NBC/ABC/MSNBC – Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

NBC/ABC/MSNBC – Owned & Operated By US Drug Corporations


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With the exemption of CBS, every major media electrical outlet in the USA shares at least one board participant with at the very least one pharmaceutical business. To put that into point of view: These board members awaken, go to a conference at Merck or Pfizer, after that they have their motorist take them over to a meeting with NBC to choose what sort of shows that network is going to air. America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio discusses the connection in between Big Pharma as well as Mainstream Media outlets. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for a lot more:

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  1. Posted by Assassinsolano, at Reply

    like the new studio , great reporting

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      This is actually a TYT upload from a sister channel, Ring of Fire.

    • Posted by Assassinsolano, at Reply

      George Orwell ah didnt know that

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      Assassinsolano: No worries. It’s a great channel and occasionally TYT uploads their material. This is (I assume) a sort of advert for a show _within_ Ring of Fire called America’s Lawyer.

      (Have I confused you yet? ;))

    • Posted by Golly Po, at Reply

      Ring of Fire is a podcast with Sam Seder, Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins. Worth a listen.

  2. Posted by Mclauritsen, at Reply

    I believe what Pap is getting at is “The dominant ideas of the society, are the ideas of the ruling class”.
    That was Marx. You’re welcome.

  3. Posted by S.W.A.T., at Reply

    Its funny how the trolls are some of the first ones to comment on a video🤔seems like yall need to get a life then again most of you are probably elderly, its cool yall only have 10 years left to live at mist and thats being generous.

    • Posted by S.W.A.T., at Reply


    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      They’re paid extra for early comments

  4. Posted by jamesbriggstown, at Reply

    And people wonder why we never get any progress on cancer treatments.

    • Posted by Spencer's Painting of the Week, at Reply

      jamesbriggstown what’s the connection?

    • Posted by Theorist Jeff, at Reply

      I believe he is suggesting that curing cancer would impact profits.

    • Posted by noisepollution, at Reply

      Theorist Jeff why cure cancer, when the government makes sooo much more money from funerals and chemo?

    • Posted by Phone Number, at Reply

      They dont make a profit if they cure your illness, they need return business. As long as corporate owns the healthcare no cures will ever be found. Profit over people….

  5. Posted by jamesbriggstown, at Reply

    This guy is great. I don’t know why Cenk let RT snatch him away.

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      Matt: Your comment gave me conspiracy theorist bingo

    • Posted by Matt, at Reply

      Do me a favor then? Look up Operation Mockingbird and tell me about it?

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      one does not prove the other.
      There’s a big difference between conspiracy and conspiracy theory. One is true, the other is speculative and likely false.

    • Posted by Matt, at Reply


    • Posted by Matt, at Reply

      Where there’s smokw, at least CHECK for fire.

  6. Posted by JesusChrist, at Reply

    Why we don’t have universal healthcare

    • Posted by crazywaffleking, at Reply

      JesusChrist too much diversity in America. Whites don’t want to pay for Black’s/Hispanics.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      crazywaffleking we have tons of diversity in the UK that’s not the problem it’s corruption and also racist cunts…….but mostly corruption.

  7. Posted by Retro Berner, at Reply

    This is what happens when you deregulate, they will always side with $$$ if left unchecked.

  8. Posted by Broly is from dbz you retards stop asking bullshit, at Reply

    kill Dump end the bullshitting!

    • Posted by DraconicEpic, at Reply

      That won’t end anything. They’ll just make it more secret.

  9. Posted by Cajun Aggie, at Reply

    And most republican and democratic politicians are owned by the drug companies too, so we’re screwed.

    • Posted by Jax, at Reply

      Cajun Aggie Agreed! Look at the bill Cory Booker signed onto.

  10. Posted by Phone Number, at Reply

    Only idiots and ignorant people watch corporate media anymore.

    • Posted by Oh Bother, at Reply

      Phone Number I understand the frustration you have with fools who only accept their facts from these sources, but anyone is capable of falling into this category. Humans are not rational beings but are limited in perception and are all prone to the idea of cognitive dissonance, where they internally filter contradictory information as it makes them uncertain. They are just people, and just because they can’t see your perspective doesn’t make them lesser than those who do. It’s the human condition. If we continue to assume dominance, then we push them further away. Remind you about any thing in recent history?

  11. Posted by Mark e mark, at Reply

    This is what TYT needs to focus on .. The real issues in America. .

  12. Posted by Jeanine Wiggins, at Reply

    I now boycott all corporate news. I used to watch Face the Nation and Meet the Press on Sunday mornings and I remain curious about what bullshit they’ll spin. But I refuse to watch. If all of us stop watching corporate news, they’ll go bankrupt! Our power is in our pockets… don’t let them thrive!

    • Posted by Janeen Brown, at Reply

      Jeanine Wiggins I don’t either I can’t seem to wrap my head around the truth, so I don’t even bother watching.

  13. Posted by thorny rose, at Reply

    we are the lab.animals we should bite back

    • Posted by TheLegendaryLinx, at Reply

      thorny rose surprised you havent bitten already. Imagine If people actually knew the truth…

  14. Posted by g br, at Reply

    Both parties are controlled by Oligarch interests. US is a giant industrialized oligarchy. Each oligarchy controls different sectors and visions for the nation. The US citizens are just pawns I guess you could say. Your best bet is to stop thinking about it because your not going to change a damn thing unless you temporarily socialize and redistribute all the wealth (never happen). Just beg the oligarchs for mercy and work a job and get on with your lives.

  15. Posted by Billy Bran, at Reply

    The solution isn’t changing what media you get your information from. What we have to do is just be willing to fund media directly. News cannot be unbiased and free; it just can’t. If CNN could use a Netflix based format, then it could report without interference. The American people just have to be willing to actually spend money on this.

  16. Posted by kittyanya, at Reply

    My asthma inhaler went from $25 to $75 each. My doctor used to give me 3 refills for the allergy seasons. Now I only get the inhaler and 0 refills so not only do I have to keep calling to ask for another after the allergy season, I have to make a doctor’s appointment if the doctor won’t write out another prescription over the phone.

    • Posted by AMERICAN REBEL, at Reply

      kittyanya obamacare, tell me about it.

    • Posted by spADE THrow, at Reply

      And now we’re about to get something MUCH MUCH WORSE: *TrumpCare!!*

    • Posted by Bob Norih, at Reply

      In the UK, inhalers are free (apart from a small flat-rate prescription cost of under $10, which applies to all pharmacy-dispenced medicines). It’s called the National Health System (NHS). I have spent the last 4 years living in the USA and, while I’m lucky to get insurance through my employer, it is no better than the free healthcare I get in the UK. You walk into a doctor’s office, say you need to see a doctor, and that’s it – you get to see a doctor. And you don’t have to sign anything or pay anything or go into debt, bankruptcy or lose your house. America has it’s head so far up it’s own arse, it’s insane. (and when I say “America,” I mean governmental and corporate America and also all the people that believe their lies and corruption) ((and if you think that the republican idea of “healthcare” is on the right track, then I am also referring to you).

      There – I wrote an entire post on this topic without using the following words: Trump, Cenk, Libtard, Cuck, Alex Jones, fake news, racist, liberals, rednecks, drumfturds, fake news, fake news, fake news.

    • Posted by zednotzee7, at Reply

      An asthma inhaler costs about £8 ( just under $10 I believe ) in the UK. That is because of The National Health Service. Many people here are alive and healthy because of it. As an asthma sufferer myself, you have my sympathy that you have to pay so much.

  17. Posted by Sami Mas, at Reply

    and i bet those drug companies are owned by bankers. And your government is owned by all of them. and you’re owned by your government. you are a slave

    • Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

      Sami Mas yup

  18. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    Anyone with a brain knew this…

  19. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    Always follow the money, and you’ll know the truth.
    All the money is funneled AGAINST our best interests. We need to stop demonizing any ideas that are labeled as being “Socialist”, and stop worshiping capitalism.