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Nearly Half Of Republicans Admit To Lying About Fake News


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In a brand-new survey, 42% of Republicans stated they would gladly call a story they knew to be precise "phony information" if it was damaging to a Republican political leader. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us what you believe in the remark section below.

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" All those media-trust studies have a tendency towards the rote. Yes, we already understood that the general public had little count on the country's journalistic organs. Yes, we knew that discovering qualified sources can be a traumatic pursuit for the public. Yes, we understood that an enhancing portion of the U.S. public felt that the information was biased.
Yet this nugget from a brand-new Gallup-Knight Structure survey nearly knocked the Erik Wemple Blog Site from a decade-long media-research torpor:

4 in 10 [or 42 percent of] Republicans take into consideration precise newspaper article that cast a politician or political group in an unfavorable light to constantly be "fake information." [The corresponding number for Democrats is 17 percent.] *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by logacoolxtreme, at Reply

    republicans , Y U ALWAYS LYING ???

  2. Posted by Evan Marion, at Reply

    No surprise there

  3. Posted by Gay Spooderman, at Reply

    “Fake news” is a cuck term used to dismiss facts and reason.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Gay Spooderman Well said.

  4. Posted by Daniel Valdes, at Reply

    Fake news

    • Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

      Daniel Valdes yes that’s what the title says on the video

  5. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    Yeah? Not just about fake news, they lie about almost everything!

  6. Posted by Baltimore Patriot, at Reply

    Conservatives don’t know what the word conservative means anymore. They simply have lost their minds

  7. Posted by Iz mark, at Reply

    The oldest fake news=god is real

    • Posted by Ahmed Tarek, at Reply

      did you die and made sure about it ????

    • Posted by Stephanie Cuellar, at Reply

      Have you had someone come back from the dead and tell you otherwise?
      No, the holy books have already been examined and found wanting.
      Seriously if you have had simeone come back from the dead and tell you, then why did you not shsre this with the world? Do yiu know how much of a splash that would make in the religious circle jerks around the world, To have examinable, verifiable, evidence that you believers were right all along? Hiw many nonbelievers could join your ranks after this undeniable proof?
      If you have it, please share with the world.

    • Posted by Ahmed Tarek, at Reply

      Stephanie Cuellar
      Stephanie Cuellar
      I don’t that is why no one can talk for 100% sure, no matter what we are all gambling

  8. Posted by R.D. Gray, at Reply

    I find it ironic that there are so many comments declaring that this segment as being fake news, and thus supporting the segment as being true.

    • Posted by TheMonseniorMelcacho, at Reply

      R.D. Gray Fake human.

    • Posted by mako zero, at Reply

      That’s the point. If you wanna know if any news is true and real, just tell it to a conservative. If the conservative say “fake news”, you automatically know it’s the truth. Thx conservatives.

  9. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    It’s funny that the Trump supporters in the comments are saying fake news to this and just reinforcing the data that shows that they refuse to acknowledge facts. Now that’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • Posted by Diurmid DergGae, at Reply

      Boy Blue

      fake comment

    • Posted by Megan Henderson, at Reply

      Diurmid DergGae

      fake face

  10. Posted by handyhippie65, at Reply

    fox news admitted it was not a news channel. they are infotainment, not news. anyone who watches it as news, is as bad as those who read the enquirer, and star as real news. BATBOY IS MY NEIGHBOR! lol!

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      FOX got kicked out of the UK as NOBODY would watch it 🙂

  11. Posted by Drake Santiago, at Reply

    Republicans are more likely than Democrats to claim religious affiliation. Is it any wonder then, from the sheer standpoint of percentages, that Republicans would have far less of a grasp of the truth, and much less concern for it? After all, once you believe in a magical genie in the sky, who looks after you and placates your whims, it should come as no surprise that such an individual would have a tenuous grasp of reality.

    • Posted by The5armdamput33, at Reply

      Drake Santiago
      It’s also problematic in that it creates an eternal loop…
      The people who prescribe to the “fake news” narrative will just leave it there….
      “Fake news” is the end of the conversation…. There’s no effort to follow up with counter evidence….

      Therefore, there is nothing to counter… And you may not be obliged to put effort into countering the claim yourself…
      So when they say “the truth is____…”, you can just say “fake news”

      What started the “fake news” craze was “pizzagate”…. But news sources that called out the conspiracy theories at least brought evidence (the place in question doesn’t have a basement). But now you can just shout fake news and that’s the final word….

  12. Posted by Ile Salmo, at Reply

    People want to win more than they want to be right

    • Posted by YY, at Reply

      Which is funny, because that’s how they will lose. So they get neither.

  13. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    It’s fear. Fear drives the opinions of many right-wingers. Facts are scary to some people, because they interfere with opinions.

    • Posted by Liberalism is a mental disorder, at Reply

      Gustav I think you’re the scared one, bringing up fear. Fear must be on your mind.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Facts like Blacks have the lowest IQ.

  14. Posted by Jeff Floyd, at Reply

    You have to notice that the 41% cited is similar to the presidents approval rating. This is confirmation that trumpists are cult members. Sad.

    • Posted by George, at Reply

      Jeff Floyd 42% of Republicans, not the public in general.

  15. Posted by Morgan Jess, at Reply

    I really, really don’t understand why people who hate tyt watch them. I don’t like Alex Jones so guess what? I don’t watch him! All you are doing is giving them views. Don’t you guys have anything better to do?

    • Posted by kahmaal14, at Reply

      Morgan Jess oh yeah.. those are trolls.

    • Posted by Morgan Jess, at Reply

      Gustav I couldn’t imagine being that hateful and angry all the time

  16. Posted by Sid Grim, at Reply

    Republicans lie all the time, nothing new to see here.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      ummm – replace Republican with Politician and you have a point, if you are trying to hold one side up over the other…………pretty pathetic!

  17. Posted by Edmund Burke, at Reply

    So you’re telling me republicans will say fake news to anything that doesn’t support their narrative even if it’s true? Say it isn’t so!

    • Posted by Eric Nick, at Reply

      Edmund Burke lol

    • Posted by Parmesan Stark, at Reply


  18. Posted by Amon Moore, at Reply

    It means “news they don’t wanna hear”!

  19. Posted by sim H, at Reply

    Everything is real. There is truth and there are lies. That’s it.

    • Posted by Agnarr Salventius, at Reply

      sim H

  20. Posted by Jerm J., at Reply

    Naw!!!! Say it aint so!! Republicans lie?!! Get outta here!!! Lol

    • Posted by Agnarr Salventius, at Reply

      Jerm J.