendencies. 3 LOL ground hamburger beef LOL everyone knows hamburger is beef so it’s a oxymoron. 4 your a proud white male Republican skinhead .

    • Posted by EL Esteve, at Reply

      nah. she should show her slutty g string tan line. tan away 🚼

    • Posted by Proud Straight Trump Supporting White Male, at Reply

      1. We will not be cowed by you throwing terms like “Nazi” or “Racist” at us. Pepe is a symbol of the rejection of mainstream and radical liberalism. 2. I’m not homophobic. I like gay people but dislike the gay agenda which has subverted masculinity and femininity and helped the decline of the traditional family by promoting deviant social/sexual behavior throughout the popular culture. 3. You are correct on this point. 4. Being proud of my whiteness and maleness does not make me a Nazi. It is statements like that that make whites angry as it is a clear double standard. You would never say such a thing to black females.

    • Posted by Jerry Junior, at Reply

      Proud Straight Trump Supporting White Male 😂

  16. Posted by Tiffany Flowers, at Reply

    FINALLY!!!!!!!! Now I wait for Paris Dennard to also be let go

    • Posted by Wayne Samuel, at Reply

      I wish there’s a time machine Paris can step into back to the 1970s where he tries to rent an apartment from Donald and Fred Trump. Then he’s forced to live back in the ghetto then fast forward let’s hear him praising Trump after his time machine experience.

    • Posted by Tiffany Flowers, at Reply

      That sounds like the making of a Get Out sequel.