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New Star Trek Promotes Genocide?


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The brand-new Star Trek collection is coming out and one team is very upset. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, and also Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you if the new Expedition will bring about genocide. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" The brand-new series Star Expedition Discovery stars Oriental starlet Michelle Yeoh as the ship's captain as well as black actress Sonequa Martin-Green as her first policeman– and this has created some Trekkies to fret regarding the lack of white guys accountable.

While the total response to the new Celebrity Trek trailer has actually been positive– although there are the common problems from Star Trip followers concerning connection mistakes– one team of fans is particularly distressed regarding the program's varied cast of personalities.

As both Warmth Street and also Daily Kos explain, the series' YouTube page has been bombarded by comments identifying the program a "SJW" story aimed at shoving "political correctness," "compelled variety," or even "cultural Marxism" down customers' throats.

In addition, some angry Twitter individuals have actually even proclaimed that the program's diverse actors is proof of a "white genocide" conspiracy theory targeted at eliminating the white race from the face of the Planet."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by serfincolorado, at Reply

    trump sucks.. that’s about all, peace out.

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      your 0 subs matter. lol. bernie loser.

    • Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

      Bogie Why so salty? 😂

    • Posted by KyllJoy, at Reply

      Bogie watch out everybody she’s “barely legal”…

    • Posted by wtfqwerty, at Reply


      Z m mBogie FF. H’

  2. Posted by sean mcdonald, at Reply

    jeez only like 20 seconds & the dislikes are already here form the trolls. they must be eating pigs in a blanket in their parent’s basement

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      sean mcdonald I’m guessing you find it very hard to have original thoughts

    • Posted by Dizzy Djinn, at Reply

      Basement trolls is a tired and ineffective trope. Have you considered that those people simply don’t agree with the analysis?

    • Posted by boggisthecat, at Reply

      Dizzy Djinn
      If they’re down-voting something before viewing it then they aren’t interested in any analysis.

    • Posted by Ameranthe Kekistani, at Reply

      umm TYT are ideologues, you can up or downvote based on title usually, I don’t because I’m not subbed, but I still follow on G+ so get the occasional thing as I’m scrolling.

      if I cared about up and down voting, I’d downvote asap but also less than a minute in, Ana has poisoned the well about the story with her “these are the same people who care about the Armenian genocide” immediately getting those tribalism juices going in the audience.

    • Posted by wastelandsoldier1, at Reply

      Defective kids that don’t live on wellfare? Wtf are you talking about anti whitey?

  3. Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

    I guess people are angry because space is black.

    • Posted by Kano Reese, at Reply

      Empty Wheel LMAO! not bad!

    • Posted by Kano Reese, at Reply

      Vermont Independent-Newsroom lol

    • Posted by Supreme, at Reply

      Timefliesbye – Do you understand how making / writing jokes work?

    • Posted by Kano Reese, at Reply

      Andrew Mildenberg Amen!

  4. Posted by serfincolorado, at Reply


    • Posted by Reality Searcher, at Reply

      Those who most desire equality are the most inferior.

    • Posted by Jimmy Burnel, at Reply

      Reality Searcher Racial bias is stupid, so that quote doesn’t apply to racism.

    • Posted by bigbaddawg101, at Reply

      It’s because they have tiny dicks.

  5. Posted by Apeiro Kalia, at Reply

    If you are a real trekker you’ll realise that Star Trek is all about diversity… so weird that people are angry at the new cast

    • Posted by Erik Dumas, at Reply

      +SeinTa. Yes, Takei was originally against the idea of making Sulu’s sexuality a part of his character (be it straight or gay). However, after he saw how it was handled in the film, he came out in support of it. That’s important context to keep in mind.

    • Posted by Frank Winkhorst, at Reply

      Apeiro: “People” aren’t angry. Internet trolls are angry.

    • Posted by The Nerdy Negro, at Reply

      Because Republicans aren’t Star Trek fans.

    • Posted by DisrespectfulBastard, at Reply

      im a republican and a huge fan

  6. Posted by Mark, at Reply

    Star Trek is a completely globalized unified earth, so of course it has diversity…..

    • Posted by Minus0101, at Reply

      Money doesn’t exist and everything is shared in Star Trek regardless of rank or work put into it. So yes

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      Mark It took a nuclear war to get that way remember…

  7. Posted by OkamsRazer, at Reply

    Considering that the Federation is made up of aliens from 4 Founder Races (Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites) and numerous others than have joined later, the idea of “skin color” is kinda pathetic.

    • Posted by Zombi Pineapple, at Reply

      Yeh, I didn’t want to go there. But here’s the crux of the matter. This is really about people, and politics. And why you should be especially sensitive to pseudo-scientific interpretations of genetic theory. It’s an old tradition. I commend the guy for his glibness. Maybe he’s even genuine.

    • Posted by Алина Старковa (Alina Starkova) 2nd Account, at Reply

      *Even if you’re right it’s irrelevant.* … wow, look at that. your proven wrong then say its irrelevent? lolololololololol …. no agenda, just pointing out that yes, humans and alien species COULD theoretically breed, which you specifically stated they could not

    • Posted by ArgonTheAware, at Reply

      Wasn’t the point that he was making that “Basic genetics says if they can breed, they’re not different species.” instead? and apparently that goes for a lot of aliens because Spock was half Human / half Vulcan, Torres was Half Klingon / half Human and Savvik was Half Vulcan / Half Romulan

  8. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Darth vader killed younglings and committed genocide but people still love him. I dont think people care as long as its a movie.

    • Posted by entylsa, at Reply

      After all Darth Vader only did wear a black mask but was a with guy, so its ok to love him 😉

    • Posted by kungfuJooz, at Reply

      People do over-identify with villains. Dexter, Breaking Bad, House of Card guy, GTA. And Darth Trump.

    • Posted by Ensenga 666, at Reply

      he’s also voiced by a deep voiced black man too

    • Posted by Epic Girl, at Reply

      Wait, there are people who like darth vader?

  9. Posted by d.u.g. Drilly, at Reply

    white people are just used to seeing themselves as the heroes and what not. even when they where samurai and ancient egyptian attire.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Jaxson Fanta you should be dead.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      go back to africa

  10. Posted by Enkarashaddam, at Reply

    Lol Star Trek has always socially progressive… a black captain, a woman captain, tolerance, etc. every generation these fools always cry because something in Star Trek always blows their ignorant minds to pieces

    • Posted by Enkarashaddam, at Reply

      Scott100W Part of the reason I had a problem with ENT (the main part being it wasn’t post voyager) was that there wasn’t a black female captain since it would have been the next logical step.

      But nope, the idiots always come out of the woodwork and complain about the one white guy on the bridge amongst a sea of equally represented races not being enough. I like to remind myself that these were the same individuals who cried foul because of the Dax lesbian kiss scene on DS9.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      +Enkarashaddam how is that the next logical step?
      Such BS on the progressive stack, would they win the Oppression Olympics

  11. Posted by Dream Walker, at Reply

    The Starfleet crew is supposed to consist of individuals from all over the world. So statistically speaking, POC Starfleet officers should outnumber white ones.

    This is one of the few productions that actually don’t skew the demographics of a supposed international crew by packing it with white characters from western countries, especially the US.

    • Posted by Dream Walker, at Reply

      I was talking about the human portion of the Starfleet crew. If you factor in aliens as well, white guys would form maybe one or two percent of the crew.

  12. Posted by Jabril woodzz, at Reply

    white people never stop complaining about stuff like this sigh.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      I was talking to the TC, but if you’re anti white then you’re racist.

    • Posted by playandrepeat, at Reply

      please don’t lump all white people into this, thanks

  13. Posted by SuperXrunner, at Reply

    WHITE FRAGILITY!!!😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

    • Posted by N.H.Alicia, at Reply

      +Zombi Pineapple This is what happens when a term is used so broadly that it loses definition. Cuck is this way too.

    • Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply


    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      they put the snow in snowflake!

  14. Posted by Lewis Tan, at Reply

    “ghost in shell isn’t white washed by casting scarlet Johansson!”
    “why arent there more white people on this tv show?!”

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +TheUhhoh This is true in most cases, but you have to make exceptions for when ethnicity is relevant to the story being told. In the cases of GITS and Death Note, it’s not particularly important (aside from major’s body specifically not being her original).

      A movie about ancient Egyptians? Really shouldn’t be casting white people to play the Egyptians.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply


      I agree, and that would fall under the category of “does the actor suit the setting and plot”; in that scenario, absolutely not… It wouldn’t make much sense to have a Caucasian play as an Egyptian pharaoh, and is entirely out of place and immersion breaking.

      But in the case of something like Game of Thrones, people complaining about a lack of diversity – i’d argue – are committing a similar crime; Westeros and the entire plot in general is based off an actual historical time period in England called the “War of The Roses”; it wouldn’t thus make much sense to include a very diverse cast, when the only opportunity to use said cast would be in Essos which you honestly don’t see much of to begin with.

      And yet, believe it or not i’ve heard people complain about this…

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply


      The book series Game of Thrones is based on had pretty diverse characters. It’s not set in England, it’s set in a fictional universe, with magic, dragons, ice people, and shapeshifters. I always get a laugh when people are fine with a ludicrously unrealistic world, but freak out when someone in it doesn’t match their personal fantasy and is thus “unrealistic”. This argument evaporates under pretty much any scrutiny and that’s why the books weren’t like that.

  15. Posted by Eugene Grewing, at Reply

    For people who complain about this, maybe Star Trek isn’t really your thing.

    • Posted by Ms Temptation, at Reply

      Eugene Grewing , ita. Not everyone understands what it is to be a Trekkie.

    • Posted by Ms Temptation, at Reply

      MrVercettti89 , bye.👏

    • Posted by Glenna Ehlig, at Reply

      The trouble with non-Trekkies.

    • Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

      Eugene Grewing Its as if they never noticed that there has been a black captain and a female captain before. People are so dumb sometimes, haha.

  16. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    shh! no one tell the neo-nazi morons that one of the star trek shows had a black captain they’ll lose their minds. actually no tell them

    • Posted by stanj85, at Reply

      Colby Martin You’re goddamn right DS9 was the best one!

    • Posted by Colby Martin, at Reply


    • Posted by Carmen X, at Reply

      rouge1ful They don’t have a mind to lose

    • Posted by Lucynthia Harris, at Reply

      rouge1ful 😂😂😂😂

  17. Posted by Jared Sherr, at Reply

    When is TYT going to acknowledge the Cardassian occupation of Bajor?

    • Posted by Corazon Sierra, at Reply

      except clearly the person who got triggered was a racist homophobic conservative… well conservative but clearly lacking class.

    • Posted by Julia Riley, at Reply

      The Cardassians were there to PROTECT Bajor!

    • Posted by Travis English, at Reply

      I’ve bin re-binge watching DS9 on Netflix for the past 2 day’s.

    • Posted by HobtheGoblin, at Reply

      *slow clap*

    • Posted by Panda No1, at Reply

      one of the first lesbian kisses on tv on ds9

  18. Posted by Wikus Van De Merwe, at Reply

    Kim nailed it at the end.

    Personally, I’d consider anyone whining about a race issue to not be an actual fan of the franchise, because they obviously don’t get it, and more an attention seeker.

    • Posted by Met3lAngel, at Reply

      mitch verr if the stereotype of Asians is that they’re smart than I don’t see why it would be unbelievable that they would be captain of a star fleet. If it were a black woman, now that’s unbelievable.

    • Posted by J Kausti, at Reply

      Wasn’t there quite a bit of whining when the reboots came? How they didn’t do an “ethnic” (yeap, caucasian isn’t an ethnicity to some people) or/and woman captain? I laughed at that and I laugh at people who whine about the captain being too “ethnic” and too woman.