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Niger Ambush Could Be Trump’s Benghazi


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Trump has actually written letters to the family members of the fallen. Or he will. They'll go out tonite. Probably. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" So provided just how singing Trump had to do with his support for the military, his silence after the Oct. 4 ambush in southwestern Niger where four UNITED STATE Unique Pressures soldiers were killed was recognizable. He ultimately talked about the event Monday– 12 days after it took place.
Asked by a press reporter about his postponed response, Trump said he had written letters over the weekend break and would certainly "at some time" call the households of the dropped soldiers. He likewise claimed of Obama as well as various other previous presidents that "a lot of them didn't make calls," an assertion former Obama assistants vigorously refuted. He did not explain why it had taken as long to openly recognize the event.

CNN reported over the weekend break that Trump was golf while the remains of La David Johnson, one of the 4 eliminated in the assault, were returned to Dover Flying force Base, an association critics caught." *.

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  1. Posted by Subcomandante T, at Reply

    Waiting for some troll to discredit TYT for using CNN as source…

  2. Posted by dsjoakim35, at Reply

    I cant take it. He is so self centered and stupid, it is unbearable.

  3. Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

    lol “Niger ambush” sounds like something that would happen in Detroit. just one more “g” needed.

  4. Posted by R J, at Reply

    Because he was more concerned about the take the knee protest instead of actually doing his freaking job as President of the United States.. So much for respect of the flag and military.

  5. Posted by Marco Gonçalves, at Reply

    RACISTS! How do you use the N-word on the title of a video like that?!?!

  6. Posted by rustynuggets, at Reply

    Mitch McConnell looks like he is experiencing extra face gravity all the time.

  7. Posted by mottbone, at Reply

    *”… ehhh… I will at some point during the… the period of time call the parents and the families… ‘BECAUSE I HAVE DONE THAT TRADITIONALLY….”*

    Traditionally??? When has he ‘traditionally’ called parents and families for ANY tragedy in the past? Does he think he’s held the position of president longer than he actually has???

    edit: f-kn’ moron!!!!

  8. Posted by xadam2dudex, at Reply

    Dems should do like the republicans and right wing nuts did about Benghazi and beat Trump with this subject till the cows come home

  9. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    Lawl can you imagine what Trump’s letters would look like? “Dear Mr/Mrs. So and so: I’m sorry but your husband or wife died in Niger. They served beautifully for their country and did a terrific job bigly. I’m letting you know that I will be the greatest at mourning their loss. Ps. Make sure you vote for me to make America great again.
    Donald J. Trump.” 😂

  10. Posted by wretch435, at Reply

    He wants people to think he’s going above and beyond

  11. Posted by Jeff Shands, at Reply

    Actually Trump answered the question “Why haven’t we heard anything from you, so far, about the soldiers that were killed in Niger?”. His answer – “I’ve written them personal letters”. He wrote to the “soldiers that were killed in Niger”? “At some time” he will call “the parents”.

  12. Posted by thesacrisant, at Reply

    Niger happend during your term , what events happend with president before you do not matter NOW. Do what you have to to and leave that turtle next to you in the tub swimming instead of letting the turtle standing next to you talking about this tragedy you do not care about.

  13. Posted by bones007able, at Reply

    As a Independent and voted for neither candidate here is why I dislike trump….. he takes credit where none is due….. he refuses to acknowledge if he makes a mistake, he claims to be a outsider but fills his cabinet with people that have no clue about the working class, makes campaign promises and backtracks on just about all of them (the sign of a true politician)… says something totally off the cuff or stupid…. when the media calls him on it, he cries fake media . the only religion he knows is the almighty buck…. the closest he has ever come to a bible is putting his hand on one in a court room….he wastes $$$$ on rallies in red states to build up his faltering ego . his supporters can’t defend him except to resort to name calling (libtards) because that is all they have …. my question to trump supporters is MAGA means what? what time period is this referring to? does anyone even know or care? this country is so F***ed…..

  14. Posted by BALL JAR, at Reply

    The big difference is that hillary and obama were caught in an outright LIE ABOUT THE CAUSE of the Benghazi fail by their administration. Does anybody know where hillary was that night ?? She said she would be there to answer the phone at 3 AM didn’t she ??

  15. Posted by teebone 21, at Reply

    He said he wrote dead soldiers personal letters after she asked why he hasn’t talked about them LOL

  16. Posted by V. P, at Reply

    Surprised he didn’t just tweet to the victims family or maybe he doesn’t like soldiers who get killed

  17. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    I don’t know, it maybe his Benghazi. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. McCain just ripped him a new one.

  18. Posted by Red Pill prime, at Reply

    I hate that damn white nationalist.