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New Democratic Slogan So Meaningless Pelosi Forgets It Mid-Speech


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" Yet in spite of these brand-new growths, the dominant tale of Pelosi's standing vis-à-vis the caucus continues to be precisely what it's been for the previous 15 years. She's a prodigious fundraiser to which several members owe favors, as well as her major villains are white males with voting documents that are at the very least rather a lot more conventional than hers. That's not a formula for success in today's Democratic Event, and also unless the rebels manage to recruit a more awesome challenger, Pelosi's setting will certainly be safe and secure for about as long as she desires it." *.

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Stef Zamorano and also Nomiki Konst talk DNC fundraising distress, establishment candidates, the solar eclipse and also even more.

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  1. Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

    *** Bernie Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard 2020***

    • Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

      lol Nate. No one rigged the primaries… stop with the conspiracy theories. Debbie favored Hillary and hoped he lost. That was about it. The votes didn’t change AT ALL. You don’t think Bernie Sanders has ever made a mistake when he voted in the senate? Because he has….

    • Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

      sd… It’s not the DNC. It’s the people that Bernies wing likes to ignore that keeps putting Hillary, and Obama, and Kamala in power….. Everybody except young White guys from the north. You can’t win like that. And your threats mean nothing to us. I wish you would try to forcibly remove someone. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

    • Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

      lol. Yeah I’m a bot because I’m not sucking on Bernie’s old arse d!ck you got me.

    • Posted by Mr. Gohan -, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary Donna Brazile leaked a question to Hillary, that is an undeniable. Debbie do-anything-for-hillary Wasserman Schultz was also upset Mika called out her bs that she contacted msnbc to pressure her to apologise. That fact that Hillary’s ppl will never acknowledge she was handed the election is why the Bernie wing will never support her or anyone she endorses

    • Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

      The fact that Bernie’s ppl will never acknowledge that you stabbed us in the back over lies and conspiracy theories is why the Hillary wing will never support him or anyone he endorses….

  2. Posted by Jay Harris, at Reply

    The problem is that real Progressives can’t be a part of the Democratic Party and be sincere. They are corrupt and don’t care about the poor or working classes.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      Big T. Larrity I am fortunate not to be poor, nor am I a “backwards loser”, but thank you for validating my original comment

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      Jdtcreates During the Democratic Debate, Sanders said “If you’re white, you don’t even know what it’s like to live in the ghetto. If you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor”
      Which alienated poor whites who live in ghettos or elsewhere.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Troop Number I don’t thing they’ll get it they seem to keep sticking to the formula. It’s a habit at this point but it was nice try.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      Michael Thor At the very least, progressive channels like TYT should dedicate at least a quarter of their segments to propping up future progressive candidates, instead of bashing Trump 95% of the time. Give their base some hope and positivity for a change.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Troop Number We’re on the same page I completely agree
      I don’t see the benefits of making everyday sound like it’s going to be doomsday over some of the mundane things Trump does. Ben Shapiro told CNN turn emotions down to 1 and facts to 11 TYT should do the same.

  3. Posted by Immortal SoFar, at Reply

    I created and ran an activist website (a British ex-pat on a US issue). When I had to give an interview to CBS, I handed it it over to someone with an American accent because there is a section of society who, if they hear a non-US accent criticizing anything American then that’s all they hear. If you work best behind the scenes, get back there.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Unless you’re Milo Yiannopoulos. he didn’t have that problem there is always the exception maybe you could have been one of them

    • Posted by Immortal SoFar, at Reply

      John Oliver has kind of changed that now but back then it was a definite no-no.

  4. Posted by LaQuisha Jones, at Reply

    The Democrat Party is where Progressives go to die . This was stated as far back as the 1960’s .It still rings true today yet people will not vote for a third Party . If Bernie supporters would have voted Green , we would have been far past the 5% needed to become relevant . Now we are stuck getting ready to lose again in 2018 .

    • Posted by Big T. Larrity, at Reply

      Splitting the vote isn’t a smart idea in our current situation, look how it worked out in 2016.

    • Posted by LaQuisha Jones, at Reply

      Big T. Larrity How was the vote split . Green Party averaged a dismal 2% . Hillary was terrible . Booker and Kampala Harris are more of the same . Get ready to lose again .

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      LaQuisha Jones

      In a nation like America progressives cant thrive anyway. They are too nuts to draw support.

  5. Posted by Tim Menke, at Reply

    As someone who is left leaning, I’m glad Debbie Wasserman Schultz is out and I’m eager for Pelosi to be gone too. They’re worthless, they have no place in the future. New blood is required. Republicans love putting old people in power so they can maintain the status quo. The left doesn’t have to do the same thing.

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Tim Menke Lol Hillary Clinton nuff said:/

  6. Posted by Carp Etlick, at Reply

    New DNC slogan: Hey, at least we’re better than Trump!

    • Posted by Jon Popa, at Reply

      Uhh..that’s the slogan that lost them the 2016 general election.

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Carp Etlick Lol they lost to trump!! so that slogan is for a True Democratic jackass

  7. Posted by Hypocrite America supports ISIS!, at Reply

    Does the pamphlet say better representatives who don’t sell you out?

    • Posted by Muhammad Abdul Qaadir, at Reply

      اللهم صلى على محمد وآل محمد

    • Posted by Hypocrite America supports ISIS!, at Reply

      Salawatu Allah Aleyh

  8. Posted by dieubermensch, at Reply

    She’s on pills… Slurring her words n shiet

    • Posted by Red Menace, at Reply

      dieubermensch that’s what I thought, can’t blame her though this country is long dead.

  9. Posted by Wayne Pope, at Reply

    this is sad. Whats happened to America? Wheres the PASSION? I’m tired of these politicians.

    • Posted by Kamil Cybulski, at Reply

      Don’t fool yourself, USA always sucked.

    • Posted by Wayne Trademark, at Reply

      Only since u became a so called adult. Get back to your indoctrination class

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Wayne Pope Blame your brainwashed Liberals and The media that lies for yall to create outrage:/

  10. Posted by Sero, at Reply

    The democratic party is the reason why America is so divided. They don’t care about regular people. They only care about themselves. They offer false hopes and promises to get votes. Just like they did to black people in the 1930’s. I bet most people don’t know that the democratic party is the reason why KKK existed. The KKK is the democratic party’s radical political militant.

    : Independent Progressive Coalition Party : Lincolnites

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      wrong. Hit the books.

    • Posted by UliaAB, at Reply

      Sero It’s not for up debate. You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Lincoln was a liberal president in a liberal party. I really am not especially concerned about race relations, I’m concerned about people like you trying to rewrite history by either spreading your own ignorance or through intentional misinformation to further your obviously highly partisan and increasingly unpopular agenda. If you applied even the tiniest bit of critical thinking to your ridiculous claims you would come to the conclusion that you’re wrong on your own, so I strongly suspect that you’re intentionally spreading misinformation.

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Kefka Palazzo Kelfka is a fitting symbol for the batshit insane DemocratsXD

    • Posted by Sero, at Reply

      You need to read history books. He was a republican president that freed the slaves. This is the problem with people these days is that they don’t want the truth. They always listen people when they can just read history on their own. You’re very gullible person.

  11. Posted by King Nobody, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore for President 2020

    • Posted by Cant_Touch_This, at Reply

      When Jimmy is on fire, he’s unstoppable. Say what you want about him but he’s NOT loyal to a party rather he is loyal to his principles and values.

    • Posted by King Nobody, at Reply

      I’m completely serious. Would Jimmy be any worse than Killary or Donny Tinyhands? No, I don’t think so. Does Jimmy stand by his convictions and principles in the face of adversity even by his peers? You know that he does, you’ve seen him do it. Is Jimmy Dore a man of the people? I think that there is no question on that score. Therefore, in light of the assertions that I have just made… Jimmy Dore for President 2020.

    • Posted by Wayne Trademark, at Reply

      President of the Spitters Club 2020

    • Posted by Wayne Trademark, at Reply

      I’m sure he can spit the farthest.

    • Posted by Wayne Trademark, at Reply

      I know he has endless saliva capabilities.

  12. Posted by tylertyler82, at Reply

    How did this woman ever get into a position of power

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      Two words money and knows people with money

    • Posted by William L., at Reply

      That’s how.

  13. Posted by Craig Sips, at Reply

    I could tell it was jimmy dore just by the title. Everyone else at tyt is wishy washy when it comes to the DNC.

    • Posted by William L., at Reply

      The DNC is a giant F*CK YOU to the Democrats in this country.
      They had a chance to do something right after they dumped Hillary’s shill Debby Wasserman-Shultz…so what did they do? They made the worst choice they could possibly make by appointing Tom Perez as the new head of the DNC.
      The leadership does things so incredibly stupid it MUST be intentional.

  14. Posted by FunkTheJazz, at Reply

    How can you support the DNC with the right wing democrat Pelosi (amongst others) still there, shameful to call yourself a Democrat with the current Senators and Congress men/women at the helm, supporting either Democrats or Republicans in the current political sphere is detrimental to the interests of America, the Democrats need to fix their own party before they start attacking Republicans.

    • Posted by FunkTheJazz, at Reply

      Rusty, you are really showing your ignorance, even Jimmy Dore and many at TYT have pointed out that Pelosi is more of a Republican than a Democrat.

    • Posted by Rusty Sarkela, at Reply

      Care to elaborate your (or should I say jimmy dores) opinion on why or would you rather attack me. Just curious how she falls into the right wing maybe I’m ignorant

    • Posted by Zachary Ettlich, at Reply

      Rusty Sarkela She’s a right winger because she doesn’t attack republicans nearly as hard as she attacks leftist democrats. Trump is not the problem. Trump is a symptom of letting this nuetered democratic party be the only other choice.

    • Posted by Jarrod Fuchs, at Reply

      Damn right

  15. Posted by David Roberts, at Reply

    What an idiot. Rich idiot but still an idiot. Sounds like a Republican.

  16. Posted by The Country Philly Boi #SKidd, at Reply

    The DNC screwed itself after it screwed Bernie.

    • Posted by Elijah Craig, at Reply

      The Country Philly Boi
      Absolutely Sir…Also Pelosi sounds as dumb as a box of rocks, kinda like the female counterpart of Trump { Neither can string a cohesive sentence together }

  17. Posted by Ken Hawk, at Reply

    Why is the right wing always hating on Nasty Pelosi? She has helped the republicans win more seats and elections then any republican ever could.

    • Posted by C. Ben Mansour, at Reply

      Ken Hawk no we love her!

  18. Posted by Napoleon Rapem'Hard, at Reply

    I can’t wait to vote Repub in 2018 and 2020.

    • Posted by ffairlane57, at Reply

      Says the sad alt-right troll.

    • Posted by Blazed Buddha, at Reply

      Napoleon Rapem’Hard. You are aware that the Republicans are running the American Government as we speak or are you transmitting this message from a far away alternate planet were Republicans have created some type of utopia for all mankind???

      Ummm, Really PLEASE Share ???

    • Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

      ffucktard57. The comment of a beaten down LOSER whose destroyed party hasn’t won even ONE special election since Trump was elected is a very funny KOKE