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New McCarthyism Could Literally Kill Us All


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"Would a Russian creature do THIS?" Trump tweeted as he mashed the nuclear codes to destroy Russia as well as Earth. Enjoy the complete Aggressive Progressives episode below:

" Stephen F. Cohen, teacher emeritus of Russian research studies and also politics at NYU and Princeton, and John Batchelor continue their (generally) regular discussions of the brand-new US-Russian Cold War. (Previous installments, currently in their 4th year, go to

Cohen explains that he has actually been advising versus a brand-new Cold Battle given that the early 2000s, as shown in the subtitle of his 2009 publication Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: From Stalinism to the New Cold War and in his earlier magazines. He and also Batchelor have been reviewing the brand-new Cold War virtually weekly considering that 2014. For many years, leading US policy-makers, media analysts, and also scholars have refuted its presence, also its possibility, mentioning Russia's purported weak point; the absence of "ideological conflict"; the non-global nature of disputes that had actually unravelled since completion of the Soviet Union in 1991; the benign nature people policy toward Russia; and so on. Actually, these Cold War deniers were either uninformed, short-sighted, or resistant to acknowledge their own engineering in the squandered possibility for a post-Soviet peace, also an American-Russian strategic partnership. Now the deniers' most prominent as well as influential diplomacy organization, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has issued a main record totally recognizing, also excitedly proclaiming, that "The United States is presently in a 2nd Cold War with Russia."" *.

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  1. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    I have never seen so many negative comments. Did all the anti-Dore people get drafted to log on and comment?

    • Posted by George Papag, at Reply

      jmtnvalley probably paid shills to manipulate public opinion.

    • Posted by Not Tired of Winning, at Reply

      People are disillusioned, because they’ve been brainwashed to believe Russia hacked the election in Trump’s favor. Now they have to come to terms with the fact that they are gullible idiots – or double down on the conspiracy theory. The DNC made this bed, and now they have to sleep in it.

    • Posted by entertain7us14, at Reply

      shockingly enough there just happens to be a fair number of people on this planet who disagree with you

    • Posted by #1 Infowars Life Child Ease Customer, at Reply

      Uhm what? This isn’t his main channel. We’re already logged in and subbed to TYT. This is a TYT video, numbnuts. I don’t mind Dore, though, except when he’s rambling about Rachel Maddow for 30 minutes or taking conservative conspiracies seriously.

  2. Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is very suspicious , he might be a mole for the Alex Jones network

    • Posted by simplySY8, at Reply

      with the intelligence your displaying you may just be an actual mole

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      No, I’m Christa McAuliffe

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      he spat on alex jones. if you think that was a set up, you might be a bigger idiot conspiracy theorist than jones

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      poofendorf, Ya it was to gain Cenk’s trust, very cunning

  3. Posted by ed rivera, at Reply


    • Posted by Oni itedj, at Reply

      uber punchable

    • Posted by ed rivera, at Reply

      Oni itedj WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Surge Álvez, at Reply

      You are not wrong!

    • Posted by awdgaray, at Reply

      For being right? Way to sound like a Republican.

  4. Posted by Tim Taylor, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is the reason Trump won.

    • Posted by Lisa Murphy, at Reply

      Martin– and you’re going to have him for eight years because of people like you who let cable news shows hijack your brain.

    • Posted by Martin TD, at Reply

      Lisa Murphy Jimmy Dore advocates Trump over dems, so if we do have him for 8yrs its bc of idiotic voters and ppl like Dore

    • Posted by Zombie Buster, at Reply

      Don’t give Dore that much credit. He did pour poison all over the place, yes. But Dore is just another arrogant fool. If you are not blinded by ego then you wouldn’t be susceptible to his poisonous spit.

    • Posted by Liam McHale, at Reply

      how stupid can you possibly get… amazing.

    • Posted by awdgaray, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore points out the actual problems in the country, people like you have a habit of pointing out the symptoms.

  5. Posted by Garett James, at Reply

    So Jimmy believes the 17 US intel agencies are lying deep state, anti-Trump subversionists? Lol. So many nuts online…

    • Posted by fux yews, at Reply

      That story was retracted months ago because it was bullshit, even by CNNs own admission.

    • Posted by Lisa Murphy, at Reply

      So you believe government propaganda? Fool!

    • Posted by GhostlyJorg, at Reply

      That was the ever diminishing 17. It was never 17. The last thing I heard was that only 2 agencies was behind the report

  6. Posted by Lin Jean, at Reply

    Jimmy speak truth. Keep at it and ignore ignorant people who doesn’t see what’s going on.

  7. Posted by Dorothy Gears, at Reply

    I love Jimmy, but there’s way too much evidence, CLEAR evidence what RUSSIA and the TRUMP team has done!!

    • Posted by nitrologly, at Reply

      Dorothy Gears 17 intelligence agencies have info… Oh wait… That was made up?!🤔😅

    • Posted by Paul Berevoescu, at Reply

      Angel Santiago Keith oblerman made a video detailing all the pieces of evidence

    • Posted by leon scott, at Reply

      Give me one

    • Posted by leon scott, at Reply

      If that’s the case then in comparison Hillary has literally been having oragies with Russian kgb

  8. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    This time next year Cenk will be telling us all how he predicted that there would be absolutely no collusion.

    • Posted by Baserocklove, at Reply

      Cenk has never once said he’s sure there’s collusion, he’s said multiple times that most likely, there wasn’t. what there was is probably russia who has leverage over trump due to him doing shady financial things for them helping trump get elected either with or without his knowledge and what will probably bring him down are the financial crime sand obstruction of justice crimes.

  9. Posted by James Chammess, at Reply

    Barrack obumhole is a jungle beast.

    • Posted by The intelligence Channel, at Reply

      James Chammess White Supremist is CAVE BEAST
      Trump is rich WHITE TRASH!!
      Trump is a little kid…lol were both being childish …
      I admit

    • Posted by MEME MAN, at Reply

      The intelligence Channel yes the both of ya lol

  10. Posted by Sorlendingen82, at Reply

    ooohhhh here comes the russian bots… hmmm thats libtards usually saying that, you know, you “guys and gals”/soy boys and manly women…
    antifa blm libtards has not played nice. Karma allways catches up… Treason leads to the hangmans noose.
    You have been used by the /_ I bet many of you still want Olbermann back, but they have lied to you all, including this low energy half roasted turkish kebab-stand show…

    • Posted by MEME MAN, at Reply

      Sorlendingen82 I’m a russain bot program.

  11. Posted by K L, at Reply

    Why can’t Jimmy Dore have an honest conversation about this? Why use Obama out of context to try to make a point, it’s disingenuous at best. That clip shows Obama talking about people literally changing votes, hacking the machines and physically changing votes. He was saying that’s not possible. That’s not what the Russia hysteria is about, it’s about foreign nations wielding political influence, it’s about Russian bots spreading propaganda via social media, it’s about the Russian government itself working directly with a candidate to help them win by giving them stolen intel in exchange for favors, it’s about having a president who is open to blackmail because he’s been laundering Russian money for two decades. Leave it up to Dore to lie about an Obama clip and take it completely out of context to defend Trump and his cronies.

    • Posted by Niklas Hansen, at Reply

      K L. A bit hypocritical though. No matter what a messed up authoritarian oligarchy the Russian leadership is I don´t think you have any high road to talk about others acting shitty. And it´s not like Trump is the first to have sketchy affairs with oligarchs from other countries but at least know you are noticing it. And that is Dore´s point.
      [edited for spelling]

    • Posted by WARBOSS OF DOOM, at Reply

      Shep Smith isnt an investigative journalist nor is Manchester. People need to wake up to how the world works. YES, we mess with other countries. Espionage is a thing and has been for a long long time. It will literally NEVER stop. We have no time for for people that think the world is plays fair. It doesnt.

    • Posted by Niklas Hansen, at Reply

      And it sucks when the alt right tries to “help”. We know you are only interested in one thing. and that is feeding your bias @WARBOSS OF DOOM

  12. Posted by J Clevy, at Reply

    There is a difference between rigging an election and just interfering in an election. Stupid

    • Posted by ExtraRareTrumpSteak, at Reply

      They did neither.

  13. Posted by aaronwkrieger, at Reply

    Jimmy is convinced every politician not named Bernie Sanders is pushing America to war, and he’ll listen to anyone who propagates this.

  14. Posted by Don Post, at Reply

    Anyone, be it redneck hog slopper or 5th Avenue socialite, who refers to an entire group of persons as “they” or tries to blame “them” is nothing more than a BIGOT.

  15. Posted by Addison Wilson, at Reply

    Well, to be fair, our voting machines are so insanely insecure and have next to zero regulations over security standards for voting machines. It is entirely pleasurable that lots of voting machines were in fact hacked by a state actor, but we have no way to even know if that happened as there is no logging of access to these voting machines. Last year’s Voting Machine Hacking Village at DEFCON has shown us that there are serious security vulnerabilities, including hard coded back doors, in 99% of the voting machines that are in use.

  16. Posted by Jon Ultime, at Reply

    Completely disagree with Jimmy here. He simply doesn’t understand the bigger picture at play here. Western democracy is being undermined, not just in the US but in Europe as well. This is an issue about geopolitics not local politics.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Jon Ultime – The US is not an innocent player in all of this, you know that right? America has repeatedly interfered and undermined other nations, spies on it’s allies and its own people, illegally.

    • Posted by el goblino, at Reply

      Western democracy is being undermined by the ruling class in those countries who then shift blame to “Russia”

  17. Posted by BoostedOnix, at Reply

    “Injusticly demonize Putin” wow what a sympathizer. I don’t need to give examples to show how crackpot that is.

  18. Posted by Denise Eugene, at Reply

    Well we can try and fix this in November 2018. Or people can leave the country . Trust me many of considering the latter . Lol ! This should make Trump supporters happy. A country filled with Trump supporters.

  19. Posted by Xenophrenia, at Reply

    oh look at all the little corporate bots and sock puppets barking in the comments – because all of this is about keeping corporations in control …