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Ninja Cats! | Funniest Cat Compilation


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Leap right into 2018 with these ninja cats! The internet needs even more feline video clips! Keep in mind to send your pet cat videos today!

Ninja Cats!|Funniest Cat Compilation


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  1. Posted by Red Drakar, at Reply


  2. Posted by Mathew Cimino, at Reply

    Teenage mutant ninja cats XD

    • Posted by Nerdeon Productions, at Reply

      Mathew Cimino TMNC

    • Posted by Mathew Cimino, at Reply

      Nerdeon Productions thanks because I would be funny if that show existed 😂

  3. Posted by Jesileiny Viruel, at Reply

    Funny cat

  4. Posted by soultiger 267, at Reply

    Ninja Cats 2:Attack Of The Mutant Dogs

  5. Posted by Ali El Cheikh Mohamad, at Reply

    Best Cats

  6. Posted by Nerdeon Productions, at Reply

    Happy New Yams

  7. Posted by ElyGamer LOVE, at Reply


  8. Posted by Maria Murrell, at Reply

    happy new year

  9. Posted by Laura Gadille, at Reply

    Your not leaving me daddy

  10. Posted by sqishy tube, at Reply


  11. Posted by Larastable, at Reply

    2:14 Okay, would they just been laughing if it was the dog who attacked the cat?
    It´s so unfair 🙁

  12. Posted by Bailey Oelke, at Reply

    13th comment

  13. Posted by TitaniumCyclone, at Reply

    I wish I had a Ninja Cat. He would be perfect for my channel